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Metal News for August 25, 2020

Last updated on September 24, 2020 at 1:32 AM ET

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Venomous Concept Streaming New Album

Venomous Concept, the hardcore/grindcore supergroup featuring Napalm Death members Shane Embury, Danny Herrera and live guitarist John Cooke, as well as former Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp, has posted their latest album, "Politics Versus The Erection," online for streaming. You can check it out below. The album is set to be released through Season Of Mist on August 28th.

Kevin Sharp comments: "We wanted to do a record that sounded reactionary. We went into a studio wrote and recorded PVE in four days, in the age of digital thinking, records full of edits. Politics Versus the Erection is perfectly imperfect."


1. Simian Flu
2. Hole In The Ground
3. Eliminate
4. Lemonade
5. Colossal Failure
6. Promise
7. Septic Mind
8. Dementia Degeneration
9. Carrion
10. Broken Teeth
11. Shadows
12. Mantis Toboggan
13. Politics Versus The Erection More...

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Scardust Reveals New Album Details

Israeli progressive wizards, Scardust, follow up their critically debut masterpiece "Sands Of Time" with "Strangers," an intriguing concept album recorded against all odds in the first half of 2020. Mixed by Yonatan Kossov (Orphaned Land, Amorphis) and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Arch Enemy), the album - which is now available for pre-order on CD and limited-edition gray smoke vinyl - will be released October 30 via M-Theory Audio. A 60-second teaser video can be seen below.

Vocalist Noa Gruman explains, "Strangers deals with the concept of being estranged. Written from multiple perspectives, it explores the ways in which people can be estranged from one another, from themselves, from society, from their loved ones and even from their own subconscious. After the overture, which introduces musical themes, the album separates into two parts. Every song from the second part is a mirror image of a parallel song in the first. Each pair of songs tells the story of a pair of strangers. They can be played together as a standalone piece, as individual songs or as part of the album, whatever the listener’s heart desires."

"Strangers" was written and composed jointly by singer and band leader Noa Gruman and Orr Didi, who also collaborated with Gruman on "Sands Of Time," and Scardust’s debut EP "Shadow." More...

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Fates Warning Announces New Album

On November 6th, Fates Warning will release their new album, "Long Day Good Night," via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of the record, the new single, "Scars," can be heard below.

Fates Warning have been a formidable presence in progressive metal for more than 35 years, helping to shape and drive the genre without ever compromising their integrity or losing relevance. They return in 2020 with "Long Day Good Night," the most epic and longest album of their storied career - mixed by Joe Barresi. "The styles of music we've written distinguish this record from the rest of our catalogue," states vocalist Ray Alder. "There are some songs with electronics and some with a nice ethereal feel, as well as some pretty straightforward grooves, at least for us. And there are also some pretty heavy songs. We tried to give the listener a host of different things to listen to, as opposed to an album where every song sounds the same." As such, the album is something of a rollercoaster ride, moving through various moods and making for perhaps their most vital release to date.

Guitarist Jim Matheos began writing the album in mid-2019, working closely with Alder for about a year, honing the songs, completing 13 for their 13th full-length - which un-coincidentally has a total running time of 72:22. Despite their long history of making records, Alder makes it clear that the songs take a lot of work to realize. "Like all albums, nothing comes easy. It's quite a process to go from the idea to the actual finished song. Sometimes you think you're done with it, then you hear something else and you have to try that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but you at least have to try it just so you know that in the end you've done everything possible to make it as good as it can be. Jim and I spent practically every day for the last year writing this album. I am very happy with the outcome, and with the blend of styles. I guess I could say that this album represents all of the years that we have been together." More...

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Kontinuum Posts New Music Video Online

Iceland's Kontinuum have released a new music video for the track "Two Moons", taken from 2018's No Need To Reason album. The dark and thought-provoking video can be seen below.

The band comments: "Much like every other artist on the planet, we were faced with this new reality. Forced to think outside the box we decided to revisit this song from 'No Need To Reason,' which we always thought deserved a visual artistic expression."

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Testament Guitarst To Guest On Sepulquarta

For this week's Sepulquarta session Sepultura welcomes Testament lead guitarist Alex Skolnick for a live Q&A and a performance of 'Vandals Nest'.

Andreas Kisser comments: "Alex Skolnick is one of the great masters of the guitar, not only in the world of heavy metal but also in the world of jazz - he's truly a unique and extraordinary musician. We are so honoured to have him with us for another amazing SepulQuarta. We will chat about his career with Testament and his side projects, and you will be able to ask him whatever you want! After the chat we will air our Live Quarantine version of 'Vandals Nest' from our album Machine Messiah with our friend Alex on the guitar, you don’t want to miss this! See you all on Wednesday!”

Join the band this Wednesday 26th August at 8pm BST/3pm EST:

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Stalker To Release New Album In October

New Zealand's speed metal overlords Stalkerare returning with yet another lesson in raw and in-your-face heavy metal, breathing the spirit and danger of the glorious 80s.

Following 2019's globally acclaimed "Powermad" EP, the band's impatiently awaited second full-length album, "Black Majik Terror," will be released on October 30, 2020 via Napalm Records.

Coinciding with the album's announcement and the pre-order, Stalker have also released the first single off Black Majik Terror, "Of Steel And Fire" - a track that immediately calls to mind epic anthems of tried and true heavy metal like Judas Priest's "Painkiller" but swiftly forges on its own path of blistering speed and precision that serves as an indicator of what is to come on the album. It becomes readily apparent that Stalker have not lost any of their magic and have quickly discarded the chains of the dreaded sophomore slump.

