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Cavus - "Fester and Putrefy" (CD)

Cavus - "Fester and Putrefy" CD cover image

"Fester and Putrefy" track listing:

1. Sea of Tongues
2. Fist of a Titan
3. Discovering Through Suffering
4. Horns of Gold
5. Death Rattle
6. Eyeless Gaze
7. Scorched Flesh Ravaged Souls
8. The Sacred Profane
9. Possessed By the Devil's Blood
10. Worship and Rot

Reviewed by on November 17, 2010

"Cavus delivers pure evil from beginning to end with enough variety to keep you listening."

Not much was known to me about Cavus when I received their new release "Fester and Putrefy," but the fact that they hailed from Finland intrigued me - so I was game to listen. One gets jaded after awhile, not expecting something to be all that great after being underwhelmed by some of the new material coming out. However, that was not the case this time.

After a brief atonal instrumental clip that languishes titled "Sea of Tongues," I was immediately captivated by the track that followed. "Fist of a Titan" begins by setting the tone for the rest of the material. It is consummate old school style black/death metal along the veins of Usurper or Bathory. The song straddles both galloping drum beats and classic black metal styling throughout its time changes. "Discovering Through Suffering" adds body and depth to a nice evil growl-fest, keeping you transfixed through all the time changes back and forth.

Their songs are catchy and evoke a mood that will engage the listener into a frenzy of energy. Add to this the ominous baritone vocals that enhance the depravity of the music, and the result is sonic oblivion. I could picture playing this in my vehicle and obliterating the annoying motorist playing the commercial crap next to me.

The production is rather raw and low end, which on one hand gives it a primal black metal sound, and on the other, somewhat detracts from the full potential the songs could have achieved. Sometimes, a good wall of sound is achieved, as in "Horns of Gold." The sepulchral vocals and blast of percussion are brought forth in a loud way with a great slower breakdown in the middle.

Cavus is very good at writing actual songs, not just homogeneous black/death metal with aimless direction. "Death Rattle" is a number made catchy by its infectious chorus chant from beginning to end, complimented by drum rolls and a stampeding beat. The killer element to Cavus is not only their time changes and songwriting, but the way they can make a song engage in motion. You can actually feel the movement to the track "The Sacred Profane," one extremely loud song. They achieve a sound that is purely nihilistic like early European black metal, only with memorable material, much like the way Venom could hold your interest throughout a few songs.

"Fester and Putrefy" is only the first full length release from the Porvoo, Finland band. It is hard to believe they formed barely two years ago. Only a couple of songs on it left me nonplussed, but the rest had me listening intently through each one. Cavus delivers pure evil from beginning to end with enough variety to keep you listening. They are definitely a band to watch.

Highs: Black death metal with variety, high energy and good songwriting

Lows: Production that at times detracts from the overall loud quality.

Bottom line: A new black metal band that is worth listening to.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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