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Metal News for September 27, 2010

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Architects Streaming New Single Online

U.K. mathcore act Architects has uploaded the new song "Day In Day Out" to its myspace page. The song is taken from it's forthcoming new album "The Here and Now" which will be made available through Century Media Records. The song is available for streaming at this location.

The digital single for "Day In Day Out" will be released on September 28, 2010 through Century Media Records and Distort Entertainment.

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God Dethroned Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Dutch death metal act God Dethroned has revealed the tracklisting to it's forthcoming studio album. The album, titled "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross," is set for release on November 23, 2010 through Metal Blade Records.

"Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" tracklisting:
1. The Declaration of War
2. Storm of Steel
3. Fire Storm
4. The Killing is Faceless
5. Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
6. Chaos Reigns at Dawn
7. Through Byzantine Hemispheres
8. The Red Baron
9. On Fields of Death & Desolation

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Gwar Streaming New Song, Reveals New Album Art

Richmond, Virginia shock thrashers Gwar has revealed the cover artwork for its forthcoming studio album "GWAR’s Bloody Pit of Horror." The follow up to 2009's "Lust in Space" is set for release on November 9, 2010 through Metal Blade Records. The cover art as well as "Zombies March," the first single from "Bloody Pit of Horror," is available at this location.

Gwar will kick off its North American "Bloody Tour Of Horror," with The Casualties, Infernaeon and Mobile Deathcamp on October 2, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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More Cephalic Carnage Studio Footage Posted Online

Cephalic Carnage has posted the third in a four part series of video clips online, which was shot while the band was recording their recently released album "Misled By Certainty." The footage was filmed by the band at Flatline Audio in Denver, CO where they recorded "Misled By Certainty" with producer Dave Otero.

You can view the video below:

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Immolation Concert To Be Broadcast Live Online

TheRave.com will be streaming New York death metal band Immolation live in concert from The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. Vader, Abigail Williams, and Lecherous Nocturne are also scheduled to be part of the concert and the live webcast. The worldwide broadcast will begin at 8pm CDT (9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific/1a GMT) on Thursday, October 7th. The concert will also be rebroadcast at a later date to be determined.

The stream is FREE for fans around the world to view from the comfort of their home computers.

Immolation also recently had the audio from their entire New York set released online for free download as well.

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Death Angel Adds More South American Shows

San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Death Angel have added more dates for their first ever South American tour. The following dates have been confirmed:

10/16 Arequipa, Peru - La Boveda
10/17 Lima, Peru – Barranco Bar
10/19 Valparaiso, Chile – El Huevo
10/20 Santiago, Chile – Teatro Caupolican
10/21 Buenos Aires, Argentina - The Roxy Live
10/22 Curitiba, Brazil - John Bull Music Hall
10/23 São Paulo, Brazil - Clash Club
10/24 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Rio Rock and Blues Club
10/27 Goiania, Brazil – Bolshoi Pub (Gomosh 3 Festival)
10/28 Brasilia, Brazil – Blackout Bar
10/29 Sao Luis, Brazil – Espaco Cultural
10/30 Recife, Brazil – Armazem 14
10/31 Catanduva, Brasil @ Armazém do Café

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Solstafir Posts "Pale Rider" Video

Iceland's Solstafir has uploaded a video of the song "Pale Rider," which is set to Segundo de Chomón's 1907 film "Satan s'amuse." The video clip can be viewed below.

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Threat Signal Comments On European Tour

Threat Signal vocalist Jon Howard has issued the following statement about the band's upcoming "Threat Over Europe" tour, which also features Sybreed, Illidiance, M.A.N., and Raunchy:

"Are you ready Europe? Finally! We are flying our Canadian asses over to Europe. We've been looking forward to this moment since we started the band in 2005. We've finally made it happen and we couldn't be more excited!

"Since we didn't get a chance to tour our first record 'Under Reprisal' in Europe, we've decided we are going to include a lot of those songs in our set list. We will also be playing a few songs from our latest album 'Vigilance.'

