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Metal News for September 15, 2017

Last updated on September 26, 2017 at 1:20 AM ET

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Sleeping Romance Reveals "My Temptation"

Sleeping Romance released a lyric video for the new single "My Temptation." The song appears on the new album "Alba," which will be released on November 3rd via Napalm Records.

The band is thrilled to unveil their first track and states: "We're stoked to finally present 'My Temptation,' the first single from our upcoming album 'Alba.' This is a killer song that represents in a perfect way the new Sleeping Romance sound: epic, symphonic and dramatic atmosphere. Hope you love it! IL METALLO!"

The upcoming album "Alba" leads a journey of orchestral opera arrangements and siren songs; touching, sometimes frightening, but always as personal as can be. Songstress Federica Lanna means every word she sings and Federico Truzzi complements her lovely voice with delicate guitars.

The concept of "Alba," 'Dawn' in Italian, centers around the main character and her life that advances through difficulties, choices and mistakes, and leads the character to a positive growth. The message the concept wants to give is that life is complex, full of obstacles, but there's always a way forward, and an opportunity for everyone to reach what their heart desire.

The full track listing is:

1. Overture - Twilight
2. Where The Light Is Bleeding
3. Lost In My Eyes
4. Touch The Sun
5. Forgiveness
6. My Temptation
7. Across The Sea
8. Everything Behind
9. Through The Looking Glass
10. Alba
11. Underture - Daylight

Check out "My Temptation" is: More...

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Stalker Signs To Napalm Records

Welcome back to the glory of the 80s! And a very warm welcome to Napalm Records' latest worldwide signing: Stalker!

This band is a wild trip to the old days of raw thrash metal with heavy driven songs at full speed! The fearless three-piece from the beautiful home of New Zealand is set to release a most sinister monster of an album - "Shadow Of The Sword" - on November 17th.

The band on the signing with Napalm Records: "Stalker are thrilled to have formed an alliance with Napalm Records, and with the label's rock solid support we can't wait to break out from New Zealand's far flung shores and unleash our speed metal mayhem the world over. All of us in the band pay tribute to label Underground Power for releasing our initial Satanic Panic demo. Now, with the formidable forces of Napalm Records backing us, we're set to deliver an even more powerful and demolishing release with our upcoming debut full-length, Shadow of the Sword. Dowse the fires, hide the booze, Stalker and Napalm are coming for you. STRIKE FIRST, STRIKE HARD, NO MERCY!"

Stay tuned for more information on the album. More...

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Wolfshead Signs With Rockshots Records

Rockshots Records proudly presents Finnish doom metal act Wolfshead!

Hailing from Finland, Wolfshead's style is pure old school heavy metal, heavy guitar riffs, growling bass, pounding drums with bluesy, leather-lunged whisky-scented vocals on top. Taking their main influences from such acts as Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Venom and the whole NWoBHM movement, Wolfshead manages to combine almost everything from heavy rock music from between 1967 and 1985 to it's own unique blend. The band writes songs about lycanthropy, living deads, witch hunts, Cthulhu Mythos and of course, heavy metal itself.

The name of the debut album is "Leaden," meaning heavy. And that is what it is. It could have been called "This is heavy metal". "Leaden" will be released on physical support and digital download/streaming on October 27th.

The track list is as follows:

1. Vukodlak 4:40
2. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things 4:11
3. Purifier 4:12
4. When The Stars Are Right 6:25
5. Division Of The Damned 5:01
6. Haruspex 4:01
7. Winds Over Potter's Field 1:54
8. The Hangman 7:44 More...

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Symetria Streaming Self-Titled New Album

New Jersey metallers Symetria don't just play old school influenced metal, the band lives and breathes it. Remember the first time you blew your windows out by blasting Anthrax's "Fisful of Metal" or scared your neighbor's dog with the sheer volume at which you played Overkill's "Feel the Fire"?? That's exactly what Symetria is throwing at you.

Symetria will release their self-titled record via Tripsquad Records on September 29 2017. The record can be heard in full over at this location.

Old school metal never died, it went back to it’s home in New Jersey, where it belongs. The land of Method of Destruction (M.O.D.), TT Quick, Overkill and legendary metal label, Megaforce Records, the genre is safe once again after flailing about aimlessly for the better part of the last two decades.

Rising to the top of the current throng of hopefuls is newcomers Symetria. While the Garden State quintet may be fresh out of the box, the wealth of talent and the ability to deliver within their ranks put them a step ahead of the competition is there. Core members Vince Santonastaso and Kevin Gust met through a Craigslist ad and after playing covers from the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica, Santonastaso knew there must be more to life. Guitarist Cust followed him out the door and gave an old friend of his, Fernando Carrera a call, who came on board shortly after. The search for a drummer began and Blair Smith was quickly found on Bandmix, solidifying the initial Symetria lineup. More...

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Hell Obelisco Signs To Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records is proud to announce the signing of the Italian heavy doom metal supergroup Hell Obelisco!

