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Metal News for August 5, 2012

Last updated on April 21, 2015 at 5:32 PM ET

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At Home In Hell Streaming Song From New Album

After releasing the track "Beatrice" earlier this year through Metalunderground.com, At Home In Hell has now posted another song online for streaming from the band's new album "In Home Hell (reviewed here). Experience "An Untimely End" in the player below or over at the band's Reverbnation page.

The "In Home Hell" track listing is:

1. House of No Faces
2. Help!
3. Last Chance
4. My Pain
5. Wrong Way Home
6. Threshold
7. Glorys End / Never Again
8. Stacking Bodies
9. Systematic Makeover
10. The Dogg
11. An Untimely End
12. WalloH!
13. A Poem To Remember Her By
14. Beatrice More...

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Woe Working On New Album

U.S. black metal act Woe has checked in with the following update about taking a break from live shows to work on a new album:

"We will be taking a break from live performances for the rest of the year so we can focus on finishing our new album. In the meantime, you can see Chris perform a solo acoustic set of his own new material on Saturday, August 25 at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia, opening for Wino & Conny Ochs. More lives dates to follow as long as he doesn't fuck it up too badly."

This upcoming album will follow Woe's 2010 full-length release "Quietly, Undramatically" (reviewed here). Details will be announced as they are made available.

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Interview with Earthen Grave

Earthen Grave guitarist Jason Muxlow explains that his band mates, “all love Black Sabbath’s ‘Black Sabbath.’ That’s the first song on the first record by the first heavy metal band.” It indeed was the first heavy metal song. It was also the track that laid the floor plans for what would become doom metal. Those diabolic trichords first picked and hammered by Toni Iommi comprise much of Earthen Grave’s spirit, but unlike many genre-specific bands, those notes only comprise, to quote Holzner, a piece of the pie.

There is no mistaking the imprint left by bassist Ron Holzner’s former band, Trouble, but Muxlow adamantly stated Earthen Grave doesn’t share Trouble’s stoner rock tendencies. Still, there is an element of that hard rocking swagger on the track “Titled World.” In the end, Earthen Grave is about six musicians coming together to infuse their own influences and inspirations—including the classical violin virtuosity of Rachel Barton Pine and the epic, blackened doom metal progressions of Muxlow’s The Living Fields—in a superbly written album of myriad moods.

After giving their fans a few months to digest their album, Earthen Grave drove south to play a couple shows just to find out one the shows, the New Orleans show, got canceled. Seeking out another place to play, the group booked a show in Austin, Texas. Metal Underground.com gathered all its members, minus Pine, to talk about these shows, writing and recording their album and how they brought unique visions to covers of Witchfinder General and Pentagram songs. More...

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Aether Realm Finishing New Album

North Carolina's Aether Realm has issued the following update about wrapping up work on a new album:

"Alright dudes, time for an update from the Æther Realm camp! We've finally heard the (almost) finished album, and we're ultra mega stoked about it. We're shopping it around to some record labels right now. If it doesn't get picked up by anyone, I'll probably just put it up on bandcamp for free by the end of the year. If it does, it will be up to the label when it comes out, but I imagine it would come out about the same time. No more full songs until then, but I'll post a trailer with some material sometime.

"No shows in August, we're focusing on perfecting our live show at practice, shopping the record around, and writing new stuff for the next album. Can't wait for everyone to talk about how our first demo was the best and we sold out on our second album.

"P.S. Thanks again to all the awesome bands we've had the wonderful opportunity to play with/hang out with over last couple months. Check em dudes: Oubliette, Swashbuckle, Hansgraf, Inferi, Voyage of Slaves, Unspoken Triumph, Hollenlarm, The Day of The Beast, Enfold Darkness, and The Piecycles (and many more)."

To hear Aether Realm's music, head over to the group's bandcamp page here.

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Cognitive Streaming Songs From New EP

U.S. death metal act Cognitive recently released the new EP "The Horrid Swarm," and you can now stream two tracks from release online. Head over to the Cognitive Facebook profile to hear "In the Form of a Drone" and "Numbered and Slaughtered."