"Raunchy and Sybreed have agreed to join us on the tour, which I'm very happy about. It’s great to play with such influential musicians and actually really enjoy watching the bands play every night. I've been a fan of these bands for years. So if you think your European asses can out drink a Canadian, come down to the show and let’s see what you got! We'll be hanging out in the crowd and it will be a party every single night. Looking forward to meeting all of you! Cheers!" More...

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Hexfire Finishes Recording New Album

Poland's Hexfire has issued the following announcement about finishing the recording sessions for a new album:

"We would like to inform you that during last weeks we recorded all the tracks for our forthcoming album and the recording session is finally over! It was really a great experience for us. There was a lot of work but everything was very exciting.

"We recorded our songs in the studio with a legendary Polish engineer Janusz 'Yanek' Bryt who is known for his long-term cooperation with great metal bands like Destruction, Vader or Behemoth. That's so cool. Stay tuned for further information!"

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Omission Checks In With Recording Update

Spain's Omission has checked in with the following recording update:

"Well guys, just to give you an update on what is going on with Omission. Last weekend Patillas recorded the vocals for the new record, the cover is on it's way with some huge mountains in the horizon.

"Next weekend the great Willy Gaston from the mighty Steel Horse will record a solo for a new track and Patillas with Dani from Thrashers Rancor will finish the recordings with all the chorus. Hopefully in October the new depravity will be finished and ready to be unleashed, probably this year. All drums recorded by Riky from Avulsed, still after a fucking drummer. Stay tuned, Thrashing all around."

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Power Theory Recruits New Drummer

Pennsylvania's Power Theory has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"Power Theory would like to announce that due to health and personal reasons, Steve Sabo has informed us he will not be able to continue on with the band at this time, or any time in the near future. With the release of our debut album 'Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire' we are unable to take a hiatus of an unknown length. Steve will always remain a member of the Power Theory family. We wish him the best!

"Power Theory would also like to announce that Michael Alberque (Infernal Opera), has agreed to become our new drummer. Michael will continue to keep obligations/commitments with Infernal Opera as well. We also like to thank Gary Berza for working with the band for the last few weeks, and Gary will play session drums on a track for the new album 'An Axe to Grind,' when sessions begin December 10th at 1021 Studios."

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Unearthing The Thrash Based Metal Underground

I’m going to let you all in on my dirty little metal secret: I don’t dig thrash. At all. Yeah, I know, how can it happen, right? Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Anthrax, these are the bands that made metal in the ‘80s and ‘90s and brought an otherwise niche genre into the mainstream spot light. Despite their name recognition and commercial success, I just find I can’t sit through a whole thrash album without wishing something different was playing.

In this week’s edition of “Unearthing the Underground,” I’ll be going over bands that start with a base of thrash metal, or have a big thrash metal influence, but add in a variety of different styles. The thrash influenced bands this time around all either have big name members or have released several albums, but haven’t received a big following outside the underground yet.


First off is Germany’s Duskmachine, which is essentially a thrash metal band, but also incorporates power metal, progressive metal, and some groove metal elements. Some of the band’s influences are undoubtedly brought in by members Russell Bergquist (ex-Annihilator) and Randy Black (Primal Fear, ex-Annihilator). Duskmachine last released an album in 2005, and split with former vocalist Mirko Prietzsch back in July. The band has yet to formally announce a replacement, and the last update from the group stated a new album would be mixed this coming October.

You can check out a series of DuskMachine songs via the band’s MySpace page, or listen to the songs “The Final Fall” and “The Maker’s Death” in the video clips that follow. More...

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Opera IX Signs To Displeased Records

Italian Black metal band OPERA IX has announced their signing to Displeased Records. The band is currently in Occultum Studios, which is owned by Ossian, recording their sixth album. The new album is scheduled for a release at the end of 2010 and the artwork will created by Kris Verwimp.T The band will be recording until the end of October.