“We're very happy to start a collaboration with this kick ass Italian band”, says Gero of Argonauta Records, “we literally had a blast when we got their promo-songs, thanks to those massive sonorities not just close to the best "Southern Metal," but also featuring that blood-tinged attitude typical of Doom Sludge subgenres. We currently had the chance to hear album premixes and we are excited they confirm what we expected the day we signed, and even more.”

The frontman Andrea comments: “We’re so fucking excited to announce the signing with Argonauta Records, one of the best label on the rotten earth. We’re very proud because this is the label we were looking for since the first promo so it’s really time to party hard! Worship Sludge brothers and sisters!”

The band wrote 12 songs, but just 8 or 9 tracks will be included in the album.

Tony J. Jelencovich from Transport League and Carmelo Orlando (Novembre) will be featured as special guests.

Stay tuned for more information! More...

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Painted Black Signs With Wormholedeath

Wormholedeath Records is proud to announce that Portuguese dark metal combo Painted Black has signed a distribution deal for the worldwide release of the album "Raging Light." The album will be available on all digital shops on October 6th. The physical and Japanese release dates are still TBA.

Band Statement: "We're very thrilled to work together with the team at WormHoleDeath who have been very passionate with our music since day one! It’s a great feeling to know that with this record we can finally reach a wider audience thanks to the promotion and distribution network of the label, and have 'Raging Light' available in its physical format all around Europe, the United States and Japan!"

José Carlos Santos statement: "It has been a long journey for Painted Black. Akin to the pacing of several of their older songs, the Portuguese quintet has slowly but surely matured and evolved from denser, doom-laden beginnings into a multi-faceted, dynamic outfit, and their new album 'Raging Light' will not only be the glorious confirmation of that lengthy metamorphosis, but also that it is still an ongoing process. While many fans still hold on to Painted Black's 2010 debut full-length 'Cold Comfort' very close to their hearts, even there the seeds for what was to come were already being sown. Far from the monolithic approach of many of their peers, the core duo of Luís Fazendeiro (guitars) and Daniel Lucas (vocals) already showed hints of their forthcoming exploration, on heavy tunes filled with subtle sadness. 2014 gave us another glimpse into the band's untapped potential, with the 'Quarto Vazio' EP, a short but sweet collection of two surprising covers (Nine Inch Nails and Portuguese pop/rock legends Rádio Macau) spearheaded by the rocking energy of the title-track. More...

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Game Over To Release "Claiming Supremacy"

Italian thrash metal heroes Game Over are going to release the new album "Claiming Supremacy" on November 17th via Scarlet Records.

Following the widely successful "Crimes Against Reality" and the "Blessed Are The Heretics" EP, which confirmed the band as one of the most promising metal acts in Europe and among the NWoTM best, "Claiming Supremacy" is without any doubt the band’s most mature album so far.

Inspired by the classic Bay Area thrash metal scene of the 80's, Game Over mixes those influences with modern sounds and a very distinctive personality. "Claiming Supremacy" is the perfect combination of the band's furious riffing, hardcore attitude and classic metal influences, with very obscure lyrics and, of course, those anthemic choruses that fans recognize as a band trademark.

Overall the album is heavier, faster and ruthless than ever. Lyrics vary from B-movie scenarios to social-political themes, science fiction, mythology and history. The album has been mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), who has previously worked with Midnight, SunnO))), Poison Idea, Integrityand many more. "Claiming Supremacy," which will be released in Japan by Marquee, will also be available in a vinyl version limited to 500 copies.

The cover artwork (shown below) was handled by acclaimed artist Mario E. Lopez (Evil Invaders, Impalers, Hyades). The track list is as follows:

1. Onward To Blackness
2. Two Steps Into The Shadows
3. Last Before The End
4. My Private Nightmare
5. Blessed Are The Heretics
6. Eleven
7. Broken Trails
8. Shattered Souls
9. Lysander
10. Show Me What You Got
11. Metal Thrashing Mad (Anthrax cover) (Japanese Bonus Track) More...

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Vhäldemar Streams New Album Title Song

Spanish heavy metal band Vhäldemar is streaming the new single "Against All Kings." The song is the title track of the long awaited fifth full length album "Against All Kings." The album will be released on November 7th via Fighter Records.

The album was recorded at Chromacity Studios during the first half of this year and we already had an advance in the form of a the limited EP "Old King's Visions (part V)," issued last month.

The track list for "Against All Kings" is as follows:

1. Metalizer
2. Old King's Visions (Part V)
3. Against All Kings
4. Eye For an Eye
5. I Will Stand Forever
6. Vulcano
7. Howling at the Moon
8. The Last to Die
9. Walking in the Rain
10. Rebel Mind
11. Titans in D Minor

Check out "Against All Kings" here: More...

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Forgotten Tomb Details New Album

"We Owe You Nothing", the ninth studio album from Italian black/doom metal overlords Forgotten Tomb, is set to be released on October 27th in Europe and November 10th in North America via Agonia Records. The album's title track & first single is available in the form of a lyric video, which you can enjoy at the bottom.

