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Metal News for August 30, 2011

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The Great AmeriCon On Tit Cakes And Bathhouses

Featuring members who have been involved with the likes of Ministry and Revolting Cocks, The Great AmeriCon is a new force on the rock and metal scene, having just released a self-titled EP and currently working on a debut full-length.

I caught up with the guys from The Great AmeriCon while the band was embarked on the Pros and Cons tour to chat with members Sin Quirin and Salvador Krk. Below you can find a transcription of our conversation about erotic cakes, find out what the group has in store for the coming year, and read an assurance that the band members are not sexually active with one another. More...

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Metal Versus Society: A Vicious Cycle?

One August afternoon when I was 19, I returned home sweating and exhausted from my summer job, hopped in the shower, and found a white cardboard box waiting for me on my bedspread. I opened it to discover a stack of crisp, preppy, neatly folded, diversely colored… polo shirts. I think one of them was Nantucket Red. Or, if you’re not a vacationing male WASP, “pink.”

Torn between feelings of awkward gratitude and slithering revulsion, I tracked down my Dad to inquire about the unsolicited gift. He replied with a knowing grin, “So you’ll stop wearing those black T-shirts.”

Sensing another opportunity for angst-ridden teenage martyrdom, I promptly engaged my Dad and stepmother in a fierce battle of wills that pitted the goofy attire of golf courses against the monochromatic uniform of heavy metal… and wound up kicked out of the house.

Silly as it all seems from the matured age of 27, this story is part of my own brush with that ongoing battle in our society, a battle whose lines have been drawn between the mainstream and the misfits, the orthodox and the outcasts – with presumptions and stereotypes aplenty on all sides. Occasionally, those stereotypes become scapegoats, and the results are sometimes uglier than an afternoon detention or a shouting match at the dinner table.

Consider the case of the fabled “West Memphis Three,” the trio of Arkansas teenagers convicted in 1994 of a brutal triple homicide. A topic already of considerable relevance and interest in these circles, I won’t bother to rehash the forensic details, but let’s break down the basics. Three young boys tortured and murdered in an alleged “Satanic ritual.” Disorganized police and politically motivated prosecutors in need of a suspect, and a grieving, culturally conservative community in need of a villain. Three teens whose attire, attitudes, and music tastes placed them outside the norm. Dubious rumors. Flimsy physical evidence. Guilt by association. All the reasonable doubt in the world couldn’t have stopped this runaway train once the brakes blew. More...

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Pit Stories: Punches And Hugs

We've been checking up with bands and fans everywhere to get their most memorable mosh pit stories from live shows. This week you get two stories for the price of one, courtesy of The World We Knew.

Two specific situations stand out in my mind when I think of "Pit Stories" while on the road; One of them is funny, and the other very violent! Always start with the bad news...

While on the road with our friends in Within the Ruins, our bands had a contest to see who would have the most fights during our sets on tour. We never encouraged the fights, but we tallied each one for the sake of competition. After 3 weeks, we tied 4 to 4, but then decided that TWWK had the most violent fight in Houston, TX.

While playing our last song, a girl decided to punch some guy in the face while moshing. The dude was so heated that he decided it would be a good idea to take a swing right back at the girl. After knocking her straight off her feet, the girls 10 guy friends sitting down decided to beat the offender repeatedly with bar stools. It got so violent that Tim (Guitar) and myself had to get off stage and try to break it up to insure no one was dead!

This other pit story also involves fighting, but ends in a funnier fashion. While in Northern Alabama, we were forced to once again stop our set on a count of fighting, but this time, I decided to brighten the mood a little bit. While talking into the microphone, I decided to walk up to each one of the fighters and asked them kindly to give me a hug. The kids were so flustered and confused with my comment that they forgot they were fighting. The whole crowd laughed loudly at what was going on, and both guys hugged me to end the pit beef. Apparently no one can handle getting hit while dancing these days. Nothing a good hug can't fix though!

The World We Knew released the new album "Death Dealer" today, August 30th via BlkHeart Group, and the album is currently available for streaming in its entirety through Guitarworld.com here.

Check back next Tuesday for more mosh pit stories submitted by bands and fans.

