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Metal News for September 13, 2016

Last updated on September 26, 2017 at 1:20 AM ET

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Blind Guardian show review - Tampa Bay (9/9/2016)

Legendary German metallers, Blind Guardian, recently started their current North American tour, entitled "Imaginations for North America." The second date took place at one of Florida's most illustrious music locations, Ybor City's The Orpheum, on September 9th. They definitely delivered one of the most electrifying performances experienced by a Tampa Bay crowd over the course of 2016.

After more than three decades refining and redefining the Power Metal genre, the appeal of the German quartet (who were accompanied onstage by three additional musicians) seems impossible to emulate. Their commanding stage presence obliterated the extremely enthusiastic crowd gathered for the occasion. They sang along with vocalist, Hansi Kürsch and their comrades, most of the repertoire the band offered that night—which included anthems like rapid-fire heavy metallers like "Mirror, Mirror," and "Valhalla," acoustic fan-favorite "The Bard's Song" and of course, the complete performance of their acclaimed 1995 opus, "Imaginations From The Other Side."

Despite a couple of minor technical audio issues here and there (really, very minor), this show was a true religious experience for everyone present that night at The Orpheum. Everyone was ecstatic in the presence of one of Germany's most enduring and beloved Metal entities. There was a true air of brotherhood among those present—both the band and the fans. Blind Guardian undoubtedly demonstrated on that unforgettable night that, 30 years into their career, they're still on top form and ready to reach new heights.

Even if you're not fond of anthemic, fist-raising Power Metal, we highly recommend you to see Blind Guardian live during their current North American tour... you will become a believer, guaranteed.

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Pit Stories: Fire Escapades With "43% Burnt"

For this week's Pit Story we go back more than a decade to a time when shows tended to get a lot more rowdy than they do now ('course, anybody who saw Slayer in the late '80s during shows that started riots is probably laughing pretty hard at the thought of 2002 being anything close to extreme for live shows).

Our Pit Story today comes courtesy of Dave Gates from Season of Arrows, recalling an insane performance from The Dillinger Escape Plan at Furnace Fest 2002. Dave retells the story like this:

Brandon, Brad, and I were fortunate to play this festival in Birmingham, AL. We were in a band called Fall With Me at the time. I remember it was very hot outside and there were so many people there. It was my first hardcore 3-day festival experience. I was into a lot of the bands that played, such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, Norma Jean, Bleeding Through, Shai Hulud, Eso-Charis, etc. to name a few. Most of the bands put on a great show that weekend. However, there was one that pulled off live stage antics and a jaw dropping performance like I have never seen before!

That band was, The Dillinger Escape Plan. I was very familiar with them and I knew they played very mathematical technical noisy hardcore. I had heard that their live show was truly incredible. I remember, they just got a new singer, perhaps that why this particular show was so insane, like he had something to prove. They started off playing and moving around quite a bit, which was typical of bands of that ilk. However, I noticed early on the singer hit his head on the headstock of one of their guitars. It was bleeding pretty bad. He takes his shirt off and wraps it around his head like fucking Rambo. Then he proceeds to climb up this light beam pole which was about 25-30 feet high. He was screaming at the top of his lungs bleeding through his shirt he wrapped around his head. Ha.

Then one of the guitarist jumps up and nose dives straight into the crowd with the headstock of his guitar pointing towards the insane pit. The singer comes down form the pole and then picks up the mic stand and holds it over his head like Conan while screaming like a mad man, flawlessly I might add. This is one of those mic stands that has the heavy circle weight on the end and he grabs the mic from it and throws the stand into the massive spinning circle pit. A few songs later, he takes one of the guitarists 4x12 cabs and tosses it into the pit. People were pulling it apart like it was the flesh of a human during a violent zombie attack. I saw tons of kids with pieces of the speaker cones, tolex, and wires flinging them around to the beat of the song all while moshing. If that wasn’t enough, they started to play my favorite song from them called "43% Burnt." I forgot to mention they had a fire breather dude this whole time this was going on up on stage with them.