The album marks the highest point in the band's constant evolution and once more makes it hard to narrow down its sound to some pre-existing labels. Effortlessly blending the eerie, dissonant black metal sound the band is well-known for with muscular sludge/doom riffs and a subtle, nihilistic punk attitude, "We Owe You Nothing" defines the band's personality more than ever, reaffirming its unique sound.

Starting in the beginning of the millennium with bona fide classics such as "Songs to Leave" (2002), "Springtime Depression" (2003) and "Love's Burial Ground" (2004) - widely considered among the true originators of the so-called "Depressive Black Metal" sub-genre - the band explored increasingly heavier and broader territories with all the albums that followed, from the genre-shattering avant-garde of "Negative Megalomania" (2007) through the pitch-black rocking-vehicle "Under Saturn Retrograde" (2011), then perfecting the band's own black/doom formula with the harsher tones of "...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil" (2012) and "Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love" (2015).

The band commented: "Our discography has always been divided by trilogies. 'We Owe You Nothing' closes the third trilogy which started with '...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil' followed by 'Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love' and it's the heaviest among the 3 albums, with an emphasis on slower/mid tempos and a sludgier approach while retaining also our trademark melodies and dissonant arpeggios, plus some twists which open new doors to the next era of the band. Due to circumstances surrounding it, it's been an extremely painful album to make and therefore it's one of our darkest, while being also filled with raw energy".

Recording-sessions started in December 2016, with drums being tracked at Big Pine Creek studio in Italy, but were abruptly interrupted when singer/guitarist Ferdinando "HM" M. was involved in a life-threatening car accident that left him unable to play for months. The recording was resumed and completed in May 2017 at SPVN Studio in Italy, while mix and mastering were done in June 2017 at Planet-Z studio (Hadley, Massachussets, USA) by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Rob Zombie, Six Feet Under, Crowbar, Hatebreed).

The track listing and cover artwork can be found here:

1. We Owe You Nothing
2. Second Chances
3. Saboteur
4. Abandon Everything
5. Longing For Decay
6. Black Overture More...

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Hanging Garden Posts "Elysium" Video

Today you can watch the brand new lyric video for "Elysium," taken from the forthcoming album “I Am Become” by the masters of Finnish melancholia, Hanging Garden.

The band's fifth full-length album focuses thematically on an inexorable aspect of life, as well as it’s antonym: death. The approach to the theme is personal - the feelings of loss, yearning, and cherishing the deeds and words of those no longer here. The songs contain epitaphs and obituaries in the band’s native tongue, to keep the full meaning and connotations of the words intact.

The powerful voices of familiar guests vocalists from bands such as Amorphis and Amoral can also be heard on the album, adding to its dark and compelling atmosphere. "I Am Become" is due out October 27th, 2017 on Lifeforce Records. More...

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Exmortus Announces New Tour Dates

SoCal-based neoclassical shred crew Exmortus is already gearing up to hit the road later this month with modern thrashers Lich King, touring September 27th in San Francisco, CA through September 30th in Fullerton, CA.

Today, the band is thrilled to announce another group of upcoming dates with metal masters Darkest Hour and thrash band Warbringer. The dates will begin in Las Vegas, NV on December 1 stand hit a total of 10 cities, ending in Upland, CA on December 15th. See below for a full listing of all confirmed Exmortus tour dates.

The band says, "We're stoked to hit the road again with Darkest Hour and good friends Warbringer! Come out and get your craniums crushed and minds melted!" More...

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Unreal Terror Is A Ticking "Time Bomb"

Italian metal act Unreal Terror, originally formed in 1979, issued a lyric video for the new song "Time Bomb." The song marks the first release after a 31 year slumber! The band's new album is entitled "The New Chapter" and drops via Jolly Roger Records as a CD, LP (first 100 copies "bone" wax) and digital download on October 6th.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Ordinary King
2. Time Bomb
3. All This Time
4. Fall
5. The Thread
6. One More Chance
7. Trickles of Time
8. It's the Shadow
9. Lost Cause
10. Western Skies

Check out "Time Bomb" here: More...

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Rumahoy Signs With Napalm Records

Scottish pirate metal-ravagers of Rumahoy are firing off their signing news with Napalm Records into the seven seas! Welcome to the Napalm Records family!

Captain Yarrface states: "AHOY! Captain Yarrface here, welcome to the sea! It fills our pirate hearts with heritage and yarr to sign a letter of marque with the prestigious Napalm Records. It's time to plunder the oceans!"

Pirate Metal? Oh yes! Here's what you can expect from this power four piece hailing from the Caribbean sea or let's say North Carolina to be more precise!

Rumahoy's music mixes bustling pagan metal-riffing mixed with exotic ancient instrumentation, producing melodies that run like the swell of stormy seas! Make sure to beware of dancing peg legs when Captain Yarrface asks for a fervent "Forest Party," or you and your parrot might be thrown overboard!

The first full-length studio album and Napalm Records debut will be released in 2018! So believe it or not: Pirates are real, and you cannot escape. The ocean's finest devils are out to get you landlubbers. And they will! More...

