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HOD - "Cry and Piss Yourself" (CD/EP)

HOD - "Cry and Piss Yourself" CD/EP cover image

"Cry and Piss Yourself" track listing:

1. Nine Days
2. Demoralizer
3. God of Darkness and???

Reviewed by on June 1, 2009

"Hod has a great idea with huge potential."

Going to Hod's Myspace page, you would think that they want to live in the forests of Norway. Hod has befriended the likes of Carpathian Forest, Bathory, and Absu (Proscriptor mastered their full-length debut album "Serpent"). However, when you finally listen to their demo "Cry and Piss Yourself," you'll know that they're damn proud to be right where they are in San Antonio, Texas. They are black metallers, but there is something lurking behind the dark that is unmistakably familiar. It's a Southern hard rock sound that punctuates the music and makes it uniquely Hod. Dare I drop the name Pantera?

As soon as the CD spins, a distinct mixture spills forth from the speakers. Do not fear it though, it's only there to please you. The drumming stands out immediately. There are traditional moments of double-bass madness, but much of the drumming is a syncopated and tribal masterpiece. The lyrical well of traditional black metal is definitely being dipped into, although the vocals are intelligible. The guitar and bass are also traditionally played during the black metal sections, but heavy metal/hard rock riffs reminiscent of Dimebag's sound spew out.

It's hard to say that the music is black with hard rock breakdowns or vice versa. Both kinds play long and proudly. Sometimes they are welded together. The music, while extremely interesting seems somewhat held back. For such a bold mix, the musicians are shy with their playing. Hod has a great idea with huge potential. Hopefully they can overcome their reservations so we can all enjoy their amazing tunes.

Highs: Hod does not deny their Texas Metal brothers and integrate it proudly into BM.

Lows: It seems a bit held back.

Bottom line: A great listen for the unique meld of metals.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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