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Metal News for September 2, 2013

Last updated on April 19, 2015 at 6:00 AM ET

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Kuolemanlaakso Issues Album Update

Finland's Kuolemanlaasko has been working on a new album and follow-up to the debut full-length "Uljas Uusi Maailma" (reviewed here). The band has now checked in with the following update about the recording process:

"The recording session of the new Kuolemanlaakso is officially finished, only a few keyboard parts and one guest vocalist to capture in the near future. Raise your glasses, we surely will."

Further details will be announced as they become available. Kuolemanlaakso was also nominated as on the one best newcomers of the year for our 2012 best-of metal awards. Check out the look back at the band's debut right here.

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Chaos Cult Posts Live Footage

Romanian act Chaos Cult has posted a hybrid live/lyric video online from a performance on June 20th, 2013. Check out the video below, or hear more from Chaos Cult at the band's Facebook profile.

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Savage Atrophy Posts "Chaos And Death" Video

Paraguay based outfit Savage Atrophy has posted a video clip online for the song "Chaos and Death," which features band rehearsal footage. Watch the new video below. Savage Atrophy is:

Steven Iske - Vocals
Daniel Gomez - Guitarist
Hans Brack - Guitarist
Tadeo Rotela - Bass
Carlos Rabl - Drums

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The Green River Burial Releases New Video

The Green River Burial now has an official new music video out for "Reinvent The Real," which can be viewed below.

The track is taken from the album "Separate & Coalesce" released in 2012 via Bastardized Recordings). You can also watch the band's previous music video covering the Ludacris track "Move Bitch" at this location.

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Turn The Tide Posts New Single

New York's Turn The Tide has released the first single off of the band's debut EP "Black & White," which is due out this coming September 13th, 2013. Check out the new song "Blackjack" in the YouTube player below, or find more info on the band's Facebook profile here.

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Slutvomit Announces "Swarming Darkness" Release

Invictus Productions announces September 30th as the international release date for Slutvomit's debut album, "Swarming Darkness." The following press release was issued about the band:

"A compelling mixture of all that is irreverent and utterly unholy from the entire career of Satanic, underground heavy metal, Slutvomit owes its influences to all that made black and death metal truly great in the mid '80s.

"Equal parts Possessed, Morbid Angel, Incubus, and Necrovore from their demo glory days, Slutvomit is a hysterical bastard child of these progenitors. Hard, fast, blasphemous, Slutvomit is for fans of Nifelheim, Destroyer 666, and Watain, as well as classic bands like Bathory, Morbid Angel, Possessed, and Sodom."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Swarming Darkness
2. Downward Falling Christ
3. Lucifer Unbound
4. Eden Ablaze
5. Morbid Priest (Of Hell)
6. Bombing The Chapel
7. Poservore
8. Servants Of Satan
9. Necrovoyeur
10. Incendiary Rape
11. Harbringer Of Doom More...

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Stabbingback Streaming New Track

Stabbingback, which took part in our Peter Steele tribute album back in 2011, has posted a new song online for streaming titled "The Skeptics."

You can check out the track at the band's Facebook profile or download the song at the Stabbingback website here. The band also comments on the track's lyrical content:

"On the other side of a partially collapsed city, the seemingly untouched miles of low rent apartments and house get a surge of violence. Many people have began looting and killing to capitalize on the despair of their neighbors, other people have run leaving all their belongings behind to get out of the city on the grid locked highways. And even with all of the obvious signs of impending destruction, scattered through the apartments and housing communities are the people who refuse to believe whats happening.

"They don’t trust the media and refuse to even go outside to confirm what is so obviously staring them in the face. It could be fear. It could be ignorance. These soon to be victims are 'The Skeptics.'"

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Dissension Talks New Album

Montreal's Dissension has readied its devastating first release "Of Time And Chronic Disease," which detonates digitally worldwide on September 10th. The album was produced by Kevin Jardine of Uplift Productions and mastered by Ryan Morey.

