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Metal News for September 30, 2012

Last updated on May 4, 2015 at 2:00 AM ET

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Abiotic Discusses New Album "Symbiosis" And More

Devastatingly brutal Florida newcomers Abiotic are gearing up for the release of debut full-length album "Symbiosis" on October 22nd via Metal Blade Records (reviewed here).

The band is currently out on tour with The Burial and Sea of Treachery, and during a brief break in the festivities I got the chance to chat up John Matos about the album and the band's meteoric rise into the Metal Blade ranks.

Check out the full interview below and read what John had to say about about the band's bassist getting injured in a mosh pit, releasing the EP and video that got Abiotic signed, and what's happening in the near future for the group. More...

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Walk A Mile Streaming New Release Online

Walk A Mile has now dropped a new release titled "...You'll Never Forget," which the band has made available online for streaming and download. Check out the songs via Facebook or download the release for free right here. Walk A Mile is:

Eugene Marchenko - Vocals
Anton Kalambet - Guitar
Sergey Stovba - Guitar/ Clean Vocals
Max Marchenko - Bass More...

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Devoted To Your Monument Streaming New Song

Austrian deathcore act Devoted To Your Monument has posted a new song online for streaming titled "I Am Not What I Am." You can hear the song through the YouTube player available below. For more info on Devoted To Your Monument, check out the band's Facebook profile here.

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Guzzlemug Streaming 29 Minute Track

Avant-garde act Guzzlemug has now dropped a new vinyl release titled "Nervously Counting Rosary Beads" as one massive 29:25 track. You can hear the entire release online through the player below, or over at the Guzzlemug bandcamp page. For more info, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Boarders To Re-Release "R-Existence" Album

Roxx Records is excited to announce that Italian thrash band Boarders has just signed on to the label's roster for the release of sophomore effort "R-Existence." Roxx comments:

"While the band had briefly offered this new release as a free digital only download to their fanbase, it is now being remastered to include 5 additional bonus tracks, 3 brand new songs and 2 previously unreleased demos, and put on to CD for the very first time.

"A band that can trace its history back to the late eighties, Boarders presents a unique melding of the aggressive thrash and melodic metal that draws extensively from the musical trends of that era. And nowhere is that more evident than on the material from the groups debut ‘The World Hates Me’ which was released in 2009. More...

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Great Western Releases New Video

U.K. hard rock act Great Western is set to release new EP "Warrior of Light" on October 22nd through Handspun records. The band has now posted a music video online for the track "Son of Gun," which can be viewed below, or you can also stream the entire new EP through bandcamp here.

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Disigma Posts New Track Online

Disigma has posted a new single online titled "Colonies," which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Shaun and Dylan Werle at WerleyBird Studios. Check out the song in the player below, or you can also listen to the previously posted song "Event Horizon" over here.

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Gene Hoglan Talks Dethklok Recording Sessions

Drummagazine.com has conducted a new interview with legendary metal drummer Gene "The Atomic Clock" Hoglan (Testament, Death, Dethklok, Meldrum, Dark Angel). The interview focuses around the drum tracking and writing process Hoglan used on the upcoming Dethklok release "Dethalbum III." Excerpts from the interview follow, or you can read the full thing at this location.

Drum: What kind of patch-ups are you doing for Dethalbum 3?

Seeing that I track the songs the day that I learn them, usually I have some tiny transitional fills to do, or this time Brendan wanted me to try some different beats to match his new riffs. We’re writing songs on the fly. So as the songs progress we’ll play something different to match the new riffs. I rarely get to do that sort of thing but this time I did, so a few tiny little spots were fixed.

Drum: How do you learn a song and record it the same day? That’s unorthodox.

It is unorthodox. But I’ve had so many projects that are like that where the band or artist hands you the song and you play it. You need a large stockpile of fills that work and ones that you can cull from your mental brain trust of fills. Like, “Okay, I know in this style of music I have a bunch of fills that could work well.” Or the artist might say, “I am not feeling that fill,” so you access a different memory bank of fills. So then you try those. Option anxiety happens a lot when I work like this, usually it’s the people I’m working with saying, “Let’s try this or throw that up against the wall.” Sometimes it bogs down the session and it can make you real tired at the end of a long day.

Drum: So you’re tracking Dethalbum 3 and recording soundtrack material for Metalocalypse at the same time?

