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Sepultura - "Live in Sao Paulo" (DVD)

Sepultura - "Live in Sao Paulo" DVD cover image

"Live in Sao Paulo" track listing:

1. Intro
2. Apes Of God
3. Slave New World
4. Propaganda
5. Attitude
6. Choke
7. Innerself / Beneath The Remains
8. Escape To The Void
9. Mindwar
10. Troops Of Doom (feat. Jairo Guedz)
11. Necromancer (feat. Jairo Guedz, Alex Kolesne)
12. Sepulnation
13. Refuse / Resist
14. Territory
15. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (feat. Zé Gonzáles, B- Negao)
16. Bullet The Blue Sky
17. Reza (feat. João Gordo)
18. Biotech Is Godzila (feat. João Gordo)
19. Arise / Dead Embrionic Cells
20. Come Back Alive
21. Roots Bloody Roots
22. Making Of (bonus - 11 min.)
23. Band Biography (bonus - 18 min.)

DVD 2:
1. Documentary
2. Mind War (videoclip)
3. Bullet the blue Sky (videoclip)
4. Choke (videoclip)
5. Nomad (live)
6. Desperate City (live)
7. Territory (live)
8. Slideshow
9. Credits

Reviewed by on April 15, 2007

"The same intense, almost uncomfortable atmosphere that permeates Sepultura’s fluid sound is alive and well in “Live in Sao Paulo.”"

"Live in Sao Paulo," the official live DVD release from metal-vets Sepultura, allows a worldwide audience to experience Sepultura in their native atmosphere, with a chanting crowd, lively stage, and a passionate performance from the band.

What Sepultura fans will pick up on immediately is that the same intense, almost uncomfortable atmosphere that permeates Sepultura’s fluid sound is alive and well in “Live in Sao Paulo.” Vocalist Derek Green, from the get-go, means business, as he wears an angry scowl and sports some seriously spooky eyes while spitting out rapid-fire vocals. Green can be seen not only snarling at the mic, but also wielding a V-guitar, as well as pounding on some drums—typical musical diversity from the tribal-infused Sepultura. However, Green’s vocals, while forceful, often lack dynamics, making a start-to-finish viewing of a Sepultura set somewhat of a chore. To mix thing up a bit, the live performance features several guest appearances, though while the guests reveal much of Sepultura’s diverse musical tastes, none really advance the music. The rest of the band members delivers a tight performance. Igor Cavelera (drums), Andreas Kisser (guitar), and to a lesser extent Paulo Xisto (bass), are given plenty of face time while showcasing their talents.

The song selection for the Sao Paulo concert is a mixed bag of old Max Cavelera tracks combined with the more recent stuff (prior to Dante XXI). Beginning with “Apes of God” and ending with “Roots Bloody Roots,” Green does a decent job dealing with the Sepultura catalogue.

There are a wealth of extra features on the two discs, including a “making of,” a full-length documentary, a band bio, videos for “Mind War,” “Bullet the Blue Sky,” and “Choke,” and live versions of “Nomad,” “Desperate Cry,” and “Territory.” Unfortunately, the feature documentary is poor, with unenergetic narration by Green himself, along with choppy, at times unintelligible segments that never seem to have much direction. In a bit of comedic relief, however, Green, while sticking his entire head in Igor’s bass drum, gives an on-point imitation of Darth Vader’s infamous line, “Luke, I am your father.” All in all, though, the poor documentary brings down the quality of the package. The music videos bring a nice touch to the second disc, with the intriguing “Mind War” being the highlight.

The audio and video qualities of the concert are both excellent—the video is crisp and shows off the dynamic stage lighting, and several audio options are offered for the more technically-minded listeners (5.1, DTS included). One packaging note: in a poor decision, the double DVD discs are not given separate compartments, making careful handling and placement of the discs a must.

Highs: Excellent quality concert footage

Lows: Terrible featured documentary

Bottom line: A package of quantity over quality, though the main footage shines through

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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