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Nemesea - "The Quiet Resistance" (CD)

Nemesea - "The Quiet Resistance" CD cover image

"The Quiet Resistance" track listing:

1. The Quiet Resistance (0:52)
2. Caught In The Middle (4:49)
3. Afterlife (3:12)
4. Whenever (3:31)
5. If You Could (3:53)
6. High Enough (4:13)
7. Say (4:04)
8. It's Over (3:59)
9. I Live (4:30)
10. Stay With Me (3:48)
11. Rush (5:26)
12. Release Me (3:39)
13. 2012 (5:57)
14. Allein (Bonus Track) (3:58)

Reviewed by on November 18, 2011

"The band is talented, especially vocalist Manda, but for all her talent, the album ends up being a top 40 modern rock album with a slight edge."

Yes, Nemesea is yet another Dutch symphonic band. What separates this band from the rest is a unique blend of alternative/modern rock, electronic elements, and hip-hop with a slightly heavy edge. However, "The Quiet Resistance" is much like the proverbial "wish sandwich." It starts and ends with a bang, but not a whole lot of heaviness in the middle for the metal listener. The band is talented, especially vocalist Manda, but for all her talent, the album ends up being a top 40 modern rock album with a slight edge.

The opening title track intro is an encouraging start with the breathy whisper of "I dug this hole in the backyard, the quiet resistance," which goads heaviness with a heavy guitar and programming a la Rammstein. Much like the band's previous release "In Control," Nemesea has a propensity for an infectious and exciting start. The intro stops abruptly and the first track "Caught in the Middle," one of the album's best tracks, kicks in. Even though pop-oriented, the band's gothic metal roots show through. Manda sings with great emotion, especially when the music pauses to reveal just her voice.

"Afterlife" follows, the album's first single. Although the song represents another one of the album's best, you start to see the even stronger pop alternative/modern rock trend begin to take over. Between the Paramore like verses of "Whenever," an outstanding chorus erupts sounding similar in style and beat to Lunatica's "Out!"

Delving deeper into the release finds the style’s relation to metal quickly melting away and squarely appealing to a pop alternative/modern rock crowd with songs like the hip hop infused rocker "It's Over," the Evanescence influenced "I Live" and "Rush." The band succeeds at its quest to sound different, but this material is for a much different crowd. When songs lack any significant crunch they are not this author's cup of tea. Fortunately, there is the nice gothic metal gem "Stay With Me" caught in the middle of the album, which saved me from what was sounding more and more like the next Twilight movie soundtrack. The music is well played for what it is worth, but to a metal head craving something much darker and sinister it isn't worth much.

The trippy atmospheric "2012" forebodes the end of this release, which ends with a big bang on "Allein," a bonus track and by far the heaviest on the album. This Rammstein influenced composition comes complete with German lyrics sung by vocalist Heli Reissenweber of Stahlzeit, a Rammstein cover band. It has the crunch anticipated from the start, but it’s not enough in the "neme"sea of modern rock sure to please a crowd of screaming teenage girls. Fans of metal will find little to chew on with this release.

Highs: The beginning was promising, the end thrilling....

Lows: ...but the middle was a "neme"sea of pop modern rock.

Bottom line: "The Quiet Resistance" starts and ends with a bang, but there is not a whole lot in the middle for a metal listener.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

Rating Description
Rated 5 out of 5 skulls Perfection. (No discernable flaws; one of the reviewer's all-time favorites)
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