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Metal News for August 27, 2011

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Grönholm Readies New Album, "Silent Out Loud"

September 16, 2011 sees Grönholm release their sophomore album, "Silent Out Loud" on Lion Music. The album contains ten tracks, which are as follows:

1. Cross Of Mind
2. Distorted Eyes
3. Under My Star
4. Vanity
5. Out From The Nest
6. Race Is On
7. Giant Step
8. Set The Stones
9. Dawn Of A Dream
10. Away

The new album sees Mika take a heavier approach to his song writing utilizing a down tuned B tuning for all stringed instruments. On the change Mika comments, “All the songs on “Silent Out Loud” are tuned down to low B. Sometimes B-tuning is used for roaring vocals or lighting fast guitar parts, but no, not this time. With this tuning I was seeking more power and energy to my riffs.”

Writing for the release began in May 2010 and was completed 4 months later. Mika’s approach was to “Simply sit down and record riffs and ideas to an mp3 player and those riffs that maintain attention on repeated plays get worked on into bodies of songs.” Once the tracks had taken shape the recordings took place in January 2011. In contrast to the debut Tom Rask’s drums were recorded first this time round and Mika then built the final tracks around the drum work. Markku Kuikka recorded his vocals in his home studio in a short three day stint. March 2011 saw the arrival of the guest vocal tracks from Billy Sherwood (chorus parts on "Cross" and "Out From The Nest") and Marco Hietala (lead vocals on "Vanity"). The band then had to wait until April 2011 for Janne Tolsa to become available to mix and master and the results show the wait was justified. Mika then mixed the last three songs at his home studio “because they were easy and quick to do.”

In addition a promotional video for the opening track "Cross Of Mind" has been shot and made available online in the run up to the “Silent Out Loud” release on September 16, 2011.

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Gaia Epicus To Release "Dark Secrets" This Fall

Norway's Gaia Epicus recently announced that the long awaited fifth album "Dark Secrets" will be released in November. This will mark the first album since "Damnation" in 2008. The track listing for the new album is:

1. Beyond the Universe
2. Hellfire
3. Lost Forever
4. Mirror of Truth
5. Bounded by Blood
6. Ode to the Past
7. Farewell
8. The Raven
9. Behind these Walls
10. Falling into the Abyss
11. Dark Secrets
12. Last Chance

A UK Tour is also scheduled for November, with the confirmed dates below:

14.11.11 Bannermans - Edinburgh, Scotland
15.11.11 Ivory Blacks - Glasgow, Scotland
16.11.11 The Snooty Fox - Wakefield, UK
17.11.11 Grand Central - Manchester, UK
18.11.11 Revolver Rock - Birkenhead, UK
19.11.11 Gasworks - Bradford, UK Komatoze
20.11.11 The Riverside Bar - Selby, UKe
22.11.11 Purple Turtle - London, UK

UK Band Komatoze will provide support. More European dates are planned for early 2012.

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The Kymatica Posts New EP Online

Tuscon based four piece act The Kymatica has released a new four song EP, which is currently available online for streaming. You can check out the tracks in the player below, or by heading over to The Kymatica's Facebook profile.

Latest tracks by The Kymatica

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Abazagorath Streaming New Song

U.S. black metal band Abazagorath has posted a new song online titled "Immortals." You can check out the track by heading over to the band's Reverbnation page.

Abazagorath also announced the track will be released in late October / early November as an MCD through Diabolist Services, with a vinyl edition to follow.

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Killswitch Engage Writing New Album

Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage has checked in with the following brief update via Facebook about the band writing material for an upcoming album:

"YO! Its Adam D! We're about to begin writing our new record. Thanks to all of our fans for waiting so friggin' patiently...now let's turn on the "riff faucet" and RAGE!"

Details on the upcoming new release have not yet been revealed. In the mean time, you can check out more info on Killswitch Engage by heading over to the band's Facebook or MySpace profiles.

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Divine Ascension Posts Video Teaser For Debut LP

Australian progressive band Divine Ascension posted a teaser of the forthcoming debut LP "As The Truth Appears." The album is scheduled for release on October 11, 2011 through Nightmare Records.

Track listing for "As The Truth Appears":

1. Answers
2. Visionary
3. In My Mind
4. Vision Divine
5. Guided By Osiris
6. One Last Caress
7. Garden of Evil
8. Another Battlefield
9. Civilization
10. Unscathed

Check out the video here:

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Pythia Splits With Bassist

Pythia has posted the following statement online about splitting with bass player Andy Nixon-Corfield:

"We are saddened to inform you that bass player Andy Nixon-Corfield has left the troops of Pythia in order to pursue other musical interests! Good Luck Andy!

"In good news we are delighted to announce the recruitment of Mark Harrington. Mark is no stranger to female fronted metal as he is also a member of expert proggers To-Mera. Welcome Mark!

"Box set pre-orders: There is a slight delay in the shipping of the box sets due to unforeseen problems. We are looking at a mid September delivery and we would like to thank everyone for their patience. They will certainly be worth the wait.

"Live dates: Please note we have some new UK live dates for October 2011.

