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Brute Forcz - "Brute Forcz" (CD/EP)

Brute Forcz - "Brute Forcz" CD/EP cover image

"Brute Forcz" track listing:

1. Leather N Chains
2. Teenage Lover
3. Sex Machine

Reviewed by on May 26, 2010

"The fact that the sound quickly cuts out (as if a tape deck had tried to 'eat' the tape) twice in the opening of 'Leather N Chains' is a hint as to where things are going to go from here."

If you like Spinal Tap, then you're going to LOVE Brute Forcz — but maybe not for the reason the band is hoping for. The band tries for the classic metal sounds of Motorhead and Judas Priest. But lyrics that descend into self-parody, combined with bargain-basement riffs and tinny sub-garage recording quality make this one to skip, even if you're a fan of the pro wrestling brothers at the core of Brute Forcz.

Yes, you read that right, this band is led by, count 'em, two former pro wrestlers (take that, Chris Jericho!), Robbn "Jammer" Steel on bass and vocals, and his twin brother, Ronn "Slammer" Steel on drums. They're joined by British guitarist Will Wallner.

The fact that the sound quickly cuts out (as if a tape deck had tried to "eat" the tape) twice in the opening of "Leather N Chains" is a hint as to where things are going to go from here. Ronn Steel hammers out a basic 4/4 on the drums, while Wallner plays a simple riff and briefly livens up the song with a Fast Eddie Clarke-style solo that crashes and burns when he tries to start the main riff back up again.

Things don't get better with the ode to jailbait, "Teenage Lover," which had kind of a Judas Priest feel to it, though with a riff so repetitive and simple that you're already tired of it by the time Robbn Steel launches into the lyrics. It also doesn't help that the main riff figures heavily in the chorus a la Motley Crue's "Looks That Kill." It also doesn't help that Robbn Steel really can't sing, and so he kind of talk-sings. Once again, Wallner rides to the rescue with a fun solo that shows he can finger-tap like Eddie Van Halen. I imagine that this is the point in a Brute Forcz show (they've played with W.A.S.P. after all), in which a dancing girl in a Catholic school uniform shows up.

Finally, there's "Sex Machine," which fades in abruptly and praises someone who's "built for pleasure, built for speed: a red hot sex machine." This time, Wallner's solo is a mess, so there's absolutely nothing except the unintentional giggles to redeem this track.

There's just nothing other than Wallner's solos (and even they sound like he just learned how to do some of the techniques he shows off) to recommend this disc, other than the fact that there's a kind of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" giggle factor going on.

Highs: Will Wallner bashes out a couple good solos.

Lows: Everything but those solos.

Bottom line: An awful attempt at classic metal that descends into self-parody.

Rated 1 out of 5 skulls
1 out of 5 skulls

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