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Alexis - "Birds Of Prey" (CD)

Alexis - "Birds Of Prey" CD cover image

"Birds Of Prey" track listing:

1. Intro
2. Shadows
3. Golden Path
4. Friendly Fire
5. Birds Of Prey
6. Breaking The Spell
7. Metallizer II
8. Forest
9. Without You (bonus)
10. The Witchblade (bonus)
11. Killing Truth (bonus)

Reviewed by on February 3, 2011

"Fans of power metal solos mixed with traditional metal elements, a la Judas Priest are going to find plenty to love here."

There's no denying that Chilean singer Freddy Alexis of Witchblade and Inquisicion fame has surrounded himself with equally talented musicians on Alexis' debut album, "Birds Of Prey." Fans of power metal solos mixed with traditional metal elements, a la Judas Priest are going to find plenty to love here.

Freddy Alexis' vocals are strong whether he's singing in his usual mid-range on tracks like "Shadows" or "Friendly Fire," or entering Halford-Ripper Owens territory with the high falsetto vocals on "Metallizer II," which sounds something like the second coming of "Painkiller." The band's biggest name, he definitely is the "star," but there's plenty of room in the spotlight.

Guitarists Julien Jabbaz and Gino Mikanovic definitely earn their keep, with blazing fretwork that lights up "Friendly Fire" and "Breaking The Spell." Drummer Juan Ulloa's drumming on "Metallizer II" and the slower "Golden Path" also stands out.

Regrettably, the disc is marred by a couple of pointless tunes — including the dirgelike title track, which never really seems to go anywhere, and the bizarre ambient instrumental "Forest." As for the bonus tracks, which are re-recorded versions of tracks from Freddy Alexis' previous bands, only the Latin-flavored ballad "Without You" really stands out, though "The Witchblade" is a pleasantly speedy affair.

Still, there's plenty to praise on Alexis' "Birds Of Prey," with vocals that never fall short of the mark, and generally excellent guitars and drums. If you're looking for virtuosity and traditional metal sounds, this album will be a generally enjoyable flight of fancy.

Highs: "Metallizer II," "Shadows" and "Friendly Fire"

Lows: "Birds Of Prey" and "Forest"

Bottom line: A generally enjoyable disc mixing power metal flourishes with traditional metal sounds.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

Rating Description
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