They all eventually leave the stage and light the drum kit on fire and then one of the guitarist plugs in and starts to play the awesome main riff of the song again, which is so heavy still to this day. He keeps playing it over and over, meanwhile the drums are burning behind him. The next thing I know, the drummer runs from beside the stage and jumps back on the kit and starts to play along with this riff hitting the drums as hard as he possibly can. They all come back in and finish a lengthy added ending to this brutal song. It was a site to see man, I will never forget that show.

We managed to dig up some footage from that wild performance back in '02 - check it out below! Nashville’s Season Of Arrows will release new album “Give it to the Mountain" via Static Tension Recordings on October 28th, 2016. A teaser trailer is available after the Furnace Fest footage. More...

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Across The Burning Sky Posts Album Teaser

The Nordic melodic death metallers from Across The Burning Sky will release new album "The End Is Near" on October 28th via MDD Records - check out an album trailer below.

The band, whose personal background and origin is still unknown, self-recorded and produced "The End Is Near." The mastering was refined by Pluto Neuber in MegaWimpSound Studio (Primordial, Necrophobic, War From a Harlots Mouth, Aeternus, Blood Red Throne).

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Last Call Chernobyl Releasing New Album

Progressive metal band Last Call Chernobyl has revealed that the group's upcoming self-titled album will drop September 23rd. The band will be having a CD release show on October 1st at Oasis pub with special guests Redcastle, Joy Departed, and Aikia.

Commenting on the release, guitarist Matt Moulton said: "It's been 5 years since we last released something so we really wanted this to be special. We ended up with an album twice the length of anything we've done before and it's the first time we've ever had something that felt like a cohesive, complete idea. We decided to make it self-titled because it's not just another album, it's a rebirth of the band."

1. Point of Origin
2. Lighthouse
3. Safeguard*
4. Abyss
4. Coat of Arms
5. A Clockwork Heart
6. A Moment's Peace
7. Eternal Return
8. The Great Deception
9. Black Nights (Burn the Brightest)
10. True North
11. Point of No Return More...

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Vermin Womb Streaming "Entomb"

Denver, Colorado death grind outfit Vermin Womb (featuring members of Primitive Man and Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire) has posted a first track off debut album "Decline." Check out "Entomb" below.

Recorded by Dave Otero, the record will be out October 30th on vinyl and CD via Translation Loss (North America) & Throatruiner Records (Europe), with Sentient Ruin & Hibernation handling the cassette edition.

01. Entomb
02. Industrialist
03. Disrepair
04. Present Day
05. Rank & File
06. Pitiless
07. Age Of Neglect
08. Inner World
09. Slave Money
10. Cancer More...

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Deranged Streaming "Reverent Decomposition"

Cult Swedish death metal band Deranged has revealed the first song from upcoming new album, "Struck By A Murderous Siege," due out on October 28th via Agonia Records. Listen to the track "Reverent Decomposition" below.

The band's first studio album in five years (and ninth altogether) was recorded at Berno Studio (Amon Amarth, The Crown, Witchery) in Malmö, Sweden. The album's cover artwork was created by Mike Hrubovcak (Grave, Six Feet Under, Sinister).

Guitar player & main songwriter, Thomas Ahlgren, commented on the album: "The new Deranged album, titled 'Struck By A Murderous Siege' is a blend of classical Deranged brutality with a bit of new elements that will fit perfectly both old and new Deranged fans. You can be sure about that! The album, consisting of five fast, grinding and shredding songs and three heavy mid-tempo tunes, will give the listener the most interesting and varied Deranged album so far. Prepare to hear the echoes of serial killers and brutality!"

1. The frail illusion of osteology
2. Hello from the gutters
3. Reverent decomposition
4. Shivers down your broken spine
5. Cold icy hands
6. Struck by a murderous siege
7. Toy box torture chamber
8. Undead instrument by grim ascendancy More...

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Fenriz Elected To Public Office Against His Will

The Norwegian duo of Darkthrone will release "Arctic Thunder" on October 14th via Peaceville Records. While the infamous Fenriz has been doing interviews about the release, it recently came out that he became a city council member... against his will!

Despite campaigning on a "please don't elect me" platform (check out the official campaign poster below), Fenriz was voted in anyway. He discussed his unwanted political post in an interview with Clvrynt.com, which also extensively discusses "Arctic Thunder." Excerpts follow.

Clrvynt: What is life like in Kolbotn these days?