Commented the band: "Time to unshackle the first cut 'Of Steel And Fire' from our new album, Black Majik Terror.... The album takes you through a near future hellscape where unseen evil entities have invaded this reality through human folly... prepare to die... tonight!!!" More...

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Eclipse To Release New Live Album

Swedish hard rock act Eclipse have announced their first ever official live release, "Viva La VicTOURia," which was recorded at the Trädgårn venue in Gothenburg, Sweden on 21st December 2019 during a tour in support of their tremendously successful current studio album, "Paradigm." The record will be released through Frontiers Music SRL on November 6th.

"We've talked about properly documenting a live show for ages. Well, if anything good came out of the pandemic that brought touring to a halt, this is it. Thanks to this record, ‘Viva La VicTOURia’ will live forever, although it ended up being our shortest tour," says vocalist/guitarist Erik Mårtensson. "Fans have asked us for a live album and video for a long time now. Well, here it is. Eclipse live, raw and naked. Enjoy!" adds guitarist Magnus Henriksson.

Bonus material on the CD and limited edition 3xLP formats of this release include the studio track "Driving One Of Your Cars" (a Lisa Miskovsky cover), acoustic versions of "The Downfall Of Eden" and "When The Winter Ends," as well as three live tracks from the band's "Live from the Quarantine" pay-per-view special, which was recorded at Studio Grondahl in Stockholm on 1st April of this year. The 3xLP version, which cobtains a red, white and blue disc, also includes the exclusive bonus tracks "Hurt" and "Mary Leigh." More...

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Kataklysm Guitarist Speaks On COVID-19 Diagnosis

Today, Kataklysm guitarist JF Dagenais updates fans about his current condition since testing positive with COVID-19 as well as spread awareness to the metal community.

Statement from JF :
"Hey, folks! First, I want to thank everyone for the outpour of support from all our awesome fans and music colleagues around the world. It really gave me a morale boost! Last week started like any normal week. I was doing press for Kataklysm's new album Unconquered and on Wednesday morning I woke up and felt like I got hit by a train; I had a slight fever, body aches, and very low energy. The next day I went to my doctor after no improvement and they administered the COVID test to be on the safe side. It came back positive and I was shocked because I'm the extra careful type of guy. I wear a mask religiously, wash my hands, and barely go out. Anyhow, over the weekend I started to feel much better and started feeling like my old self again. Luckily, I am in decent health with no underlying conditions. I will self-quarantine at home with my family (so far they are fine) and will be free of this thing in no time. I don't want to make a big thing out of this and overshadow the new album but wanted to share the news that anyone can get this so be careful out there It is a nasty bug, the first few days were brutal but at the end of the day I'm fine and I will get over it."

Canadian melodic death metal heavyweights Kataklysm will unleash their 14th full-length studio album, "Unconquered," on September 25th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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Thanatopsis Reveals Debut Album Details

Extreme Metal Music is proud to announce their latest signing of California's Thanatopsis for the release of their debut album "Initiation" due out October 23rd to follow their four independently released demos between 1993-1997.

After a hiatus, 3/4 of the band has reunited along with the new addition of drummer Jason Borton (Jungle Rot, Arkaik) to offer their debut full-length, which features past recordings that are given a second life and a chance to be heard by a broader audience along with new unheard material. The album was recorded at Trident Studios with renowned producer Juan Urteaga (Exodus, Testament, Machine Head).

The overall album experience shares eight old school thrash/death metal influenced tracks that are an emotionally twisted ride of violently catchy brutality. With themes that include corruption, occultism, murder, revolt, and loss of faith, Thanatopsis delivers an album that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish, with a sound unlike any other.

The band comments:

"It has been a long time in the making and we are very excited to present to the world the first official full-length Thanatopsis album “Initiation”. This album contains timeless songs that fans, both old and new, will appreciate. Bringing our sound to the masses has been a collective dream of ours for a long time. In a scene that is saturated with bands, we are proud to release something that is unique in character to the metal world at large." More...

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Alukah Premiere New Music Video For "Cartesian"

Maryland death metal band Alukah premiere a new music video titled "Cartesian", taken from their upcoming new album "Descending", out in stores now via Stay Sick Recordings.

Check out now "Cartesian " below.

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Fight The Fight Premiere New Song "Ritual"

Norwegian metal band Fight The Fight premiere a new song called "Ritual", off of their forthcoming album "Deliverance". The record will be out in stores September 18th via Metal Blade Records and Indie Recordings.

If you're into Rammstein and Avatar check out "Ritual" below.

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Goat Necropsy Premiere New Music Video

Brazilian deathgrinders Goat Necropsy premiere a new music video for "The Collector", taken from their new EP "Bloody and Fresh", which was released May 12, 2020.

Check out now "The Collector" below.

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Aleynmord Premiere Full-Album Stream Of New Album

US folk black metal unit Aleynmord premiere the full-album stream of the band's brand new album "The Blinding Light", which is out now via AOP Records.

Check out now "The Blinding Light" in its entirety below.

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Wolftooth Premiere New Music Video "Valhalla"

Richmond, Indiana-based traditional heavy metal band Wolftooth premiere a new song entitled "Valhalla", taken from their new album of the same name. The record is out in stores now via Ripple Music and Cursed Tongue Records.

Check out now "Valhalla" below.

Explain the band: More...

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