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Amberian Dawn Releases New Song..."Maybe"

Finish Symphonic Metal masters Amberian Dawn is set to release the upcoming full length studio album "Darkness Of Eternity" on November 10th 2017 worldwide via Napalm Records.

Today the very first track off the album sees the light of day in form of a lyric video! Check out "Maybe" courtesy of Metal Insider at this location, or simply click play in the player at the bottom.

Mastermind Tuomas gives an insight of the writing and record process of the track "Maybe": "This song represents the poppier side of the album. Most songs on this album are heavier and I'm glad that there was still room for a couple of softer songs too. So far I haven't put a side project band together for these different kinds of songs, instead of that I've wanted to make all those experiments with AD.

"I was happy to produce this song as a tribute to ABBA's Benny Andersson. Most of the keyboards on this song was recorded at his studio in Stockholm and with his legendary keyboard 'Great White Elephant,' a Yamaha GX-1 which is often heard on ABBA songs in late 70's & early 80's.

"Lead vocal melody is actually based on a keyboard riff I composed at the age of 15 or something. That melody came back to me from somewhere and it became eventually the corner stone of the whole song! After I got the main melody working in it's final form, rest of the song kind of wrote itself !! Those 16-beats with hi-hats which run through the whole song were there from the very first demo of mine and our drummer Joonas & bassist Jukka insisted keeping that style in the final version too."

The track listing for "Darkness Of Eternity" is:

1. I'm The One
2. Sky Is Falling
3. Dragonflies
4. Maybe
5. Golden Coins
6. Luna My Darling
7. Abyss
8. Ghostwoman
9. Breathe Again
10. Symphony Nr. 1 part 2 - Darkness Of Eternity

Check out "Maybe" here: More...

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Samael Heralds "Black Supremacy"

Swiss industrial black metal pioneers Samael premiered the video clip for the new song "Black Supremacy" over at Decibel Magazine's website at this location (or more conveniently in the player at the bottom). The song comes from the new album "Hegemony," which marks the band's 30th anniversary. The album is out October 13th, 2017 via Napalm Records.

The band commented: "We wanted to pay homage to our favorite color with a song. Black isn't considered to be a color but in its purest essence it is an absolute value. Musically this track tends to be more extreme than the rest of the album but it couldn't be otherwise!"

The track listing is:

1. Hegemony
2. Samael
3. Angel of Wrath (see music video here)
4. Rite of Renewal
5. Red Planet (streaming here)
6. Black Supremacy
7. Murder or Suicide
8. This World
9. Against All Enemies
10. Land of the Living
11. Dictate of Transparency
12. Helter Skelter
13. Storm of Fire (Bonus Track)

Check out "Black Supremacy" here: More...

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Nachblut Premieres Video Clip For New Song

German gothic black metal act Nachtblut premiered the video clip for the new song "Lied Für die Götter" over at Invisible Oranges at this location (or in the player below). The song is lifted from the upcoming fifth studio record "Apostasie," which drops on October 13th via Napalm Records.

The band states: "Just back from our China-tour we are excited to reveal this great video to an outstanding song! We are sure the catchy melodies and hook will make this live a stunner! Get ready, we are back!"

The track list for "Apostasie" is:

1. Multikulturell
2. Lied für die Götter
3. Amok (see lyric video here)
4. Scheinfromm
5. Geboren um zu leben
6. Der Tod ist meine Nutte
7. Mein Antlitz aschfahl vor Gram
8. Frauenausbeiner
9. Einsam (feat. Aeva Maurelle)
10. Apostasie
11. Wat is' denn los mit dir (feat. Tetzel) (Kollegah Cover, Bonus Track)

Check out "Lied Für die Götter" here: More...

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Godhead Machinery Calls For "Council Of Nicaea"

Swedish unorthodox extreme metal band Godhead Machinery released a 360 degree lyric video for the new song "Council of Nicaea." The song appears on the upcoming new release "Ouroboros," which is due out September 29th, 2017 via Inverse Records.

Godhead Machinery was started by Kail during 2015 in the aftermath of his previous black metal band Misericordia, with the new band centered around studies within religion and political structures that permeates the world.

The track listing is:

1. Ouroboros
2. The Plague
3. Tithe
4. A House Divided
5. Council of Nicaea
6. Revelation
7. Praise the Flesh (see lyric video here)

Check out "Council of Nicaea" here: More...

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Tethra Issues "Like Crows For The Earth" Video

Italian death/doom metal act Tethra released a new video clip for the song "Like Crows For The Earth." The song is the title track of the latest and sophomore full length release which was issued back in February via Sliptrick Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Psy:code Releases "The Monument" Video Clip

Copenhagen-based modern hardcore group Psy:code issued a new video clip for "The Monument," the new single from the album "MØRKE," which dropped August 4th via Pavement Records.

Check out "The Monument" here:

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Exarsis Gives Some "General Guidance"

Greek thrash act Exarsis dropped the new video clip/single "General Guidance." The song is taken from the new album "New War Order" coming October 20th via MDD Records.