Fenriz: Nowadays, I’m the neighbor that really takes care of the lawn. But now I’m in the local papers because I got voted in as a politician — involuntarily, I might add. So, I’ve got some support, I guess. But Kolbotn is a tiny place, maybe 9,000 people.

Clrvynt: You got voted in involuntarily? Couldn’t you just decline the position? More...

Read the full article at Clrvynt.com.

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Black Witchery Releasing Compilation

During its nearly 20-year history, Black Witchery has appropriately earned recognition as one of the most important cults of bestial black metal ever to have emerged from North America.

Under its original moniker, Witchery, the band released two demos before changing its name and then went on to produce an EP and two split recordings before unleashing full-length debut, "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom," in 2001. These early recordings capture an evolution in Black Witchery’s sound that has led to the band's current position as one of the most violent purveyors of black metal.

On October 31st, on both CD and double-LP formats, Nuclear War Now! Productions is proud to resurrect the unholy document of Black Witchery’s evil ascension with "Evil Shall Prevail," a collection of all tracks from the band’s '97 demo, "Evil Shall Prevail" demo, "Summoning of Infernal Legions" EP, and the contribution to the "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance" split with Conqueror.

Additionally, previously-unreleased outtakes from the "Hellstorm…" recording session are also included, as is Black Witchery’s cover of Sarcófago’s “Black Vomit” from the "Tribute to Sarcófago" compilation CD from 2001. More...

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Pain Posts "A Wannabe" Music Video

"Coming Home" is the new studio album from Pain, the Swedish metal force led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Lindemann).

The record was officially unveiled last Friday via Nuclear Blast. In conjunction with its release, the band is pleased to reveal an official new visual accompaniment to "A Wannabe." The clip was directed, filmed, and edited by Owe Lingvall and produced by Per Bussmann of Dreamday Media with visual effects by Konstantin Smirnov.

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Curezum Releases New Video

Black metal, forests, and pizza. Three of the most logical things to see in one video, especially one of Curezum - the extreme metal tribute to the Cure which has stirred up delight and controversy in equal measure.

Check out the video for "A Forest" below, which also features Matron Thorn of Ævangelist on guitar. Embrace the grindhouse aesthetic of the video - and beware of the cookie jar. Pre-orders for “A Forest/Siamese Twins” are available via Static Tension Recordings right here. More...

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WITTR To Headline Power Of The Riff

The organizers of The Power Of The Riff in conjunction with Southern Lord Records this week announce a two-day festival event to take place in Los Angeles this December, featuring headliners Neurosis and Wolves In The Throne Room.

The Power Of The Riff 2016 is confirmed to take place on Saturday, December 17th and Sunday, December 18th at LA's Regent Theatre. The first night's event will feature Wolves In The Throne Room as the main headliner, with an additional six bands to be confirmed for the evening.

The mighty Neurosis will headline the second day of the gathering, with six more acts to be added to that show as well. Neither of these massive acts have performed in LA for years, making this a very special event. The additional twelve acts filling out the lineup of the festival will be announced over the next several weeks, alongside ticket links and many other details for the event.

12/17/2016 Regent Theater - Los Angeles, CA w/ Neurosis, more TBA
12/18/2016 Regent Theater - Los Angeles, CA w/ Wolves In The Throne Room, more TBA More...

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Darkrypt Streaming "The Inducer"

India's Darkrypt is due to release new album "Delirious Excursion" this coming October 15th, 2016 via Transcending Obscurity. Check out freshly dropped track "The Inducer" below. The full track listing is:

1. The Becoming Alteration
2. Dark Crypt
3. Chasm of Death [streaming here]
4. Abstract Submission
5. Cryptic Illusions (ft. Rogga Johansson)
6. Folie a Deux
7. Limbic Dichotomy
8. The Inducer (ft. Nitin Rajan of Primitiv)
9. The Acceptor More...

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Thy Catafalque Posts Entire New Album

Thy Catafalque, the metal project from Tamás Kátai, is streaming new album "Meta" in full below. Tamás Kátai comments:

"This is the seventh album of Thy Catafalque and to me it feels like a step into the past and the future at the same time. There are many friends participating again and probably there is a bit more Hungarian vibe around the songs. Still it is just flowing somewhere in time and space. I have really enjoyed painting these images."

