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Soziedad Alkoholika - "Mala Sangre" (CD)

Soziedad Alkoholika - "Mala Sangre" CD cover image

"Mala Sangre" track listing:

1. Asalto
2. Sangre Al Fin
3. Direccion Propia
4. Politica Del Miedo
5. Intactos
6. Solicitud De Condena
7. Por El Odio
8. Dios vs. Ala
9. Glock 19
10. Nadie
11. Vivir Para Ti
12. Mi Rabia
13. Punto Y Seguido
14. Siempre Alerta
15. Politica Del Miedo (Rap Solo Remix)

Reviewed by on January 3, 2012

"Though I speak not one word of their language, these thrashers from the Basque Country of Spain got my head banging and my blood pumping."

Listening to Soziedad Alkoholika's "Mala Sangre," I was reminded that music really is the universal language. Though I speak not one word of their language, these thrashers from the Basque Country of Spain got my head banging and my blood pumping. By the end of the album, I was ready to go out and cave some heads in ... enact meaningful political change ... do SOMETHING!

The band has created a near-perfect mix of technicality and brutality. Check out the seamless transition between the slow "Asalto" and the blitzkrieging "Sangre Al Fin" near the beginning of the album, and how the band leaps to lightspeed on a dime, with the drummer, Roberto guiding the turnaround.

If you want naked aggression, check out the Motorhead-style stomp of "Solicitud," which blends punk rock guitar, courtesy of ax-men Jimmy and Javi with thrashier drumming and vocalist Juan's hardcore growl. You'll find more of the same on "Mi Rabia," albeit with undistorted electric guitars that give the song an almost Spaghetti Western feel.

Also, unlike a lot of thrash acts, Soziedad Alkoholika gives plenty of emphasis to the rhythm section, with bassist Pirulo getting spotlight parts in the afrementioned "Mi Rabia," and also in "Por El Odio" and "Intactos."

The album's one misstep is the rap solo remix of "Politica Del Miedo," which closes the album. It's completely out of character with the rest of the disc, and feels like it was thrown on just to add a couple minutes to the album.

The production on "Mala Sangre" is among the best I've heard in a long time, with a real low-end heft that only adds to the brutality of the guitar and vocals, especially in the slower tracks like "Vivir Para Ti."

Soziedad Alkoholika's "Mala Sangre" is a potent blend of aggression and technicality, with some stellar production values. In short, it's well worth the time for thrash fans worldwide.

Highs: "Sangre Al Fin," "Solicitud" and "Mi Rabia"

Lows: The rap remix of "Politica Del Miedo" that closes the album.

Bottom line: An excellent thrasher with way above-average production.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

Rating Description
Rated 5 out of 5 skulls Perfection. (No discernable flaws; one of the reviewer's all-time favorites)
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