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Powerworld Posts New Album Trailer Online

Powerworld, led by Ilker Ersin of FREEDOM CALL, has posted a trailer for their new album, "Human Parasite," which can be seen below:


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Battleroar Announces New Guitarist

Greek metal band Battleroar has issued the following update:

"Battleroar proudly announces that guitar player Antreas Sotiropoulos (Everdome, Wolfcry) has joined forces! The new line-up is already working out really well and everybody is pleased and excited."

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Anger As Art Comments On Recent Shows

California's Anger as Art has issued the following recap of recent shows and announcement about upcoming appearances:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the response and reception last night at the Galaxy. Funny, as I revisit it, more comes back to me about what kind of night it was. A whirlwind. So many people we had not seen for a long time. A bunch of first time fans, and some who had not seen us in a while. Specifically, John Haddad, Chris Trent, Fred Swift, Jeff Peters, Dave Gutierrez, Danny Luong, Mark Caro, Danika Smith... and those are only a few of those who helped out to make it a great night.

"Some of you wanted tickets - and the run up on the last day for tickets was so intense that we couldn't answer back all of you. Again (like our last show at the Galaxy) all of our tickets were sold! We thank you for the support! Cool to see Dan-O making friends with Katatonia's guitarist because of Blackstar Amplifiers, which translated into a cigarette run. Shooting hoops with members of Torment-id and Sorizon. Re: Sorizon - I had never seen them, and they were a real surprise. I did not expect their bassist to say he used to see me play in Tactics back in the 90's, and for them to throw down on a cover of Pat Benetar's Heartbreaker.

"I was not able to make contact with Emilio Garcia - the KNAC contest winner. But I will personally deliver his prizes to his home this week. Great crowd. Thanks for making us feel so welcomed. Now, while Rob is gone in Europe with Evil Dead for a couple of weeks, we are going to start to work on new material for #4 release. We already have a boatload of new songs - the chemistry amongst this group of guys is tremendous, and the creativity flows. More...

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Five Finger Death Punch To Appear On Rockline

Five Finger Death Punch has checked in with the following update about appearing on tonight's edition of the Rockline radio show:

"Five Finger Death Punch will be the featured guests on the nationally syndicated radio show ROCKLINE with host Bob Coburn on Monday September 27, 2010 at 8:30pm PT / 11:30pm ET. You can speak with 5FDP by calling 1-800-344-ROCK (7625) For a station near you, or for information regarding how to log onto the Internet for the broadcast, go to this location."

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Forbidden Streaming New Song

Ractivated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Forbidden have uploaded the track “Forsaken At The Gates” to their official MySpace page. "Forsaken At The Gates' is Forbidden's new thrash anthem for the 2010's and beyond," commented guitarist Craig Locicero. "If we could go back in a time machine to when we called it a day in 1997, there still would have been no way that we could have written ‘Forsaken…'back then. We needed the distance and hind-site to write this record and had to get a grip on what the hell Forbidden was all about when we started. Our vision is clear. We are a thrash metal band! 'Forsaken At The Gates' says it all.

"If I were to compare ‘Forsaken At The Gates’ to any of our old songs, it would be ‘March Into Fire,’ which was one of the first songs that I'd ever written in my life. Ironically, ‘Forsaken…’ was the last song we'd written for Omega Wave. Funny how things work. As far as the song itself, Mark was a fucking beast when we tracked it! I knew we had a monster on the first take, great energy and sense of urgency in his performance. It made one hell of a spine to connect all of the other moving parts to. Everyone blasted through their tracks with the same sense of urgency too. Playing those riffs, my blood pumps harder then in any other song I've played on. It was an intense session to track and Matt cruises through the entire thing like a bulldozer! The solo section brings me back to the good 'ol days when trade-offs were all over the classic metal records we all love. I really love playing and writing with Steve, he makes me so much better and I think we make a great team.

