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Virulent Blessing - "As Creativity Turns into Lunacy" (CD)

Virulent Blessing - "As Creativity Turns into Lunacy" CD cover image

"As Creativity Turns into Lunacy" track listing:

1. Beta
2. Carnal Mind
3. Animalside
4. Childhood
5. Alchemist
6. Celebration of Human Decay (Part 2)
7. Bones

Reviewed by on November 12, 2009

"The tone swings from dark and crushing to a metalcore malaise without skipping a beat."

“As Creativity Turns into Lunacy” is the first and final release for Finnish band Virulent Blessing, and it has a spark of blackened death metal with tints of classic heavy metal and technical moments. The tone swings from dark and crushing to a metalcore malaise without skipping a beat. But, like with other bands who straddle the line between brutal and friendly, the music seems to be lacking the dangerous element that makes it interesting while not being simple enough that it’s an easy listen for your off days. The music does have incredible moments, but they are short-lived and infrequent.

The most notable instrument is the vocals. Heikki Raisio does not growl, scream, or sing. He belches his way through the album. It’s the kind of low growl that has no real power behind it and falls out of his mouth like a burp. The end of “Alchemist“ has a particularly long and embarrassing release of gas as the ending. The bass is quite hard to pick out in most songs, but shines through in “Bones.” The bass is technical when you can hear it, but, unfortunately, that is not often.

The guitars by Kalle Salminen and Tapani Nurminen were well played and prominent in the music throughout. However, most of the playing was undermined by the loud, belching vocals. In “Celebration of Human Decay (Part 2),” a slowly strummed and atmospheric guitar played in the forefront while the chugging and fast guitar played in the background, which was an interesting arrangement that made the music keep a more atmospheric tone while retaining an edge. From out of nowhere a screaming wail cut through the dirge, played a short riff, then faded back into the music. I don’t know where it came from, but they could have used more of it to make the music more exciting. The drums were exceptional throughout; changing constantly and keeping the other instruments in line. Although there were no notable moments, the drums were constantly good. They played a black metal format, going into a transition and playing a different way.

“As Creativity Turns into Lunacy” had great moments of lunacy, but too much creativity and experimentation may have turned it bland as they lost focus of darkness.

Highs: Dark and technical mastery at some parts.

Lows: Great moments are few and far between.

Bottom line: Okay listen for the heaviness or technicality, but not profound or exciting.

Rated 2.5 out of 5 skulls
2.5 out of 5 skulls

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