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Seregon - "Disposable Suffering" (CD)

Seregon - "Disposable Suffering" CD cover image

"Disposable Suffering" track listing:

1. Disposable Suffering
2. Band Of Brothers
3. Denizens
4. The Removal Of The Spine
5. Echoes
6. The Company
7. Fuck Shit Up

Reviewed by on January 19, 2010

"'Disposable Suffering' is a real treat for metal fans who love their music loud, fast, and heavy, with a few surprises thrown in."

There are some unsigned bands in the world of metal who baffle both fans and the metal media by being extremely talented and yet not having a label to give them the backing they deserve. With Seregon's new EP, "Disposable Suffering," it isn't just baffling that they are unsigned, but downright shocking. The band released their debut EP, "Kingdom Of The Blind," in 2007 which was met with great acclaim from those who follow the underground metal scene in Britain, and followed with a digital EP, "A Future Expired," in 2008. "Disposable Suffering" shows huge growth from a young band who have already begun to rack up an impressive amount of feats.

The EP opens with the title track and features a fantastic melodic intro to compliment a military style march before exploding into full on thrash metal. The riffs are as catchy as they are heavy, and lead singer James Moore's voice is in top form. It has changed a fair bit since "Kingdom Of The Blind," and he's proven that he's really coming into his own, using new techniques and styles. The song will please fans of almost every metal sub-genre out there, from thrash fans to those who enjoy the technical side of things.

Another highlight on a record with many was the song "The Removal Of The Spine." Aside from having a purely awesome title, the track demonstrates that Seregon aren't just great musicians, but they're also great songwriters. The verses contain an infectious groove that proves to all young bands out there that metal can be groovy without ripping off Pantera or Machine Head and the other segments of the song aren't just extreme, but atmospheric, creating the sound of horror and the feel of a war zone.

"The Company" also shows the diverse influences Seregon incorporates, containing a sound that retains the weight of thrash and death metal, in addition to hardcore elements found in the likes of the best bands of the genre such as Sick Of It All or Madball. The great thing about this is that while mixing a hardcore sound with metal, they haven't become another throwaway metalcore band, or a metalcore band at all for that matter, having more in common with the likes of D.R.I. than God Forbid.

"Disposable Suffering" is a real treat for metal fans who love their music loud, fast, and heavy, with a few surprises thrown in. It's great fun from start to finish and shows that a young band can show their influences without being a carbon copy. If "Disposable Suffering" is a taste of what's to come from Seregon, expect them to be one of the biggest metal bands from the United Kingdom in the future.

Highs: Every song is an original sounding piece of thrash, which is hard to come across nowadays. Great production.

Lows: Very little to complain about. Those who don't like samples from films may be ever so slightly put off.

Bottom line: This is metal at its very best. Buy this record as soon as you can.

Rated 5 out of 5 skulls
5 out of 5 skulls

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