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Abigor - "Fractal Posession" (CD)

Abigor - "Fractal Posession" CD cover image

"Fractal Posession" track listing:

1. Warning
2. Project: Shadow
3. Cold Void Choir
4. Lair Of Infinite Desperation
5. 3D Blasphemy
6. Fire Syndrome
7. Injection Satan
8. Liberty Rises A Diagonal Flame
9. Vaporized Tears
10. Heaven Unveiled

Reviewed by on October 11, 2007

"The Fire Syndrome will give you nightmares of being tied to the front of a venetian gondola driven by a rotting dog."

When I heard Abigor would be releasing a new album, my first thought was, “What the fuck, I thought they broke up?” but somehow their MySpace page was still being updated in spite of their rumored fatal permanence. Instead, Kubik and Tannenberger (TT) decided to join forces again after TT had his brief freak out in 2002. I hoped for a return to the old sound; Abigor has spent nearly 15 years sporadically desecrating the black metal scene with their unique eccentricity. I personally lost interest after former member Tharen (Dargaard, Dominion III, Amestigon) left the band prior to their '99 release "Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan," for good reason since the album title is trite and the music left a bit to be desired after the purely classic nature of "Supreme Immoral Art."
In contrast, “Fractal Possession” opens with an oddly industrial sound that is quickly shattered by (poorly mastered) artillery percussion and an insane tribute to Mattias IA Eklundh on guitars. “Project Shadow” isn't a total failure though—it actually evolves into a fairly good song with interesting composition and more progressive vocals. “Cold Void Choir” reminds me more of this band's musical roots, but Track 4 is really what brings a tear to my eye about this album. Not only is “Lairf Of Infinite Deparation” the most hilarious song title I have ever seen on a Black Metal album, but it took me two tries to realize it’s actually “Lair of Infinite Desperation” (tells you how many beers it took me to get this far). There is nothing funny about the song though...it is a wicked assault of drums and bass with commendable guitar melodies flittering over the top. Like flies on a corpse more than fairies on a moor, but the song is entertaining to behold regardless. I don't even know what to say about “3d Blasphemy,” so I won't try. It’s fucking abstract, period.
“The Fire Syndrome” will give you nightmares of being tied to the front of a Venetian gondola driven by a rotting dog. “Injection Satan” is background noise for the most part, but Abigor made a smart move by putting “Liberty Rises a Diagonal Flame” after it, because it’s the best track on the album. This song shows a true desire for a more progressive sound, and is superbly designed. Layer upon layer of chaos, melody, and screams spiral upward and upward only to fade abruptly. “Vapourized Tears” begins as typical genre fodder but later transitions into a dark and twisted interlude. “Heaven Unveiled” follows the same pattern, and ties off the main vein of the album suitably with a creepy acoustic outro.

So what is my overall take on this release? Absolutely grab it if you are a long time follower of Abigor, or have a quirky passion for the truly horrible underbelly of underground Black Metal. Sense of humor required.

Highs: Abigor stays true to form but manages to progress

Lows: While some of the textures are interesting, this album is really nothing new

Bottom line: It's fucking abstract, period.

Rated 2 out of 5 skulls
2 out of 5 skulls

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