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Metalunderground.com is proud to sponsor the Motorbreath Entertainment SXSW 2012 Showcase, featuring Havok, Spellcaster, Exmortus, Witchaven, Speedwolf and many more. The event takes place on Friday, March 16, 2012 at 3:00 PM (CT) at Betsy's Bar in Austin, Texas. You can purchase tickets here.

Latest Motorbreath Entertainment SXSW 2012 Showcase News


SXSW 2012 Thrash Show Reverts to Garage Rock

On March 16th, 2012, Motorbreath Entertainment intended to create one of the best lineups featuring bands from the “New Wave of Thrash Metal.” Exmortus, Bonded By Blood, Havok, Speedwolf and Witchaven were on the bill to play Betsy’s Bar at Austin’s annual South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival. Oregon’s Spellcaster offered a style more in line with the New Wave of Classic Metal scene that has, in a sense, run parallel with the new thrash movement.

Besides Corrosion of Conformity who came to town with their crossover thrash, “Animosity” lineup, thrash metal is an endangered species in Austin during this time of the year. When I saw Motorbreath had organized a lineup of such great, young thrash bands, I had to help with promotion. Unfortunately, a number of mishaps led to Betsy’s Bar canceling the show. However, thanks to Alex Campos of local metal marauders, Beyond The Blood, the show went on! More...

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Betsy's Bar Comments on SXSW Cancellation

Metal Underground previously reported the cancellation of Motorbreath's SXSW show featuring artists such as Havok, Bonded By Blood and Spellcaster. We contacted Motorbreath owner and show booker, Tristan Spears to get his side of the story. Now, in all fairness, we bring our readers the other side of the story told by a representative of Betsy's Bar. More...

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Motorbreath SXSW Showcase Canceled

Motorbreath Entertainment's SXSW Showcase contained a tremendous bill of new school thrash and heavy metal artists such as Bonded By Blood, Havok, Speedwolf, Exmortus, Witchaven and Spellcaster. The stellar lineup was the only old school-metal oriented event at SXSW, which was cause for Metal Underground to sponsor the event. Unfortunately, the March 16th show at Betsy's came to a abrupt and disappointing end. After the first three bands performed, Motorbreath founder, Tristan Spears announced that if more people didn't drink more alcohol, the show would be canceled. After much deliberation, the show was indeed canceled.

Spears provided Metal Underground with the following statement: More...

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SXSW Thrashes Metal Underground: Havok

With just a few days before the Metal Underground-sponsored Motorbreath Entertainment SXSW Showcase, we bring our readers a conversation with the event’s headliner, Havok. The Denver-based group possesses an unbridled energy rarely matched in the live arena. Although these alpine metallers play a style most educated listeners would categorize as thrash, the group has a crossover appeal. The group has supported many acts including Exhumed, Malevolent Creation, English Dogs, White Wizzard, Forbidden and many others. Havok’s riff-heavy style and vigorous stage energy has added legions of hair-flinging, air-punching fans, regardless of style.

Havok is currently working on a new EP entitled “Point of No Return.” The short recording will feature two new Havok tracks, as well as a cover of the Sepultura classic “Arise” and a Slayer Medley. Metal Underground caught singer/guitarist David Sanchez at home before the group embarks upon another tour (they leave today). A lively Sanchez expressed only positive sentiments about past and future tours (bar their canceled European tour). He also showed excitement about playing another year of SXSW and filled in details concerning the group’s new recording. More...

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SXSW Thrashes Metal Underground: Spellcaster

As part of the ongoing series of interviews promoting Motorbreath Entertainment's South By Southwest (SXSW) Showcase, which Metal Underground proudly sponsors, we bring you a chat with Portland, Oregon’s Spellcaster. This Heavy Artillery recording artist has youth and determination on its side. The “retro metal” movement is comprised of young artists, but most of these bands have released several albums and embarked on numerous tours opening for premier acts. With only three years under their bullet belts, one full-length recording, “Under The Spell” and a couple of tours, Spellcaster is a newcomer to a new scene.

The metal throwback movement is on the verge of becoming an old scene, and needs bands such as Spellcaster to infuse the scene with vibrancy and keep the fad rolling. However, the group understands the need to find its own voice or become a ghost of the fad. In the following interview, Spellcaster bassist Gabe Franco relates how his group’s diligent work ethic and superb musicianship will carry the band to a sound where tired-ass metal acronyms no longer apply. While waiting for his broken-toed guitarist to pick him up for their tour, Franco expressed his thoughts on the SXSW show and tour and the increasing potency of Spellcaster’s metal magic. More...

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SXSW Thrashes Metal Underground: Speedwolf

With less than a week before Austin, Texas kicks off its annual music, film and interactive festival know as SXSW, Metal Underground offers our readers a series of interviews to promote Motorbreath Entertainment's Showcase, which Metal Underground has proudly sponsored. The Motorbreath concert is the only showcase at this year’s festival that primarily adheres to bands playing thrash and speed metal.

Hells Headbangers recording artist, Speedwolf is the first group featured in our ongoing coverage. Since 2008, the group has shaken the peaks of its native Denver mountains with punk-addled speed metal and a heavy dose of Motorhead. In the tradition of Motorhead, the group’s name and album cover references motorcycles. Their members obviously don’t turn into human-animal hybrids, as their album cover depicts, but they aren’t posers when it comes to riding. Due to the roar of his bike, vocalist Reed Bruemmer nearly missed my call. He caught it just in time, however, to convey how “revved” up he is about the group’s upcoming SXSW performances. More...

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Motorbreath Entertainment SXSW 2012 Showcase

Metalunderground.com is proud to sponsor the Motorbreath Entertainment SXSW 2012 Showcase, featuring Havok, Spellcaster, Exmortus, Witchaven, Speedwolf and many more. The event takes place on Friday, March 16, 2012 at 3:00 PM (CT) at Betsy's Bar in Austin, Texas. Doors open at 3:00 pm CT. You can purchase tickets here.

Here's the complete line-up:

Havok (CO)
Exmortus (CA)
Bonded By Blood (CA)
Spellcaster (OR)
Witchaven (CA)
Speedwolf (CO)
Owl Witch
Last word (CO)
Beyond the Blood
Imminent Descent

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