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Metal News for August 15, 2017

Last updated on August 17, 2017 at 6:03 PM ET

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Arkaik Releases New Video

Advancing the September release of Arkaik's fifth full-length album "Nemethia," the brutal tech-death metal outfit today releases an official video for the record's "Futile State" track.

Produced and directed by Nikko DeLuna, with effects by Trevor "No One" Turner and makeup by Sherra Dixon and Jenn Jones, the new "Futile State" video visually delivers some of the album's sci-fi influence.

A continuation on the conceptual saga of Arkaik's two previous releases, on "Nemethia" the journey of Cyrix expands into new landscapes, as does the band's technical prowess and creativity.

Vocalist Jared Christianson commments: "The song is about the feeling of existential futility and the catharsis it can create. The video is a blend of ideas. I took inspiration from Plato's Allegory Of The Cave, mixed with neo-shamanism and put a transhumanist spin on it. Nikko DeLuna is great at taking my ideas and bringing them to life. It was a pleasure to work with him again, and the rest of our team. Enjoy!" More...

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GWAR Announces North American Tour

On October 20th, GWAR will release a new studio album entitled "The Blood of Gods" via Metal Blade Records.

In support of that impending album, your Lords and Masters will leave their arctic slumber and return to the road to cause aural (and anal) devastation across North America. Joining in the chaos will be Ghoul, Doyle (10/20-11/5), He Is Legend (11/7-12/10) and U.S. Bastards.

The tour kicks off in Richmond, VA on October 20th and runs through December 10th in Detroit, MI and includes a stop in New York City on Halloween. A complete list of WAR dates can be found below.

The Berserker Blothar had this to say about the upcoming shows: "Humans, we are coming to tear your world apart with a live performance the likes of which has never been seen on this or any other planet! This album, 'The Blood of Gods,' is the greatest thing since French toast. Just hearing these songs performed will result in an instant paroxysm of weeping, gnashing of teeth, and the uncontrollable voiding of your filthy bowels. Now, we are taking the whole bloody shit show on the road, with the most spectacular, blood-drenched, gruesome, and terrifying rock concert of all time. Don't miss your chance to sacrifice yourself to GWAR at a venue near you!" More...

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Bionatops Posts Album Teaser

Nefarious Industries presents the noxious new "Voices" album by Bionatops, the outfit producing a boldly bizarre mutation of progressive, technical, and categorically odd metal. A brief glimpse into the mutant output of the duo's new wares has been issued through a teaser trailer ahead of the record's September 22nd release. Check it out below.

Bionatops is the brainchild of Joseph Spiller (ex-System Divide, Caricature, The Binary Code, Too Late The Hero), with the act serving as a way to keep himself free of having writer's block, and to break the tension of writing serious music within his other acts.

While the music is designed to be thematically lighthearted and fun, the songs are still crafted with serious musicianship that doesn't rely on editing tricks. Spiller, who records all guitars, bass, vocals, and other instrumentation, is joined by Jeff Willet (ex-Black Crown Initiate) who adds the drums and percussion to the Bionatops attack.

1. IntroVAINous
2. Voices
3. Soured
4. From Prehistoric To Pillow
5. Groundskeeper vs. Gopher
6. The Great Pancake Massacre Of 1957
7. No Safe Harbor For Thieving Seals
8. drummerboy #1
9. Ingrate
10. Perforate
11. Does It End Or Begin? More...

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Necrolytic Goat Converter Posts New Song

Necrolytic Goat Converter today streams "The Dark Within" online, a new track from the upcoming album "Isolated Evolution." Check it out below.

New album "Isolated Evolution" will be released this coming August 18th, 2017 on both CD and digital formats. Pre-order the album at the Necrolytic Goat Converter Bandcamp page here.

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Warbeast Posts "Hitchhiker" Video

Warbeast just unveiled an official video clip for "Hitchhiker," delivered as an eighteen-minute horror movie and coming by way of the band's "Enter The Arena" full-length album (streaming in full here).

The clip, available below, is based on Edwin Neal's character in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Elaborates vocalist Bruce Corbitt: "I've actually had this idea of using Ed Neal for a music video for a long time. So after we knew for sure that we were going to include a song called 'Hitchhiker' on the new Warbeast album, the timing was right to make this old idea become a new reality.

"The lyrics for the song are based on Ed's character from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. But this short film/music video is not related to that movie plot in any way. This is really just a silly script and a band having fun working on our final project together. Ed was a complete professional and great to work with and we are excited to have him starring in this.

"But like I said, this film isn't to be taken serious I hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it. Thanks to Michael Huebner and 12 Pound Productions for doing a great job filming and editing this video. I also got to give a shout-out to Lee Russell and Gas Monkey Live for allowing us to film the music portion of this film there." More...

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Axis Of Perdition Re-Releasing First Album

Back from the vortex of non-existence, England's industrial black metal group Axis Of Perdition returns to remind us of the damage once done by haunted first full-length album “The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques)."

After well over a decade since its original release, it turns out to still possess the powers to inject sonic poison into the listener's system, squeeze one's stomach with cacophonous riffing, and make one feel lost amidst the sickening verses and dirty digital rhythms.

In times when the word dissonant means anything but dangerous, the twisted qualities of “The Ichneumon Method” might be a remedy for those who still seek truly extreme experiences in 2017. This new vinyl features mix and mastering done by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio, with pre-orders online here and a September 15th release date confirmed. More...

