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Metal News for July 31, 2012

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Skiltron Announce New Album Title & Track List

Argentinian power/folk metal act Skiltron announced that the band's new album will be entitled "Into the Battleground." The album will mark the band's fifth, the first since the 2010 release "The Highland Way," and is expected soon.

The track list for "Into the Battleground" is as follows:

1. Brosnachadh
2. Lion Rampant
3. The Swordmaker
4. On the Trail of David Ross
5. Besieged by Fire
6. The Brave's Revenge
7. Merrsadh Air
8. The Rabbit Who Wanted to be a Wolf
9. Prestonpans 1745
10. Loyal we will Stand
11 Get Back (The Beatles Cover)

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Wind Rose Posts Trailer For Debut LP

Italian progressive metal band Wind Rose posted a trailer for the band's debut release "Shadows Over Lothadruin." The album is scheduled for release on August 28, 2012 through Bakerteam Records/Scarlet Records. The album was produced by Cristiano Bertocchi (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) and mastered by Goran Finnberg (Opeth, Dark Tranquillity).

The track listing for "Shadows Over Lothadruin" is as follows:

1. Prelude
2. Endless Prophecy
3. The Tournament
4. Siderion
5. The Grand March
6. Son of a Thousand Nights
7. The Fourth Vanguard
8. Dark Horizon
9. Majesty
10. The Havoc
11. Oath to Betray
12. Led by Light
13. Sacred Fount
14. Moontear Sanctuary
15. Vererath
16. Close to the End

Check out the trailer here: More...

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2012 Wacken Open Air Surprise Act Unveiled

Germany's Edguy was named the "Surprise Act of 2012" for Wacken 2012. The festival, in its 23rd year this year, begins Thursday, August 2, 2012. Edguy is scheduled to perform on the True Metal Stage on Saturday, August 4, 2012.

The official announcement on the festival Facebook Page reads:

"The SURPRISE ACT 2012 is...

A lot of you asked who would be the surprise band playing the True Metal Stage on Saturday night at 2pm. Some of you even found out by detective moves that would‘ve made that Sherlock dude proud: You discovered their singer on a pic from the Backstage-Tweet Respect.

The Surprise Act 2012 should be well known to Wacken guests, because this group has played here already five times since 1998!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the surprise act for 2012 is: EDGUY"

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Drag The Dead Releases Full-Length Album

Saint Louis, Missouri based brutal death act Drag The Dead has officially released its self-titled, full-length album on New World Subculture media. The album is the follow up to its debut, "The Saint Louis Murder Sessions" EP. Drag The Dead was formed in mid-2009 and is a collective of some of the most brutal death metal musicians the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area has cultivated in years - like drummer Antonio Andre (ex-Timeghoul founding member). Below is the tracklisting of the recently released album and a teaser video following it.

1. Prelusive Uterine Decimation
2. Blindsided Menstrual Holocaust
3. The Final Desecration
4. Necrology Postmortem
5. When They Walk Again
6. Serial Deity To The Aborted
7. The Stabbing
8. The Interview Of Lisa Ann Montgomery
9. Sledgehammer To The Cunt
10. Sullen Despoliation Of Blood and Genitals
11. Shit Fucked and Forgotten
12. Semen Spilled Upon The Flesh Of The Dead
13. Concluding Suffrage
14. Remember To Leave The Pieces

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Mortör Posts Sophomore Album Trailer

Canadian death thrashers Mortör posted up a new album trailer for the band's forthcoming sophomore effort entitled "Shoot'em Up." The album is scheduled for release on September 9, 2012. The album marks the first since the 2010 debut "Metal Ride."

Check out the trailer here:

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Neurasthenia Posts New Music Video

Italian thrashers Neurasthenia posted up a new music video for the track "I'm Walking With a Zombie." The song, newly re-recorded from the band's 2005 demo "Full Force of Thrashers," is part of a new compilation album entitled "Possessed by Your Omen," which is due out on September 1, 2012. The release will contain all newly re-recorded material from the band's back catalog along with a cover of Kiss' "I Love it Loud."

