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The Black Dahlia Murder - "Majesty" (DVD)

The Black Dahlia Murder - "Majesty" DVD cover image

"Majesty" track listing:

1. Elder Misanthropy
2. Funeral Thirst
3. I'm Charming
4. Flies
5. A Vulgar Picture
6. Statutory Ape
7. Miasma
8. Everything Went Black
9. Worship
10. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
11. Deathmask Divine

Reviewed by on July 2, 2009

"A rather energetic crew is on display during the DVD’s live set in particular and shows the ability to combine melody and aggression quite effectively."

First of all it should be noted that The Black Dahlia Murder's "Majesty" DVD contains live tracks, music videos and feature documentary sections all in reasonable amounts. A rather energetic crew is on display during the DVD’s live set in particular and shows the ability to combine melody and aggression quite effectively. The Black Dahlia Murder’s guitar work overts into fast frenzies many a time and shows a great need to be as hectic as possible. This bodes well for the particular type of music they play as it shows an almost thrash like vigour, but within the context of a more hardcore outfit.

The style works best on tracks like the catchy “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse,” as they are able to combine a need for velocity with an approach that comes to hook you quite well. The live production on the album doesn’t bring out the clarity of the tracks as much as you might want them to, however, and everything begins to sound a bit muddy at times. This does take away slightly from the complete package, as the band tends to get slightly mired down at times.

“Miasma” is another strong track that demonstrates a lot of different guitar playing intersecting into a nice peak. The band is capable of intertwining their guitars quite effectively to get a chaotic point in unison where they sound like a band on a mission. However, the slight lack of outstanding sound quality means that the songs get brought down somewhat from a high point they are capable of reaching otherwise.

The Black Dahlia Murder is still able to sound enjoyable, but they aren’t able to coalesce towards an ultimate point of greatness as well as one might hope. The feature documentary shows the other side of the band as they are able to have fun in many ways, but it’s the music sections of the DVD that are the most important. As a whole, “Majesty” remains a rather fun DVD to watch - you just wish everything gelled together a bit more as a whole.

Highs: Energetic playing and a lot of varied guitar work.

Lows: Sound quality and band tightness aren't as good as they could be.

Bottom line: Enjoyable melodic death metal that could use a little more clarity.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 skulls
3.0 out of 5 skulls

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