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Metal News for August 27, 2020

Last updated on September 24, 2020 at 1:32 AM ET

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Elixir Guitarist Discusses Latest Album And NWOBHM

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal might not be so new anymore, but for those who love classic metal, especially younger listeners, there'll always be new discoveries when digging deep into the movement. While the likes of Iron Maiden and Saxon will always grab the headlines, bands like Raven, Praying Mantis and Witchfinder General will always be regarded as excellent bands that deserve more recognition. Another band which falls into this category would be Elixir, from the English capital city, London.

After releasing a truly stellar debut, "The Son Of Odin" in 1986, it would be another four years until their sophomore "Lethal Potion" would hit the shelves. While the band hasn't always been as active as some of their contemporaries, Elixir has always done their best to give fans slice after slice of high quality heavy metal. In March of this year, the group released, "Voyage Of The Eagle," their seventh full length album and undoubtedly one of the best in their long, storied career.

To find out more about the album, as well as the side project Midnight Messiah, sharing their singer with Desolation Angels, thoughts on the New Wave Of British Metal and much more, I spoke with guitarist and co-founder Phil Denton.

Diamond Oz: Congratulations on the release of your latest album, "Voyage Of The Eagle." Could you tell us what the meaning of the title is?

Phil Denton: Thank you! The title refers to the name of the ship in our adventure, ‘The Eagle’. The album tells the story of how some sea-fairing folk overheard a tale of a dead man’s buried treasure from some drunken seamen in a tavern. From there, they press gang a crew, set sail, try to avoid the temptations of The Siren, survive storms, mutiny, and blood-thirsty crew-mates, to get to the treasure. I won’t tell you how the story ends, but the album documents the adventure, hence the title.

Oz: This is your first album for ten years. Obviously in that time you've changed some band members, but what would you say sets it apart from the previous album, "All Hallows Eve"?

Phil: We have changed one band member. Original bass player and co-founder, Kevin Dobbs, decided that he didn’t want to continue with Elixir in 2012. As we are a tight-knit group who had been together since 1984, we didn’t even contemplate replacing him with someone else, we just thought that it was the end of Elixir. Paul and I formed a spin-off band, Midnight Messiah, to carry on Elixir’s legacy.

When I started recording ideas for a new album, I felt that, as the lyrical ideas were based on a track called ‘Dead Man’s Gold’ from Elixir’s debut album, ‘The Son Of Odin’, that the new material should be recorded by Elixir. I contacted the guys and asked whether they would be interested in making a new album. They were all keen to do it, except for Kev, who still didn’t want to continue. He felt that we had ended on a great album, ‘All Hallows Eve’, and wanted to leave things there. However, he could see that we were all keen to do it, and so he gave us his blessing to get another bass player to continue. That was important to us, because, as I mentioned, we grew up together and are like brothers, so we didn’t want to replace Kev if there was any chance that he may want to continue.

We found a young and talented bass player called Luke Fabian to record the album. He did a great job on the recording, but when rehearsing for live shows it became apparent that Luke wasn’t quite right for us as a permanent replacement for Kev. He is quite younger than us and from a different musical background.

Just before the pandemic and lockdown happened, we had a great rehearsal session with another bass player, who I don’t want to name yet. We are intending to get a band line-up photo done and then announce him in September. We like him a lot, not just for his playing, but as a person we could relate to both musically and personally. When you spend hours together travelling in a van or stuck at an airport, you need to get on well with your band mates. He has been learning the live set and material from the new album, and after the rehearsal studios re-opened following lockdown, we have had a few more rehearsals with him. He is coming along a lot better than I had dared to hope, and is a pleasure to play with. We are sounding like a tight band again. He has stayed respectful to Kev’s legacy, maintaining Kev’s sound and replicating Kev’s bass runs where required, but also has been adding his own touches too. I feel that we have found the perfect replacement for Kev, and cannot wait to get out and start playing live shows again.

Musically, I don’t think there is a lot of difference between ‘All Hallows Eve’ and ‘Voyage Of The
Eagle’, they are both traditional classic heavy rock albums in our usual style. Four out of five band
members are the same, and our fans are telling us that the new album is what they had hoped for and expected from Elixir in 2020.

The main difference musically is whilst ‘All Hallows Eve’ is themed around the old Pagan and Celtic ritual of Samhain carried out traditionally on 31 st October, and has the 14 minute ‘epic’ song ‘Samhain’, the new album actually tells a continuous story, like a concept album, and doesn’t have any songs of such length.


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Heathen Releases Fourth Trailer For New Album

Bay Area thrash legends Heathen recently revealed their fourth studio album entitled, "Empire of the Blind," will be released on September 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band releases their fourth album trailer and discuss the recording process. Watch the album trailer below.