The EP's track listing is:

1. In the Form of a Drone
2. Falling Skies
3. Numbered and Slaughtered
4. Essence Oblivion
5. The Horrid Swarm More...

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Nibiru Streaming New Song

New York metallers Nibiru have released a new song online titled "Remnant Of A Hollow Planet," which can be heard in the player below. More details on Nibiru are also available via Facebook, and the band consists of:

Guitar - Nicholas Joshua
Guitar - Anthony Derosa
Drums - Tim Heidrich
Clean/Scream Vocals - Rich Bundy
Scream Vocals - Eric Borden

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Esdrelon Launches Official Video

Brazilian metal band Estrelon is back seven years after releasing its debut EP "Your Truth." Esdrelon has released its debut full-length "Dust In Our Eyes" on Casket Music and is streaming an official video for a track from the album, "Voices of the Exile." That video is streaming below. Esdrelon gets its name from the plain in Palestine that will serve as the location for the battle of Armageddon. Listen to a couple more songs from the band over on Esdrelon's ReverbNation page.

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Destruction Issues New Album Update

Germany's Destruction has issued the following announcement about finishing the drum recordings for an upcoming new album:

"The drum recording for the upcoming Destruction album 'Spiritual Genocide' is finished! Vaaver did an amazing job on the fastest Destruction album in history! The release date of this thrashbomb will be around November 2012!"

Further details on the release, which follows the "Day of Reckoning" album, will be announced as they are made available. For more info on Destruction, head over to the band's Facebook profile. More...

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Earthship Announces New Album Release

Earthship, the side project from Robin Staps of The Ocean, has announced the new album "Iron Chest" is now set for release via Pelagic Records on October 12th (G/A/S) and October 15th (rest of Euruope), 2012.

The album's artwork can be viewed below, and pre-orders are available at this location. You can also check out the songs "Boundless Void" and "Athena" by clicking here.

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Dopethrone Streaming New Track

Canadian stoner fuzz band Dopethrone is getting ready to unleash its third full-length slab of tunes shortly, and is sharing a track from the upcoming release. Aptly titled "III" the artwork was done by Alex Dissident and Vincent Houde. A new song, "Hooked," is posted below for you to listen to. Totem Cat Records will also be releasing the second Dopethrone album "Dark Foil" later this year in a limited pressing of colored vinyl.

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The Advaita Concept Streaming "The Awesome Song"

The Advaita Concept has posted a new track online titled "The Awesome Song," which can be heard below. The band also commented:

"We are proud to present a song from our upcoming 'The Ratio' EP entitled 'The Awesome Song.' Produced and mixed by Ken Susi of Unearth and mastered by Pete Rutcho. Please please pass this on to everyone you know and share the crap out of it." More...

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Sunday Old School: Living Colour

The great thing about alternative metal is there's such a wide variety of bands in the one genre, some of whom retained a constant signature sound, while others such as Faith No More experimented continuously to create a brand of rock music which painted with every colour from the palette. Faith No More weren't the only band to do this, a band from New York named Living Colour combined everything from funk to electronic in their attempt to produce hard rocking, but interesting music. Living Colour was formed in 1984 by Vernon Reid, an English born guitarist that grew up in New York who was also one of the founders of the Black Rock Coalition, an organisation which sought to encourage black musicians with an interest in rock music. He performed with a large number of musicians under the Living Colour moniker before eventually finding a stable lineup in 1986 which featured bassist Muzz Skillings, drummer Will Calhoun and vocalist Corey Glover, who up to that point had been an actor and had appeared in the Oliver Stone movie, Platoon amongst other things.

They performed regularly at the legendary club, CBGBs and it was whilst playing there that they caught the attention of iconic Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. They soon signed a deal with Epic Records and got to work on their debut album, "Vivid," which was released in May of 1988. The album featured guest appearances from Mick Jagger, who performed harmonica and backing vocals, as well as Chuck D and Flava Flav from Public Enemy, and became one of the most acclaimed records of the year. Though sales were initially rather slow, its momentum was boosted immensely when MTV began playing the video for the albums opening track, "Cult Of Personality," helping the album to reach as high as number 6 on the Billboard Album Charts and eventually achieve Double Platinum status. Their profile increased greater still when they performed on the legendary TV show, Saturday Night Live, before joining Guns N Roses to open for the Rolling Stones. More...

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Arch Enemy Drummer Breaks Finger

Swedish melodic death metal act Arch Enemy has checked in with the following brief announcement about the band's drummer breaking his finger:

"Send Daniel Erlandsson some love and positive energy... He will play our headline set Vagos Open Air with a broken finger on his right hand tonight."

In other news, Arch Enemy also released a music video for "Under Black Flags We March" earlier this year, which is available for viewing at this location. The track comes off the band's latest full-length album "Khaos Legions" (reviewed here).

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