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Ekotren - "The Tables Have Turned" (CD/EP)

Ekotren - "The Tables Have Turned" CD/EP cover image

"The Tables Have Turned" track listing:

1. The Tables Have Turned
2. Death Blanket
3. The Light
4. Nothing Left
5. Become
6. Betrayal
7. The Massacre

Reviewed by on June 28, 2006

"Ekotren has thrown its hat into the ring with a chilling collection of seven very radio friendly yet extremely provocative-themed songs."

"The Tables Have Turned," an independently released debut album from Cape Coral, Florida’s Ekotren is flatout one of metal music’s most original and fresh sounding recording’s for 2006. In a year that has seen the once darker themed Korn lose all its edge and every old thrash or speed metal group from the 80-90’s dusted off and put back on the road and into the studio for more of nothing new, Ekotren has thrown its hat into the ring with a simply smashing collection of seven radio-friendly but extremely, provocative-themed songs. The best thing about what they’ve got going for them, in my mind, is you won’t normally find this kind of depth of artistc impression with such a young band in music.

Ekotren's The Tables Have Turned is flatout a highly contagious and infectious EP that immediately grabs your listening attention with the steady and heart-pounding title track. "The Tables Have Turned," launching next into other hard-hitting but melody-based songs like "Death Blanket," "The Light" and "Nothing Left." Each of these tracks shows off so many incredible facets to this band’s boldly explorative and appealing hard rock sound.

The following offerings, "Become" and "Betrayal" flash some of their obvious Mudvayne influence. But they seem to really stand tall and on their own with the album’s final song "The Massacre." It explores some pretty brutal and bloody scenarios washed in a dark red bloodbath, flowing a myriad of horrifying potential mass killings being committed. I forever consider this a work of smashing brilliance that they decided to offer up this kind of a poignant and truly pragmatic message to their audience. I applaud them. It seems like so much of the recurring violence seen on TV, cable and the movies today is starting to finally regurgitate back up into the art around it, be it music or what have you that is explored creatively today.

Ekotren revives examination of Dimebag Darrell’s nightmarish on-stage slaying by fan with the lyrics, “No time to think twice, kill everyone inside.” This band is comprised of John Sheldon on vocals, Eric Pottle pounding the Drums, Keith Finnell jamming guitar, Steve Chin hitting the keys and Sean Fiene hanging it down low on the bass. Bravissimo. This a band obviously here to stay and be heard. And what is most impressive is that this has been pulled off by a group of twenty-one year olds. I think one of the main problems facing heavy music today is that just about every band on the scene thinks it has to try and emulate to exact speed, pitch and songwriting formula that of the most recognized bands of their sub-genre, be it a new black metal band trying to do Cradle of Filth or a death metal outfit putting on a blast beat, followed with a cannibalized woman on their album cover and thinking they have actually created something. All this being said, The Tables Have Turned is by no means an extreme metal product, but it is indeed heavy, relying more on working out some seriously weighty and relevant issues that go on with teenagers today, be it life confusion, girlfriends or just plain angst that everyone has to deal with at some point, all of which this rock journalist desperately feels needs to be welcomed with open arms if wounds are going to ever get healed.

Highs: "The Massacre" is by far the standout track on the EP.

Lows: Due to the low production budget there are a couple of rough spots that can be heard.

Bottom line: An impressive debut from a young and talented act that seem to take their music very seriously.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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