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ReinXeed - "Welcome To The Theater" (CD)

ReinXeed - "Welcome To The Theater" CD cover image

"Welcome To The Theater" track listing:

1. Welcome (1:12)
2. Life Will Find A Way (5:37)
3. Follow Me (3:52)
4. Save Us (5:55 )
5. Stranger Tides (5:30)
6. Somewhere In Time (6:16)
7. Freedom (8:15)
8. No Fate (6:50)
9. Temple Of The Crystal Skulls (4:35)
10. Welcome To The Theater (3:46)
11. Hiroshima (Gary Moore Cover) (Japanese Bonus Track)
12. Halloween (Helloween Cover) (Japanese Bonus Track)

Reviewed by on July 31, 2012

"ReinXeed beautifully captures the excitement of the entire silver screen experience with a sound as big as an IMAX theater."

Symphonic metal continues to subdivide by way of more marketing bastardization, which has branded equal styles as “cinematic metal,” “movie score metal,” and “OST metal.” The latter describes Swedish powerhouse ReinXeed’s new album “Welcome to the Theater.” ReinXeed is no stranger to theatrics, as the band is coming off a busy 2011 having released both the critically acclaimed “1912” (inspired by the events surrounding the Titanic) and the highly enjoyable ABBA tribute album “Swedish Hitz Gone Metal.” If you are unfamiliar with ReinXeed, the band was created by inspirational guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist Tommy Johansson (Golden Resurrection/Charlie Shred) in 2000. Since that time, the group has been through some lineup changes, including more drummer swaps than the fictional Spinal Tap. On “Welcome to the Theater,” the band continues the trend of highly talented symphonic metal which proves just as adventurous as the movies portrayed.

The “Welcome” intro comes off much like ReinXeed’s own 20th Century Fox theme before yielding to the first flick “Life Will Find A Way,” a galloping and majestic tribute to the “Jurassic Park” series. The title takes its name from the Jeff Goldblum line and the song itself has an epic Sabaton feel to it. Tommy Johansson’s vocals are as just impressive as his guitar work, a style ranging from low to glass shattering. As in previous releases, his use of synthesizers gives this release a distinct “score” feel, as if the band was playing in front of the movie soundtrack itself.

This cinematic musical approach masterfully captures the feel of Hollywood, adding actual elements from the original scores, which are then metalized and blended nicely with the band’s own original work. “Save Us” flies as high and effortless as its web slinging lyrical subject, the high seas adventure “Stranger Tide” whisks the listener back aboard the Black Pearl with Captain Jack, “Somewhere in Time” explores 1957 at precisely 88mph, while the blazing rapid fire riff and glorious chorus of “Raiders of the Last Crusade in the Temple of the Crystal Skulls” covers four adventure films in one.

Whether it be fighting the English as William Wallace on album favorite “Freedom” or fighting the termination machines of Skynet on “No Fate,” ReinXeed beautifully captures the excitement of the entire silver screen experience with a sound as big as an IMAX theater. Fans of Rhapsody of Fire, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody or Fairyland should thoroughly enjoy “Welcome to the Theater.” If you are lucky enough to pick up the Japanese edition of the album, you will find the addition of the splendid covers of Gary Moore’s “Hiroshima” and Helloween’s “Halloween.”

Highs: Beautiful blend of symphonic metal with movie score elements and themes.

Lows: Those seeking a heavier sound might not find this to their taste.

Bottom line: Grab the popcorn with extra butter, 'cause ReinXeed goes Hollywood.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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