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Temperance - "The Earth Embraces Us All" (CD)

Temperance - "The Earth Embraces Us All" CD cover image

"The Earth Embraces Us All" track listing:

1. A Thousand Places
2. At The Edge Of Space
3. Unspoken Words
4. Empty Lines
5. Maschere
6. Haze
7. Fragments Of Life
8. Revolution
9. Advice From A Caterpillar
10. Change The Rhyme
11. The Restless Ride

Reviewed by on August 19, 2016

"Having followed Temperance in its early machination as Bejelit all the way to present, I feel like a proud father watching his children blossom into the talented people I know they are."

It took precisely seven seconds to realize how far Temperance has grown in just a span of one album. It took precisely 60 seconds to realize that the direction I expected of “The Earth Embraces Us All” was completely wrong. It took precisely 2 minutes 34 seconds to realize that I was listening to what very well may be the breakout album of 2016. Subgenres aside - in terms of pure songwriting, growth, potential, musicianship, sound – Temperance’s “The Earth Embraces Us All” truly is the signature album in the band’s career.

From the onset of “A Thousand Places,” it was clear to me that Temperance was headed in a direction away from the Amaranthe-styled “Limitless” and into a more signature sound. By the end of “A Thousand Places” it felt like I’d been to 1,000 places from modern metal to melodic metal to what can only be described as Kenny G. Don’t run away at that last part until you understand how gracefully introduced it is. When a band “finds maturity” it doesn’t mean they give up on metal….but all the added elements simply enhance what has become a dreadfully stale and overdone symphonic metal scene. Temperance represent the future of that. Call it “post-symphonic metal” if you will. Or call it rock ‘n’ roll – that’s truly what it is.

With so many of the band’s favorite music incorporated within “The Earth Embraces Us All” you can begin to understand why the album is so appropriately titled. Some may point out that heavy dose of Troy Donockley era Nightwish, which is in full force on songs like “At the Edge of Space” and “Unspoken Words.” It is precisely this influence that provides such the huge atmosphere and power punch that makes Temperance more exciting and fresh than ever (check out “Change the Rhyme”). However, it doesn’t stop there. With the stunning vocals of both lead Chiara Tricarico and guitarist Marco Pastorino enhanced and balanced by Simone Mularoni’s patented perfect sound, Temperance takes it to a new level. The backbone of the rhythm and songwriting is the world’s most underrated drummer, Guilio Capone.

Those that loved the material direction on “Limitless” aren’t completely left out of the mix. The band still shows off that side in tracks like “Haze” – which also doubles as the album’s heaviest track. The difference on “The Earth Embraces Us All” is that the glitz is kept in check, shrouded in and heavy riffs with direct and striking melody lines. Check out “Revolution” for the perfect example. In fact, there is so much at work here that it takes multiple listens to sink in. The incorporation of violins, pipes, and even saxophone takes the listener on a journey with a very positive and poignant message presented in uplifting melodies and outstanding musicianship. Nowhere on the album is this better represented than the near 13-minute closer “The Restless Ride.”

If you are not a fan of symphonic metal with a heavy dose of melody and modern fringes, it might not resonate with you. The keyboards are often a bit too flashy and distracted for fans who want pure guitar driven metal. However, for fans of newer Nightwish, Amaranthe, and the clean side of Scar Symmetry will find new territory explored by this hot up in coming Italian quartet. “The Earth Embraces Us All” has both a social and musical message – we are one and diversity is key to our existence. Having followed Temperance in its early machination as Bejelit all the way to present, I feel like a proud father watching his children blossom into the talented people I know they are. The band has finally found its niche, hit its stride, and come into its own. Only now is the sky truly “limitless.”

Highs: The best songwriting in the band's career.

Lows: The keyboards can be a bit distracting for non-fans of the genre.

Bottom line: Temperance has found its signature sound... come into its own and "The Earth Embraces Us All!"

Rated 4.5 out of 5 skulls
4.5 out of 5 skulls

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