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Absu Announces New Live Shows

In support of the release of the upcoming new album "Abzu," Dallas, Texas-based mythological occult metal act Absu will embark upon a four-show upper East Coast U.S. live exhibition this November invading Richmond, Brooklyn, Reading, and Boston. Support for this special trek will hail from Philadelphia black thrash derelicts Infernal Stronghold.

Following the short tour, Absu will also take part in Montreal's Messe des Morts festival, performing as one of the event's main acts which also includes Inquisition, Glorior Belli, Forteresse, and more.

"Abzu" is set for North American release on October 4th. The album artwork and comments from the band about the release can be found here.

Absu's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

9/10/2011 An Club - Athens, Greece
10/22/2011 007 Rock Bar - San Antonio, TX
10/29/2011 Aurora Infernalis Festival - Driel, Netherlands
11/10/2011 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
11/11/2011 Club Europa - Brooklyn, NY
11/12/2011 Reverb - Reading, PA
11/13/2011 TBA - Boston, MA
11/26/2011 Messe des Morts Festival - Montreal, QC

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Satan's Host Announces 25th Anniversary CD Release

Satan's Host announces the release of "CELEBRATION For the Love of Satan" to commemorate the 25th year since the release of debut "Metal From Hell." The new album is a compilation of material culled throughout the band's career, as well as two new songs. Moribund Records has a November 22 release date for the compilation.

Dave Otero of Flatline Audio in the band's hometown Denver, Colorado recorded and produced the album. World-renowned artists Chris Moyen and Joe Petagno created the album art.

The track list for "CELEBRATION For the Love of Satan" is as follows:

1) For the Love of Satan - new song
2) Hell Fire - "Metal from Hell"
3) Metal from Hell - "Metal from Hell"
4) Witches Return - "Midnight Wind"
5) Cauldron of the Ancients - "In Articulo Mortis"
6) Nightside of Eden - "Archidoxes of Evil"
7) Ecliptic Equinox - "Burning the Born Again (A New Philosophy)"
8) H.E.L.L. - "Burning the Born Again (A New Philosophy)"
9) Satanic Grimoire - "Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick"
10) "The Cursing" Vampyric Evil-Eye - "Great American Scapegoat…666"
11) Dark Priest “Lord Ahriman” - "Power~Purity~Perfection…999"
12) Convictions - new song

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Ancient VVisdom Announces U.S. Tour Dates

Satanic folk rock act Ancient VVisdom has announced a short U.S. tour. The tour kicks off on September 4th in Houston, Texas and ends a week later in San Antonio. Upcoming Ancient VVisdom tour dates are as follows:

09-04 w/Venomous Maximus, Rudyard's, Houston, TX
09-06 Siberia, New Orleans, LA
09-07 Murphy's, Memphis, TN
09-08 Bear's, Shreevport, LA
09-09 w/Venomous Maximus & 4 Days to Burn, Crow Bar, Dallas, TX
09-10 w/ Venomous Maximus, Elysium, Austin, TX
09-11 w/ Cough, Bertha, The Ten Eleven, San Antonio, TX

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Ace4Trays Posts "Price To Pay" Clip

Brazilian act Ace4Trays has released a music video for the single "Price to Pay," which is taken from the new album "Bittersweet." You can check out the video clip below. "Bittersweet" is set for release this Fall.

The music video was directed by André Vidigal in association with Talk Filmes. "The video is a visual stroke that follows the song, enjoy," André says.

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First Two Bands For Bloodstock 2012 Confirmed

The organisers of Britain's, Bloodstock Open Air festival have confirmed the first two names for next year's edition of the event. Performing on the main stage (the Ronnie James Dio stage) will be Canadian heavy metal heroes Anvil, who recently released their new album, "Juggernaut Of Justice" through The End Records in North America (Nuclear Blast in Europe) while on the second stage (the Sophie Lancaster stage,) British stoner metal veterans Orange Goblin will be performing. The festival is scheduled to take place in Catton Hall, Derbyshire from August 9th - 12th.

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The Fallacy Posts New Video Clip

The Fallacy has posted a video clip online for the song "Threshold of Light," which is taken from the album "Beyond The Mist." You can check out the clip below.

