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Metal News for September 9, 2012

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Suspects Arrested In Slaying Of Dominican Drummer

Police have arrested the three suspects in the slaying of Exsanguination Throne drummer Jose Carlos "Shiva" Hernandez and have placed the knife used into evidence. The three men, Miguel Angel Bautista (La Bola), 25; Josaias Benjamin Mora Lorenzo (El Niño) and Maximo Darvin Almanzar Guerra (Wari) are currently in custody. It has been reported that Shiva was killed in a case of mistaken identity over retribution over a woman named Christhy Lorena Sanchez' rape. In other conflicting accounts, it is reputed that one of the three men knew Shiva - lending ambiguity to the motive.

The alleged rape victim, who suffered the encounter last month, is expected to be a witness for the prosecution. She was reportedly attacked by two men known as El Brujo and El Chino. In the meantime the owner of the Gustavo Live Pub in Santo Domingo, where the event occured during a concert, has stated that the venue will reopen today Sunday for business. Jose Carlos Hernandez will be buried in the San Cristobal Cemetery next to his father Jochy Hernandez, the late Dominican merengue star. Read the full article here.


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Kreator & Accept Bulldoze Worcester To The Ground

When heavy metal came into my life in 1985/1986, one of the many reasons I fell in love, married it and grafted it into my very soul is due to one special band: Accept. “Metal Heart” was the second album I ever bought, and the love affair with this music grew. Through all the the ups and downs in the band’s career - the initially dreadful David Reece album “Eat the Heat” (which I later came to appreciate a little more), feeling heartbroken about the loss of Udo Dirkschneider (twice), the near disaster of “Predator,” the angst of the band’s return with yet another American vocalist back prior to the release of “Blood of Nations” - Accept has, and always will be, the source of my own metal heart. In the 80's, I joked a lot about how it was the “Nazi choruses” that drew me in. Today, that kind of statement would put me squarely within the crosshairs of overly sensitive individuals who would have no understanding of where I came from with the description should I dare to use it today. Of course, it didn’t help that the band is German. That long abandoned reference from my youth merely refers to the deep, low all male backing vocals that, for me, made Accept one of the greatest bands ever. “Bound to Fail” was the song that coined that phrase and “Stand Tight” reinforced it. Needless to say, I was ready to finally see the one Udo-less Accept incarnation that has found a way to rejuvenate the band and capture the old metal spirit with a whole new set of young fans, which is just glorious. The pairing with Kreator, another band I discovered when “Endless Pain” was released on Noise Records shortly after the band changed its name from Tormentor, seemed almost as perfect as it was slightly “genre mixed.” Add Finland’s Swallow the Sun, who seemed like the oddball out, and this bill became a “lust see.” More...

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Ikkadian Posts "Adversary" Music Video

Blackened death metal act Ikkadian has released an official music video for the song "Adversary," which is available below. "Adversary" is from the band's upcoming debut album, "Of Alpha and Omega," due out September 18th as a limited edition digipak CD. The entire album will be offered as a free digital download at the band's official website.

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Winterhymn Releases "Stand Your Ground" Video

U.S. folk metal band Winterhymn has just premiered a new official music video for "Stand Your Ground," which is taken from the band's 2011 album "Songs for the Slain." The video was created by Acidvision Entertainment and can be viewed below. The track listing is as follows:

1. In the Troll Forest
2. Castle Kelly
3. Dispelling the Mist
4. Stand Your Ground
5. Up From the Roots
6. Under the Hunter's Moon
7. Alesong
8. Woad
9. Blood Eagle
10. Witch
11. The Berserker's Axe
12. Fall of Kings More...

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Acrania Unveils New Album Artwork

Mexican act Acrania has revealed the artwork for the band's upcoming album entitled “An Uncertain Collision,” which will be available worldwide on October 20th, 2012. The album was produced by J.C. Chávez and Luis Oropeza at “Circo Volador Studios” in Mexico City, and according to a press release, "explores a new range of Latin rhythms and instruments that had not been used in previous albums. Merengue, Puerto Rican bomba, cha cha cha, samba and 'plena,' are addressed in this new album, fused with the power of death metal and technical riffs, powerful drumming with unusual rythms within the genre, with growls and lyrics that address all kinds of human and spiritual passions."

The album’s artwork comes by the hand of Berlin-based artist & illustrator Eliran Kantor, who is known mostly for creating album covers for bands such as Testament, Sodom, Atheist, and Mekong Delta.

Eliran Kantor comments, “I wanted it to be about the emotion behind the music, about the colors and shapes I saw when listening to this music : the passion and the 'collision' are represented with the fire, hitting the water, the two symbols of eternity dancing above the skull as it represents mortality - the 'collision' comes from these contradictions. I wanted it to really reflect what the album is about, and how it sounds - without using too traditional elements but just hinting at them. The logo gets the idea across that this is a metal album and a metal band."

