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Metal News for July 6, 2013

Last updated on August 29, 2015 at 5:18 PM ET

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C.F.A. Posts New Video

The raucous good time Tacoma punkers of C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) have announced that the first of four upcoming videos is ready for public consumption, and the heavy rockin' trio is partnering up with The Ripple Effect for the world premiere on July 1st.

The video for "Kick Rocks" was filmed over the course of several live events from the past year and edited by Killiam Lord, and gives the fans who have yet to experience the live shenanigans of C.F.A. a brief glimpse of the raw power these guys bring to the stage. "It's obvious Kill is a fan of CFA's music," bassist/vocalist Cody Foster explains. "The shots and movement of the camera really flows with the rhythm of the music."

The video will also include some extra footage of some typical CFA banter. To those of you who have had a chance to catch their live set, you understand what this entails. If you have not? Think, the Banana Splits. Just less appropriate and more sweaty. The video for "Kick Rocks" is now playing below.

"Kick Rocks" can be found on C.F.A.'s debut Ripple Music release, "Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God," which can be found through Nail Distribution throughout North America, Code 7 in the UK, and Clearspot International in Europe, as well as the Ripple Music online store.

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Upcoming Of Devastation Posts New Video

Upcoming of Devastation has posted a video clip online for the track "Against Repugnant Person," which can be found below. The song comes off the "Visceral Hate" album, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Against Repugnant Person
3. Decapitated Together
4. Cult of Violence
5. Succulent Visions of Psychopatic Humanicide
6. Coprophilic People
7. At Millions of Light Years
8. Agony Injected Through Frustration
9. Visceral Hate (streaming here)

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Chalice Of Doom Releases New Lyric Video

Jordanian act Chalice of Doom has released a new lyric video of the song "Shame Written In Blood," which comes off the band's new album "Into Hypnagogia."

The video is available below and was created by Hussam Al Khawaldeh. The track features Swedish vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Roger 'Rogga' Johansson (The 11th Hour, Paganizer, ex-Edge of Sanity).

When asked about the album, Rogga commented: "This album will be something that the Doom fans will drool over, you have just about everything present here. The heaviness, the melody and most important: the feeling. This album is gonna be something you wanna listen to over and over and over." More...

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Until Dawn Offering Track For Free Download

Until Dawn will unleash latest album "Horizon" on Tuesday, August 6th to follow the band's 2011 self-titled breakthrough. Before the album's release, the band is now offering to fans the first single "This Fallen Fortress" as a free download via PureGrainAudio.com, or you can also stream it in the player below.

Vocalist Adam Macleod comments: "We started working on Horizon two years ago, and the concept came together fast. As a touring band, we are always staring into the horizon geared towards the next show. That’s what we are trying to convey with our next record. We spent an immense amount of time writing and doing pre-production to ensure we lived up to our own expectations and our fans. We believe this is the best representation of what Until Dawn is right now. We are extremely proud and excited to get this record to our fans, to make new ones and hit the road to play the new songs live.

"Our single 'This Fallen Fortress' started as a song about being from Fort McMurray and the struggles we face as a band secluded so far north. But quickly turn into being about gaining strength through out any obstacle you are faced with. We as a band believe you can find strength and perseverance in any situation, and turn it into a positive. Let this dawn awaken."

1. Roamers And Lurkers
2. Strings Of The Dammed
3. The Red Sun Rises This Day
4. Third Knee
5. This Fallen Fortress
6. A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks
7. DNR
8. Time Tested Fortune
9. The Trial
10. Polar Parallels
11. Horizon
12. WM3
13. Richard More...

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Wind Cries Mary To Record New Album

Wind Cries Mary has checked in with the following update about recording a new album this summer:

"We will be recording a full length EP at the end of August, we are very excited for everyone to hear. The songs have turned out amazing and we are very proud on this one.

"During our time at 37 Studios we will be releasing a couple videos showing you how the songs are put together and isolated instrumentals... maybe a few pranks on each other as well.

"When the EP is released we will have brand new merch at our stands as well as an online shop. Thank you guys for being behind us while we grow and dealing with all the notifications and spamming of events.. We hate it also. See you at Heatwave!"

You can also check out the band's previously posted music video for "Ecstasy" over at this location. More...

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Death Sentence Streaming "Red"

U.S. act Death Sentence has posted the new "Red" release online for streaming, which was recorded with Michael Belliveau at Adversary Recordings. Check it out at Bandcamp or in the player below. The track listing is:

1. Intro 00:50
2. Dead to Me 01:18
3. Memories 01:07
4. Vessel 00:59
5. Dead in the Ground 00:17
6. Surrounded 00:19
7. Blind 00:51
8. Red 00:09
9. Guillotine 00:56
10. Nothing Left 01:23
11. Trust Issues 00:43 More...