"Empire Of the Blind" will be available in the following formats:

- CD Jewel Case
- CD + Patch Bundle
- Vinyl (Black) (Red - Limited Edition) (Orange w/ Red Splatter - Limited Edition)

"Empire Of The Blind" tracklisting:

1. This Rotting Sphere
2. The Blight
3. Empire Of The Blind
4. Dead And Gone
5. Sun In My Hand
6. Blood To Be Let
7. In Black
8. Shrine Of Apathy
9. Devour
10. A Fine Red Mist
11. The Gods Divide
12. Monument To Ruin More...

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Wolfchant Signs With Reaper Entertainment

German pagan metal band Wolfchant has revealed that they have signed a world wide record deal with the up-and-coming label, Reaper Entertainment Europe.

The band states: "We are very happy about the future cooperation with Reaper Entertainment, as we appreciate their professional work very much. Together we want to take Wolfchant to the next level."

Greg (Reaper Entertainment) states: "Its an honour to welcome such pagan metal veterans as Wolfchant on board! Back in 2007 when I was attending the (not longer existing) Ultima Ratio Festival I unfortunately missed them ;-) Back then I never would have imagined that in 2020 we are signing them! Stay tuned for some Wolfchant at its best!"

Wolfchant are recording their new studio album at the moment and are planning a tour for this autumn. More Info about the new album soon.

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Visions Of Atlantis To Release Live Album/Blu Ray

This autumn, Visions Of Atlantis will continue their entrancing symphonic journey through the maritime depths by presenting fans with their very first live album/Blu-ray/DVD, "A Symphonic Journey To Remember!" Recorded live at the 2019 Bang Your Head!!! Festival with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, the multi-format live offering is set to be released via Napalm Records on October 30, 2020.

The audiovisual voyage through the long and successful history of the band showcases their strong, manifold identity and cements their standing at the top of the scene. Alongside their bandmates, the heart-wrenching duets of Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli are underlined by the outstanding musical power of the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague.

The highly energetic, enchanting live music video "Heroes Of The Dawn" catches a first visual spark of the palpable live atmosphere of the festival, and the band’s breathtaking musical delivery. More...

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Headline News

Evildead Announces First New Album In 29 Years

Following their reformation in 2016, thrash metal veterans Evildead has announced that they will be releasing a brand new album titled, "United States Of Anarchy" on October 30th. It will feature nine studio tracks plus a metalized cover version of the B-52’s "Planet Claire" as a bonus track all produced by Bill Metoyer. Seminal artist Edward J. Repka has once again illustrated the cover of the new album. With United States Of Anarchy, EvilDead has returned more powerful than ever and awakened again to annihilate the masses.

"United States Of Anarchy" will be released as a CD DigiPak version, LP version, download and stream.

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Epica Posts Ninth Studio Vlog Online

Dutch symphonic metal giants Epica have recorded their eighth album at Sandlane Recording Facilities in the Netherlands. In April, Mark Jansen was not able to travel to the Netherlands due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions. So he recorded his vocal parts in his home studio. Meanwhile in Sandlane Recording Facilities, Coen Janssen and producer Joost van den Broek were supervising the recordings of the backing vocals for EPICA#8.

In this episode you get a behind-the-scenes look how Mark, the choir and the backing vocals were recorded.

Coen Janssen comments: "Besides Simone’s vocals, our music has a lot more voices to be heard! Of course there is Mark, growling away from Sicily due to him not being able to travel to the studio because of the pandemic. Next to the children’s choir we also have the ’normal’ choir again, giving us an even better performance than previous times. And just when you thought that was all, we squeeze in some awesome backing vocals by Linda and Marcela to complement Simone’s leads. Seeing everything coming together like this is the cherry on the cake of the recordings so enjoy the little snippets…. almost done."

Epica's first new music is scheduled for release this fall through Nuclear Blast Records. In support of this the band will comprehensively tour Europe during the rescheduled ‘Epic Apocalypse’ co-headline tour with Apocalyptica and support act Wheel. More...

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Omnivortex Premiere First Single “Barren”

Helsinki, Finland-based death metal band Omnivortex premiere their first single “Barren” from their upcoming debut full-length “Diagrams of Consciousness”. The album will be released on November 20th, 2020 through Concorde Music Company.


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Johansson & Speckmann Premiere New Single

Johansson & Speckmann premiere a new song entitled "Take the Lion’s Share", taken from their upcoming new album "The Germs of Circumstance". The group’s fifth full-length will be out in stores on October 09 on Soulseller Records.

Check out now "Take the Lion’s Share" below.

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Upcdownc Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Upcdownc premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Score". The record will be released by Trepanation Recordings on August 28th, digitally and in a limited edition CD format and on cassette tape (limited to 50 copies of each).

Check out now "Score" in its entirety below.

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Inferi Premiere New Single "Aeons Torn"

Inferi‘s new single “Aeons Torn” has premiered online streaming via YouTube for you below. The track is off of the group’s impending new EP, “Of Sunless Realms“, out in stores on October 09th through The Artisan Era.

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