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Metal News for July 31, 2020

Last updated on August 5, 2020 at 1:57 AM ET

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Oceans Of Slumber Releases New Music Video

Mere week after the release of their last video, "The Adorned Fathomless Creation," Texan doom metal outfit Oceans Of Slumber has unleashed another music video, this time for the song, "The Colors Of Grace." You can check it out below. The song, which features a guest appearance from Antimatter's Mick Moss, comes from their upcoming self-titled album, which will be released through Century Media Records on September 4th.

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Stryper Posts New Lyric Video Online

Christian heavy metal pioneers Stryper has uploaded a new lyric video for the song, "Make Love Great Again." You can check it out below. The song comes from the band's forthcoming new album, "Even The Devil Believes," which is scheduled to be released through Frontiers Music Srl on September 4th.

"We’re incredibly happy to write a new chapter in the book of Stryper," says vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet, who has served as the band’s primary songwriter since its inception in 1983. "This album was recorded during the pandemic, and I believe the message pertains to the times we are living in so perfectly. It’s a recording of hope and inspiration and a light in the darkest of times." More...

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Sevendust Reveals New Album Details

On the heels of the current single, “The Day I Tried To Live”, moving up the radio charts, Sevendust are announcing their 13th studio album, Blood & Stone. The new album is scheduled for release on October 23 via Rise Records (the second for the band on the label).

The latest release also marks a return for the band with producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette, known for his work with Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Slash, and others. Blood & Stone is available for pre-order in various configurations here.

From the pulsating intro of album opener “Dying To Live” to the now popular album closer “The Day I Tried To Live”, Sevendust continue to push the sound they have made their own for more than 25 years. Tracks like “Love”, “Blood From A Stone”, “Kill Me” and “Against The World” showcases why the band has been adored by fans and critics alike. Lajon Witherspoon, Clint Lowery, John Connolly, Vince Hornsby and Morgan Rose have raised the bar with Blood & Stone. The new music fits perfectly alongside with the bands most seminal tracks that have become the cornerstone of the band’s live performances. More...

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Volcanova Releases "Super Duper Van" Video

Iceland based power-trio Volcanova will release "Super Duper Van" today, July 31, 2020. The single is the last one leading up to their upcoming debut album "Radical Waves", out August 21, 2020 on The Sign Records. Released with a music video, "Super Duper Van" tells the tale of a never-ending ride through outer space in a magic, flying camper, and has an epic chorus made possible by the band's three singers.

"Super Duper Van" is the third and final single leading up to Volcanova‘s debut album "Radical Waves." The Icelandic band, whose resumé includes 2 full UK tours and opening gigs for Elder and The Vintage Caravan to name a few, has written a true anthem. "Super Duper Van" offers everything one could expect in a well-written stoner rock song - fuzzy riffs, headbanging bass grooves and spaced out lyrics. Adding to that is a tasteful use of vocal harmonies, rarely found in this genre of music.

The album, "Radical Waves," is to be released on August 21 by The Sign Records. An album that, in short, can best be described as a collection of uplifting moments with epic guitar solos that are underpinned by head banging bass grooves complemented with a tasteful use of cowbell! More...

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U.D.O. Posts New Music Video Online

German heavy metal legend Udo Dirkschneider has posted a new music video online, their third from U.D.O.'s latest album, "We Are One," which was recorded with the Musikkorps der Bundeswehr/Band of the German Armed Forces. You can check it out below. The album is available now through AFM Records.

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Headline News

Former Picture Singer Passes Away

Sammy Shmoulik Avigal, the former vocalist of Dutch heavy metal favourites Picture, as well as a former vocalist for The Rods and Guardians Of The Flame, has sadly died at the age of sixty five after a battle with cancer. A statement from his wife reads as follows:

"I wanted to let you all know that at 4:58 he lost his battle and passed away. Please celebrate the man, the legend. Goodbye my love — we all love you."

Picture has issued the following statement:

"Needless to say we are heartbroken by this terrible news. Sammy was a great friend, a great performer and vocalist. We are very proud that he was the singer in our band in 1982 with whom we recorded one of the best Dutch metal albums ever: Diamond Dreamer. We will miss you and would have really wanted to do some tours with you to celebrate this album but it wasn’t to be. Our thoughts and prayers go to your wife and next of kin. Godspeed Sammy Shmoulik Avigal!"