6th October Face Bar, Reading, UK
7th October Scream Lounge, Croydon, UK
9th October With Lahannya Asylum, Birmingham, UK"

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Coldworker Signs To Listenable Records

Coldworker has issued the following announcement about signing a deal with Listenable Records for the release of "The Domsayer's Call:"

"Big news. Coldworker has a new label home. We are proud and excited to announce that our new album, 'The Doomsayer's Call,' will be released by Listenable Records. Listenable is passionate about the music and really into 'The Doomsayer's Call,' so we couldn't have wished for a better label to ink a deal with.

"We have more confidence in this album than either of our previous efforts, and can't wait for you all to sink your teeth into the epic grind-infested death metal knuckle sandwich which is our new album.

"We are also anxious to get out on the road to tear it up in front of a live audience, especially since we, for different reasons, didn't get to play live nearly enough in support of the 'Rotting Paradise' album. Make sure to keep checking our website for information regarding upcoming shows.

"Exact release date, artwork and samples from the album coming soon..."

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Hate Profile Streaming New Song

Hate Profile has checked in with the following update about streaming a song online from the band's new album:

"As Hate Profile is still in the process of dicussing the release of 'The Soul Proceeds,' a new song has been uploaded on the band's MySpace profile here.

"Hearts In Turmoil has been chosen as it contains all of the new album's characteristics and moods. We strongly believe 'The Soul Proceeds' is a turning point for us as a band, hope you'll enjoy the effort."

The track listing for "The Soul Proceeds" is as follows:

1. The Great Outrage
2. Spiritual Death
3. The Soul Proceeds
4. Among the Dead
5. Hearts in Turmoil
6. He
7. Cosmos Violation
8. Entropic Chaos Release
9. Ancestral Abode - Hyperborea

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Reunited Wolfsbane Finish Recording Of New LP

Reunited U.K. metal outfit Wolfsbane completed work on a new as of yet untitled album. The band posted the following on its website:

"We are pretty much there with all the recording so the next stage is the mixing and mastering. We have 13 tracks "in the can" and will probably end up with 10 or 11 on the finished album.

"The release is scheduled for early November and all being well through Amazon, HMV and i-tunes etc too!!"

Wolfsbane features Ex-Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley.

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Kamelot Guitarist: "We Needed Jon to Play Zodiac"

Mark Morton of the Examiner posted a new interview with guitarist Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot prior to embarking on the "Pandemonium Over North America" tour with Alestorm, Blackguard and The Agonist this week.

Youngblood talked about recruiting the Mountain King Jon Oliva to play the part of "Zodiac:"

"Well, it was all very coincidental. We basically had everyone we had talked about having on the record finish their parts. And we were working on “The Zodiac,” and one of the lines struck me as something that Jon would sing. And I then felt that we needed someone to portray this character of the Zodiac Killer.

"Jon has this signature, evil-sounding voice that is just amazing and instantly recognizable. So I decided to contact Jon to see if he would be interested in doing it. As well, Casey had played some parts on his latest album. So everything happened really fast; he said he’d love to do it, and within a couple of weeks, everything was finished and worked out great!"

Youngblood was asked about the struggles to break into the American scene (despite being a largely American act):

"I mean, six years ago, nobody who sounds like us would have ever been able to tour the States. It’s not quite where we want it to be, but it’s still growing here. I think it’s more of an awareness thing than anything; the country is just so geographically big that it’s really hard to market a band without the mass-marketing that bands like Linkin Park used to get. Whereas, in Europe, you can get centralized marketing for Germany, or Holland, or wherever. I think that’s been the main issue with any band that is like Kamelot." More...

Read the full article at Examiner.com.

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Jeff Loomis Posts Video Reports On Second Solo LP

Ex-Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis posted new video reports from Fastback Studios, where he is currently recording his second solo album. Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren is seen laying down drum tracks. You can check out the videos here:


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Icarus Witch Parts Ways With Guitarist And Drummer

Pittsburgh power metal band Icarus Witch recently parted ways with drummer Steve Johnson and guitarist Ed Skero. They will be replaced by guitarist Dave Watson, formerly of Mantic Ritual and drummer Tom Wierzbicky, formerly of Thunderfist.

The band's announcement reads as follows:

"After three North American tours in one year, Cleopatra Records recording artist Icarus Witch have amicably parted ways with guitarist Ed Skero and drummer Steve Johnson. The band is extremely excited to announce their replacements, Dave Watson and Tom Wierzbicky respectively.

"Those in the metal community will know Dave as the vocalist and guitarist for Nuclear Blast thrashers, Mantic Ritual. Watson is also highly regarded as one of the top producers in the Pittsburgh region and was the man behind the mixing board (and on keyboards) for the latest Icarus Witch single, “Tragedy.” He has been friends with the band for years and is a natural fit to compliment guitarist Quinn Lukas’ melodic metal playing style.

"Twenty-two year old Brooklyn, New York native Tom Wierzbicky has been playing drums non-stop for 8 years and impressed the band at his audition bringing a creative energy, attack and unique precision well beyond his years. Tom has recently drummed for Chicago modern rockers, Hessler and lead his own traditional metal crew, ThunderFist in Lancaster, PA. He is the perfect fit for the energetic new direction the songs have been taking as the Witch puts finishing touches on pre-production for their 5th album to be tracked this fall."

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