"New War Order" was recorded again at the D Studios in Athens and mixed and mastered by Mike Karpathiou. The album contains 10 songs with a playing time of almost 40 minutes. A "must have" for every thrash metal maniac!

The track listing for the album is:

1. Zionism (The Reaping)
2. Twisted Logic
3. The Underground
4. General Guidance
5. Just Buried
6. Chaos Creation
7. Prophet for Profit
8. Combined Disasters
9. HAARP Weapon
10. Human Project

Check out the clip here: More...

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Bleeding Reveals The "Heir To Apostasy"

The new single of the German progressive metal act Bleeding - "Heir To Apostasy" - is available for streaming in the player below. The song is taken from the new album "Elementum," which is set to drop on October 27th via Pure Prog Records, a division of Pure Steel Records. Pre-orders will be made available starting October 13th.

Bleeding already raised some fury in the underground with the self-release of the EP “Bleeding” in 2012. With the 2015 debut “Behind Transparent Walls,” the band was not only meeting expectations of critics and fans, but surpassing them.

Check out "Heir To Apostasy" here: More...

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Speed Limit Goes "Anywhere We Dare"

Austrian hard and heavy legends Speed Limit is streaming the new song "Anywhere We Dare," the title track of the new album which is set for release on October 6th via Pure Rock Records, a division of Pure Steel Records. The album finds the band rediscovering its traditional metal roots.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Anywhere We Dare
2. Sober Truth
3. Sweet Morphine
4. No More Ace To Play
5. Step Out The Line
6. Sign Of The Times
7. Good Year For Bad Habits
8. Retired Hero
9. Bridges
10. Dealing With Danger
11. Affinity Of Souls

Check out "Anywhere We Dare" here: More...

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Space Vacation Streams New Song

San Francisco metal act Space Vacation is streaming the new song "The Black Divide." The song is taken from the new album "Lost In The Black Divide" which will be released on September 22nd via Pure Steel Records.

The track list and cover artwork can be found here:

1. Devil to Pay (song streaming here)
2. Save Your Breath
3. Stay Away
4. See You Again
5. Roll The Dice
6. Live By The Sword
7. Enemy
8. The Black Divide
9. Reason or Rhyme
10. Through The Door

Check out "The Black Divide" here: More...

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Kult Mogil Returns With New EP "Portentaque"

Almost two years since the release of the debut album "Anxiety Never Descending," Kult Mogil returns with the new EP entitled "Portentaque." The EP drops September 29th through Pagan Records in digital, CD and 12” vinyl (45 rpm) formats. Pre-orders are now available through the label's webstore at this location.

The stunning artwork (shown below) was prepared by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal (presented in full in the vinyl version), and the layout by Mentalporn.

“Portentaque” includes over 18 minutes of immaculate metal of death. The EP consists of the intensity of Dead Congregation or Necros Christos, the heaviness of Incantation and the ghastly, oppressive climate of Encoffination.

The track listing is:

1. Alae Magicos
2. Non-Reconciliation
3. Potrentaque More...

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Evil Invaders Premieres "As Life Slowly Fades"

Belgium's Evil Invaders released the new video clip/single "As Life Slowly Fades" over at Decibel Magazine's website at this location (also in the player below). The song appears on the new album "Feed Me Violence," which will be released worldwide on September 29th via Napalm Records.

The track listing for "Feed Me Violence" is:

1. Mental Penitentiary (see video clip here)
2. As Life Slowly Fades
3. Suspended Reanimation
4. Broken Dreams In Isolation
5. Feed Me Violence
6. Oblivion
7. Shades Of Solitude
8. Anger Within
9. Among The Depths Of Sanity

Check out "As Life Slowly Fades" right here: More...

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Moonspell Issues "Todos Os Santos" Lyric Video

Portugal's Moonspell premiered the lyric video for the new song "Todos Os Santos" over at Metal Injection at this location (also in the player below). The song is taken from the new album "1755," which is set to drop on November 3rd via Napalm Records.

1755 marks the year of the horror when a giant earthquake destroyed Lisbon. 2017 will mark the year of Moonspell's new magnum opus titled "1755," the 13th studio record by the Portuguese Dark Metal pioneers, which will see the light of day on November 3rd with Napalm Records.

It's the musical version of the year when the earthquake wrecked the band's hometown, a dark adventure into medieval landscapes: Breathtaking and completely earthshaking!

Naturally, this album comes and is sung in Portuguese and will outclass all standards you have ever heard from Moonspell before.

"Even tough this all happened in 1755, there are still a lot of world and country leaders that think themselves as saints, with a sacred mission, chosen by any God. What really happens is that they save no one but themselves and this video showcases the message of the song: as in 2017 or 1755 all saints will not be enough to save us." - comments vocalist Fernando Ribeiro.

The track listing for "1755" is:

1. Em Nome Do Medo
2. 1755
3. In Tremor Dei (featuring Portuguese guest vocalist Paulo Bragança)
4. Desastre
5. Abanão
6. Evento
7. 1 De Novembro
8. Ruínas
9. Todos Os Santos
10. Lanterna Dos Afogados

Check out "Todos Os Santos" here: More...