You can check out more music from The Fallacy by heading over to the band's MySpace music profile.

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Axemaster Recruits Bassist For Upcoming Release

Axemaster has announced that bassist Jim Curtis will be featured on the band's next release. Jim was a member of the Inner Terror project in 2009-2010 and recently expressed interest in performing on the new CD. As Joe Sims put it:

"When I found out that Jim was interested in being on the CD it was a no-brainer. He's an excellent player and is familiar with me and Brian's writing and playing style, a perfect combination! He's gonna add an extra dimension to the rhythm section and make the disc just that much better!"

Jim also stated: "I am honored and excited to be working with Joe, Brian and Tony in this newest version of Axemaster. I have known Brian for many years and met Joe 3 years ago when they asked me to be on the Inner Terror CD. The songwriting is strong and the riffs are brutal...nobody writes em like Joe...along with great drumming and now with Tony's talents I am looking forward to a killer release from the legends that are Axemaster!"

For more information on Axemaster, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Crypticus To Release Split With Scaremaker

Selfmadegod Records has announced an upcoming split release from Crypticus and Scaremaker this Fall. The record label commented:

"This special split album will feature 4 songs from Crypticus and 5 songs from Scaremaker! This epic meeting of two horror-obsessed bands will also feature amazing cover artwork from none other than the mighty Putrid!

"Crypticus and their brand of classic horror-inspired old-school death metal with original tales of deadly scarecrows, black magic, and an undead HP Lovecraft! Scaremaker with their horrific-thrashing Death Metal with songs inspired by classic horror films such as Madman, Burnt Offerings, and Trick or Treat! All of this and MORE! This release will be exclusive to Selfmadegod Records and will be available sometime later this Fall!"

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Summer Slaughter Bands Talk Future Of Metal

Metal Injection has posted a video clip online of Summer Slaughter bands discussing the future of extreme metal, which can be viewed below. Metal Injection also commented:

"We asked bands on the 2011 Summer Slaughter festival what they think the future of extreme music will be. Some of the answers will surprise you. See how members of The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Dying Fetus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Oceano, As Blood Runs Black, and Within the Ruins respond. More SS clips coming soon."

Click Here To Watch The Video

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Andromeda Signs To Inner Wound Recordings

Inner Wound Recordings has checked in with the following announcement about signing a deal with Sweden's Andromeda:

"Inner Wound Recordings is proud to announce the signing of the Swedish progressive metal band Andromeda to the label for their up-coming album, scheduled for a late 2011 release. More details regarding this album will be made official during the coming month.

"Andromeda with severals albums and tours under their belt is definitely one of the most successful progressive metal bands in Scandinavia and Europe. This fall they've got festival appearances like Generation Prog, Denmark Rock Festival and Slottsskogen goes progressive lined up, and when the new album hits the shelves many more shows will be announced."

You can also check out more details on Andromeda by heading over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Desecrated Sphere Splits With Drummer

Brazilian metal act Desecrated Sphere has issued the following update about recruiting a new drummer:

"Rodolfo Bassani has officially left the band to pursue personal projects. We'd like to express our best wishes towards Rodolfo in accomplishing his goals and our eternal gratitude and friendship. Desecrated Sphere's new drummer will be Saulo Benedetti for all future dates and tours. Saulo is a very talented drummer, he is very experienced in many different styles within rock and metal music, and we are sure he will add a lot to our music."

The band's debut album "The Unmasking Reality" was released in late 2010 is currently being distributed by Digmetalworld in the U.S. on digital format. A music video for the song "Gospel is Dead" can be seen below.

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The Stone Announces "Golet" Release

Serbian black metal act The Stone has announced the new album "Golet" will see release through German Folter Records on September 15th, 2011. A preview of the upcoming album is available in the player below.

