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Bullet - "Full Pull" (CD)

Bullet - "Full Pull" CD cover image

"Full Pull" track listing:

1. Midnight Oil
2. Full Pull
3. Running Away
4. All Fired Up
5. Rolling Home
6. In The Heat
7. High On The Hog
8. Rush Hour
9. Free Riding
10. Gutterview
11. Warriors

Reviewed by on September 24, 2012

"Do Hofer's vocals occasionally feel like a karaoke take on Brian Johnson? Sure, but after downing a couple beers, you probably won't care."

Usually, when a band aims to sound like AC/DC (think Krokus, Jackyl or Spanish rockers 77), there's a Bon Scott soundalike behind the microphone. It's rare that a singer tries for the power drill wail that Brian Johnson perfected on albums like "Back In Black." Listening to Bullet's "Full Pull," one starts to get an idea as to why.

Granted, when singer Dag Hell Hofer hits the mark, like he does on "High On The Hog" and "Rush Hour," it's a thing of sore-throat-inspiring beauty. The problem is that on most of the tracks, he sings a little lower, and unlike Johnson, who's figured out how to moderate his tone with age, Hofer often feels like he's sliding in and out of tune. It's especially notable on the album's opener, "Midnight Oil," but also prevalent on "In The Heat" and several other tracks.

Musically, the band approaches the drum-tightness that's been AC/DC's groove since it first sparked in the 1970s. Guitarists Hampus Klang and Erik Almstrom do the Angus-and-Malcolm thing well on "In The Heat" and "Running Away," as well as the tour bus anthem "Rolling Home," which has a particularly merciless groove.

A couple lesser tracks veer away from the AC/DC-inspired formula, feeling a bit generic as a result. "Warriors" feels especially weak — which is unfortunate, as it ends the album. It also features a few production quibbles, including a burst of feedback that must've been left in intentionally, but just detracts from the solo that follows.

All in all, Bullet's "Full Pull" is a mostly fun bit of AC/DC-inspired rawk. Do Hofer's vocals occasionally feel like a karaoke take on Brian Johnson? Sure, but after downing a couple beers, you probably won't care.

Highs: "High On the Hog" and "Rolling Home."

Lows: "Warriors"

Bottom line: A fun slice of AC/DC-ish hard rock, marred with some subpar screaming vocals.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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