"After that, it's Russ that's next fucking level! Tim and I got him fired up and locked him behind the glass until he sounded as crazed as they lyrics are intended to convey. The song itself is about turning away the masses from the numerous underground shelters around the planet that will try to seek protection from any natural or unnatural disaster that would effect all of us on the surface. More...

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Hackneyed Announces Tour With Undertow

Hackneyed has announced the "Burn to Ashes" 2010 German tour, which will also include Undertow. The currently announced dates are as follows:

29.10.2010 - Köln, Underground
30.10.2010 - Munich, Backstage
31.10.2010 - GER, House Sodekamp-Dohmen
01.11.2010 - Hamburg, Markthalle
02.11.2010 - Braunschweig, Meier Music Hall
03.11.2010 - Frankfurt, Batschkapp
04.11.2010 - Berlin, K17
05.11.2010 - Bremen, Tower
06.11.2010 - TBA

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David Ellefson Checks In From Jagermeister Tour

Megadeth's David Ellefson has checked in with a new video clip from Dallas, TX on September 24th, 2010 during the Jägermeister Fall Music Tour. You can check out the video clip below.

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Of Reality Beyond Recording New Album

Canada's Of Reality Beyond has checked in with the following update about recording a second album:

"Hails to you all! The following message is for all of you who are wondering what's up with Of Reality Beyond. The project as been on the shelves for a while because my other project Abysse has taken a lot of my spare time. Also, I've been pretty occupied with my Studio d'en-haut. But things are taking their respective places and spare times will be more available.

"As a result, I should be able to start the recording of the second album. The title has been chosen and the tracks are almost ready. All they need are some arrangements here and there, and after that the recording process will begin. The production should be better than Molecules since I have more quality recording gear. So stay tuned as more news will be posted all along the production of the new album! Shine on!"

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Orange Goblin To Headline Stoner Sessions Festival

Orange Goblin has issued the following announcement about headlining the Stoner Sessions Festival in Spain:

"Orange Goblin has been confirmed as headliners of the Stoner Sessions Festival that will take place at the Sala O Tunel (Coliseum) in A Coruna, Spain on Saturday 13th November 2010. This will be the first Orange Goblin show in Spain since the band's appearance at the Azkena Rock Festival in 2008. Other bands set to appear include Horn of the Rhino, Supa Scoopa, Sahara and one other still to be announced. Tickets are 16 €uros in advance or 20 €uros at the venue and will be on sale soon from this location."

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Otargos Announces Touring Guitarist

Otargos is currently embarked on a European tour supporting Watain and Destroyer 666. The band has issued the following announcement about recruiting session guitarist Saroth for the tour dates:

"Otargos has started the fucking reaping death tour supporting Watain & Destroyer 666! Wave of stench's overflowing upon Europe, prepare for chaotic mass destruction! Some videos are already on youtube! Astar8th can't be available on this tour for personal issue, Otargos welcome Saroth (Cruxifiction) as session guitarist!"

The band's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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War From A Harlots Mouth Posts New Song Online

German technical metal band War From A Harlots Mouth has posted a free download of the brand new track, “Recluse MMX,” taken from their forthcoming Lifeforce Records full-length, MMX. The new song can be downloaded at this location. The new album will be released on November 9th.

The tracklisting for "MMX" is as follows:

01. Insomnia
02. To Age And Obsolete
03. The Increased Sensation Of Dullness
04. Sleep Is The Brother Of Death
05. The Polyglutamine Pact
06. Cancer Man
07. C.G.B. Spender
08. Sugarcoat
09. Spineless
10. Recluse MMX
11. Inferno III/VI

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Revolting Uploads New Song

Swedish death metal band Revolting has uploaded a new song from the band's upcoming third full-length album. The newly uploaded track "The Plague of Matul" is available for streaming via the Revolting MySpace page. Additional details on the album, which is currently scheduled for a release via Razorback Recordings in 2011, will be announced as they are made available.

