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Metal News for July 29, 2012

Last updated on September 2, 2015 at 12:23 PM ET

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Dionysus Gives Away Debut EP For Free Download

Lahore based doom/death metal band Dionysus has released their much debut EP, "Hymn To The Dying," as free download.

The track listing for the "Hymn To The Dying" EP is as follows:

1. Glimpse of the Beloved
2. Valor of the Phoenix
3. Burial Ground
4. Bathing In Unholy Blood
5. Angels Of Heaving Light

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Flesh Parade Faces An Uncertain Future

For twenty-two years Flesh Parade has been the top, and one of the very few, grindcore bands in New Orleans, LA; a town known for its achingly slow and messy sludge bands. Their last release “Dirty Sweet” was long anticipated the world over and received critical-acclaim when it came out in 2011. No one could have guessed when they performed at the 2011 Maryland Death Fest that the band was heading for a possible disbandment a year later. Guitarist Rene Perez explains the peril, “Well, we spent a lot of time writing, arranging, practicing, recording, and playing shows in preparation for ‘Dirty Sweet.’ Once it came out, we continued to play as much as possible to help support it via local shows, fests, and the mini tour we did last July. Our original plans were to tour extensively in 2012. I was working on several shows, one would have been last September in NOLA, but are drummer’s [Todd Capiton] work schedule forced us to cancel the show. We tried doing another one before the end of 2011 but all of our schedules couldn’t line up to make it happen and of course the holidays were also tough to work around. Three of us have families and kids and the holidays are always first with the family and the band is second.” More...

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Winter Nights Announces Lineup Change

New York based death metal band Winter Nights has issued the following announcement about parting ways with bassist Dave Casale:

"It is with great sadness & disappointment that we announce the departure of our bassist 'Dave Casale.' Certain things just did not match up between Dave and the band.

"We only wish him the best on his future endeavors whatever they may be. We fucking appreciate every second he was in the band, all the work, blood, sweat & booze he gave in.

"With that being said, Winter Nights still rolls on, Our Oct 7th Show with Blackguard is still on schedule and there's no stopping us, Ever."

You can check out Winter Nights' music online by heading over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Concrete Reveals New Album Artwork

Bulgarian death metallers Concrete have revealed the cover for their upcoming album, which is currently untitled. The record will be released in mid to late 2013. Check out the artwork below.

Concrete also released debut EP "Annihilation Of Humans" in April this year, which was produced by the band with Todor Todorov and the artwork was handled by Lilly Plamenova. For more details about Concrete, check out the band's Facebook profile here.

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Pay No Respect Splits With Bassist

U.K. band Pay No Respect has issued the following announcement about splitting with bassist
Luke Raggat:

"So as you can probably tell, Luke is no longer in the band due to personal reasons... we wish him the best in whatever he wishes to pursue, he was with us from day one and we will miss him!

"But we would like to introduce Casp who has filled in for Luke in the past and look forward to writing a full length that we hope will drop early next year!

"We would also like to thank everyone for the support over the past 5 years, we've been to hell and back but have stayed strong throughout purely because of you guys... We're excited to be able to concentrate and take our time on this new record with a fresh start and a new set of ears."

Further details on Pay No Respect can be found over at the band's Facebook profile here.

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Syqem Streaming New Album

German alternative prog metal act Syqem has released a new album online titled "Reflections of Elephants," which can be heard in the player below or over at bandcamp. The track listing is as follows:

1. Attack of the Elephants 05:19
2. Fabric of my Mind 04:21
3. No Se Si Riure...O Plorar 00:34
4. Dervish 04:52
5. Rewind 04:17
6. Portlligat 00:22
7. The Artist 03:32
8. S.O.S. 05:24
9. Escape 05:00
10. The Machine 00:23
11. You Phone 04:36
12. Disconnect 00:30
13. Siamese (In Theory) 05:48 More...