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Outrage Signs With Massacre

Massacre Records has checked in with the following statement about inking a new deal with Outrage:

"Are you ready for 'Austrian Neckbreaking Death Metal'? Good, because we're welcoming Outrageto the Massacre Records family!

"Founded in late 2000, Outrage played death metal since the very beginning - influenced by both U.S. death metal heroes as well as classic metal and rock legends, like AC/DC or Sepultura.

"They released their first demo 'And Deeper...' in 2002 and the first studio album 'Switch Off The Pain' followed in 2006.

"Outrage played numerous shows in Europe and supported bands such as their Massacre Records label mates Disbelief, Mastic Scum and Debauchery and went on mini-tour with Lay Down Rotten in G/A/S in 2009. More...

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Ghost Ship Octavius Posts Preview Clip

Ghost Ship Octavius is the new band featuring Chris Amott (ex-Arch Enemy, Armageddon), Matt Wicklund (God Forbid, Ex-Himsa, Warrel Dane Solo), and Van Williams (ex-Nevermore, Pure Sweet Hell, Ashes of Ares). The group has now checked in with the following announcement about posting a preview clip online:

"Thank you all for your immediate interest in Ghost Ship Octavius! Here is a little preview of what is to come: a short clip of Chris and Matt playing some of the guitar solos during pre-production. Much more coming soon..."

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Coldworker Calling It Quits

Swedish act Coldworker has checked in with the following announcement about deciding to call it a day:

"Attention! After seven plus years of full blasting death metal, Coldworker is calling it quits.

"Everybody in the band doesn't want to do it anymore, so we feel the best thing is to just hang it up and be done with it. There's no bad blood between the members and we remain friends.

"Thanks a bunch to everybody who supported us through the years, buying albums and t-shirts and coming to the shows, you are the best! Big thanks also to Listenable records, Relapse records and to André Alvinzi, who was an important part of the early days of the band.

"None of us is quitting music and we'll see you around in other bands. Thank you and goodbye." More...

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Throne Of Heresy Posts New EP Trailer

Swedish death metal act Throne of Heresy recently underwent some line-up changes and has now settled in comfortably enough to release the three track EP "Realms of Desecration."

The EP was recorded in several studios in and around Linköping, Sweden, and was then mixed and mastered by M. Skroch at the German Studio Kalthallen. The cover art, created by M. Frisk, is part of a larger, still unreleased artwork created for the band's upcoming sophomore album (with the working title "Acheron").

For the EP, both new guitarist Ted Sjulmark and new vocalist Thomas Clifford were put to the test. The result? See for yourselves in the trailer below. The EP's track listing is:

1. Morning Star
2. Spawn of Atrocity
3. Souls to Suffer

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Three Grindcore Bands Premiere New Compilation

Today we've teamed up with Kaotoxin Records to bring you grindcore in three flavors for the blastbeat gourmet!

The "Miserable Fucking Society" compilation will be coming August 5th, 2013 (France) and September 3rd (U.S. and U.K.) but today you can stream the nineteen track monstrosity through the player below.

The compilation includes:

Infected Society, the old-school grindcore / brutal hardcore beast featuring past and present Yyrkoon, Drowning, Ashura and Decline of Humanity members, F Stands For Fuck You, the brand new grind’n’roll project by renewed Benighted members, and Miserable Failure, a modern grindcore failure by miserable French fuckheadz. These acts are teaming together to bring you 29+ minutes of three different approaches of the very same style.

The track listing is:

1. Infected Society - Old-school Traditional Butchery 01:40
2. Infected Society - Definitely Dead 01:33
3. Infected Society - Ultimate Slavery 01:41
4. Infected Society - Mentally Deranged 01:07
5. Infected Society - Crack-whores 01:42
6. Infected Society - Life Eraser 00:28
7. Infected Society - Raw Quad Orgy 02:39
8. F Stands For Fuck You - Zero 01:51
9. F Stands For Fuck You - Sound Of Nothing 01:31
10. F Stands For Fuck You - Fit 01:18
11. F Stands For Fuck You - The Dead Men 01:16
12. F Stands For Fuck You - Fuck Off 02:15
13. F Stands For Fuck You - Firesky 01:33
14. F Stands For Fuck You - The Bombing 02:00
15. Miserable Failure - Summoning Chaos 02:24
16. Miserable Failure - All Women Must Die 00:49
17. Miserable Failure - No More Friends 01:34
18. Miserable Failure - None Shall Be Saved 01:21
19. Miserable Failure - Inside Me 00:57 More...

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