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Metal News for September 3, 2011

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Arsames Posts New Music Video "Mortal Identity"

Iranian death metal band Arsames posted a new music video for the song "Mortal Identity," which is the title track of it's 2010 independent release.

The video can be viewed here:

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Eluveitie Posts First Video On "EluTV"

Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie posted it's first video on the new YouTube channel EluTV. The video shows the band on the "Everything Remains" world tour. Eluveitie recently announced that the band has begun recording the new LP "Helevitos" for a 2012 release.

Check out episode one of EluTv here:

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Engel Posts Teaser Video For "In Darkness" Single

Swedish band Engel posted a new teaser video for the song "In Darkness," which will appear on the band's new release "Hell." "Hell" is scheduled to be unleashed on September 7, 2011 through iTunes.

Check out the video here:

For those unfamiliar with Engel, check out the video for "Sense the Fire" from the 2010 LP "
Threnody" here:

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Just For Fun

Djent Is Going Pop?

Metalsucks.net has posted a brief article online titled "Djent is Now Pop," which features a track from the female-fronted band Destiny Potato (available in the player below). The article laments a perceived change in djent, the latest in a long line of new heavy metal sub-genres, towards pop-metal.

Destiny Potato - Demo Preview by David Maxim Micic

You can check out a segment from the article below. What are your thoughts on the djent sub-genre, and does this sort of sound represent a shift towards pop?

This was not supposed to happen. Djent was not supposed to be the next annoying pop-metal trend.

When what would later be termed “djent” started brewing in the message boards frequented by guitar / home-recording nerds in 2002-2003, the genre had so much promise. Players who were passionate about their craft creating songs en masse for everyone to hear; good musicianship; the Meshuggah-revival guitar chug sound that was, at the time, novel; ambient atmospherics; interesting song structures and orchestration. Sure, the elements that caused djent to catch on like wildfire later on — namely catchy guitar hooks — were there in the genre’s infancy… but not to the degree they’re being mined, exploited and endlessly imitated now.

This was not supposed to happen. It was nice knowing you while you were still fun, djent. I bid thee farewell.

Read the full article at Metal Sucks.

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Analogies Streaming New Songs Online

Florida's Analogies, which was formerly known as Attention to Detail, has posted several new song clips online. You can check out the tracks "Intro," "Rendered," and "Deja Vu" in the players provided below.

Intro by xSyncope

Rendered [EP version] by xSyncope More...

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Kittie Video Interview Available

Hornsuprocks.com has posted a video interview online with Kittie's Morgan Lander about the band's new album "I've Failed You." You can check out the interview in the player below.

Kittie also recently released a music video off the new album for the track "We Are The Lamb," which can be found at this location.

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New Headbanger's Kitchen Episode Available

It's not just vegans who are getting the metal cooking love these days, as now the Headbanger's Kitchen has released a new episode titled "Djentlemen's Roast Chicken." You can check out the clip in the player below, or find the previous four episodes for dishes like "Paneer Paratha Kebab Pizza" or "Bhayanak Bacon Bomb & Cheesy Potatoes" by heading over to the Headbanger's Kitchen YouTube page.

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Tristania Headed To Mexico For Festival

Tristania bass player Ole Vistnes has checked in with the following announcement about the band playing the "Heaven and Hell" fest in Mexico:

"Tristania join forces with Megadeth to make November's 'Hell and Heaven Fest' in Guadalajara, Mexico a festival to remember.

"Mexico has an important place in all the Tristania members hearts. We're always made feel very welcome in Mexico, and although we played there only a few months ago, we're absolutely delighted to being able to return for the Hell and Heaven Fest.

"And of course it's an honour to share the stage with Megadeth. Tristania will play at the 'Hell and Heaven Fest' on November 19th. Confirmed bands until now are Megadeth, Tristania, Overkill, Kataklysm and Destruction."

Further details on the festival are available at this location. In other Tristania news, the band was also confirmed for the upcoming 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. More information can be found here.

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Unreal Offers New EP "Progeny Of The Macabre" Free

Brazilian death metal band Unreal is offering its latest EP "Progeny Of The Macabre" for free download at this location. The announcement came through Metal Media, which stated:

"Building upon the success achieved with the release of its debut album ‘Scream For Ever’ for download, the band UNREAL also released the latest EP ‘Progeny Of The Macabre’ for free download.