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Vengeance Announces "Spred The Shred" Tour

Montana's Vengeance has issued the following announcement about upcoming U.S. tour dates and working on new material:

"Vengeance is excited to announce the Spred The Shred Tour 2010 this fall! The dates will include shows at The Whisky in L.A., The Cedarwood Dome in Tacoma, WA and El Corazon in Seattle, WA. Vengeance will be joining 6 dates on the National Showcase Tour that Project Independent puts on every year. Vengeance's own showcase for P.I. will be in Billings, MT which is also the final show of the tour. We are all geared up with new songs and new merch. Can't wait to take this shit out on the road again.

"Vengeance has plans to enter the studio after the tour to record their 4th studio album. There is also a rumor of a LIVE album being released from their show at The Whisky in L.A. Look for Vengeance in October around the west coast and help them spread the SHRED!"

The upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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Vintage Flesh Announces New Album Track Listing

New Hampshire black metallers Vintage Flesh have announced their new album will be titled "Hour of the Night Gaunts." The cover artwork for the album can be viewed here and the track listing is as follows:

1. Follow Me to the Grave
2. And the Light Went Unseen
3. Priest Skin Ship
4. Not to Die until it is Done
5. And Still I Wait
6. Oh What Demon has Tempted Me Here
7. To Serve the Dark Design
8. Pity's Long Broken Urn
9. Sighs for Ye Silent Grave
10. A Deeper Gloom to Bear
11. The Dead Who Groaned Within
12. Hour of the Night Gaunts
13. When I Wandered away with Death

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White Skull Splits With Bass Player

Italian act White Skull, which parted ways with vocalist Elisa "Over" De Palma in August, has now issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's bass player:

"Jo Raddi is no longer the bassist of White Skull. The separation took place in a friendly manner and the band wants to reassure fans that none of the recent splits affect the career and the balance of the band. The band by now is looking for a new bass player. Anyone interested can contact the band's manager Max Zorzi: 349-8107142 or email: hard-heavy@libero.it."

You can also check out the band's music via the White Skull MySpace page.

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Bring Me The Horizon To Stream New Album

Bring Me The Horizon is set to release the band's new album "There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret," on October 5th, 2010 in the US and October 4th in Europe. The band has now announced the entire album will be available for streaming tomorrow, Tuesday September 28th via the band's MySpace profile.

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Darkwater Announces Album Listening Party

Darkwater has issued the following announcement about playing the band's upcoming album during the ProgPower Europe festival:

"'Where Stories End' pre-listening at ProgPower Europe! To those of you who are attending ProgPower Europe this weekend; At Saturday 11am at Grand Café the Swedish design master Mattias Norén will host a pre-listening of 'Where Stories End' and the album will be played in it's entirety. Don't miss out!"

Darkwater will release the new album "Where Stories End" on November 12th in Europe through Ulterium Records and November 23rd in North America through Nightmare Records.

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Arcturus Comments On ProgPower Festival

The first confirmed exclusive reunion show of Norwegian avant-garde metal act Arcturus has been announced for the ProgPower USA XII festival, set to take place September 14th -17th, 2011 at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia.

Arcturus vocalist I.C.S. Vortex adds: "ProgPower USA 2011 will host the first Arcturus concert in five years. This is our first performance in the United States and since we're all retarded, probably the last."

Additional details on the 2011 edition of the ProgPower USA festival can be found at this location.

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Slodust Comments On Upcoming Recording

Sweden's Slodust will enter the "Land of Sleep" studio in Stockholm on Friday, December 2nd with Hugo Tegenius and Niklas Olsson (ex- Slodust) as co-producers/mixers of the new, as-yet-untitled, album. Slodust also commented on the new album:

"We are very VERY happy that we going to do this with our good friends Hugo and Niklas. They've been in Slo before so they know what kind of sound we are looking for on this album. They are pros in what they do, so everything feels good at the moment! The songs are coming nicely together now to, so now we have 2 months to really work on every song to the fullest, then...we'll make history friends!!!"