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Skarlett Riot Debuts Video Clip For New Single

Britain's Skarlett Riot premiered the video clip for the new single "Break" over at Metalholic at this location (also available in the player below). The song is taken from the upcoming debut album for Despotz Records called "Regenerate," which is expected later this year. More information is expected soon.

Check out "Break" here:

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Bewitcher Announces New Tour Dates

Portland black speed metal trio Bewitcher has announced the first full-scale tour of North America. The 30+ date run is in support of their 2016 self-titled debut album, which was released to high praise from fans and critics alike.

The band, known in its native Pacific Northwest for electrifying, occult inspired live shows, are anxiously awaiting the chance to take the "heavy metal at the speed of Satan" to seething audiences across the continent. "This tour is a long time in the making," says vocalist/guitarist Mateo Von Bewitcher. "We weren't able to get out on the road much last year when the album came out, so we've been chomping at the bit to do it in 2017. A lot of people have been asking when we are going to do a tour, so we're extremely stoked to finally announce it."

Bewitcher's debut album is available on LP, CD, and cassette via Diabolic Might Records, Divebomb Records and Graven Earth Records respectively, as well as through the band's Big Cartel and Bandcamp pages.

The 'Speed Til North America Bleeds' Tour runs from September 29th to November 2nd, including an appearance at the prestigious Frost and Fire 3 fest in Ventura, CA.

Tour dates are as follows:

9/29 - Olympia, WA - Obsidian
9/30 - Victoria, BC - Logans Pub*
10/1 - Vancouver, BC - The Astoria*
10/2 - Seattle, WA - The Highline (w/ Substratum, BAT & Savage Master)
10/3 - Portland, OR - Tonic Lounge**
10/4 - San Francisco, CA - El Rio
10/6 - Ventura, CA - Frost and Fire Fest
10/9 - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Star Bar***
10/10 - Phoenix, AZ - tba
10/11 - El Paso, TX - Rockhouse Bar and Grill****
10/12 - San Antonio, TX - Limelight****
10/13 - Dallas, TX - Reno’s Chop Shop
10/14 - Austin, TX - Lost Well****
10/15 - Houston, TX - Rudyards**** More...

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Anagnorisis Announces Lineup Shift And Tour Dates

Louisville orchestral black metal outfit Anagnorsis announced a new run of live shows for the fall season, as well as an upcoming lineup shift in the band.

Anagnorisis will take part in Louisville Deathfest on September 29th, joining the likes of Brutality, Dehumanized, Morbid Saint, Morta Skuld, Pyrrhon, Arkaik, and many others. This show will see the band performing the latest LP "Peripeteia" in its entirety for the first time. A month later, Anagnorisis will embark on a newly-booked Midwestern tour, which will see the band out from October 26th through October 29th, with the final show taking place in the hometown of Louisville.

Anagnorisis also announced that these shows will mark the final shows for keyboard player Samuel Hartman, who will be leaving the band at the end of the year.

Issues Hartman, "After ten years, 'it's time to snuff this torch of yours,' to borrow a phrase from my dear friend and vocalist Zachary Kerr. It is true, I am leaving Anagnorisis. Three albums and two EPs later, I am moving on. Being in this band has irrevocably changed me-it has allowed me to see both the vast wealth of human compassion and spirit that exists within us and complete strangers; and reinforced my belief in the deceit and malignancy of a few. Fortunately, the good has outweighed the bad when I reflect on a decade of long drives, blastbeats, late night practices, passionate fans, black t-shirts, and every mechanical issue a van could possibly face. It has been worth it: to release the art we labored over, to tour the country, to meet fans who memorized all our lyrics, and to headbang, sweat, and shred night after night with my best friends. I could not have done this journey with Zachary, Zak, and Josh, who, especially in the last few years, have held up the mantle of Anagnorisis with me. Many others (so many!) have helped us along the way, and their role is clear in my mind, from 2003 on. The vessel of Anagnorisis now sails on, one oar left unmanned, but not without direction. 'Energy returns to the universe: forever night.'" More...

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Come Back From The Dead Announces New EP

Members of Nashgul and Bokluk have united to concoct some of the vilest, nastiest old school death metal dripping with filth. With a full length already under its belt, Come Back From The Dead will release a terrific no-filler EP that will leave you begging for more.

Rooted in the ancient Finnish death metal sound, the band recaptures the original fetid essence and throw in a dose of Spanish darkness for good measure. "Caro Data Vermibus" is a seething, squirming death metal beast with enough recall power to make you never forget this episode. Check it out on November 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

The EP was Mastered by Henrik Jonsson (Bloodbath, Grave, Unleashed) and the cover artwork (shown below) was created by Cesar Valladares (Asphyx, Krisiun). The track list is as follows:

1. Vomits of a Demonic Infestation
2. Caro Data Vermibus
3. Endless Bloodshed
4. Carnivorous Craving from Beyond More...

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The Unguided Is "Legendary"!