The track listing for "Possessed by Your Omen" is as follows:

1. When Nightmare Comes True
2. I'm Walking with a Zombie
3. Fell Possessed
4. No Politics
5. Screaming Corpse
6. Go Fuck Themselves
7. Assassination
8. T.B.T (Thrash Is Back in Town)
9. Your Omen
10. The Last Order of God
11. I Love It Loud (KISS Cover)

Check out "I'm Walking With a Zombie" here: More...

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Breaking News

Dogbane Guitarist Passes Away At 48

Dogbane has issued the following statement following the passing of guitarist David Ellenburg yesterday:

"It is with deep regret and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Dogbane guitarist David Ellenburg. David peacefully passed away, surrounded by family and close friends, on Monday, July 30th, due to complications of a severe stroke he had suffered the previous week. Dave was a great many things to a lot of people - a husband, a father, and a creative force behind Dogbane. Most importantly, he was our friend. Nevertheless, Dogbane will eventually continue to forge ahead in his honor, as we feel this is what he would have wanted. We ask everyone to please respect the privacy of his family and the band, as we try to cope during this very difficult time."

David Ellenburg
July 17, 1964 - July 30, 2012


July 17, 1964 - July 30, 2012

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Tankard Posts Lyric Video For "Not One Day Dead"

German thrashers Tankard posted up the new lyric video for the song "Not One Day Dead." The song appears on the band's latest LP "A Girl Called Cervesa." The album was released through Nuclear Blast Records today in the USA.

The band previously released a music video for the title track, which can be seen at this location.

Check out "Not One Day Dead" here:

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Gaza Streaming New Track Online

NPR.org is presenting the exclusive premiere of "Not with All the Hope in the World," a song off Gaza's upcoming third album, "No Absolutes in Human Suffering." Check out the song at this location.

NPR's Lars Gotrich calls Gaza, "the musical equivalent of a panther rattling a barbed-wire cage" and goes on to praise the new album's incorporation of melody by saying "the band's blast-beaten hooks lure as much as they devastate."

"No Absolutes in Human Suffering" was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Torche, Today Is the Day). The album is now available digitally via iTunes and the CD release is set for August 28th on Black Market Activities, with a vinyl release to follow.

Gaza hits the road tomorrow for a headlining West Coast tour with Eagle Twin, including a stop at the Power of the Riff Festival in LA.

Aug 1 - Idaho Falls, ID @ The Wax House
Aug 2 - Boise, ID @ The Boise Venue
Aug 3 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Aug 4 - Portland, OR @ Backspace Cafe
Aug 5 - Chico, CA @ Origami Recording Lounge
Aug 6 - Reno, NV @ Ryan's Saloon & Broiler
Aug 7 - San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
Aug 8 - Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
Aug 10 - San Diego, CA @ Kensington Club
Aug 11 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex (Power of the Riff Festival)
Aug 12 - Phoenix, CA @ Chaser's Nightclub

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Unlost Splits With Vocalist

Alternative metal act Unlost has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's vocalist:

"After a year and a half of intensive rehearsing, gigging and recording we are parting ways with our lead singer Mindaugas Paukstys. We wholeheartedly thank Mindaugas for his dedication (two hour commute to the rehearsals and two hours back home is pretty tough) and his creative input into our music. Best of luck to you, buddy!

"At the same time we are reiterating that Unlost is marching on. We are now intensively auditioning singers, for our debut album is still in the making and it will be finished with a new voice.

"We thank you for your support and patience and be assured you will not be disappointed when the album - which we named 'The Weightless Wisdom' - finally sees the light of day!"

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Solace And Stable Streaming Songs

Kansas City, MO progressive metalcore bruisers Solace And Stable will release their sophomore effort "The Systematic Erosion of Integrity" on August 31st. Mastered by Jamie King (BTBAM, Wretched), "The Systematic Erosion Of Integrity" is a more polished and aesthetically pleasing experience than their debut "Adaptation and the Seclusive Remedy," and surely an evolution of the band's already complex synthesis of sounds. Below is the tracklisting of "Systematic Erosion of Integrity," with a stream of the track "Design and Deceit" available below. You can also stream two more songs from the upcoming release over on Solace and Stable's SoundCloud page.

