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Son of Jor-El - "Son of Jor-El" (Vinyl)

Son of Jor-El - "Son of Jor-El" Vinyl cover image

"Son of Jor-El" track listing:

1. Rebellion
2. Cosmic Blue Sunshine

Reviewed by on December 6, 2010

"[The album] doesn’t have a very long running time (just over ten minutes), but it can make you a fan in about half that time."

Son of Jor-El’s two song picture disc is strange looking for what evil sounds it holds. In case you did not know, Jor-El is the father of Kal-El; otherwise known as Superman. Therefore the son of Jor-El is Superman. The band's logo is Superman's logo with a pentagram surrounding the letter S in bright, primary colors. However, upon hearing the first note, you realize how incredibly dark and heavy this band is. It doesn’t have a very long running time (just over ten minutes), but it can make you a fan in about half that time.

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe Side A is “Rebellion,” leaving Side B to be “Cosmic Blue Sunshine.” Both sides are great regardless. “Rebellion” definitely has a classic sound. From the opening notes, you hear something like doomy thrash, if that’s possible. There are shredding guitar riffs played slowly, steady drums, and the growl/screams from C.T. The short guitar solos by “wizard lead” Scott Stearns are reminiscent of slowed down Eddie van Halen. Yes, it says “wizard lead” for his band position. The song then speeds to a more thrash and classic death metal speed to finish out. “Rebellion” is classic metal worship.

“Cosmic Blue Sunshine” is a sludgy masterpiece with elements of thrash in some of the guitar riffs. It’s slow and doomy with heavy, down-tuned guitar, but still kind of upbeat with the riffs during the breakdowns. The addition of some distortion and effects makes it especially haunting. Son of Jor-El has a great sound going. The vinyl album has one song on each side although it’s a 12-inch. There was definitely room for a few more songs, but I was glad to have at least heard these two songs.

Highs: Great mix of classic genres making a heavy sound.

Lows: Only two regular length songs on a full vinyl album.

Bottom line: Good listen, but needs a longer running time.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls
3.5 out of 5 skulls

Rating Description
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