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Mass Extinction - "Creation's Undoing" (CD)

Mass Extinction - "Creation's Undoing" CD cover image

"Creation's Undoing" track listing:

1. Bodies For The Slaughter (5:31)
2. Manipulating Evolution (5:02)
3. Global Assassin (5:10)

Reviewed by on September 5, 2009

"Their latest demo, 2007’s “Creation’s Undoing,” may be a few years old, but there is no better time than the present to get acquainted with one of the better underground thrash bands out there today."

With the thrash revival in full swing, there are countless bands looking to add their own twist to an established sound. Mass Extinction is one such act, hailing from the shores of Ireland. For years, the band has been crawling their way up the scene, looking for a big break that has so far eluded them. Their latest demo, 2007’s “Creation’s Undoing,” may be a few years old, but there is no better time than the present to get acquainted with one of the better underground thrash bands out there today.

The three-track EP brings about a mid-80s vibe; more specifically, the German thrash scene during that time, when bands like Kreator and Destruction were slaughtering everything in their paths. The songs are straightforward in their approach and structure, with extended ripping solos, barking vocals, and topics ranging from annihilation to absolute punishment and death. Mass Extinction takes a workman-like attitude to their songs, cranking out riff after riff with no room for bullshit like melody and clean sections. The production is rough, but helps to give off an old-school aura that makes “Creation’s Undoing” feel like a forgotten gem from the early years of thrash.

In a time where most metal music sounds processed and artificial, Mass Extinction’s raw sound is a welcomed alternative. There are sloppy moments, especially in the opening minute of “Bodies For The Slaughter,” but that’s part of the EP’s charm. The feeling that the music is being played live by the band makes a world of a difference in retaining that 80s thrash mindset. Some whose ears are used to a pristine production may be turned off by the less-than-crystal-clear mix.

Mass Extinction is comprised of a solid group of musicians who each bring something to the table. The guitar work is quick, chaotic, and on-point at all times, keeping the mayhem going steadily. In particular, the strong lead work on “Global Assassin” and “Bodies For The Slaughter” are a showcase for the more technical side of the band. The dueling guitarists are supported by a tight rhythm section, which stays to the background at most times, with the exception of a few brief moments to show off.

“Creation’s Undoing” is a potent second demo for Mass Extinction. The band is still working to get that one big chance to shine, and while they have gone through a line-up change or two since the demo’s release a couple of years back, there is a lot to look forward to if the band can get everything in place. Largely ignored by the metal community, “Creation’s Undoing” deserves another chance to gain some notoriety and build a cult following amongst those who live and breathe thrash metal.

Highs: Energetic, solid musicianship, doesn't sound processed like most contemporary metal.

Lows: Rough production, sloppy moments, not the most original sound.

Bottom line: A good thrash metal demo that shouldn't be overlooked.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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