American Beauty
Alive In Brokenness
Transcending Obstructions
Culture Of Corruption
The Apparatus
The Hollow Present
Design and Deceit
Past Of Persistence

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Power Theory Adds Second Guitarist

Philadelphia-based traditional metal band Power Theory has welcomed renowned metal guitarist Steve Stegg into the ranks as the newest band member. Steve is a founding member and former guitarist for Blood Feast, Sleepy Hollow and Tapping the Vein. Guitarist Bob 'BB' Ballinger of Power Theory had the following to say:

Power Theory has been looking to add a second dual rhythm/lead guitarist since the end of the recording sessions for 'An Axe to Grind,' but our commitments haven't given us the time to do anything but start to compile a list of potential candidates. Steve is a great friend and supporter of the band, and has been a regular at our local shows; in fact he replaced me as the Colossus guitarist and played with Jay Pekala prior to his first Sleepy Hollow tenure.

We would always jokingly add Steve as our top candidate when we discussed it, but knew he was very busy with Sleepy Hollow and there was no chance, so we moved on to other names. "Steve informed us he had become available in mid July and was interested in jamming to see if there was chemistry and it was evident from the first few minutes it was a great fit for both Power Theory and Steve.

We will then take a short break from live shows to start demo tracking for a new full length CD we are planning to start recording in February and release in 2013. We are currently negotiating with a legendary artist/producer for the project (more to come soon on that). Steve will be a very big part of the writing and recording process for the new album, and we will resume some live shows in October 2012. European dates are being planned for 2013 with Red Lion Music as well as Warriors of Metal Fest VI, and some US tour dates with Axxenstar and Taberah for summer 2013.

Immediate plans for the band, who just released "An Axe to Grind" on Pure Steel Records, are two area shows in August:

August 11th

FalloutZine Presents: at O'Reilly's Pub in Philadelphia, PA - October 31, Anvil Bitch, Sinister Realm, Power Theory, Hammer Fight, and Mistress.

August 19th

Magnetar Media and Biz R Entertainment Present at Jimmy's Place in Allentown, PA: North American Assault - White Wizzard, Icarus Witch, Widow, Power Theory, and Infernal Opera.


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Pit Stories: Chinese Uprising At A Drone Show

Every Tuesday we check in with musicians and fans to have them share their most memorable mosh pit stories from metal shows. This week's Pit Story of Chinese fans bucking the system to have a good time comes courtesy of vocalist Moritz "Mutz" Hempel from Drone:

Well, we were touring in China and played a show @ the expo plaza in Shanghai. Big fuckin crowd, but sitting on chairs. OK, we knew that this was common in the past, but did not expect that. Anyway…we were shredding and moshing as usual giving a flying fuck about the people sitting, lying or standing. You know, the Chinese audience is always very grateful and responds very well as they do not often get the chance to see western (no country ;)) bands performing. Long story short: they sat.

A couple of guys stood up and started to dance in front of stage but security reproved 'em to be calm and sit the fuck down. They obeyed and sat on their asses. We watched this play a couple o times until a hand full of European metal heads ran towards the stage, screaming and moshin like shit! The security wasn’t sure how to handle these bad ass motherfuckers and did not interfere. Everybody on the plaza used that moment, jumped of their chairs, ran to the stage and started a mosh pit. Out of fuckin nowhere!

We went crazy and started to throw beer into the pit and charred some good old German drinkin' cult with the audience. The stage manager freaked out, yelling NO NO NO no good no good. We replyed YES YES YES very good very good. The rest of the show was legendary and will not be forgotten. For sure, we’ve seen bigger, harder, or more brutal pits, but this one came from the heart and had some kind of symbolic yell for freedom. Freedom to think, dance and shout whatever and whenever you want to. Freedom of opinion, a basic right in OUR constitution. Everybody, who has paid a visit to china, will totally know what I mean! That night, the people did not just stand up for us, but for themselves!

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Hexvessel Reveals New Album Details

Today, Svart Records announces September 7th as the release date for Hexvessel's "No Holier Temple," which follows the "Dawnbearer" debut. The following press release was issued about the album:

"Hexvessel's No Holier Temple fuses the acoustic '70s folk vibe of its predecessor into a more psychedelic, electric, doom-folk sound with Manzarek-like keys, screeching & rhythmic Velvet Underground violins, Miles Davis trumpets, and hypnotic freakouts. Weaving the uncanny songs together are the narrative vocals of Mat McNerney - who on this album has matured into the bastard child of Burke Shelley, young Jon Anderson, and Paul Simon - and inspired by the progressive, spaced-out haze of bands like Amon Düül II, Van Der Graaf Generator, and Ultimate Spinach - whose song 'Your Head Is Reeling' they cover with religious abandon - their sound now expands outward from their eerie, signature, ritual-esque intros into a genre-twisting cauldron of otherworldly rock and the late-night, dreamy spoken-word of artists such as Jim Morrison (An American Prayer) and Ken Nordine."