The album's track listing is:

01. Treason, Politics & Death
02. Deceive the Pain
03. Now
04. A Praise to Madness
05. Revolutions & Tequila
06. But not Today
07. Speartooth
08. Vallarta Nights
09. In my Land More...

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Stielas Storhett Comments On Upcoming Releases

Stielas Storhett has issued the following announcement about upcoming new releases from the band:

"Very soon, approximately in the next month, two new releases will be announced. One of them which named 'V' has been prepared for a long time to be released. The disk contains a compilation of various unreleased and demo tracks in combination with an exclusive track 'Death' recorded in 2010 specially for this release. 'V' is coming out from Russian label Kunsthauch.

"Another release for this Fall is a 7-inch vinyl split with Greek avant-gardists Aenaon. Vinyl contains two new tracks from both bands, produced and recorded for this split edition. 'Alter Ego' from Stielas Storhett and 'Er' from Aenaon will be also available at online store. The cult label from Belarus - Possession Productions - is working on this musical novelty.

"For the last, this Fall Stielass Stofhett begins recording the next studio album, which is going to be published in the end of 2012/beginning of the 2013, in case the year comes. Code666 will take care of this release."

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The Interbeing Streaming Bonus Remix Track

The Interbeing has issued the following announcement about streaming a remix track online which appears on the Japanese edition of the "Edge of the Obscure" album:

"We're proud to announce that 'Edge of the Obscure' was released in Japan by Wave Master Inc. on September 5th! The release is a special Japan edition which includes 2 exclusive remixes.

"Drop from Sybreed has made a kick-ass remix of 'Shadow Drift,' and the Danish producer Flowjob has created a sinister and awesome version of 'In the Transcendence.' Check out Drop's remix on our SoundCloud right here or below.

"We are currently also writing a lot of new material for our second album and it will be possible to hear some of it when we tear down the stage at this year's epic Euroblast festival on October 19th in Cologne, Germany. Looking forward to it!"

You can also check out the music video for the original version of "Shadow Drift" at this location. More...

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Ethereal Architect Posts "MacArthur Park" Video

Texas act Ethereal Architect has released a split-screen video for the band's cover of the Richard Harris track, "MacArthur Park." The original was released in 1968, and has had been covered by Donna Summers, Waylon Jennings, and Weird Al Yancovich. Ethereal Architect can now be added to that list with an interpretation of the song featured on the band's sophomore album, "Monolith," which was self-released on May 11th, 2012. The track listing is:

1. Kalinago
2. Mercury
3. Obsidian
4. Oceans
5. Final Escape
6. Revolutions
7. Obscura
8. Bardo Becoming
9. Submission
10. MacArthur Park More...

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Enchantya Reveals New Album Info

Enchantya's debut album "Dark Rising" is going to be released on September 28th, via Massacre Records. The album was mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers. The track listing is:

1. Unwavering Faith
2. No Stars In The Sky
3. Night In Whisper
4. Clad In Black
5. Longing For You
6. Your Tattoo
7. She Devil
8. Ocean Drops
9. Dark Rising
10. Winter Dreams
11. Fear Me When You Fall
12. Interlude / Become Of Me
13. Moonlighting The Dreamer

You can catch the band live at Portugal's Cameraman Metal Fest next month or listen to the song "No Stars in the Sky" at this location. More...

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Abörted Hitler Cöck Streaming Video

U.K. extreme grindcore band Abörted Hitler Cöck is streaming its new video "How to Perform an Abortion" at this location. The track comes from the band's 2011 album "Erections at an Animal Autopsy," which the band invites you to check out for free over at its official website. The video, produced by El Zoid, features graphic veterinary images and has a disclaimer for those of a sensitive or nervous disposition. The band also has a rough demo version of a new track, "Stool Sample Body Shots," streaming at this location.

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Sunday Old School: Cirith Ungol

The band that I bring you this week is so old school that it formed during the times of older rock acts that influenced the independent metal acts of the eighties. In terms of being unique, Ventura, California metal band Cirith Ungol has no parallel. Having met in 1969 in High School, drummer Robert Garven, bassist Greg Lindstrom and guitarist Jerry Fogle started jamming under the name Titanic. Another school friend, Pat Galligan, joined them until eventually going on to play for the Angry Samoans years down the road.

Robert Garven had liberal minded parents that allowed the band to practice at their house. The year was now 1972 and the band had changed its name to Cirith Ungol, which is a reference to Lord of the Rings. Cirith Ungol means "pass of the spider Shelob" in Elvish as per the trinity, the members of the band being huge fans of Tolkien's novels in English class. Frodo and Samwise fight the spider in Tolkien's "Two Towers." In practice, the band would cover Cream, Mountain, Sam Gopal's Dream, Ursa Major, Freedom and also their renditions of Budgie tunes long before Metallica even existed. More...

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