Metalunderground.com will be releasing a taste of the album prior to release with an exclusive stream of new track "Legacy" later this week. In the mean time, several members of the band - Andrew Proppe (keyboards), Anthony Pulcini (drums) and Nathan Afilalo (vocals/guitar) - got in touch with us to discuss how the album came together and what fans can expect to hear.

They also discuss playing the Heavy MTL fest as well as the Wacken Metal Battle Canada, in which the band competed for a shot to play at the world's most renowned heavy metal festival. Check out the full interview below, which also includes a stream of the album's title track. More...

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Unearthing The Latvian Metal Underground

As we’ve shown throughout the years in our never ending quest to the Unearth the Metal Underground, high quality metal bands can come from the most surprising of locations. Europe is known as a hotbed of extreme metal, both originating several styles and still innovating others, and even those tiny, out of the way countries have something appropriately metallic to offer.

Today we’ll take a look at three unknown acts from the Latvian metal scene. Working largely without label support and independently releasing demos, EPs, and albums, which in an earlier era would have been hindrance, now these underground stalwarts have a chance to be heard by a much wider audience thanks to various social networking sites and music platforms like Bandcamp.


Featuring members of Ocularis Infernum, this absolute gem of the Latvian scene takes the black metal sound you think you know and takes it on a twisting journey. While it keeps up the menacing and horrifying vibe black metal is known for, it’s all injected with a surprising amount of melodic hooks. The band’s debut album “Hierophanies” is out now (reviewed here) and can be streamed in full via the player below.


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Speedwolf Announces Tour Dates

From the depths of Denver hell comes Speedwolf with a first European conquest. Motor-charged, thrashed to death, and held together by an overdose of speed, this Fall of 2013, don't miss your chance at seeing these purveyors of classic metal as they burn across the European wasteland.

The full list of confirmed dates and venues are as follows:

12-09-13 @ MTC - Koln Germany
13-09-13 @ Morbide Fest Spiele - Bischofswerda, Germany
14-09-13 @ Enemy Of The Sun Fest - Prague, Czech Rep.
15-09-13 @ Hafenklang - Hamburg, Germany
16-09-13 @ Stengade - Copenhagen, Denmark
17-09-13 @ Koppi - Berlin, Germany
18-09-13 @ Immerhin - Wurzburg, Germany
19-09-13 @ Shelter - Vienna, Austria
20-09-13 @ Showbarlang - Budapest, Hungary
22-09-13 @ Private Hell Club - Bucarest, Romania
23-09-13 @ Klub Attack - Zagreb, Croatia
24-09-13 @ Chanel Zero - Lubljana, Slovenia
25-09-13 @ Mc Queen - Parma, Italy
26-09-13 @ Ligera - Milano, Italy
27-09-13 @ Freakout Club - Bologna, Italy
28-09-13 @ Le Pavilion Sauvages - Toulouse, France
29-09-13 @ Rocksound - Barcelona, Spain
01-10-13 @ La Resi - Valencia, Spain
02-10-13 @ Wurlitzer - Madrid, Spain
03-10-13 @ TBA - Salamanca, Spain
04-10-13 @ BRACARA Extreme Fest - Bracara, Portugal
05-10-13 @ Etengabeko Zarata - San Sebastian, Spain
06-10-13 @ Heretic Club - Bordeaux, France
07-10-13 @ Mondo Bizarro - Rennes, France
08-10-13 @ Unicorn - London, UK
09-10-13 @ TBA - Leeds, UK
10-10-13 @ The Pits - Kortrijk, Belgium
12-10-13 @ Bloodshed Festival - Eindhoven, The Netherlands More...