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Black Messiah Issues Band Update

Germany's Black Messiah has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming activity:

"We just wanted to let you know what happens next in the Black Messiah camp: after we had a great time playing at the Fimbul Festival 2010 in Fürth at the weekend various work waits for us....

"As you might know the tour is right ahead, the dates and locations are set and we hope it will be a lot of fun as it was last time. As we have many requests from other continents about playing there we have to say that we want to play wherever it is possible but unfortunately we're not able to do that right now. Be sure we will if we get the opportunity. Also various plans about visualization of some parts around Black Messiah are running, things like backstage footage, music video and many more are in different states of being realized, be sure we're working as hard as we can on that! More...

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Dandelium Recruits New Guitarist

Spain's Dandelium has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitar player:

"New guitarist! Dandelium welcomed our new guitarist, Dann Hoyos. Dann Hoyos, a student at Berklee, student Mattias 'IA' Eklundh and extensive international experience as a musician reaches Dandelium to bring their musical quality and experience. We're working on the debut of our first album and preparing for future concerts where you can meet Dann."

You can also check out Dandelium's music via the band's MySpace profile.

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Strid Announces New Live Appearance

Dødheimsgard has issued the following announcement about guitarist/vocalist Vicotnik appearing with black metal act Strid for an upcoming live show:

"The highly influential, enigmatic and cult Norwegian black metal band Strid returns to the live stage at Knokkelrock Festival in Oslo, on the 8th October, and features DHG's Vicotnik alongside original members of the band.

"We recommend and advise that you don't miss out on this rare chance to see Strid along with a band hand-picked by Vicotnik, after seeing them live in their home country of Finland, Dark Buddha Rising. See here for more details."

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Urn Updates "Black Steel Worship" Tour

As was previously announced, Urn is setting out on the "Black Steel Worship" tour in November, with support from Interment and Diabolical. The tour routing has been changed, and the currently announced dates and locations are as follows:

24.11 Sweden - Stockholm - Sugarbar (Diabolical headlining)
25.11 Germany - Hamburg - Bambi Galore
26.11 The Netherlands - Tilburg - 013
27.11 Germany - Wermelskirchen - AJZ Bahndamm
28.11 Italy - Brescia - Decimo Secolo
30.11 Slovenia - Ljubljana - Channel Zero
01.12 Slovakia - Bratislava - Randal Club
02.12 Slovakia - Banska Bystrica - Tirish Pub
03.12 Czech Republic - Slavonice - Kawarna
04.12 Germany - Bitterfeld - Festung
05.12 Germany - Berlin - Blackland

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Ella Carrera To Come To The U.S.

U.K. metalcore band ELLA CARRERA will be heading over to the U.S in November to play a number of shows around the New York& New Jersey areas. As part of their "Everyone's Invited, Not Just You" theme, they are proving as an unsigned act, they are willing to do what it takes to make their dream a reality and take their fans along for the ride with them. Exact tour dates are to be announced.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the band's music on their MySpace page.

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Agrypnie Announces New Bassist

German metal band AGRYPNIE have found a new bass guitarist, Carsten, and are now rehearsing for the coming autumnal live shows. Since his return from Australia, AGRYPNIE mastermind Torsten and John from Agalloch contributed guest guitar parts for the upcoming Nostalgia album "Echoes from the Borderland." The project is initiated by solo artists Rüdiger Gleisberg and Mathias Grassow (who also worked with Torsten on the last AGRYPNIE album entitled "16[485]"). The project is currently working on new material.

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Ignominious Incarceration Changes Band Name

British death metal band IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION is changing its name to THE SOULLESS.