Swedish modern metal act The Unguided teamed up with Metal Underground.com to bring you the lyric video for the new single "Legendary." The song is taken from the new album "And The Battle Royal" coming on November 10th via Napalm Records. Pre-order the album now at this location.

The album features new frontman/guitatist Jonathan Thorpenberg (Faithful Darkness/Ruined Soul) who takes over for the departed Roland Johannsson.

With a sense for overwhelming hooklines and sweet sentiments, the creamy guitars celebrate themselves on "And The Battle Royal." In terms of self-fulfilling songwriting both vocalists, Richard Sjunnesson and Jonathan Thorpenberg build up a perfect symbiosis of brutal shouts and huge melodies! Stompy Industrial is gilded in heavy-handed synthesizers as a battle trophy.

Richard Sjunnesson commented: ""Instrumentally 'Legendary' was among the first batch of songs written for the album. We did however not select it for the "Brotherhood" EP, thus it became a bit of an underdog track during the entire process. But as everything came together and the mix of the album eventually showed up there was no denying this was one insanely hooky and accessible track, thus the fate of this song turned from a filler to a potential single. The word "Legendary" sung in the chorus, with its impressive vocal harmonies, might very well be one of my favorite moments of the album. The melodies are simply too hard to resist! Lyrically it's a conceptual track and is dealing with the past trilogy of albums and their achievements in retrospective. There's perfect vocal synergy and really catchy instrumental work. In regards to all this; it couldn't make me happier than to present it as the first song out from 'And The Battle Royale.'"

The track listing for the album is:

1. Death's Sting
2. The Heartbleed Bug
3. Legendary
4. Dark Metamorphosis
5. A Link to the Past
6. Anchor Stone (of the World)
7. Manipulate Fear
8. Force of Nature
9. King's Fall
10. Nighttaker (Bonus Track)
11. Daybreaker (Bonus Track)
12. Nighttaker (Live) (Bonus Track)

Metal Underground.com is proud to present "Legendary" here: More...

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Satyricon Issues New Single

Satyricon issued the second single from the highly anticipated new album "Deep Calleth Upon Deep," which is set for release on September 22nd via Napalm Records. Check out "To Your Brethren in the Dark" in the player below.

On the song, Satyr informs us: "'To your brethren in the dark' is definitely one of the flagship songs on the record. This is about emotion, our nature, the spirits, the autumn, the somber and rainy days, those who we lost and the ones who we have not met yet. You could say it is a tribute to the sorrow in man and to the drama of the nature we surround ourselves with. A song for the dark towers of the past and those who will rise in the future. Pass the torch to your brethren in the dark."

The track listing for the album is:

1. Midnight Serpent
2. Blood Cracks Open the Ground
3. To Your Brethren in the Dark
4. Deep Calleth Upon Deep (song streaming here)
5. The Ghost Of Rome
6. Dissonant
7. Black Wings and Withering Gloom
8. Burial Rite

Check out "To Your Brethren in the Dark" here: More...

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Caligula's Horse Release New Video Clip

Australia's Caligula's Horse released the new album "In Contact" today via InsideOutMusic. In celebration, the band issued a new video clip for the song "Songs For No One," which you can check out in the player at the bottom.

Guitarist and director of photography/editor Adrian Goleby comments: "'Songs for No One' is by far the most complex and ambitious music video I've attempted for Caligula's Horse - and also for myself. I've worked alongside all of the guys for years now and the creative trust involved is what pushes all of us to find and conquer the next bastion of artistic development. We're also at a stage where we can come in and make these sorts of videos with confidence in making something distinct and memorable, as well as exciting for any audience.

"Working with (Director) Daniel Grey was also a treat for me. His ability to turn a metaphor into a story is remarkable in its own right. He definitely brought his best to the table, (and then flipped it).

"I hope everyone that watches this is able to connect with the joy that we bring into Caligula's Horse, as well as the heart thumping excitement that I can't help but feel when I play it."

The track list for "In Contact" is:

1. Dream the Dead
2. Will's Song (Let the Colours Run) (see music video here)
3. The Hands are the Hardest
4. Love Conquers All
5. Songs for No One
6. Capulet
7. Fill My Heart
8. Inertia and the Weapon of the Wall
9. The Cannon's Mouth
10. Graves

Check out the video here: More...

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Veins Issues New Video Clip "Until Dawn"

Italian metal act Veins has just released the brand new video for the song "Until Dawn," which is taken from the debut album "Innocence." Check it out in the player below.

Veins is a death metal band based out of Rome. "Innocence" was released worldwide on June 16, 2017 via Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records.

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ProgPower USA Announces 2018 Lineup

With the 2017 edition of ProgPower USA in the books (Metal Underground.com reports/photos forthcoming), promoters Glenn Harveston, Milton Mendonca and Nathan Block announced the Days 1-2 and 3-4 lineup just after Orphaned Land's performance on Wednesday, September 6th and Myrath's performance on Friday, September 8th, respectfully.