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Mordatorium Premieres "Overmind"

Chicago death metal trio Mordatorium is exceedingly proud to announce the August 25th release of new album "Obsessed With Death."

Now just over a week before that official release date, today we have an exclusive premiere of the album's seventh track "Overmind" -- check it below and let us know what you think! Like what you hear? Pre-orders are now online.

With main man Andrew Oosterbaan handling guitars, bass, and vocal duties alongside Pearl Kacew on drums, recording for "Obsessed With Death" began over the final months of 2016 and the album was completed in the spring of 2017. The cover artwork and visual design was created by Lauren Gornik Illustration.

Andrew Oosterbaan comments: "We're very excited to present this album, as it has been a long time in the making. A couple of the songs are almost two years old now! It's also a big pleasure to be able to unleash the first full-length Mordatorium release featuring acoustic drums and my longtime partner in crime Pearl.

"'Obsessed With Death' continues the trend begun on 2014's Raw, steering away from the more melodic and experimental material of Mordatorium's early years in favor of some more straight forward and nasty sounding death metal. I absolutely love the old-school looking artwork that Lauren did for us, as I feel it fits the current style of the band nicely."

1. Rampage
2. Obsessed With Death
3. Beheaded
4. The Culling (streaming here)
5. Biting Cold
6. Murder Castle
7. Overmind
8. The Gallows
9. The Butcher More...

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Cannabis Corpse Streaming Album's Title Track

Death metal powerhouse Cannabis Corpse is now streaming a new track from forthcoming album, "Left Hand Pass." The album's title track can be heard below.

Cannabis Corpse also recently announced North American tour dates as main support to Nailbomb beginning on October 6th. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found after the song stream.

"Left Hand Pass" will be released worldwide on September 8th. The album features artwork painted by Pär Olofsson and bears the following track listing:

1. The 420th Crusade
2. In Dank Purity (streaming here)
3. Final Exhalation
4. Chronic Breed (listen here)
5. In Battle There Is No Pot
6. Grass Obliteration
7. Left Hand Pass
8. Effigy of the Forgetful
9. Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In the Bong Water
10. The Fiends That Come To Steal the Weed of the Deceased More...

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Converge Announces "The Dusk In Us"

Five years since the band's last release, Converge returns with "The Dusk In Us," due out November 3rd. Check out advance track "Under Duress" below.

Deathwish Inc. describes the release as "a brutal but beautiful album that shows the band’s artistic evolution."

The label goes on to say that: "The ninth full-length from the Boston-based crew — consisting of vocalist Jacob Bannon, guitarist Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton, and drummer Ben Koller — proves to be both dark and hopeful, abrasive and melodic, devastating and powerfully cathartic."

1. A Single Tear
2. Eye of the Quarrel
3. Under Duress
4. Arkhipov Calm
5. I Can Tell You About Pain
6. The Dusk in Us
7. Wildlife
8. Murk & Marrow
9. Trigger
10. Broken by Light
11. Cannibals
12. Thousands of Miles Between Us
13. Reptilian More...

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Ashbringer Signs With Prosthetic

Prosthetic Records is excited to welcome Minnesota's Ashbringer to the family. Specializing in equal parts brutality, melod,y and the ethereal, Ashbringer's black metal metamorphosis began in 2013 as the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Nick Stanger.

Stanger comments on the signing: "We are thrilled to announce that we have signed with Prosthetic Records, and I couldn't be more excited for the future of the band. For as long as I've been interested in music, I've always had a strange obsession with reading the credits and liner notes to every album I purchase in detail, and Prosthetic is a name that I grew up with. They released many albums that were absolutely integral to my development both as a listener and as a musician, and it's so exciting to now become a part of that."

The band is heading out for a short North American run, playing songs from previous two full-length albums, 2015's "Vacant" and last year's "Yugen."

08/18 - Minneapolis, MN - Club Underground
08/24 - London, ON - The Richmond Tavern
08/26 - Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dee's
08/27 - Toledo, OH - Culture Clash Records
08/29 - Madison, WI - The Frequency
08/30 - Moline, IL - The Island More...

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Fragarak Debuts "The Phaneron Eclipsed"

New Delhi, India, based progressive death metal outfit named Fragarak aebuts a new track entitled "The Phaneron Eclipsed", taken from the upcoming new album "A Spectral Oblivion", which will be released by Transcending Obscurity India on October 30.

Check out now "The Phaneron Eclipsed" below.

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Just For Fun

Headbanging Insect Video Goes Viral

A headbanging insect has gone viral on Facebook, racking up 11 million views since being uploaded on August 07th. You can watch it appear to headbang to The Juliet Massacre - "Suffocating In A Cage" shared via headphones in the below clip:

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At The Drive-In Premieres New Music Video

At The Drive-In premieres a new animated music video for "Call Broken Arrow", taken from the band's latest album "in•ter a•li•a", out in stores now via Rise Records.

Check out now "Call Broken Arrow" below.

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Volbeat Posts "For Evigt" Live Video

Volbeat has released the following live video of themselves performing "For Evigt" at the Malmo Arena in Malmo, Sweden.

Check it out below.

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Broken Hope Perform In-Studio Session

Chicago's very own conductors of death metal brutality forming Broken Hope recently took part in an in-studio performance for avclub.com. Below you can watch the band performing the title track to its latest album "Mutilated And Assimilated".

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