The "Meta" album will be released in North American on Oct. 7 (Sept.16th rest of the world) and the track listing is as follows:

1. Uránia
2. Sirály
3. 10^(-20) Ångström
4. Ixión Düün
5. Osszel otthon
6. Malmok járnak
7. Vonatút az éjszakában
8. Mezolit
9. Fehérvasárnap More...

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Saint Vitus Posts Full Live Album

The heavy metal legends from Saint Vitus are streaming their forthcoming live album "Live Vol. 2" online in full. The album captures a dominating, Wino-fronted 2013 Euro festival headline set from the "Lillie: F-65'" line-up and tour.

You can hear all the tracks below, while "Live Vol. 2" will be officially released by Season of Mist on Sept. 23 worldwide. In addition to the CD and Double LP versions that will be in worldwide distribution, a deluxe edition of the album will be available exclusively from Season of Mist.

This deluxe version is available as a double CD and triple-LP with the rare live album "Marbles in the Mosphit" as the second CD and third LP respectively. More...

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Monte Pittman Wants You To "Be Very Afraid"

For a preview of Monte Pittman's new album "Inverted Grasp Of Balance" (due out September 23rd worldwide) check out new single "Be Very Afraid" below.

Pittman comments: "'Be Very Afraid' is the second single on 'Inverted Grasp Of Balance'. It's up-tempo and takes you on a roller coaster of dynamics. I love what my friend, Richard Christy, does on the drums after the guitar solo.

"I wrote it about when I lived in a house that was haunted. When friends would stay over, they would tell me they saw shadows that they felt like were staring at them. It's also a take on the housing market crash a few years ago. I put it all together and came up with this song."

1. Panic Attack
2. Arisen in Broad Daylight
3. Guilty Pleasure
4. The Times Are Changing
5. Double Edged Sword
6. Cadabra
7. Pride Comes Before the Fall
8. California
9. Be Very Afraid
10. Obliterated
11. Skeleton Key
12. New Blood Keeps Us Alive More...

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Magma Lake Streaming "Remains"

Chilean power metal act Magma Lake is now streaming “Remains," a track featuring Axenstar's Magnus Winterwild.

The upcoming Magma Lake EP will feature the same title and is scheduled to drop in North America via Digmetalworld on September 22nd. Art was designed by Inferis guitar player Manuel Alarcon and the track listing is:

1. Fakeness (Feat. Dan Elbelman)
2. Against the Crown (Feat. Elisa C. Martin & Nasson)
3. Remains (Feat. Magnus Winterwild) More...

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Fetid Zombie Releasing "Epicedia"

Fetid Zombie's "Epicedia" is gearing up to release Transcending Obscurity Records on November 25th, 2016. The label comments:

"Mark Riddick is a legend in the underground. His works are in existence since the early '90s and so is his passion for occult-tinged old school death metal. After putting out a handful of releases and numerous splits, he has unleashed his masterpiece upon us.

"The album 'Epicedia' features a unique collaboration with some of the most esteemed musicians from around the world. It is epic in every sense of the term. Reminiscent of bands like The Chasm, Nocturnus, Grave, Deceased, Master and Sepultura, it's a mix of all styles, a blend of outstanding elements from each one of them but presented in a fetid sound bearing his trademark vocals.

"Each song is close to 10 minutes long - four monoliths in all - each showcasing a progressive elaboration of death metal that is raw and decaying at its core. All put together, Fetid Zombie concoct festering death metal with an otherworldly aura, replete with fantastic solos and memorable song structures, one that is refreshing and atmospheric in its own special way." More...

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Nightmare Reveals New Album

French heavy metal group Nightmare - featuring a brand new lineup - will release "Dead Sun" on November 25th via AFM Records. A new video for the "Ikarus" single is coming later this month, and today the artwork and track listing come online.

The album was arranged in France by the band’s long time friend and producer Patrick Liotard together with Joost Van Den Broek (The Gentle Storm, Epica), produced and mixed by Joost Van Den Broek at Sandlane Studios in The Netherlands, and recorded at Noise Factory Studio in Belgium with Gerald Jans behind the desk.