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Deicide Announces New Album Release Date

Deicide has now revealed new album "In The Minds of Evil" is due out November 26th, 2013 through Century Media. The track listing will be:

1. In The Minds Of Evil
2. Thou Begone
3. Godkill
4. Beyond Salvation
5. Misery Of One
6. Between The Flesh And The Void
7. Even The Gods Can Bleed
8. Trample The Cross
9. Banished By Evil
10. Kill The Light Of Christ
11. End The Wrath Of God More...

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Cradle Of Filth Announces 20th Anniversary Release

In addition to releasing latest full-length album "The Manticore and Other Horrors" last year (reviewed here), Cradle Of Filth will soon be celebrating the 20th anniversary of debut album "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh."

The band has issued the following announcement about the historic anniversary:

"Next year (2014) marks the 20th anniversary of 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh,' Cradle Of Filth's historic debut album on Cacophonous records.

"To honour this momentous occasion, we are planning a whole smorgasbord of exciting stuff, including the first ever Cradle Of Filth comic, the release of a career-spanning double disc 'best-of' (more on this -including the chance to vote online for your choice of tracks to feature- later this week...) and of course, the subsequent touring.

"In the meantime, we thought it a good idea to unearth what suggestions you may have festering for our 20th anniversary... Please feel free to voice your ideas at our Facebook page. More...

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Exotype Posts New Lyric Video

Florida's electronic metal outfit Exotype has released a lyric video for the track "Nanovirus," which can be viewed below.

The video was created by Yan Ivanov at Core Radio, while the track was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Matt Johnson at Revelation Studios.

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Eclipse Hunter Going On Hiatus

Russia's Eclipse Hunter has posted the following message online about going on hiatus after final shows later this year:

"Hello to everyone, who likes our music, follows our development, attends shows, supports, loves or hates!

"Unfortunately, we have to announce that Eclipse Hunter is going on a hiatus as of December 2013. The main reason for this was lack of opportunity for band development and next album’s recording, which was triggered by lack of time of several members and their busyness.

"Besides, we wanted to try playing a bit different music, which could not fit into EH’s musical scope, as we were generally considered as a power metal band, which doesn’t appeal to us any longer.

"However, we don’t announce the end of EH, we’re just taking a break, so that each of us could continue with our side-projects: Alexander Yurov and Artem Voinov will work with their cover projects Sabbath Inside and Megalomania, Eugene Zhamoydik and Dmitry Trofimov will soon present their Nightwish-tribute band, Panopticon, and Andre Osokin is forming a new band/project (featuring musicians you may already know), which will give their first concert also this year. More...

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Artizan Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

Artizan has posted behind the scenes footage online from the making of new music video for "The Guardian." Check it out below.

"The Guardian" comes off the band's "Ancestral Energy" full-length album, which is still available for streaming online in its entirety at this location.

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Hail Of Bullets Releases New Album Teaser

Dutch death metal giants Hail of Bullets have launched the first video teaser for their upcoming new album "III The Rommel Chronicles." The clip can be viewed below.

A landing page featuring a full new song, the album's track listing, and pre-order options will be launched next Monday, September, 9th. Dan Swanö comments on the coming album:

"Hail of Bullets return for their 3rd album, armed to the teeth with a thunderous death metal onslaught that combines the raw ferocity of the 1st album with the more expanded arrangements of the 2nd. A Death Metal masterpiece!"

You can also see the band live:

05/10/13 DE – Würzburg – Hell Inside Festival
26/10/13 FR – Rennes – Garmonbozia 15 Years Fest
02/11/13 NL – Rotterdam – Baroeg
30/11/13 RO – Bucharest – November To Dismember Fest
14/12/13 NL – Eindhoven – Metal Meeting More...

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Demented Sanity Posts Lyric Video

Demented Sanity has posted a lyric video online for the track "Chains Of Gold," which comes off the band's debut album "Legacy." Listen to the track in the YouTube player below.

"Legacy" was produced, mixed, and engineered By Mark Lewis, with mastering handled by Alan Douches.

