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Primate - "Draw Back A Stump" (CD)

Primate - "Draw Back A Stump" CD cover image

"Draw Back A Stump" track listing:

1. Draw Back A Stump (1:27)
2. Global Division (2:31)
3. Hellbound (2:42)
4. Silence Of Violence (2:15)
5. Drinking And Driving (2:54)
6. March Of The Curmudgeon (1:50)
7. Wasted Youth (2:30)
8. Pride (2:03)
9. Get The Fuck Off My Lawn (:46)
10. Reform? (1:09)

Reviewed by on July 24, 2012

"'Draw Back A Stump' makes no bones about its simplistic purpose of grinding ears into bloody nubs."

Give Primate 20 minutes of your day, and the band will in return provide an appropriate soundtrack to pistol-whip every annoyance in your life. That’s about as clear of a description as Primate's first album, “Draw Back A Stump,” needs. Hardcore punk meshed with grindcore, this slice of noise is unapologetic in its rottenness and filth. The band has a who’s-who of talent, including Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp and Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher, who didn’t rely on those projects when writing these frantic jabs of shortened annihilation.

This full-length is based upon an EP of the same name that Primate self-released last year. Those songs are remixed and remastered for this debut, though a few stylistic changes do freshen these tunes up so they aren’t just retreads. Three new songs have been added, including the hilarious grinding “Get The Fuck Off My Lawn” and the stifling rhythm outburst that opens up “March Of The Curmudgeon.” The new cuts fit in with the other songs, without being justified as padding to obtain the LP tag.

When Sharp starts ranting on the title track, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one thinks of Brutal Truth. The title track, “Get The Fuck Off My Lawn” and “Reform?” do hearken to that legendary grind act, but those are really the lone grind-heavy tracks. They are done well, but lack the depth that the hardcore punk tracks like “Global Division” generate. These tracks show a resolve to be demanding and pushy, enforcing their position of dominance on the listener.

Primate knows that 20 minutes of grind would have been a pointless venture; hence, there is a conscious effort to expand their sonic palettes. “Silence Of Violence” toys with stoner metal vibrations in its intro, while “Drinking And Driving” locks into a hip-shaking groove spread over almost three minutes. With the musicians taking part in this project, it’s welcomed to see them not take the assumed route with their songwriting. The band even pries open some wicked solos on “Hellbound” and “Wasted Youth.”

“Draw Back A Stump” makes no bones about its simplistic purpose of grinding ears into bloody nubs. The bonus songs are enough to entice people who have heard the EP already, though that number is probably small since they self-released it. While having the name recognition of a few of the members helped in getting this album released on a bigger label, the music itself is strong enough to warrant merit. Whether it was veterans behind the helm, or young punks in a scummy garage, “Draw Back A Stump” stands as tall as a gorilla, flinging poo and shrieking as if it owns the place.

Highs: A ton of talent involved from noteworthy bands, a killer hardcore punk/grind sound, bonus tracks fit in well with the original cuts

Lows: The more grind-heavy songs seems very plain in comparison to the other songs, not much new content for those who already have the band's EP

Bottom line: A ruthless hardcore/punk/grind debut that features members of Brutal Truth, Mastodon, and Javelina.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls
3.5 out of 5 skulls

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