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Dax Riggs - "Say Goodnight To The World" (CD)

Dax Riggs - "Say Goodnight To The World" CD cover image

"Say Goodnight To The World" track listing:

1. Say Goodnight To The World
2. I Hear Satan
3. You Were Born To Be My Gallows
4. Gravedirt On My Blue Suede Shoes
5. Like Moonlight
6. No One Will Be A Stranger
7. Heartbreak Hotel
8. Sleeping With The Witch
9. Let Me Be Your Cigarette
10. See You All In Hell Or New Orleans

Reviewed by on August 15, 2010

"The best way to describe the sound is Jim Morrison singing in The Jesus and Mary Chain."

Dax Riggs’ second solo album “Say Goodnight to the World” is a far cry from his previous work with straight-up metal (as in Acid Bath), but still delivers an imaginative and varied album. The best way to describe the sound is Jim Morrison singing in The Jesus and Mary Chain. Songs flow from soulful, bluesy ballads to fuzzy-toned, psychedelic rock songs with Dax crooning throughout.

“Say Goodnight to the World” is very rich musically. All of the instruments, including the tambourine, are represented well, like the bass which is very noticeable in “You Were Born To Be My Gallows” and “See You All In Hell Or New Orleans” (the coolest song title ever). Most of the songs have an upbeat, lively tone. Some songs like "Gravedirt On My Blue Suede Shoes" could be considered pop for hipsters. But the happy vibe is contradicted by the transcendental lyrics that are more deep and brooding than the music would suggest, which makes the listener dig deeper into the album and its themes.

The most noticeable factor of the album is the fuzzy guitar by Robbie Lee. It starts off in the first song and title track and goes right through the album, except for the acoustic song “You Were Born To Be My Gallows.” “Gravedirt On My Blue Suede Shoes” has a pseudo-surfer music sound mixed with a quiet riff that mimics the famous Sex Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant” riff that the fuzz-tone sound is perfect for. The slow, romantic, and ambient song “Like Moonlight” has a background of fuzz-tone that adds just a bit of creepiness to its sensual air. The surprise of the album is the cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” made popular by The King (Elvis Presley, of course). Dax’s version of the 1955 hit was slower than the original to really draw out the pain of the song about being at your lowest point. It sounds as if The Doors has resurrected their vocalist to record this one song.

While “Say Goodnight To The World” is not quite the heavy metal Dax once made, it’s a great listening experience with many influences and different sounds. I love to experience the non-metal music of metal musicians because you can see how other genres fit into their metal and shape their perspective on music in general. Dax Riggs was known for his clean vocals in Acid Bath that changed the idea that all vocals in metal had to be loud and growled. This album shows what else is out there in the realm of rock and metal. Lyrics don't have to use death, violence, and gore to explain the concepts of evil and guitars don't have to be down-tuned to be heavy.

Highs: Great psychedelic rock with lots of elements and depth.

Lows: A few songs were similar.

Bottom line: A great album from Dax that all kinds of people will like.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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