Guitarist Roberto Junior, celebrates the good acceptance of the album and justifies the download of the EP, 'The people who liked our first album, will surely enjoy the EP. We feel it is a natural evolution one from another and the EP shows well how the next Unreal work will sound'.

"The EP has four tracks and the art was again made by singer and graphic artist Erik Thurm. The production is back in the ability of Alan Lima (Mythological Cold Towers)."

The full announcement from Metal Media is here.

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Vodnik Streaming New Instrumental Song

Ontario based metal act Vodnik has posted an instrumental song online titled "Grudge Against Mortality." You can check out the song in the player provided below.

Vodnik - Grudge Against Mortality (Instrumental) by Vodnik

Further details on Vodnik and additional songs available online for streaming can be found by heading over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Fallujah Posts Studio Video Update

California's Fallujah has checked in with a video studio update from the band's time recording the debut full-length album "The Harvest Wombs." You can check out the clip below, or head over to the band's Facebook profile for more information and updates.

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Textures Posts "Dualism" Teaser

Progressive death metal band Textures has posted a teaser video for the album "Dualism," which is scheduled for release on September 27, 2011 (North America) and September 23, 2011 (Europe) via Nuclear Blast Records.

The track listing for "Dualism" can be found at this location.

Check out the video here:

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Burial Vault Announces New Recording Project

Germany's Burial Vault has checked in with the following update about entering the studio for a new recording project:

"Hey folks! The Burials have just entered the Soundlodge.

"For some weeks now we are working on a little spontaneous project (more information shortly). Fortunately we got the chance to record the songs in such a fantastic sound-temple.

"Stay tuned for some songs that are not in the 'typical' Burial Vault-vein."

You can also listen to what Burial Vault has to offer by heading over to the band's MySpace page.

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Nightfall Finishes New Music Video

Nightfall has checked in with the following update about finishing a new music video, which is to be released later this month:

"Hello everyone and welcome back from one of the most dramatic summers of our times. Astron Black video is ready. It will be available to you all online on Monday the 12th of September. Here we have director's introductory comments to guide you through the story. We are looking forward your cerebral pleasure once more."

The director of the clip also gave the following statement:

"We decided not to go safe and continue with the shadow puppet approach for the second video too, even though there is still a lot of space for experimentation within that. Instead, I came up with an entirely different style that would add yet another facet to the complex task of visualising Nightfall's music.

"Working with the lyrics and with Efthimis conceptual guidance, I set up a vast backdrop of space and time for our characters to inhabit, incorporating various planetary and astronomical elements. The characters include mythical deities such as Gaia, Prometheus, Venus / Pandora, as well as Astron Black, who symbolises mankind and its progress through time.

"The video also incorporates Pandora's myth from Hesiod's Theogony. Gaia gives birth to stars and deities, to Prometheus. Prometheus stole the fire (also a metaphor for knowledge and practical thought) and gave it to man. Zeus punished Prometheus by binding him to a rock where the great eagle would come and eat his intestines every day. As an act of revenge on mankind, he creates Pandora, the first woman. Here we present Venus Pandora, who also posseses the power of sexual desire over man. Her curiosity proves fatal, as she opens the urn bestowed to her by the Gods, unleashing all evils upon mankind, leaving only hope inside.

"The style of the video brings together various elements such as stylish costumes, live action footage and CGI, adding a modern approach to the ancient but timeless imagery of our characters and situations. I truly believe that once again we managed to successfully recreate and enhance the lyrical and musical themes and create something unique that will stand the test of time stylistically."

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Metallica And Lou Reed Reveal More Song Titles

Metallica and Lou Reed have revealed some more song titles from their forthcoming collaboration album, "Lulu," which will be released on October 31st in Europe and November 1st in North America through Warner Bros. Records. The record is based off of German expressionist Frank Wedekind's early 20th century plays Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box, and were a rewrite of Edgar Allan Poe's, The Raven, which emerged as a graphic novel on Fantagraphics Press.

The updated tracklisting is as follows:

Brandenburg Gate
The View
Cheat On Me
Junior Dad
Little Dog
Mistress Dread
Pumping Blood

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