01. Infected
02. Of Sleepless mind
03. Tangled In The Roots
04. Red Marble & Gold
05. Ikarus
06. Indifference
07. Dead Sun
08. Seeds Of Agony
09. Inner Sanctum
10. Serpentine
11. Starry Skies Gone Black More...

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Vorvan Releasing "Once Love Was Lost"

On October 14th, German hardcore punk/metal label WOOAAARGH will co-release "Once Love Was Lost," the new album from Vorvan.

Although the band has been unleashing its own brand of metal punk since 2012, the group has been relatively unknown outside of Russia - set to change with this album. Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge), "Once Love Was Lost" will feature the following track listing:

01. Of Menace And Favour
02. Sirens
03. Third Case Scenario
04. Last To Witness
05. Celestine
06. Breotha
07. Turned Away
08. The Black Kaleidoscope
09. When Serpent Strikes First
10. The End (Hemicrania) More...

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Mouth Of The Architect Streams "Fever Dream"

Dayton, OH's post-metal quintet Mouth Of The Architect today releases a second new track off forthcoming full-length album "Path of Eight." The track "Fever Dream" is available below.

"Path of Eight," the band's sixth full-length, was mixed and mastered by Chris Common and will be released by Translation Loss Records worldwide on October 7th. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Ritual Bell
2. Fever Dream
3. The Priestess
4. Sever the Soul
5. Drown the Old
6. Stretching Out
7. Fallen Star
8. Path of Eight More...

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Attraction To Tragedy Posts Lyric Video

Metalcore band Attraction To Tragedy just announced the release of debut album "Passion Over Fashion," which was produced by Jim Fogarty (All That Remains, Shadow's Fall) and Joe Cocchi (Within The Ruins) and features both producers playing bass and guitars on the album.

"Passion Over Fashion" also features Kevin McGuill (Within The Ruins) on drums and will be released October 14th worldwide. Today you can check out a lyric video for the album's second track "Trippin" below.

1. Beauty In Bloodshed
2. Trippin
3. Unlikeable
4. Stephanie Brooks
5. Passion Over Fashion
6. Suffer Serenely
7. Undead
8. Vasillica
9. Desperate
10. Slaughter Road
11. Graven Image
12. Breathe More...

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Okkultokrati Releases New Video

Norwegian quintet Okkultokrati just issued a video for the title track to the impending "Raspberry Dawn" album, which is nearing release through Southern Lord later this month.

"Raspberry Dawn" will be released on CD, LP, and all digital platforms via Southern Lord on September 23rd.

Okkultokrati will be touring Europe this autumn, including supporting Trap Them alongside Venom Prison on the Crown Feral Europe 2016 tour.

10/13/2016 OCCII - Amsterdam, NL
10/14/2016 Underground - Köln, DE
10/15/2016 Bloodshed Fest - Eindhoven, NL
10/16/2016 Kavka - Antwerp, BE
10/17/2016 Boston Music Room - London, UK
10/18/2016 Corporation - Sheffield, UK
10/19/2016 Rainbow Courtyard - Birmingham, UK
10/20/2016 Gibus - Paris, FR
10/21/2016 Kofmehl - Solothurn, CH
10/22/2016 Stadtmitte - Karlsruhe, DE
10/23/2016 Cassiopeia - Berlin, DE
10/24/2016 Hafenklang - Hamburg, DE
10/25/2016 Cyklopen - Stockholm, SE
10/26/2016 Bla - Oslo, NO More...

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Hexvessel Releases New Video

Finland's psychedelic frost rockers from Hexvessel have launched a brand new video clip for the song "Drugged Up On The Universe," taken from "When We Are Death." Hexvessel's Mat McNerney comments:

"The video references the death of the hippie movement, with a Manson-like shamanic figure, or malevolent spirit. Bringing to life 60s/70s counter culture in an Eyes Wide Shut orgy of drugs, the Alice-like central character takes a spiritual journey. Enticed by the spirit, who has entered her expanded consciousness, her mind expands. She is lead outside and discovers there is a wider universe than the one she knows.

"It's a nature mystic metaphor for how that era has influenced the environmental movement which Hexvessel feel a part of. If you let it in, the spirit of nature will find you and expand your consciousness. You don't need drugs to get high on the nature of the universe! It was directed by Frenchman David Fitt who has previously worked on videos for King Dude for example."