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Necrophagia Streaming New Demo Song

U.S. death metal act Necrophagia, which recently announced the return of keyboardist Mirai Kawashima, has posted a new rough demo song online for streaming. You can listen to the song "Silentium Vel Mortis" below. The track is based around Dario Argento's "The Three Mothers" films ("Suspiria," "Inferno," and "The Mother of Tears"). For more info on Necrophagia, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Falling To Pieces Taking Break From Live Shows

California's Falling To Pieces has checked in with the following announcement about taking a break from live shows to search out a new vocalist:

"Amazing show last night! Thanks to everyone that came out and all the bands that played. Special thanks to Ryan from Left Of Christ for filling in on vocals and killing it! Nicci would have been stoked to hear those harmonies last night! Also thanks to Derek from Weapon Status Red for coming up and singing Shades with us. Thanks to Nemesis Records LLC and everyone that helped put on the show.

"Also, thanks to the Taco Truck outside the venue for saving the day with the bomb ass burritos and nachos.

"We will be playing one last show September 7th to help raise money for Casket of Casandra at the Pine St. in Livermore. After that, we will be taking a break to find a permanent vocalist. Thanks to everyone for the support!

"If you're a kick ass vocalist, please hit us up to try out! Cheers!"

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Visions Signs With Myriad Records

Myriad Records has issued the following announcement about inking a new deal with Visions:

"We have signed Visions, please see below to hear their brand new song, 'You Won't Even Know,' from their forthcoming EP out soon. The track is available for free download, please see the description."

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Chris Jericho of Fozzy Talks "Sin and Bones"

Cover bands rarely sign to prominent record labels, much less the one that issued Metallica’s first record. That is exactly how Fozzy got its start when Jonny Z of the infamous Megaforce Records signed them in 2000. Jon Zazula didn’t exactly discover a diamond in the rough, though. At the time, the group’s core writers—singer Chris Jericho and guitarist Rich Ward—had already made a name for their selves in their prospective industries.

In 2000, Jericho was a famous wrestler. Rich Ward was part of Century Media Record’s best selling artist Stuck Mojo,, an important piece to the history of rap rock and nu metal. Even though Fozzy’s members were veterans in their fields, the group had yet to find its own voice. Their first two recordings, “Fozzy” and “Happenstance,” were mostly covers. The third album “All That Remains” marked the first recording of entirely original material. “Enemy,” now a classic in the band’s discography, was used as the theme song on WWE’s pay-per-view “No Way Out” and the band played Download festival in England. Fozzy had arrived.

Fozzy released “Chasing the Grail” next and embarked on numerous tours, including a stint as part of Europe’s travelling Sonisphere festival. Soon, Fozzy will hit the road again for another travelling festival, Mayhem Energy Drink’s Uproar Festival. This tour coincides with the release of their fifth recording “Sin and Bones” on August 14th. Running the gauntlet between soft and supple and hard and heavy, “Sin and Bones” brings together southern metal, classic metal and hard rock with Stuck Mojo’s urban groove. Jericho promises its Fozzy’s best material. Read on to find why the ripped front man considers this recording such a masterpiece.


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Bleeding Through Cancels Shows

Bleeding Through has issued the following announcement about having to cancel a show due to vocalist Brandan Schieppati having teeth removed:

"Hey everyone,

"Brandan had to have emergency orthodontic surgery today and we have to cancel this evening's performance. Symptoms started to appear yesterday and put him in a no choice position this morning.

"I can assure you from the many messages he has sent the band saying...'I am so sorry' he would do it if he could. We all apologies for any trouble this could have caused and appreciate your support."

The band also commented via Facebook, "Brandan had to have three wisdom teeth pulled today -- it was a sudden emergency situation. We will not be able to perform in San Diego tonight. Go see the other bands. We will hopefully rejoin the tour on Monday."

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Mitochondrion To Release New EP

Canada's Mitochondrion has issued the following announcement about releasing a new EP through Dark Descent Records:

"The ANTINUMEROLOGY EP is forthcoming! Dark Descent Records will once again present another step towards oblivion with this 7" of 2 newly captured Mitochondrion songs: 'Insummation' and '137 (Antinumerology).'

