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Vayden - "Children Of Our Mistakes (re-release)" (CD)

Vayden - "Children Of Our Mistakes (re-release)" CD cover image

"Children Of Our Mistakes (re-release)" track listing:

1. Children of Our Mistakes
2. Uniforms
3. The One You Left Behind
4. Karma is a Professional Wrestler
5. Elysium
6. Fallen
7. Nothing to Say
8. Anthem of the Used
9. Painted Face
10. Paradise
11. Welcome
12. Zoé's Song

Reviewed by on May 8, 2008

"'There is enough difference in each song that can pull a listener to the end. If you are a fan of hard rock then you’ll eat this band up. The production is stellar on this album.'"

Many of you may not know who Vayden is because they are underground and working hard to make it big. Vayden is a modern sounding, radio-friendly hard rock band. If the sound of that turns you off then read no further, but this band has a dynamic aspect that most radio-friendly bands don’t have. Whether it's from not making it big or whether they want to bring some talent back to the mainstream, who knows. But for someone who does not listen to radio-friendly hard rock, I can tolerate Vayden's "Children Of Our Mistakes."

The album gallops in with the title-track, “Children of Our Mistakes,” which is very much a crowd-pumping hard rock ballad. One thing I picked up on quicly is that Vayden has some emotional lyrics. They also play very maturely, considering this is their first album under the current band name. The title-track has some tempo changes and does not bore the listener. The second track, “Uniforms,” sounds like a blend of the Killers, Korn, and Chevelle. Take that for what it’s worth. It's different from the first song, which is a good start to an album. To quote lead singer Curtis Casey, he says “Our goal was to create a very deep record with so many layers that after listening to it 1000 times, you still discover new things that will make you love it even more.” While I wouldn’t go far to call them that layered, I will stick by this claim in comparison to the modern hard rock scene. Their depth and dynamicism are something the band should be proud of and stick to when continuing their music career.

The third track, “The One You Left Behind,” sounds like a single if they were to have one. This is followed by an odd song called “Karma Is a Professional Wrestler,” which has some very slight System of a Down elements to start, then followed by the rocking chorus. Another strong track is “Anthem Of the Used,” which seems to hit home the main point of them album, which is if someone has a bad life growing up then that may affect their future choices. Hence the album is entitled “Children Of Our Mistakes.” “Anthem Of the Used” even has a nice short guitar solo toward the end.

The album ends with the track “Zoe’s Song,” which is a very slow and emotion-filled track. The song is very spiritual in nature and uplifting, almost to the point were it could be found on Christian rock album.

"Children Of Our Mistakes" is full of hard rock anthems, some soft emotional songs, and some straight-up hard rock jams. There are enough differences in each song that can pull a listener to the end. If you're a fan of hard rock then you’ll eat this band up. The album's production is stellar as well. The one negative aspect is that even though the songs are unique in their own right, the power balled/anthem choruses can seem similar from track to track. But again, if you like modern hard rock, this won’t bother you a bit.

Highs: More than your typical modern hard rock band.

Lows: The choruses can be a little boring.

Bottom line: If you want something fresh or new in your hard rock collection, check this band out.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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