The band, which hails from Bath, England, has just finished writing its new album, the follow-up to 2009 debut, "OF WINTER BORN." The band has released the following statement regarding the name change:

"The band started in the pits of hell that was Sam's basement. We were just playing heavy music and having fun. When we decided on the name Ignominious Incarceration, we never anticipated the level we would get to. Had we known, I'm sure we would have chosen a simpler name. The band started to get gigs and we started to take the band way more seriously as we discovered how much fun we could have. We did our first tour with Trigger The Bloodshed and this was when we were first approached by Earache Records. This was a real turning point for the band and we realized we could make something of it. We debated changing the name whilst recording 'Of Winter Born', but chose to stick with it. We don't regret doing this as it is what represented the band at the time." More...

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Gama Bomb Comments On Tour With Crocell

Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB are currently touring Europe on their "Graveyard Disturbance" headlining tour, with support from Danish metal band CROCELL.

As the tour nears its end, GAMA BOMB frontman PHILLY BYRNE updates:

"We've seen much bigger crowds and at least four contenders for the rowdiest shows ever so far. This has been the best European tour we've ever done and it's sharpening us up nicely for our stretch in the US. We're in Spain right now and urge any fans reading this to bring us some manchego and rioja." More...

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Melechesh Posts Fifth New Album Trailer Online

Sumerian black/thrashers MELECHESH just posted the fifth trailer for their upcoming album “The Epigenesis.” Check out the trailer below:

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The Boy Will Drown Announces European Tour Dates

British technical death metal sensations THE BOY WILL DROWN have announced a new European tour, which kicks off in January 2011. The band, who are also set to kick off a tour this Thursday in the UK, will be headlining the 2011 tour, with support from HEIGHTS.

THE BOY WILL DROWN bassist JAMES BATES comments, "We're very excited to be touring with our boys in Heights come 2011. As always, this gives us a great opportunity to tour new and exciting places, see new faces, play music and hang out with awesome people. Before we can really look forward to that though, we're currently preparing for our September/October tour with ForgetToForgive and then Eradication. However, this tour will also see appearances from Heights! So it's a really great chance for everyone to see what this band are capable of."

"Currently finalising ferries, van hire and solid practicing for the tour that starts in literally a few days and we can't wait. New TBWD merch will be available for this forthcoming tour, designed by our very own, talented, Tom Bates." More...

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Powerglove Posts Studio Footage Online

Boston video game power metal band Powerglove has posted studio footage of the recording of their latest album , titled "Saturday Morning Apocalypse," which is is set for release on September 28th, 2010 through eOne Music. The album features a guest appearance from Sonata Arctica frontman Tony Kakko. Watch the studio footage below:


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Believer Issues Studio Update

Pennsylvania metal band Believer has issued the following studio update:

"Hello All. Just a quick update from us. The recording is going well for the new album and the guitars, bass, drums are complete. We're working on vox, keys and leads to finish this up over the next several weeks. Must say that we're excited about this one and hope you are also. Once we get a definitive release date we will let you know, but it will most likely be in the spring of 2011. We're hoping that this one is less pirated also so we can continue to do this for years to come. "

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Rammstein Announces Only U.S. Show For 2010

RAMMSTEIN announced today their only U.S. live performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City is scheduled for Saturday, December 11, 2010. This will be the only US show by the Berlin-based six-piece band, who has not performed in the United States since 2001.

Bassist Oliver Riedel comments: “Everything for this show is perfect – the timing, the season. We are really pumped to return to the States to play Madison Square Garden – this is one of the most challenging shows for us in 10 years.”

Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, October 8th at noon and available at ticketmaster.com and thegarden.com.

Here are the latest Rammstein tour dates:

November 25 - Santiago, Chile
November 27 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 30 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
December 3 - Bogota, Colombia
December 6 - Mexico City, Mexico (Sold Out)
December 7 – Mexico City, Mexico
December 11 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

Rammstein first stormed America in 1998, touring with a set based on their Grammy-nominated breakthrough second release, "Sehnsucht," featuring "Du hast," the song that brought the world’s attention to the band. During their 1998 Family Values tour, praise was high, as well as indignation: band members were jailed in the US on indecency charges due to the highly provocative live show.

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