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Carcass Announces Tour With Deafheaven

The British metal icons from Carcass will return to to North America for a headlining tour this November. Joining them are shoegaze-infused black metallers Deafheaven and doom merchants Inter Arma.

Slated to commence on November 7th and run through November 27th, the band's latest journey follows the One Foot In The Grave headlining tour with Crowbar, Ghoul, and Night Demon this past summer. Tickets are on sale now at all local ticket outlets. More...

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Negative Thought Process Streams Full Album

Grind / crust group Negative Thought Process just revealed new album "Methylene Butterfly" in full. Two tracks are available below while the full album stream is now up at Metal Injection here.

The 10 track album was inspired by personal experiences with the horrors of drug abuse and "Methylene Butterfly" will be officially released on September 16th, 2016. The band comments:

"Finally the methylene butterfly has flown. This is an album born out of pain, drug abuse, self-harm and torture on both sides of a destructive relationship. This album is for people on both sides of the emotional fence that have suffered with drug use, destructive relationships and depression more crippling than anything one can imagine." More...

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Monolith Wielder Casts The Light Of "Illumination"

Pittsburgh doom act Monolith Wielder is streaming the new song "Illumination," which you can check out in the player below. The song appears on the upcoming self-titled new album, expected to drop on October 17th via Argonauta Records.

The track listing for "Monolith Wielder" is:

1. Illumination
2. Best Intentions
3. Angels Hide
4. Monolith Wielder
5. Lift Your Eyes
6. No Hope, No Fear
7. Chains
8. Into Madness
9. King Under Fire (song streaming here)
10. Electric Hessian More...

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Iron Fire Premieres New Music Video

Danish metal act Iron Fire premieres a new music video for the title track of the upcoming new album "Among the Dead", which will be out in stores September 16th via Crime Records.

Check out now "Among the Dead" below. "Among the Dead" was recorded in Death Island Studio with engineer Marco Angioni and Mixed in Poland's Hertz Studios. Heaviness is guaranteed, along with melodic hooks, blistering guitars and pounding power metal drumming. The album's track listing is:

1. Intro (The Lost City)
2. Among the Dead
3. Hammer of the Gods
4. Tornado of Sickness
5. Higher Ground
6. Iron Eagle
7. Made to Suffer
8. The Last Survivor
9. No Sign of Life
10. Ghost from the Past
11. When the Lights Go Out
12) For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica Cover) (CD Bonus Track) More...

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Eths Premieres New Music Video "Nihil Sine Causa"

French metal band Eths premieres a new music video entitled "Nihil Sine Causa", taken from the upcoming new album "Ankaa", which was released 22 April this year through Season of Mist.

Check out now "Nihil Sine Causa" below.

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Bölzer Premieres New Song "I Am III"

Zurich’s blackened experimental metal outfit Bölzer premieres a new song entitled "I Am III", taken from the upcoming new album "Hero", which will be out in stores in the near future via Iron Bonehead.

Check out now "I Am III" below.

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Saturno Premieres Full-Album Stream Of New EP

Ferrara, Italy's technical death metal outfit Saturno premieres the full-album stream of the band's brand new concept EP "Thou Art All", out in stores now via Bandcamp. The band's ranks include past and present members of Unbirth, Demiurgon, Valgrind, and Hobnailed.

Check out now "Thou Art All" in its entirety below.

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To Speak Of Wolves Streams New EP

North Carolina metal outfit To Speak Of Wolves premieres the pre-release full stream of the band's upcoming new EP "New Bones", which will be out in stores September 16th through Cardigan Records.

Check out now "New Bones" in its entirety below. Starting today To Speak Of Wolves will be touring with Oh, Sleeper in support of the EP:

09/13 Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom
09/14 Nashville, TN – The End
09/15 Raleigh, NC – Southland Ballroom
09/16 Columbia, SC – Genzaret
09/17 Shippensburg, PA – Uprise Fest
09/18 Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge More...

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Whitechapel Premieres New Multi-Cam Live Video

Whitechapel premieres a new multi-camera live video for "Elitist Ones", captured during the band's San Diego, CA stop of the "Vans Warped Tour" this past August.

Check out now "Elitist Ones" below.

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