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Dog Fashion Disco - "DFDVD II" (DVD)

Dog Fashion Disco - "DFDVD II" DVD cover image

"DFDVD II" track listing:

1. Concert Film: Dog Fashion Disco Farewell Show - Baltimore
2. Documentary and Concert: From Artemis To Adultery
3. Videos

Reviewed by on July 7, 2009

"These guys act like and interact with their fans like they’re early arrivals at a frat party."

Dog Fashion Disco’s farewell DVD, "DFDVD II," is best described as a cross between a Kevin Smith film and an episode of Jackass, with some not too shabby music thrown in. It includes a nearly two hour concert that was the band’s final performance in Baltimore, and a section entitled "From Artemis To Adultery," which is part documentary, part concert.

The Baltimore show isn’t bad as far as concerts go, but it could be enjoyed just as easily listening to it as watching it. The performance is the kind found in concrete walled clubs around the country, with some flashing lights, but no real laser show. Most of the video comes from a Fan Cam, which is used about as professionally as a Girls Gone Wild camera. Then again, that may be just the style Dog Fashion Disco was going for.

The documentary side of the video opens with footage from the Jager tour, and includes a lot of standing around and acting stupid. These guys act like and interact with their fans like they’re early arrivals at a frat party. The before party then segues into the Jager show, which sports such horrible feedback that even the most diehard Disco fan probably would just be ready for it to end.

The most interesting part of the DVD is the explanation of how Dog Fashion Disco got the film score for the Exorcist remake. Snippets of interviews with the guys, and the producer show a serious side that is virtually absent from the rest of the video. The rest of the time is used up watching the guys play putt putt, and engage in general drunken disorderly conduct that was probably only funny to the participants.

The film closes with a preview of Polka Dot Cadaver, the new band formed by Todd, Jasan and John. Though there aren’t actually any videos, the music samples from their CD, "Purgatory Dance Party," reveal a decent sound that is similar in style to some of Dog Fashion Disco’s more mellow tunes.

While most band DVDs are only exciting to true fans, Dog Fashion Disco’s "DFDVD II" probably wasn’t very exciting even to those who hated to see them ride off into the sunset.

Highs: The Baltimore performance had good sound quality, and was pretty good as far as low budget shows go.

Lows: Pre-show antics are just plain silly and boring.

Bottom line: Unless you’re one of those Dog Fashion Disco fans who has to collect everything the band ever put out, don’t bother with this video recap.

Rated 2.5 out of 5 skulls
2.5 out of 5 skulls

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