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Dawn Of Correction - "Swingin' The Chain" (CD/EP)

Dawn Of Correction - "Swingin' The Chain" CD/EP cover image

"Swingin' The Chain" track listing:

1. Damage Is Done
2. Run With The Hunt
3. Unlock The Fury
4. As I Live And Breathe...
5. Swingin' The Chain

Reviewed by on July 13, 2006

"one of the craziest sounding bands in metal I've heard in quite a long time"

Dawn Of Correction out of Philadelphia, Pennysylvania pulls no punches in its full throttle, all-out old school metal approach, unleashing its steady, moshing delivery like a wicked barroom fight on each of the five tracks from their debut EP "Swinging The Chain." With the gravel-voiced Jeremy Tillotson (aka JT Fux) on vocals, Mike Radcliff (recently replaced by James Beam) on lead guitar, ECH on bass and Eddie DeHorsey on drums (also newly replaced by Rich Tornetta), Dawn Of Correction immediately starts the party off with a bang on the opening track "Damage Is Done" - a pure shit-kicker if I have ever heard one. It's nothing too fancy - just straight ahead bust your back in the pit formula. Tillotson seems to be more of a character than even David Lee Roth at points on this song, taking the "I've lost my mind on the microphone" stance to the next level entirely. He may not have Roth's singing range, but there is something to say about a Rock N Roller who understands that fact but still kicks you in the nuts anyways.

The second track is "Run With The Hunt" and starts out very interestingly on the drums, a drug-dazed pattern that feels like the band is taking you directly to the insane asylum with them. They even flash glimpses of death metal pride mixed with a Southern metal twist, yet the guitar solo is very progressive and capable. Tillotson's vocals on the chorus line "Run With The Hunt" are certainly over the top and hauntingly creepy, but that's a big part of this band's overall appeal. They don't care that they aren't fully polished in every aspect of their incredibly unique brand of heavy music.

"Unlock The Fury" shows that they indeed have the ability to even sound a bit like Anselmo's DOWN band, flashing signs that they can bring a solid melody line with the best of them. Track number four is 'As I Live And Breathe...' and the band sounds a lot like Corrosion Of Conformity here, breaking out from a slow but heavy groove into a blastbeat that would put a smile on any extreme metalers face. The final song is the title track 'Swingin' The Chain' and totally embodies what this band is all about, coming off more like a horror movie gone wrong than anything else with its brutal chugging riff and zombie scream chorus. I honestly don't think this is one of the more technical extreme bands ever assembled, but I think that Dawn Of Correction is one of the craziest sounding bands in metal I've heard in quite a long time.

Highs: The opener "Damage Is Done" gets the blood pumping.

Lows: I wish there were a couple more tracks, being that the fun here is a bit short lasted.

Bottom line: This is one ass kicking, in your face metal band.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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