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Raunchy Announces Headlining Tour

Danish metal band Raunchy has announced a headlining European tour for September/October. This will be the live debut for the band's new vocalist, Mike Semesky. Supporting the tour will be Diamond Drive and But We Try It. Currently announced dates are as follows:

26.09. Studenterhuset - Aarhus (DK)
27.09. ROXY - Flensburg (GER)
28.09. Wiesenhaus - Eisleben (GER)
29.09. TBA.
30.09. Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)
01.10. TBA.
02.10. Blackland - Berlin (GER)
03.10. Rock It - Aalen (GER)
04.10. Sanitätsstelle - Chemnitz (GER)
05.10. KB 18 - Copenhagen (DK)

The itinerary will be updated with new tour date confirmations over at Raunchy's Facebook profile here.

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West Of Hell Posts New Video Blog

West of Hell's latest "fly on the wall" video blogs is now online, courtesy of KNAC.com. This week, West of Hell takes a trip to the beach, and shows us how we should really be riding our bicycles. Check it out below.

On September 7th in Vancouver, West of Hell will host a zombie-themed in celebration of the band’s recent music video for "Water of Sorcery." The band will perform in full professional zombie make-up with special FX. In addition to all the fun, come dressed as your best zombie, as there will be prizes and giveaways for the best-dressed zombies.

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Seduced By Suicide Offering Song For Download

Seduced By Suicide has released "Enlightened Dawn of Death," the first of a series of singles that will be released in the next few months. The new song is available for free download at this location.

About the series of singles, Earth, the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of Seduced by Suicide, comments: "I recorded several other songs with the idea to release an album, but during the process I noticed that all of them, in a way or another, needed a certain attention to actually have life, something that would not happen that way.

"Recording a song or even an album isn't a hard task, even if takes time, but to give life to a song, that requires more than just do everything technically flawless. It's necessary to completely give yourself to it, reach wherever you thought was your limit and go beyond, until it sounds as good in your player as it sounds in your mind. Although rewarding, it is quite exhausting and when you do it alone, it works better if you concentrate in a single song." More...

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Omb Streaming Full New Album

Israeli progressive/avant-garde metallers Omb released their debut album "SwineSong" on September 1st via their own independent label Ward7 Group.

The album is now available for streaming at this location courtesy of Progify.

The band members include Or Rozenfeld on bass, Davidavi Dolev on vocals, Yuval Tamir on drums and Yuval Kramer on guitars. The members have been involved with other bands such Amaseffer, Reign of the Architect, and Dark Serpent. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Milosh Had Seen Better Days
2. These Walls...
3. An Ordinary Caveman Sings Ode to Obsession
4. Mother Gazelle Father Horse
5. Someday My Prince Will Come
6. A Smaller Dose of Tyranny
7. Undergrowth
8. Oh Mrs. Wade! You Shouldn't Have!
9. Better Days Indeed
10. The Cricket's Broken Violin

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Falkirk To Release 3CD Compilation

Although the group has disbanded, a new release is still coming from French act Falkirk. A career-encompassing 3CD compilation is due out, simply titled "Anthology."

The 46 track compilation will reveal Falkirk's music to new fans, and includes all the band's songs ever written, included unreleased material. Full details are available right here and a teaser trailer can be found below.

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Dead River Runs Dry Announces Physical Release

Australia's Dead River Runs Dry has released "Winter" via Aurora Australis, with ordering details available here. Samples from the release can be heard below, and the band comments:

"For those who've been asking for a physical release of our 'Winter' release, we're pleased to announce the mighty Aurora Australis Records will be putting out a limited number in pro tape format. Exclusively included on the release as a B-side will be the four tracks of 'Winter,' recorded live from Evil Invaders V in Sydney back in June of this year." More...

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Eternal Void Announces New Vocalist

Eternal Void, which is gearing up for the release of new album "Catharsis," has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new permanent vocalist:

"We are proud to announce that Logan Adams is our official vocalist now and no longer a fill in! Watch the video below to hear some clips of the new songs with his voice!"