The front cover was created by artist Bastian Kalous and represents the reverence to the native forest and nature that Hexvessel wish to raise awareness and preservation of. The themes of the album "are inspired by the work of great men like Scottish-American naturalist and preservationist John Muir and more recent radical environmental advocates Dave Foreman and Howie Wolke," according to the band.

Frontman and founder Mat McNerney says of the album: “The songs were written specifically to be channeled by a group. This is the sound of a cult, all focused on summoning the same magic, joined in prayer, haunted by the same demons. We actively pushed for a new way to evolve our sound. I purposely strove to make this album a calculated move-on from Dawnbearer. This isn't about using symbols of the occult. This is about a way of living that returns the old gods to their rightful place. We're a family that worships nature through word and sound. We hope you will join us." More...

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Nachtmystium Posts Fourth Behind The Scenes Video

The Chicago-based black metal outfit Nachtmystium has released 6th full-length album, "Silencing Machine," today in North America.

To give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Silencing Machine, Nachtmystium has now launched the fourth of five in-studio videos featuring exclusive footage and interviews with the band. Part 4 spotlights synths/electronics specialist and producer Sanford Parker, and it can be viewed below.

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Black Majesty Streaming Song From New Album

Australian power metal act Black Majesty has now released new album "Stargazer" in Europe, and the opening track from the release, "Falling," is available for streaming in the player below. "Stargazer" will see release in Japan on August 8th via Stay Gold/Art Union and North America on September 25th via Entertainment One.


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Winds Of Plague Splits With Drummer

Winds of Plague has officially parted ways with drummer Art Cruz due to creative differences and the band wishes him all the very best in his future endeavors.

"After many years of having Art Cruz with us we have decided its best for both parties involved to go our separate ways," states vocalist Johnny Plague. "Art is a great drummer and I'm sure he will be back behind the drums one way or another soon."

Art Cruz adds, "I'm very thankful for the experience. I love those dudes. I will continue to play drums and on the business side, I am currently pursuing artist management. To keep up with what I'm doing, follow me on twitter at twitter.com/artimusplague."

Winds of Plague is currently holed up in the studio working on the follow-up to "Against The World." The band comments, "We just finished recording our new album in which we recruited long time friend Brandon Gallindo to record as well as fill in for The All Stars Tour starting this week! See you soon!" The All Stars Tour kicks off on August 3rd. A full list of dates is below. More...

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Elvenking Posts New Lyric Video

Elvenking has released a new lyric video for the brand new song called "Poor Little Baroness," which can be found below. The track is taken off Elvenking's new album "Era," due out September 14th 2012 through AFM Records. The album's track listing is:

1. The Loser
2. I Am The Monster
3. Midnight Skies, Winter Sighs
4. A Song For The People
5. We, Animals
6. Through Wolf's Eyes
7. Walking Dead
8. Forget-me-not
9. Poor Little Baroness
10. The Time Of Your Life
11. Chronicle Of A Frozen Era
12. Ophale More...

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Saint Vitus Announces U.S. Headlining Tour

After canceling several shows due to health issues, Saint Vitus has announced a U.S. headlining tour - it's first since 1993. The award winning group will kick off the five week long jaunt on September 14th in Little Rock, AR. Presented by ScionAV and Brooklyn Vegan, the tour will run through October 19th and will include support from both Weedeater and Sourvein. Saint Vitus will be touring in support of its recently released eighth studio album, titled "Lillie: F-65."

"We're stoked to destroy America again; the last Saint Vitus U.S. headlining tour was in 1993," commented Dave Chandler. "This time we'll be playing 'Lillie' as well as fan favorites and some old surprises. Leave your ear plugs at home and come bleed with us."

Dates are as follows: More...

