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Metal News for August 14, 2011

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Megadeth Posts "Mega Kegger" Party Footage

David Ellefson of Megadeth has posted footage online from the Megadeth "Mega Kegger" party in Tampa, Florida. You can check out the clips from the party below. Megadeth will also be releasing the band's new album "Th1rt3en" on November 1st, 2011.


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Svolk Posts "52" Video

Norwegian act Svolk, which describes itself as "bear metal," recently inked a deal with Napalm Records. The band has now posted a video clip online for the song "52," which is taken off Svolk's previous self-titled album. Check out the clip below.

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Cirrha Niva Splits With Drummer And Bassist

Dutch act Cirrha Niva has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's drummer and bassist:

"After thinking about if they could live up to the band's expectations, drummer Wiebe Slim and recently joined bass player Jan van Baal will leave Cirrha Niva. Even though we understand their choice we still regret it, but in the end we both think it's for the better. A short personal statement from the ex guys can be read on our website.

"As result of this we are in search for a new drummer and bass player to complete the band. We are currently writing new songs for our next album. Are you or do you know someone who is motivated, talented and loyal, then drop us a line at cirrhaniva@gmail.com, or Facebook.

"None of the gigs will be canceled! Drummer Eelco van der Meer and bass player Alex van Damme (who helped us out more than once now) will step in temporarily."

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Perfidy Biblical Comments On Lineup Change

Italian death metal act Perfidy Biblical has checked in with the following update about lineup changes:

"Troubled months have passed, but the band is still there. After the release of Viscid Seism Of Aberrant now, Dario Fabiani decided to pass on guitar again due to physical problems, with Dario Trevor on his side.

"The band has picked out the new drummer, and between September and October will rehearse with him for writing songs and performing concerts again. Hoping of being sure of the choice made, you all know new drummer's name in the near future."

You can also check out the band's music by heading over to the Perfidy Biblical MySpace page.

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Sunday Old School: Terrorizer

There are some bands who continue for decades, never making a splash of any kind in their respective genres, then there are bands who earn instant legendary status. Terrorizer would, and should, be classified in the latter. The band formed in 1986 by guitarist Jesse Pintado, along with Nausea vocalist Oscar Garcia and rhythm section Pete Sandoval and Dave Vincent. At the time of formation, Garcia was still busy with Nausea and Sandoval and Vincent were also busy with another death metal band named, Morbid Angel, which may have proved time consuming and a factor in Terrorizer taking time to release a full length record. Nevertheless, in 1989, the band finally did release their debut album, "World Downfall," which was almost immediately hailed as a classic in the field of grindcore, earning it comparisons to the classic Slayer album, "Reign In Blood." The record was notable for it's album cover, which like the debut full length from fellow grindcore legends, Napalm Death, featured something of a socially active collage, including pictures of corpses, nuclear power stations and Islamic extemists, topped off by the eye catching centre piece of Jesus Christ. Although it was a Terrorizer album, almost one third of the material was actually written by Nausea, not that that stopped Terrorizer from being championed as one of the best original bands in American grindcore.

Despite the unanimous praise, the band decided to fold later that year in order for Sandoval and Vincent to focus more on Morbid Angel and allowing Pintado to head overseas and join Napalm Death, as well as becoming a member of extreme metal group Brujeria in 2000. After leaving Napalm Death in 2004, Pintado decided to bring back Terrorizer from it's fifteen year hiatus, with Pete Sandoval returning as the only other original member and brought with him Morbid Angel guitarist Tony Norman. The reactivated version of the group rounded out their lineup by recruiting Resistant Culture frontman, Anthony Rezhawk. Together the band began work on their second album, "Darker Days Ahead," which was finally released on August 22nd in 2006. The hype behind the album was sadly soon to be overshadowed however, as Pintado tragically passed away five days after the record's release in a Dutch hospital as a result of liver failure. Following the death of Pintado and the mixed reception "Darker Days Ahead" received, the group once again decided to call it a day.

The split proved to be a short lived one when in 2009, Terrorizer seemed to have once again risen from the ashes by posting a new demo online entitled, "Hordes Of Zombies." The comeback wasn't confirmed until two years later however, when the French record label, Season Of Mist announced that they had signed Terrorizer and that they would be releasing a brand new studio album in 2012, with Pintado's place taken by Resistant Culture guitar player, Katina Culture. Regardless of how the new album will sound, Terrorizer have been able to forge a legacy of outstanding grindcore despite a limited catalogue. "World Downfall" will always be remembered as one of the true classics in extreme music, and thanks to modern mediums like the internet and video game soundtracks (specifically Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned, which featured the song, "Fear Of Napalm,") the band will be etched in to the minds of extreme metal fans worldwide for years to come. More...

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