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Unlight Enters The Studio

Germany's Unlight has posted the following message online about entering the studio to record a new album:

"We are leaving our tomb to vomit new occult propaganda! Unlight is entering studio once more!

"It's been a while since we devastated our favorite recording-studio. So the time has come to enter Iguana Studio together with our friend and producer Christoph Brandes to begin the recording of our new, yet untitled, full-length album.

"At the point of time when our preproduction was finished, we got at least 10 songs done. Maybe there will be some additional material that we hopefully will be able to turn into one or two extra killer tracks before we're running out of time.

"The new album will definitely differ from the ones before. Again it will be armed with a lot of variety. But of course it still will carry on the same occult spirit and strength Unlight always had. Some of the material will probably come as a surprise, as it’s not all typical Unlight style but you'll still recognize it's us."

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Demonic Resurrection Posts Bloodstock Footage

Indian metal pioneers Demonic Resurrection have released pro-shot footage of their performance at Bloodstock Festival 2012. Check it out below.

The performance video was funded by the band's fans through a successful campaign run in early 2012. Frontman Demonstealer comments:

"We originally crowd funded for a music video but after a series of events the funds were used to buy our performance footage from Bloodstock Festival. It's taken us a year to release the footage due to some bad luck and bad decisions but none the less we're finally grateful that it's out and extremely grateful to our fans who contributed to making it a reality."

The band's last effort "The Return To Darkness" was released on Candlelight Records in 2010. Demonic Resurrection is currently working on a follow-up album scheduled for a 2014 release followed by some dates in UK and Europe to promote the new album. More...

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Entombed Signs With Century Media

Entombed, which was covered in our Sunday Old School series earlier this year, has inked a deal with Century Media. The label comments:

"We are happy to announce the signing of Swedish death metal legend Entombed!

"Their 10th studio album 'Back To The Front' will be out on October 28th in Europe and October 29th in North America and don’t be afraid that it will sound like Abba – it’s 666% true to the Entombed everybody loves.

"Be sure to watch the band's Facebook profile in the upcoming days since we've heard that the band will give you an exclusive first taste of the new album soon." More...

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The Way Of Purity Comments On Change In Sound

The Way of Purity has checked in with the following announcement about changing styles and recruiting a new vocalist:

"It's time to explain you all how the new album is progressing. First, we finally had the chance to change TWOP's vocal imprint, thanx to Marja's departure, from scream/growl to melodic and powerful real singing.

"Soon we will introduce the singer that is working with us to develop such great ideas and melodies on the new songs. As a musical project we were fed up with screams and we really wanted to create something more emotional for this new effort. Like in a war, soldiers come and go, live or die but the war... the war is what really matters.

"Furthermore the new songs have finally reached the dose of 'new wave' influences that we always wanted. The use of more electronic patterns, together with a massive amount of classical orchestrations and dreamy ambiences have pushed us in a new exciting creative mood.

"The record will be heavy and absolutely epic in its unique way, but honestly, we don't know if we could call it metal, electronic rock, industrial whatever or epictronic... we just don't care. We don't belong to a scene, we are not metal, we are not whatever you think we are... we are just a real and solid message since we exist."

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Ashes Of Ares Streaming Full New Album

Ashes of Ares, in conjunction with Terrorizer.com, is now streaming the band's entire self-titled album online. Give the album a listen in the player below. The band also comments:

"Nuclear Blast has released the album, via streaming audio, in anticipation for the European record release and the Ashes of Ares live performance at ProgPower USA this Friday. We hope that you enjoy listening, and encourage everyone to pre-order or buy the album when it is released in your region.

"As always, we thank you for your support. Without you guys picking up our records and spreading the word, we would not be able to do this stuff. Looking forward to seeing you guys at ProgPower. Cheers!"