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Sabretung Splits With Bassist, Working On Album

Australia's Sabretung has issued the following announcement about splitting with bassist Tyler Purvis and working on a new album:

"We are about to enter a new area.... Tyler Purvis has announced his departure from the band. Along with Daniel McIness, his contribution was incalcuable. They provided a vitality that is irreplacable. An attitude and a standard that none can replicate. They will feature on our 2nd album: C O L L I S I O N

"We are all extremely proud of what we have achieved with this project. The title of the album is apt. This is what we went through in order to create this monument to the bands legacy.

"Doug Murray, Michael Evans and Benjamin Yates have ultimately made the choice to continue with the band. It will never be what it was, but what it will become will be something else entirely. We aren't even gonna try to replace these guys. We're gonna go into a totally different area and the resultant material will reflect that.

"We look forward to playing the incredible 'C O L L I S I O N' material and beyond... It will be different but maniacal..."

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Seven Deadly Cancels Shows Due To Medical Issues

Rob Hicks of U.K. act Seven Deadly has issued the following announcement about undergoing a medical operation on his hand:

"As some of you may be aware, we are not playing Birmingham this coming Friday. I am currently awaiting an operation on my hand due to an injury which has resulted in muscle and nerve damage - I require urgent medical attention and have been advised by doctors not to play drums as it will worsen my condition.

"Seven Deadly have decided to focus all our efforts on writing and recording a killer debut album (eta spring 2013) with a sprinkling of key live shows inbetween (once I've recovered). We're also working on a new music video for later this year which I think you are going to love!

"Thanks for your continued support, we appreciate all of you!"

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Hacktivist Posts "Unlike Us" Music Video

Hacktivist has released a new music video for the track "Unlike Us," which was recorded, mixed, and mastered At Core Studios.

Check out the video clip in the player below, or find more details on Hacktivist over at the band's Facebook profile. You can also watch a previously posted guitar playthrough clip for the song "Could Shoulder" at this location.

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Mercury Tide Filming New Video

Mercury Tide has issued the following announcement about filming a new music video for a track off the new "Killing Saw" album:

"We are currently shooting a music video to the single 'Searching' from the album 'Killing Saw.' The first part is filmed by Visionary Moments and the second one will follow soon.

"The finished video and the download single, which will also include an exclusive bonus track that is not on 'Killing Saw,' will probably be released in September. We will announce the exact song title and release date at this place soon."

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Winterfylleth Reveals New Album Details

Candlelight Records today confirms September 25th as the North American release date for "The Threnody of Triumph," the third full-length album from England ’s Winterfylleth. Recorded in Wales with producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard), the album delivers ten new conceptual compositions from the black metal quartet.

Vocalist/guitarist C. Naughton says, “The Threnody Of Triumph is a virulent and passionate album that represents the Winterfylleth of 2012. It represents a continual progression of the band and is a document to our determination to push ourselves further than we have before. On this album we celebrate the lives of those ones lost by contrasting the darkness of loss with the joy of celebrating their memories through the medium of a Threnody; a deathly ode to the memory of ones lost.”

New release "The Threnody of Triumph" follows the recent reissue of Winterfylleth’s debut album, "The Ghost of Heritage" and live appearances at Belgium’s Graspop and France’s Hellfest Festivals. “We will be playing some new material at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany on August 4 and are excited to bring the music back home at Bloodstock Open Air on August 9,” says Naughton. “We hope to see some of you down the front this Summer.” More...

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Carach Angren Announces European Tour

In September, Dutch symphonic black metallers Carach Angren will take part in the "Fire Walk With Me" European tour, together with Vreid and Mistur. Carach Angren is performing in support of new album "Where the Corpses Sink Forever" (reviewed here).

Full details on the tour are available online here and the date are as follows:

14 Sep 12 Oberhausen (DE) Helvete
16 Sep 12 München (DE) Backstage
17 Sep 12 Prague (CZ) Modra Vopice
18 Sep 12 Wien (AT) Escape Metalcorner
19 Sep 12 Zagreb (HR) Mochvara
20 Sep 12 Retorbido (IT) Carlitos Way
21 Sep 12 Zürich (CH) Werk 21
22 Sep 12 Paris (FR) Glazart
23 Sep 12 Roermond (NL) Eci More...

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Carach Angren Announces European Tour

In September, Dutch symphonic black metallers Carach Angren will take part in the "Fire Walk With Me" European tour, together with Vreid and Mistur. Carach Angren is performing in support of new album "Where the Corpses Sink Forever" (reviewed here).