The Rods drummer Carl Canedy added:

"Sad news today about losing our friend and former bandmate Shmoulik Avigal. David Rock Feinstein and I met Shmoulik when Jack Starr brought him to my house in Cortland. Smoulik and I proceeded to start working with Craig Gruber, Andrew Duck Mac Donald and Tom Inamorato.?? David loved Shmouliks voice as much as I did so we decided that he would be the lead singer for The Rods on the Heavier Than Thou album. He was an amazing talent and brilliant man who will be missed by those of us who knew him. The link below is for a song I wrote, that he really loved, called ‘Heat of the Night’. He did the song with another band he was in called Harpo, with John Hahn. ???I saw them live and they played this song. It was a huge honor to hear him sing one of my songs live. RIP Shmoulik! Condolences to his family." More...

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Raven Uploads New Lyric Video

SPV/Steamhammer will release Metal City, the game changing blistering new studio album from legendary metal maniacs Raven, on September 18th. They have released a new single and lyric video for the song "Top Of The Mountain" today. Check it out below.

Brothers John Gallagher and Mark Gallagher along with drumming phenom Mike Heller have absolutely laid down the gauntlet with this work. Ten metallic masterpieces tapping heavily into that “wiped out” vein of speed, power & insanity - while taking a quantum leap forward technically and creatively in order to make THE defining album of their career. Raw, unhinged and uncompromising!

Tracklisting "Metal City":

1. The Power
2. Top Of The Mountain
3. Human Race
4. Metal City
5. Battlescarred
6. Cybertron
7. Motorheadin'
8. Not So Easy
9. Break
10. When Worlds Collide More...

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Lost In Static Posts New Single Online

From Calgary, Alberta, metalcore is alive and rowdy thanks to Lost In Static. They have made a name for themselves locally and with the new single, "Jordan," the band is continuing to entice listeners at home and abroad. You can check out the lyric video below.

This single is going to be on Lost In Static’s debut self-titled album released later this year. The heartfelt and personal song has special meaning to the band, which they explain in their own words:

"Our new single “Jordan” is our second track to be released from our upcoming debut record. 'Jordan' was a childhood friend who unfortunately lost his life from drinking and driving. This song was written in his honour. It's heavy, it's beautiful and we hope everyone is going to love it as much as we do!." More...

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Manticora Reveals New Album Details

Manticora the Danish prog-thrash veterans, are releasing the first single/video from their upcoming album "To Live To Kill To Live," the follow-up and 2nd part of a huge concept, to 2018's "To Kill To Live To Kill" - both albums, based on the 334-page horror/thriller novel that lead singer Lars F. Larsen wrote (also released in 2018).

The video for the song "Eaten By The Beasts" deals with the brutal murder of a young criminal, who has raped the daughter of a farmer. The farmer hires a hitman to get rid of the rapist, and the rapist is eaten alive by a number of huge, hungry pigs, owned by the farmer. It's all karma, and the video is based on the concept.

The music on both albums was recorded partially in the band's own studio and recorded/mixed in Hansen Studios, with world-famous producer, Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction, a.o.) who also produced the first two Manticora albums back in the last millenium. More...

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Defecto Releases "Rise" Music Video

Defecto releases their first single "Rise" from their upcoming album "Duality today!

4 guys are living the ultimate grown-up boomer life, with cliche boring jobs and no style whatsoever, you would think. But, instead of going to work, they meet up in a secret hideout, to pick up their awesome cars, play rock & roll, and be epic rockstars all day.

The Danish metal acts dive into the metal scene has been both successful and hectic. Just a year after the release of their debut, they were offered supporting slots for both Metallica and Rammstein. Defecto played numerous sold out shows, both domestic as well as around Europe. In addition, they also played some of Europe's biggest rock festivals. This gave the band a reputation of being a solid live act. The millions of streams that Defecto has reached in their career so far also show that there is something deeper and more meaningful in their music that the fans love about Defecto.

This fall sees the release of the bands' third album, titled "Duality". It's a combination of both light and dark, and the culmination of what Defecto stands for. More...

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Let Us Prey Shares The "Virtues Of The Vicious"

Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the music industry hard. Bands are unable to tour in most places and releasing albums is proving to be a different kettle of fish from the normal process. So what about bands who are releasing their debut album? This is exactly the dilemma supergroup Let Us Prey has had to deal with, but in keeping with the never say die attitude metal musicians embody, the group has forged ahead and their first full length, "Virtues Of The Vicious" has proved to be an absolute scorcher, one well worth the time of fans across the whole metal spectrum.

Boasting a stellar lineup as well as guest appearances from members of Anthrax, Testament, Autograph and the late Oli Herbert of All That Remains, "Virtues Of The Vicious" is as impressive a debut as there's ever been. To learn more about the album, I spoke with frontman Marc Lopes (also vocalist for Ross The Boss) about the record, how the collaborations came about and how the band has been dealing with the pandemic.

