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Necroblaspheme - "Destination: Nulle Part" (CD)

Necroblaspheme - "Destination: Nulle Part" CD cover image

"Destination: Nulle Part" track listing:

1. All in Vain/All in Veins
2. After All
3. Descent’s Genesis
4. 2h40am
5. Sorry for Us
6. #????>I
7. Wounded
8. Thoughs Close at End
9. Nameless

Reviewed by on June 14, 2011

"'Destination: Nulle Part' can be hectic and draining because it is quite intense, but it is a good experience if you’re looking for that."

It’s difficult to tell what you’re getting into with Necroblaspheme’s “Destination: Nulle Part” by glancing at the album. The white and blue cover is splotched in black and has song names that run the gamut from typical to downright weird (check out song number six.) And upon listening to it, the sound fits the look of the album well.

“All in Vain…” is an atmospheric black metal introduction that blends into “After All,” where you begin to notice the craziness of this band. Quick-strumming guitars by Christophe and Lychar and blazing fast drum kicks give a sense of traditional black metal, but then rapidly changes to a new format, and then another. The tempo, melodies, and style change constantly throughout every song including “Sorry for Us” and “2h40am,” where the ever-changing music reaches a fever-pitch of madness. This album definitely keeps you on your toes. It reminds me of metalcore, but not in a young-guys-drinking-energy-shots way. The morphing and breakdowns come often, so each song may contain a few very different styles.

Yann’s low growls flow well with the changing momentum of the music without seeming out of place. Drummer Zoupa must be either a god or uses a drum machine because his beats just seem inhuman by how fast they roll. His rhythms in “Descent’s Genesis” go between fast, painful jabs to mid-tempo bashing. He does take a break in the song “Wounded,” which was particularly interesting when a strange garbled interlude of a Phil Collins song played for a few minutes.

“Destination: Nulle Part” can be hectic and draining because it is quite intense, but it is a good experience if you’re looking for that. Do not listen to it when in a mild mood, you will be woken and filled with too much energy.

Highs: Lots of energy and intensity.

Lows: So many rapid changes can be hard to handle at one time.

Bottom line: Very intense mix of metal.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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