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A Sound Of Thunder - "Queen of Hell" (CD/EP)

A Sound Of Thunder - "Queen of Hell" CD/EP cover image

"Queen of Hell" track listing:

1. Queen of Hell (6:13)
2. Hello Nurse (5:51)
3. Trashed (Black Sabbath Cover) (4:14)
4. Queen of Hell (Feat. Veronica Freeman) (5:39)

Reviewed by on January 22, 2013

"Osegueda is a commanding presence and her voice can literally kick the ass of over half of the male counterparts that exist today"

A Sound of Thunder released one of the most promising albums (“Out of Darkness”) that I heard in 2012. Finally a band that captures the fusion of a ton of styles but still is uniquely traditional metal. In 2013, the now U.S. veterans are about to unleash a third LP, but in the meantime, the bridge EP “Queen of Hell” will hit at the end of January. If this EP is any indication as to what we can expect from “Time’s Arrow,” then fans of modern traditional should be on alert.

“Queen of Hell,” the song, will undoubtedly go down as one of the best modern traditional metal hymns I have heard since Huntress’ “Eight of Swords” early last year, as well as rank among the best in the style in all of metal’s history. The opening shriek from Nina Osegueda combined with that chanting choir brings back the glory days of traditional metal, capturing every single hair raising reason why metal is fused permanently to my very core. Osegueda is a commanding presence and her voice can literally kick the ass of over half of the male counterparts that exist today. The second version of this track finds Osegueda in a tag team with Benedictum’s own bestial invasion Veronica Freeman, proving this overwhelming duet is as lethal as any twin male attack. Guys prepare to get your asses handed to you on a bloody platter.

“Hello Nurse” is a fun rock ‘n’ metal style track that has a distinct early Alice Cooper feel, splicing horror lyrics, lethal guitar, and piano in a dead skin mask of dark humor. In place of Cooper’s mad doctor creating “Franken-Alice,” envision Osegueda as a seductive and chainsaw wielding nurse who takes it out on the doctor in a most gory fashion. One cannot help but chuckle at the lyrical line of the entire EP: “Hello Nurse... yes doctor....hand me my tooooooools.” A most fun and entertaining track.

“Trashed,” the band’s cover of the driving rocking opening anthem from Black Sabbath’s “Born Again,” successfully takes a thirty year classic and livens it up with crystal clear production, Nina’s more impressive vocals (no disrespect to Ian Gillan), and Josh Schwartz’s stellar guitar play. The song’s lyrical content is as relevant today as it was in ‘83 - a bottle of tequila, a car going 105 mph, a bend in the road...an oily patch, well you all know it.

The stock for A Sound of Thunder is quickly rising. Listening to “Queen of Hell” only enhances my desire to hear “Time’s Arrow.” The ability to take so much from the world of rock ‘n’ roll and blend it into a style of traditional metal that doesn't sound stale and dated is a pretty amazing feat in 2013. The material is driving, catchy, and above all refreshingly fun. All Hail the Queen of Hell.

Highs: Perfect blend of rock and traditional metal.

Lows: EPs in general just do not have enough material.

Bottom line: Queen of Hell successfully bridges the gap between the "darkness" and the impeding "Time's Arrow."

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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