The band will also be embarking on a European tour with Inquisition. Details are as follows:

15.09.2011 Arnhem, Willemeen Holland
16.09.2011 Oberhausen, Helvete Germany
18.09.2011 Roeselare, Throne Fest Belgium
19.09.2011 Nantes, Ferraleur France
20.09.2011 Paris, Glazart France
22.09.2011 Montpellier, Secret Place France
23.09.2011 Milano, Zoe Club Italy
24.09.2011 Ljubljana, Channel Zero Slovenia
25.09.2011 Vienna, Escape Austria
26.09.2011 Prague, Matrix Czech Republic
28.09.2011 Krakow, venue TBA Poland
29.09.2011 Poznan, U Bazyla Poland
30.09.2011 Berlin, – K17 Germany
01.10.2011 Neustadt/Orla, Wotufa Saal Germany
02.10.2011 Ingolstadt, Paradox Germany

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Virgin Steele Added To 70,000 Tons Of Metal

Virgin Steele has been confirmed as the latest act to perform at the upcoming 70,000 Tons of metal cruise. The organizers of the cruise commented:

"Make no mistake, 70000 Tons of Metal is not your grandma's cruise. It's also not one of the cruises that share the ship with normal cruise guests. This is an all heavy metal cruise! Can you imagine that? A whole luxury cruise ship full of metalheads? And since there is no backstage area you will have the opportunity to mingle side-by-side with the artists in this incredibly fan-friendly scenario that has no comparison. It's like everyone has a backstage pass!"

So far the following 18 (of 40 total) bands have been revealed:


The 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise will sail on Monday January 23rd, 2012 aboard the Royal Caribbean “Majesty of the Seas” from Miami FL to George Town, Cayman Islands and will return on Friday January 27th, 2012.

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Hull Streaming New Song "Fire Vein"

Today the Village Voice is hosting an exclusive stream and download of "Fire Vein," the fifth track off Hull's upcoming new full-length, "Beyond The Lightless Sky." Set for release on October 11th, 2011 via The End Records, the follow-up to the band's "Sole Lord" debut was co-produced by Brett Romnes and mixed by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Melvins, et al).

Check out "Fire Vein" by navigating your browser over to this location.

Commented the Village Voice in an advance review of the record: "Beyond The Lightless Sky, doesn't stay in one place for too long; instead, it veers between motorcycle-revving D-beat, bog-trawling doom, sinister black metal, Neurosis drum-offs and hypnotic passages that gnash like a venom-dripping cousin to the final Isis album."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Earth From Water
2. Just A Trace of Early Dawn
3. Beyond The Lightless Sky
4. Curling Winds
5. Fire Vein
6. Wake The Heavens, Reveal The Sun
7. False Priest
8. A Light That Shone From Aside The Sea
9. In Death, Truth

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Carnifex Posts "Until I Feel Nothing" Studio Clips

San Diego’s Carnifex has posted two new video updates featuring in-studio footage in preparation for the release of the band's upcoming album, "Until I Feel Nothing." You can check out the first clip below and the second is available after the jump.


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Just For Fun

New Beavis and Butthead Shake Weight Teaser

A new teaser for the upcoming series of Beavis and Butthead cartoons has been released, featuring the "Shake Weight." The new cartoons will be the first produced for an MTV series run in 14 years and the series is expected to return in October 2011. Check it out both previews below:

The "Holy Cornholio" preview was released at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this summer and can be seen below:

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Illdisposed Announces European Shows

Denmark's Illdisposed, which recently split with guitarist Franz Helboss, has now announced new upcoming tour dates in September and October.

The show details are as follows:

30.09 DK Copenhagen - The Rock
01.10 DK Agger - De Sorte Huse
02.10 DE Berlin - K17
03.10 DE Jena - F-Haus
05.10 DE Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
06.10 DE Bayreuth - TBA
07.10 AUT Wien - Escape
08.10 AUT Klagenfurt - Volxhaus
09.10 HUN Budapest - Club 202
11.10 SK Bratislava
12.10 DE Cottbus - Gladhouse
13.10 DE Essen - Turock
14.10 DE Rostock - Alte Zuckerfabrik
29.10 DE Ahrtal - Circle Pit Festival
03.11 DK Aalborg Metal Festival

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Astral Doors Posts "Jerusalem" Trailer

Astral Doors will be releasing the new album Jerusalem this coming October, 2011. The band has now posted a teaser trailer online for the release, which can be viewed below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Seventh Crusade
2. With A Stranger's Eye
3. Child of Rock'n'roll
4. Pearl Harbor
5. Lost Crucifix
6. Babylon Rise
7. Suicide Rime
8. The Battle of Jacob's Ford
9. Operation Freedom
10. The Day After Yesterday
11. Jerusalem

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Derelict Recruits New Guitarist

Derelict has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new guitar player:

"Greetings! We've been waiting a little while to announce some rather important news, because we wanted to be able to show you something to make it concrete. If you don't like reading, go here (it's a photo album on Facebook).