Diamond Oz: The album has so much to offer, particularly in the thrash department but it's also quite progressive. With such complexities, does it take longer to write songs for Let Us Prey than it does your previous bands?

Marc Lopes: Yes writing for LUP is quite a process for sure, it may appear to the listener at times to be sporatic chaos but its very organized chaos. (laughs) A lot of trial and error. Some come together easier than others as any artist will tell you.

Oz: Another notable feature of the album is the guests who appear. How did these collaborations come about?

Marc: All the guest are personal friends of mine. We all have wanted to work with each other, so this seemed like a great chance to collaborate like this with the kind of schedules we all have. It was fun and each person fit the tunes perfectly for what I wanted to achieve.

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Pain Of Salvation Uploads New Music Video

Sweden’s Pain of Salvation move another step closer to the release of their upcoming new studio album "Panther," due out August 28th, 2020 worldwide via InsideOutMusic.

Today, the Progressive Metal/Rock innovators launch their new single "Restless Boy," in the stunning video, scripted/directed by Lars Ardarve and Daniel Gildenlöw and filmed/edited by Lars Ardarve, which can be seen below.

Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlöw commented about the song and video as follows:

"We are happy and proud to present to you our newest video, for the song 'Restless Boy,' our second single from the upcoming album 'Panther.' Once again, we have worked together with the wonderful and skilful Lars Ardarve, and we had a great time, as always. It’s so rewarding to work together with someone who you know so well since way back and with whom you share a similar mindset and creative drive, and we are all so happy with the result.

"Since the video also includes a stage setup, we got to hook up with our amazing crew for the first time in way too long, so it was in many ways the closest we have come to touring this year. Just as with the 'Accelerator' video, we shot parts of this video in Skjulstahallen (Eskilstuna), and want to send lots of love and kudos to Lotta Nilsson at IKEG for helping us to arrange this!

"'Restless Boy' may not be the most expected or given second single, but it felt important to give it that space, because of all that it is. And despite it’s few components, it is a grower. Live with it for a while and you’ll see. Also, it was a song for which a video idea just came to me so naturally. A video where every scene would be a play with time and speed. Experienced time versus reality. That feeling that has been with me through my entire life – that time is emotionally flexible and suddenly just bends around your mind and thoughts.

"You see, 'Restless Boy' is about myself and everyone else out there who feel that we are going through life at a different speed than our contexts and surroundings. Passion oriented people who daydream and shift pace depending on situation. F1 cars failing to meet the expectations of our small suburban community. Goal rationalists in a method rationalistic system. Panthers in a dog’s world.

"This song grew out of the song 'Full Throttle Tribe,' just like the entire 'Panther' album did in many ways. The tribe that fills every page of every history book that you have ever read. The spectrum people. The brilliant, the crazy, the fools, the gifted and the troubled. The beautiful restless boys and girls!

"The filming was intense and a lot of fun. Long hours and very little sleep. I specifically remember the second day of filming, when we shot all the scenes in the car with Léo driving. I had edited a version of the song that went to half speed between every vocal phrase, so that we could speed up the video between phrases. I heard that odd version of the song so many times that it increasingly started to feel like the normal version. (Lars actually got very hooked on that version, so I might have to make him a special mix.) Anyway, after a long day of sitting in the car and singing while we passed by the different scenes we had set up with Sandrian and Gabriel in dog masks outside the car window (they likely did not feel all that comfortable standing in dog masks in central Eskilstuna, holding an umbrella, but they were troopers), we needed some city night shots, so we headed for Stockholm. I still wonder what that one pedestrian was thinking, looking into our car as we stopped at a red-light well past midnight and I was throwing myself back and forth in the backseat wearing a german shepherd rubber mask that I was apparently trying to get off. Whatever he was thinking, he is probably still thinking it. That’s simply not one of those images you can get off your retinas easily.

"We really hope you like this video – we do, and we are very proud of it. We can’t wait for the world to ease back into something close enough to normality for touring to be possible again. Meanwhile, find comfort in these videos/singles and the upcoming album, and know that due to the lack of touring, a silver lining is that we can keep writing and recording even more new music for you all. Until we meet the next time!" More...

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Korpiklaani Launces Vodka Brand

With over 100 million streams and views of "Vodka" racked up, making this arguably the most popular song about vodka ever, it comes as no surprise that Korpiklaani are launching their own unique Finnish Spruce flavoured Craft Vodka. They'll be collaborating with one of Finland’s largest independent breweries and distilleries, Pyynikin who also produced the Kopiklaani Lager.