The event will take place on September 5-8, 2018 at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets for Days 3-4 will go on sale on October 7th via Ticketmaster. Days 1-2 will go on sale November 11th.

In the roster video for Days 3-4, California progressive metal act Redemption announced that vocalist Ray Alder (Fates Warning) has departed the band and the new vocalist is Evergrey's Tom Englund. The forthcoming new album also features guitar appearances from Simone Mularoni (DGM) and Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth).

The featured headliners are Voyager (Australia), Angra (Brazil), James Labrie (USA) and Tarja (Finland). The complete lineup is as follows:

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018 - DAY 1:

Voyager (Australia) (Headliner)
Nocturnal Rites (Sweden)
Gloryhammer (Scotland/UK)
Ross The Boss Band (Special Manowar set) (USA)

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018 - DAY 2:

Angra - 25th Anniversary "fans pick the set list" Show (Brazil) (Headliner)
Dream Evil (Sweden)
Kingcrow (Italy)
Cellar Darling (Switzerland)

Friday, Sept. 7, 2018 - DAY 3:

James Labrie (Canada) (Headliner)
Redemption (USA) with new vocalist, Tom Englund
Labyrinth (Italy) "Return to Heaven Denied" part I in its entirety
Bloodbound (Sweden)
Persefone (Andorra)
Manimal (Sweden)

Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 - DAY 4:

Tarja Turunen (Finland) (Headliner)
Alestorm (Scotland/UK)
VUUR (The Netherlands)
Soen (Sweden)
Eclipse (Sweden) *US Exclusive
Triosphere (Norway) More...

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Bloodhunter Issues Video Clip For New Song

Spanish death metal band Bloodhunter released a video clip for the new single "All These Souls Shall Serve Forever," which premiered over at Decibel Magazine's website here (or more conveniently available in the player below).

The song is lifted from the new album "The End of Faith," which will be released October 16th via Xtreem Music.

The album's full track listing is as follows:

1. The Forbidden Zone
2. The End of Faith
3. Eyes Wide Open (song streaming here)
4. Still Standing Up
5. Death & Rebirth
6. The Queen Beast
7. All these Souls Shall Serve Forever
8. Spirits of Sin
9. Let the Storm Come (song streaming here)
10. Possesed by Myself
11. Crystal Mountain (Death)

Check out "All These Souls Shall Serve Forever" here: More...

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Angel Nation Releases "Burn The Witch" Video Clip

Melodic metal band Angel Nation, the band featuring Leaves' Eyes vocalist Elina Siirala, released a video clip for the new single "Burn The Witch," the first single from the new album "Aeon." The album is set to drop via Inner Wound Recordings on October 27th.

Angel Nation was founded by the classically trained Finnish singer who moved to London in 2008 and fell in love with the power of rock and metal.

The debut album [released under the name EnkeliNation] "Tears of Lust" was received with glowing reviews all over the world. The release in 2014 was followed by shows at Bloodstock Open Air, shows in Finland amongst others. In 2016, Elina also joined Leaves' Eyes.

The sophomore release "Aeon" continues the musical diversity that Elina likes to express in her songwriting. The unique blend of retro and modern sounds is developed even further with this album. The power of metal and rock combined with Elina's ethereal yet strong and emotional vocals create the perfect platform for stories of both earthly and otherworldly she likes to create with her lyrics.

The album features a guest appearance by Jukka Pelkonen (Omnium Gatherum) on vocals and the artwork was created by Darkgrove Design (Apocalyptica, Delain, Leah).

Get ready for it all: Heavy, rocking and epic tunes from this highly anticipated album with tons of character!

The track listing is:

1. Burn The Witch
2. Blood Is On Your Hands
3. Breathe Again
4. Wonder Who You Are
5. Farewell
6. Free
7. Enough Is Enough
8. Music Plays
9. Fireflies
10. Destination

Check out "Burn The Witch" here: More...

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Sinsaenum Announce New EP "Ashes"

Sinsaenum and earMUSIC are pleased to announce the release of "Ashes," the brand new EP by Frédéric Leclercq (DragonForce) and Joey Jordison's (ex-Slipknot) extreme death metal project.

Sinsaenum's current LP "Echoes of the Tortured," which has been nominated as "Best Debut" by Metal Hammer Germany, is an album that has been praised worldwide as one of the freshest and finest approaches to death metal. Following the 2016 release of the band's celebrated debut, Sinsaenum now go beyond and have truly reached the next level.

"Ashes" will be released on November 10th via earMUSIC. It is available for pre-order via Amazon and iTunes. The EP contains over 30 minutes of mind-blowing music, featuring three brand new and EP-exclusive songs, which all display Sinsaenum's love for the roots of death metal and extreme music.

Additionally, two previously exclusive Japanese bonus tracks can finally be enjoyed by the rest of the world. To top it all off, renowned French producer and musician Frederic Duquesne (Mass Hysteria, guitar) has provided a remix for "Dead Souls."

The cover artwork (shown below) was drawn by Maxime Taccardi, a dark, twisted artist who managed to capture the essence of Sinsaenum's music. More...

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