"Ashes of Ares" is due out September 17th in North America. The band features former Iced Earth members Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales, along with former Nevermore member Van Williams. More...

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Crimson Falls Streaming "Le Coup De Grâce"

Crimson Falls has posted new song "Le Coup De Grâce" online, which can be heard below, and the band comments:

"Here it is! A second song from our new full CD 'Downpours of Disapproval.' Check it out below. Le Coup De Grâce is our first song in French with lyrics & samples about the life of Patrick Haemers. This song is also a shout against senseless violence. We gathered lots of influences in this song, so curious to hear what you guys think of it!"

"Downpours of Disapproval" is due out September 6th, 2013 and the track listing is a follows:

1. Resurrection
2. Downpours of Disapproval (watch the video right here)
3. How Much Does Life Weigh?
4. Stillborn
5. Testify
6. Trapped
7. Vengeance Is Mine
8. Culture of Cancellations
9. The Generation Chasm
10. Le Coup De Grâce
11. Show Me Your Hands That Strangled My Child More...

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Disparaged Reveals Fourth Full-Length Album

The Swiss death metal quartet Disparaged will finally release fourth full-length album "And Babylon Fell" in October via Apostasy Records. The label comments:

"The band has been active since 1999 and presented with 'Overlust,' 'Blood Source,' and 'The Wrath Of God' already three terrific albums, which have received outstanding feedback by both fans and press.

"On their latest work Disparaged have managed once again to increase and present their strongest material. 'And Babylon Fell' was produced by master producer Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Volbeat, Destruction, Pestilence) and the impressive cover artwork was done by the Polish artist Xaay who has already worked among others with big names like Nile, Behemoth and, Necrophagist.

"Anyone who thinks the Swiss compatriots are slow will be convinced with the opposite by Disparaged. Dynamic drumming and brutal hardness is completed by the quartet with downright virtuosic melodies in the solos. The compositions are as conclusive as exciting." More...

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Peculate Releases New Music Video

Progressive/experimental metal band Peculate has just released its first music video, "Skinner Box Mortgage." Check it out below.

The band comments on the clip: "It's 2:15 of tech death, 12-tone, atonal grindcore, and avant-garde animated lunacy. Hold on to your brain."

You can also stream the band's previous "Pax Tecum" EP by heading over to this location.

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Cadaveria Announces Horror Metal Tour 2013

Italian horror metal band Cadaveria has just confirmed the Horror Metal Tour 2013 will touch Ecuador and Mexico in October/November. Dates for the trek are as follows:

Sep 6 2013 Italy, Nettuno (RM) Italian Horror Fest
Oct 20 2013 Belgium, Wiezen MFVF Oktoberhallen
Oct 26 2013 Ecuador, Quito Centro de Convenciones Miami, sector El Labrador
Oct 30 2013 Mexico, Mexico City Garra
Oct 31 2013 Mexico, San Luis Potosí Tio Mich
Nov 1 2013 Mexico, Queretaro Black Dog
Nov 2 2013 Mexico, Guadalajara Estudio Cavaret
Nov 8 2013 Italy, Genova Angelo Azzurro
Nov 9 2013 Italy, Rome Closer More...

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Lightless Moor Posts New Track

Lightless Moor is releasing new album "The Poem" today, and in celebration the band has posted a track online for streaming. Check out "Cento Respiri" in the player available below.

"The Poem - Crying My Grief to a Feeble Dawn" sees its release today - September 2nd - via WormHoleDeath / Aural Music Group. The previously posted track "Chained To A Dismal Chant" can also be heard at this location.

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Nutrition Streaming New EP

Experimental post-black metal duo Nutrition has just released latest offering, "Terminus Occultus," a 30 minute EP that blends black & death metal, thrash, and industrial elements with lyrical content focusing on world-wide occult conspiracies.