"The news is that we have a new guitar player. We parted ways with George a few months back, after 11 great shows and numerous good times. George got an important career offer and took it, but it prevented him from being in the band full-time. We're happy for him as all seems to be working out, and it's great that his solo on Expiry got immortalized on the EP version.

"Replacing him is new gun Collin McGee. Originally from Wemindji, QC, Collin is also the lead man in Elderoth, which you can hear here. His new album should be out around the same time as Derelict's, so everyone will definitely be getting their fair share of Collin McGee shreds in 2012!"

Derelict also recently contributed a story of an unexpected dose of violence to our Pit Stories column.

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Hexfire Reveals New Album Artwork

Hexfire, which recently signed to Nightmare Records, has now revealed the cover artwork for the band's upcoming album "The Fire of Redemption." Check out the artwork below.

No official release date has yet been announced for "The Fire of Redemption," and further details on the album are expected to be released soon.

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Bolt Thrower Issues Post Tour Message

British grindcore/death metal veterans Bolt Thrower have posted a message online, in which they look over the festivals and concerts they've performed at over the past Summer. The message reads as follows:

"We handpicked a small number of festivals to play in 2011, and the first was in June at Hellfest in France. This festival is pretty daunting in size, but has such a great atmosphere, impressive lineup and faultless organisation, you can't really go wrong. We had a blast playing the Rock Hard tent, it gave us that familiar indoor gig feeling, and the weekend was rounded off by meeting up with old friends we hadn't seen for years and getting to watch some killer bands. Great weekend.

"Last week was Summer Breeze in the beautiful sleepy town of Dinkelsbühl, Germany. SB is the only festival we've ever played twice, and if you've ever been you'll know why. The 30k crowd were the most enthusiastic (and biggest) we've ever had the pleasure to play in front of. And amazing scenes we'll never forget at the BT merch booth, when we had our very first crowd surfer! Why is there never a camera around when you need one..?!

"So, massive thanks to all of you who came out in numbers to help make these shows really specials for us. It's very much appreciated!"

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Far West Battlefront Working On New Album

Up and coming Aussie metalers Far West Battlefront are about to begin recording some new tracks with studio wizard, Roman Koester (THE RED SHORE), at Complex Studios. Frederick Nordstrom (AT THE GATES, BRING ME THE HORIZON, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN, JOB FOR A COWBOY, etc.) will then take charge on mixing and mastering the release.

The band has released this live video of a new track, "Brink of Collapse" to whet your appetites:

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Kittie Posts New Music Video Online

Canadian alternative metal outfit Kittie has posted a new music video online for the song, "We Are The Lamb." You can check it out below. The song comes from the group's latest studio album, "I've Failed You," which is released today (August 30th) in North America through eOne Music. More...

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Demonical Cancels India And Thailand Shows

Sweden's Demonical has issued the following announcement about canceling the band's previously announced appearances in India and Thailand:

"We have been forced to cancel our upcoming show at the Underground Unleashed Festival in Darjeeling, India, scheduled for September 30th due to economical reasons and the festival-organizers common incompetence.

"Being booked for almost a year and despite several promises during the last months it is now utterly clear that the organizer doesn't have the economical funds needed in order to purchase and supply us with the flight-tickets agreed upon.

"Unfortunately due to the nature of the festival-deal and the economical terms within it leaves us no other option than to also cancel the show in Bangkok, Thailand, scheduled for October 2nd.

"We are truly sorry for the cancelled shows but as you certainly understand the situation is beyond our control.

"We do wanna point out that Bloodline Productions from Thailand are not the ones to blame, they have made everything in their power in order to sort things out and make the Bangkok-show happen but sadly this is now the only option.

"Thanks for understanding, hopefully we are able to spread our Swedish Death Metal Darkness over Thailand and the rest of South East Asia sometime in 2012."