We’re doing the album version of the songs that appear on the new season, and a few songs that haven’t been aired yet. We’re also recording songs from the past season. We came in to do Dethalbum 3, which made me think we would be tracking songs from season three, but then Brendan said, “Who knows when we’ll get in the studio again, so let’s track songs from season four too.” Great.

Read the full article at Drum Magazine.

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Afekth Posts "Ankh" Teaser

Polish act Afekth has posted a preview clip online featuring new music from an upcoming album, which can be viewed below. The band also comments:

"We are uploading preview #2 of our upcoming album 'Ankh' in which you can hear some new sounds and see the official cover. As you can hear, we are back after year and a half break and soon you will get the full longplayer." More...

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Riul Doamnei Recording New EP

Italy's symphonic extreme metal act Riul Doamnei is currently in the process of recording an upcoming new EP. Footage from the drum recording sessions has been posted online and can be viewed below.

To hear more of what the band has to offer, you can also check out the previously posted music video for "Greenglow Which Filters Through" at this location.

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Grave Performance Footage Available

Swedish death metal act Grave released 10th studio album "Endless Procession Of Souls" last month through Century Media, and the band is currently on tour in North America with Dark Funeral and Morbid Angel (check out remaining dates right here).

Footage has now been posted online, thanks to YouTube user "impaledonafence1," of Grave performing live at Trocadero in Philadelphia on September 28th. Check out the clips below, or find more over at YouTube.


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Kalter To Release Video, New Album

Quebec's Kalter recently shot a new music video for "Rhythm of Passion Part II: The Gathering," which will debut online tomorrow, and the track comes off the band's upcoming new album "Ubuntu." Kalter comments:

"Kälter is very proud to announce that the next album 'Ubuntu' is to be released on Thursday, October 11th 2012! The release will be available to order on Bigcartel.com, to download on digital distribution with a system of donations and will be available at our shows! We sincerely hope you guys enjoy it! And we wish you a good listening session!" More...

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Jeff Loomis Guitar Clinic Footage Available

Footage has been posted online, courtesy of YouTube user shredfast666, of Jeff Loomis performing at a Cairns guitar clinic. Check out the clips below.

Jeff Loomis toured throughout the summer in support of new solo album "Plains Of Oblivion." To see more of Jeff's guitar prowess, check out a playthrough video of the song "Mercurial" right here.


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Emptiness Streaming "Error" Album

Belgian act Emptiness, which features Phorgath and Neraath from Enthroned, has posted the new album "Error" online for streaming in its entirety. Check out the album in the player below or over at the Dark Descent Records bandcamp here. The "Error" track listing is:

1. Deafer 02:45
2. Error 05:55
3. It and I 03:55
4. Worst 05:55
5. Dissolution 03:37
6. Not Enough 02:31
7. Low 05:40
8. Nothing 03:40
9. No Earth 04:36 More...

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Whitechapel Live Footage Available

Rock Hard Live has uploaded footage of Whitechapel performing live at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento on September 27th. Check out the clip below.

Whitechapel's latest self-titled album is out now, and you can also watch a previously posted music video for "I, Dementia' over at this location. In other news, the band recently dropped off an upcoming European tour with August Burns Red and has been replaced by Veil of Maya.

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Eyefear Posts New Album Teaser

Australian act Eyefear has posted a teaser trailer for the new album "The Inception of Darkness," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on a pre-order package:

"Eyefear's new album, 'The Inception Of Darkness' is now available for pre-order! We have negotiated a special pre-order price of the LTD EDT digi pak w/3 bonus tracks, + a signed A3 sized album release poster + the band will sign the CD. This is limited to the first 50 people. Grab the new merch while you are there as well! Get it all from this location." More...

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Dagor Dagorth Recording New Album

Israel's Dagor Dagorath has issued the following announcement about recording material for an upcoming album:

"Hello everybody, long time passed since our last update... All past year we worked hard on our second full-length album (the title and playlist will be announced soon!).

"Finally, this past Friday we have entered 'Eli Pikover Recording Studio' for the first recording session..."

You can check out Dagor Dagorath's music and find more info on the band over at Facebook here.

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Sunday Old School: Great White

Great White started as a standard lipstick and big hair glam band before evolving into one of the best blues hard rock bands of the eighties. Great White had amazing highs in the eighties, but nothing matches their tragic low in 2003. Today (as is the current trend with eighties bands) the lineup is a mess; with two bands touring as Great White. A made for Hollywood story from a band formed in Los Angeles. More...

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