Full details on the tour are available online here and the date are as follows:

14 Sep 12 Oberhausen (DE) Helvete
16 Sep 12 München (DE) Backstage
17 Sep 12 Prague (CZ) Modra Vopice
18 Sep 12 Wien (AT) Escape Metalcorner
19 Sep 12 Zagreb (HR) Mochvara
20 Sep 12 Retorbido (IT) Carlitos Way
21 Sep 12 Zürich (CH) Werk 21
22 Sep 12 Paris (FR) Glazart
23 Sep 12 Roermond (NL) Eci More...

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The Chariot Signs With Season Of Mist

Season of Mist just signed a new record deal with U.S. act The Chariot in Europe. The label commented:

"The Chariot are true artists whose determined passions lead them down winding pathways as they buck trends and avoid formulas. The noisy, rambling, shambling, Southern-fried, punk-infused, heavy hardcore band has long rejected the conventions of the genre that surrounds them by refusing to conform to established structures. The Chariot's sound and presentation owe more to At The Drive In, Refused, Nirvana, or eve The Sex Pistols in spirit and vibe than the formulaic processed sounds of their contemporaries."

The band's fifth album is entitled "One Wing" and will be released in Europe through Season of Mist on September 21st. Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting:

Cheek. More...

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Khonsu Releases New Music Video

Khonsu has teamed up with Terrorizer Magazine to premiere a new music video for the song "The Malady," which is taken from the band's debut album "Anomalia." The video was directed by Steffen Gronbech and Christian Falch, and produced by Gammaglimt Videoproduksjoner AS. Check out the video via Terrorizer or in the player available below.

"Anomalia" and will hit the stores on August 24th (28th in North America) and the album's track listing is as follows:

In Otherness
The Host
Darker Days Coming
Inhuman States
So Cold
The Malady
Va Shia (Into The Spectral Sphere) More...

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Monsterworks Releases Official Video

London-based progressive thrashing band Monsterworks has debuted the video for the song "Free Will" off the band's recently released three-track DR, "Man :: Instincts." The video, which was shot at Earth Terminal Studios in Hampshire, is streaming below.

In the course of its existence Monsterworks has been responsible for albums as far-fetched as a metal space adventure concept album in two parts ("Spacial Operations" - 2007 and "Singularity" - 2009), but more recently has explored philosophical territory ("The God Album" - 2011) and an approach to recording that mostly relies on 'old-school' technology, i.e. 24 track, 2-inch tape, like the classic albums the band grew up with.

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Second Part Of Abyss Records Series Posted

Bravewords recently unveiled the first part of the Abyss Records Summer of Sickness series with tracks from Humangled and Radiation Sickness. The action picks back up today with "Killing Spree" from SouthWicked, which features death metal guitar legend Allen West (ex-Obituary, Six Feet Under, Massacre) and Rocking Corpses' death n' roll zombie party favorite "Necrophiliac." To access the streams visit this location. The Abyss Summer Of Sickness Campaign is helping celebrate six underground albums that were released in a six-week period this summer, launching six exclusive track streams from each of the bands.


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Drakma Releases Second Video

Mexico City metalcore band Drakma has released its second video from its three-song 2012 promo EP. Below is an upload of the lyric version of the "Pensar y Rectifar" video. A few months ago Drakma released the official video for the EP's first single "Promesas," which you can check out over at YouTube. The band will be appearing on Saturday, August 4th, at the Rockabilly Bar in San Luis Potosi.

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Sinister Streams New Track

Dutch death metal veterans Sinister is streaming the new track "Transylvania (City of the Damned)," which can be heard below. The song appears on the band's forthcoming LP "The Carnage Ending," which is scheduled for release on September 28, 2012 via Massacre Records.

The track listing for "The Carnage Ending" is as follows:

1. Gates of Bloodshed (Intro)
2. Unheavenly Domain
3. Transylvania (City of the Damned)
4. My Casual Enemy
5. Crown of Thorns
6. The Carnage Ending
7. Oath of Rebirth
8. Regarding the Imagery
9. Defamatory Content
10. Blood Ecstasy
11. The Final Destroyer

Check out "Transylvania (City of the Damned)" here: More...

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