To celebrate, Korpiklaani will fulfil everyone’s dream of having a “piss up in a brewery” and will perform live from inside the brewery on Saturday August 29th at 7PM BST. Bringing with them full production, stage, lights and LED screens all built in front of the beer tanks, this will be the event of the year. The livestream will stay available on the website for an unlimited time.

Head here for the live stream link and details: https://korpiklaani.live

Tickets can bought from their new website, https://korpiklaani.live where you can also get exclusive merch and also pre-order the Vodka. The new website is designed for the new world we live in and will host more live streaming events and other live content in the future.

Today, the band also releases a trailer for the live stream, which can be seen below. More...

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Lord Of The Lost Releases John Cage Cover

Lord Of The Lost's new classical ensemble album, "Swan Songs III," proclaims its mission statement almost immediately, not least due to Chris Harms’ distinctive voice and the sophisticated arrangements of this extraordinary line-up. Being the first band of their genre to release a cover of John Cages’ piece "4’33”," the dark metal sensation proves that they can’t be pigeonholed.

The original piece is based on occasional noises, created and perceived by the listener during a performance – thus "4'33"" is a composition that differs from other arrangements primarily because it recreates itself every time it’s played or performed.

The track symbolizes the fleeting nature of the moment turning all the ambient noises, usually hidden behind harmonies and sounds, inside out whilst emphasizing a new level of tonal sophistication.

Lord Of The Lost takes the composition to a new meta-level and sets a statement according to the currently prevailing pandemic and the resulting, mostly silent, music and live culture. More...

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Solstafir Reveals New Album Details

Icelandic post metal outfit Sólstafir has announced details of their new album, "Endless Twilight Of Codependent Love," set for worldwide release on November 6th. Pre-orders will be available soon. The band has also released a teaser for the new record, created by Aimed & Framed, which can be viewed below.

Sólstafir’s new opus, "Endless Twilight Of Codependent Love," highlights the contrasting influences that have inspired the band over the years. The Icelandic post rock band have mastered all these elements and blended it seamlessly into one record.

"Endless Twilight Of Codependent Love" was recorded at the Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland, where previous albums Svartir Sandar, Ótta and Berdreyminn were also recorded by producer Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Rós, Alcest, Damien Rice). The cover art and tracklisting are as follows: More...

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Dygora Posts New Music Video Online

UK metal five-piece Dygora have released a video for their new single "Ghetto Spiritual," the title-track from their forthcoming EP which is due for release on 3rd September 2020. Originating from South London, Dygora label their approach to the genre as "Southside Death Metal," bearing influence from a range of bands including Gojira, Jesus Piece, Code Orange, Malevolence and Thy Art Is Murder. Watch the video for "Ghetto Spiritual" below.

"Ghetto Spiritual" is a term coined by the band as a salute to the Negro Spirituals, which were sung by the enslaved Africans in the Western hemisphere. The Negro Spirituals were sung to forget their pain during that moment; a moment wrapped in song. Dygora have replaced the word "Negro" with "Ghetto," to highlight the different songs and rhythms that are still being sung today. The band's EP was inspired by those voices that still carry through.

"Ghetto Spiritual" embodies the aggressiveness of Dygora's roots and conveys a message of the band's anger and desire to be heard in a world of confusion and uncertainty, a release of the tension that has built up in these previous months. The three-track record is an energetic and blunt call to those enraged, and for those seeking a voice amongst the obedient chaos we call society.

The band comments:

"To us, this EP is the epitome of rhythmic rage. A groovy aggression with a message unseen in the mainstream. We want people to feel where we have come from, what we've endured, what we've seen. We believe people aren't angry enough, and we know music is the greatest tool to bring about that anger; that same anger we've all decided to suppress, but with this EP we are asking people to bring it forth." More...

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Perpetua Premiere New Lyric Video

Scottish groove metal band Perpetua premiere a new lyric video for "State of Torment", taken from their EP "To Suffer".

You can stream "State of Torment" below.

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Greg Puciato Premieres New Single “Roach Hiss”

Greg Puciato (The Black Queen, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) premieres a new single called “Roach Hiss” streaming via YouTube below. Puciato will release his debut solo effort titled “Child Soldier: Creator Of God“, on October 23 through Federal Prisoner.

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Mastodon Premiere New Single "Fallen Torches"

Mastodon‘s new single “Fallen Torches” has premiered online streaming via YouTube for you below. It features Neurosis‘ Scott Kelly and arrives ahead of the band's impending rarities compilation titled “Medium Rarities“, which will be released on September 11th.

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The Fall Of Troy Premiere New Single

A second new advance track titled “Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes” from The Fall Of Troy‘s forthcoming new album “Mukiltearth” has premiered online via YouTube streaming below. An August 08th release date has been scheduled for the record.

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