Stream the EP below or buy the release on a name-your-price basis at Bandcamp here. The simple track listing is:

1. I 16:33
2. II 01:27
3. III 13:50 More...

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Overkill Enters The Studio

Legendary American thrashers Overkill have entered the studio today, Monday, September 2nd, to begin tracking their new studio album due out sometime next year.

The new material will be tracked at Gear Recording and mixed by Greg Reely, who also mixed the band's previous effort "The Electric Age."

Overkill will also be appearing on "The Battle Of San Bernardino" in San Bernardino, CA on September 13th, supporting Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, and Sabaton, before hitting North American roads in December with German thrash titans Kreator fr an extensive co-headlining run.

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Artefact Celebrating 10th Anniversary Of Debut

French black metal outfit Artefact is celebrating the ten years anniversary of its first classic album "Son Of Solstice," and for this occasion the full album can now be heard online. Check out all the "Son of Solstice" tracks in the YouTube player below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Menhir
2. Antares / Son of Solstice
3. Oracle
4. Onslaught
5. Omen
6. Codex
7. Allegiance
8. Towers of Equinox

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Absence Of The Sacred Announces New Album

Singaporean death metallers Absence of the Sacred have announced they will be releasing a fourth full-length album, titled "Deception Enthroned," early next year. Frontman Mike Priest (ex-Impiety/Blood Division) comments:

"Tracks are being written and the artwork is being done, all in preparation in unleashing our fourth album titled 'Deception Enthroned,' which should be fully mixed and mastered by early next year and set for release."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Dispersion Litany
2. Cyclic Slaves
3. Extinction Code
4. Operating the Panopticon
5. Indoctrinated Masses
6. Generation Nihil
7. Mortal Fragments
8. The Silent Insurrection
9. Sound the Alarm (Anacrusis Cover) More...

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Taketh Releases New Album

Swedish melodic death metal band Taketh has released a 2nd full-length album entitled "Ignorance is Strength."

Recorded in October at Endarker Studios, "Ignorance is Strength" includes 10 all new tracks & after much discussion, the band has decided to forego the traditions of releasing through a label and started planning for something more modern. A creative commons licensed was release, enabling free sharing, remixing. and derivative works.

"Ignorance is Strength" as well as debut album "Freakshow" are available now at the Taketh Bandcamp page.

The new album's track listing is: More...

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Bodyfarm Posts "Unbroken" Video

"Unbroken," the new video from Dutch death metallers Bodyfram, can be seen below. The "Unbroken" video was shot in the woods of Amersfoort and the band shots were filmed in Nick Rozenberg’s studio.

Frontman Thomas Wouters comments: "The video was shot in the woods of Amersfoort near a Sovjet field of honor. The battles in the second world war were fierce in this area. Since 'Unbroken' is about perseverance and bravery on the battlefield, we thought this was a suitable place to do the shots of the wounded soldier."

"Unbroken" is the opening track of Bodyfram's second album, "The Coming Scourge," set to be released on the 20th of September via Cyclone Empire. The album was recorded from February until May in Oerknal Studios, and was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström from Enhanced Audio Productions. The artwork was created by underground artist Juanjo Castellano. More...

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Devin Townsend Posts "War" Clip

After releasing "Epicloud" last year, the Devin Towsend Project will be giving fans a new DVD/CD set this fall, entitled "Retinal Circus."

Due out October 29th in the USA via InsideOut Music (September 30th in Europe), fans can now watch a video clip of the track "War" taken from said DVD below. Retinal Circus will be available as a 2 DVD/2 CD digipack set with the following imports available at CM Distro:

--standard 2-disc DVD
--standard 1-disc Blu-Ray
--standard 2-CD audio
--special edition 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD box set
--diehard deluxe fan box incl. 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD

Filmed in fall 2012, the "Retinal Circus "takes place at London's historic Roundhouse venue and includes a three hour plus performance that spans Devin Townsend's entire career. More...

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