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Doro - "Fear No Evil" (CD)

Doro - "Fear No Evil" CD cover image

"Fear No Evil" track listing:

1. The Night of the Warlock (5:42)
2. Running From the Devil (3:35)
3. Celebrate (4:54)
4. Caught in a Battle (3:08)
5. Herzblut (4:38)
6. On the Run (4:40)
7. Walking with the Angels (4:53)
8. I Lay My Head Upon My Sword (3:36)
9. It Kills Me (4:27)
10. Long Lost for Love (3:25)
11. 25 Years (4:46)

Reviewed by on April 23, 2009

"If there were ever any doubts that Doro is less mighty than an Amazon warrior, one listen to the opening track, 'The Night of the Warlock,' lays those to rest."

Any fan of female-fronted metal knows the name Doro. Doro Pesch began her career twenty-five years ago as the founder and vocalist of cult-favored German metal band Warlock. Doro became the first female lead vocalist of a metal band, and to this day, is referred to by her fans as the "Queen of Metal."

After five years, Doro parted ways with her band mates and released her first solo album, and has continued to woo metal audiences with her sultry, sometimes raspy powerhouse of a voice ever since. Having toured with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Megadeth, she appeals mainly to fans of classic metal and heavy rock, her music chocked full of mid-tempo early thrash sounds and 80’s inspired choruses.

Known for being a warrior on and off stage, it’s no surprise that Doro’s latest release, "Fear No Evil," virtually fits in the realm of power metal, at least lyrically. While it’s surprising to hear a female sing of battles and war, it somehow fits for the young girl who developed tuberculosis and survived it. If there were ever any doubts that Doro is less mighty than an Amazon warrior, one listen to the opening track, "The Night of the Warlock," lays those to rest. This tune has a great intro that includes rolling thunder and an evil sounding demon warning that he can "smell your pain." A heavy guitar and drumbeat introduce Doro’s distinctive voice, shattering the ominous darkness, and then closing out with a full throttle shred. "I Lay My Head Upon My Sword" is another exceptional warrior tune, perhaps the best track on the album, that shows the more reflective side of a warrior’s life.

Most of "Fear No Evil," though, is of the metal anthem style. "Celebrate" may be short on lyrics, but the repetitive "Tonight we celebrate our love for rock and metal," is a classic line that will have most metalheads chanting along. "Herzblut," a tune that nearly all German bands these days are recording, has become a German national anthem, and though American audiences may have to google the lyrics, they’ll appreciate this metal ballad.

The most surprising track is "Walking with the Angels," which shows a glimpse of a softer, gentler Doro. The classic, mellow vocals are quite a shock coming from the typically hardcore vixen, but the result is pretty good.

Doro manages to rally her forces at the end, with a closer that is sure to bring encore requests live. "25 Years" is a slow tempo metal anthem that recaps her career as a mighty force in the music scene. Possessing the same simple chorus style and begging for audiences to sing along, it’s a tune that may make fans wonder if this is a farewell album.

Though "Fear No Evil" isn’t Doro’s best album, and really is average at best, if her past is any indication, Doro won’t take mediocrity lying down. As a fierce maiden of metal, you can still expect her to overcome any adversity, and manage somehow to come out on top. If anything, the lackluster quality of "Fear No Evil" is probably just more inspiration for Doro to stay around another twenty-five years, perfecting her music and style.

Highs: Doro’s vocals are as powerful as they were twenty years ago.

Lows: The metal anthem style sometimes comes off tired and dated.

Bottom line: A classic sounding album by one of metal’s pioneers.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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