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Walking Corpse Syndrome - "Human Delusion" (CD)

Walking Corpse Syndrome - "Human Delusion" CD cover image

"Human Delusion" track listing:

1. Angel Flesh
2. Apocalypse
3. Price of Pride
4. Disciple
5. Ending Created
6. Clarity
7. Static Illusion
8. Human Delusion
9. Plague
10. Surrender and Comply

Reviewed by on October 12, 2015

"If there's any justice in the metal world, “Human Delusion” will be the album that puts Walking Corpse Syndrome on the map."

Walking Corpse Syndrome has come a long way from the “Forsaken” release back in '08, refining its sound over time until now reaching “Human Delusion,” which is no doubt the band's finest hour thus far. I've had the pleasure of covering the band since the beginning, watching a local and totally unknown group evolve over time until now all the other major metal sites also cover Walking Corpse Syndrome news – and it's a well deserved recognition too, as “Human Delusion” shows.

“Human Delusion” is the culmination of sound changes prompted both by lineup shifts and a maturing musical outlook. There's still two drummers, but now the band also features two guitarists and the violin has been dropped entirely. The result is a polished, consistent sound that's way past the garage band beginnings. Influences from across the metal scene come through clearly, creating a style that doesn't neatly fit into any one specific sub-genre: the vocals may be harsh and on the death metal side, but the guitars frequently go a different direction entirely, evoking thrash, metalcore, and more.

“Apocalypse” is one of the album's highlight tracks and it really showcases how the guitar and drums can go one way while the vocals go another, and it all still works together exceedingly well. Despite being extreme metal, the track can get stuck in your head and there's a great balance between the brutal side and the melodic side. “Clarity” is another one that melds those two different ideas together with high energy and a frantic pace.

The ending track “Surrender and Comply” is also noteworthy for its shifting stylistic ideas, suddenly going atmospheric halfway through and focusing on the bass. On the more brutal side, the title track “Human Delusion” features forceful, repeating guitar riffs that have a bit of a Dethklok feel. Across it all, the vocals shift between mid-paced and an ultra-fast delivery that's uniquely identifiable as Walking Corpse Syndrome.

If there's any justice in the metal world, “Human Delusion” will be the album that puts Walking Corpse Syndrome on the map. No matter what specific style or sub-genre of metal you prefer, there's going to be something for you on this album where the band really finds its style and refines the sound to its greatest point yet.

Highs: Showcases a band that has refined its sound to a new level.

Lows: The slowdown segment on the title track doesn't work as well as the faster pace on the rest of the disc.

Bottom line: This underground outfit just released a breakthrough album that should make Walking Corpse Syndrome a household name in metal.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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Rated 5 out of 5 skulls Perfection. (No discernable flaws; one of the reviewer's all-time favorites)
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