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Cicada Reveals New Album Details

Halifax’s Cicada, which was recently featured in our Unearthing The Metal Underground column, has revealed the details for the band's upcoming self titled album including artwork, track listing, and release date. The album is set to be released on September 17th at their CD release show at Club 1668. The album was recorded at SoundMarket Studios and all artwork done by the band's Djembe player Nathan Collupy with photography by Tifany Naugler.

The tracklisting for "Cicada" is as follows:

1. Cleansing of the Wicked
2. Insame
3. Benefactor of Chaos
4. Guild of Guilt
5. Presence
6. Acquiescence
7. Steel Crusher
8. The Invention
9. Encapsulated (i)

You can download a free MP3 of "The Invention" here.

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Ava Inferi Announces New Drummer

Rune Eriksen, guitarist and mastermind of Ava Inferi, issued the following statement about recruiting a new drummer:

"We are very pleased to announce that the new drummer for Ava Inferi is none other than Sasha Horn, previously of Novembers Doom. After having had some contact with Sasha over the last few years I am now very happy we have come to this joint conclusion. The last of the lost keys has been recovered!

"I have for some time now wanted to strengthen the fundament of the band, to go deeper and to include some heavier and more powerful elements into the sound of our creations. I truly believe that Sasha possesses the necessary qualities to make this happen, and I am highly confident about the next steps in our path together."

Sasha had this to say about joining the band: "I was ecstatic beyond belief when this opportunity was brought to me, and needless to say, I jumped at the chance! I'm a huge fan of what Ava Inferi has created, and we anticipate wonderful things as a result of this new union."

In other news, Ava Inferi has inked a deal with London based booking agency Mythology-Live, and has the following upcoming shows with Moonspell:

December 2nd - Madrid/Spain - Sala Heineken
December 3rd - Sevilla/Spain - Sala Fanatic

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Bleeding Red Posts New In Studio Video

Germany death thrashers Bleeding Red have posted a new video report from the studio. The band is recording its first full length release tentatively scheduled for release in April 2012. The release is the follow up to 2008's independently released self titled EP. The video can be seen here:

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Chickenfoot Posts New Video

Hard rock supergroup Chickenfoot released a new music video for "Big Foot." The song is featured on the sophomore release "III" due out on September 27, 2011.

The video can be seen here:

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Negative Posts New Video For "Believe"

Finnish band Negative has posted a new video for the song "Believe" from the 2010 release "Neon." The video was filed in Tampere, Finland.

Frontman Jonne Aaron made the following comments on the video: "In the scenes that were filmed on the beach, you can see area where I spent my childhood years ... it's a western part of Tampere city and it's called Lielahti. If you look really closely, you can see the factory where my grandparents used to work at back in '60s and '70s. So this video is kind of a back-to-the-roots step, it means a lot to me. I'm very glad that this video brings more flesh to the song. The song itself is quite romantic and so is the video. We thought it might be very exotic to the people all over the world to film some Finnish nature/sunset."

Check out the video here:

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Children Of Bodom Announce Live Dates For Mexico

Finland's Children of Bodom announced the following live dates in Mexico:

11/24/2011: Guadalajara, Mexico - Teatro Diana
11/26/2011: Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador

No support act has been announced. These are the first dates of a greater South and Central American tour. More dates are expected soon.

Previously, the band announced the dates for Australia with supporting act Voyager:

11/06/2011: Perth - Capitol
11/07/2011: Adelaide - HQ
11/10/2011: Melbourne - The Palace
11/12/2011: Sydney - The Big Top
11/13/2011: Brisband - The Arena

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Def Leppard And Motley Crue To Tour The U.K.

British hard rock veterans Def Leppard have announced that they will be teaming with American glam metal legends Motley Crue for a co-headlining tour of the United Kingdom this December. Opening the shows will be tongue in cheek glam metal outfit, Steel Panther. Tickets will be available at LiveNation from September 1st.

The tour dates are as follows:

December 6th - LG Arena, Birmingham
December 8th - Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
December 9th - SECC Hall 4, Glasgow
December 11th - M.E.N. Arena, Manchester
December 13th - Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
December 14th - Wembley Arena, London

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