"Expect more madness within our tradition! All visual alchemy handled by the masterful Richard Friend (Loss, Father Befouled). A scheduled Fall release is pending...

"We have sought the formula for the beginning and the end! 137/11" More...

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Mind's I Streaming New EP

Mind's I has released the band's new demo EP online for streaming, which can be heard in the player below. Mind's I also commented:

"Here it is!! Since there was such an unexpected amount of feedback, it was time to finally end the wait. We'd like to thank every one of you for the support you've been giving us. It's what truly keeps us going.

"Since we currently don't have the funds to release this EP the way we truly intended it to be; We've decided to share it with all of you who have been waiting patiently instead of cancelling it. A lot of hard work was put into this and due to complications with touring, we only have the latest mixes from Osiris Studios. We hope you enjoy our ideas despite any rough qualities of the tracks.

"You can download it at bandcamp for free or name your price here. Any money donated will be put towards our full length album. Since there is a limit on the number of downloads, you can also get the package from mediafire here." More...

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Iced Earth Posts Tour Footage

Iced Earth has launched a second video webisode online chronicling the band's time on tour with Volbeat and Hellyeah, which can be viewed below. For even more Iced Earth, you can also watch a recently posted video interview with Jon Schaffer over at this location.

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Destiny Potato Drops Off Epica Tour

Destiny Potato had previously announced the band would be hitting the road with Epica and Insomnium for a North American tour. The group has now issued the following statement about dropping off the tour:

"We have some bad and some good news ladies!! We are canceling October USA/Canada tour with headliner Epica. We realized that it doesn't fit our LP releasing plans and schedule atm so we had to do do it. It's a bummer, but it's probably better this way.

"Apologies to the bands... and of course fans who wanted to see us this fall and already bought the tickets, but...

"We already have a lot of touring planed for 2013 which will be announced sometime soon, we have a few songs coming out in this period and than the LP when we prepare the ground for it, which will be KICK FUKIN' ASS! Much love."

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Forgotten Tears Releases New Music Video

Italian melodic death metal act Forgotten Tears has released a new music video for the song "Thoughts Killed My Sleep," the third extract from the band's debut album "Words To End." Check out the video clip below, or you can watch the previous video for "Final 24" at this location.

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Crow Black Sky Splits With Bassist

Crow Black Sky bass guitarist and founding member Stephen Spinas has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band:

"Hey guys, I have decided for personal reasons that I will be leaving Crow Black Sky. It has been an incredible adventure and an amazing experience with a bunch of guys I hold very close to my heart.

"I will always remember the ups and downs and the very first days of starting the band. I wish the rest of the guys the best of luck and the most metal wishes for the future.

"Keep your eyes open because Crow Black Sky only offers the greatest. Stay brutal stay metal and best listening."

For more on Crow Black Sky, check out the teaser for the band's upcoming "Stars of God" music video here.

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Al Jourgensen Collapses On Stage

Ministry has posted the following message online about Al Jourgensen being hospitalized after an on-stage incident:

"Ministry Front man Al Jourgensen collapsed on-stage during the live Ministry performance and was rushed to hospital via ambulance where he was examined by numerous physicians and diagnosed to have had a full-system collapse due to extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion intensified by the lack of ventilation on stage at the venue. Doctors confirm via blood tests conducted that Jourgensen’s alcohol blood levels were well below normal and no narcotics were found in his system. As a result, Ministry has cancelled today’s appearance at the L’Etaples France Rock en Stock Festival in order to allow Mr. Jourgensen a few days rest to recuperate and receive additional medical attention in Switzerland. Jourgensen fully intends to complete the remaining shows on the Ministry DeFiBriLlaTouR European leg."

Jourgensen extends his most sincere apologies to his devoted Parisian fans who displayed so much love, respect and concern for him before and after the Ministry show. Says Jourgensen: “I will make it up to you, somehow. I love Paris, I love the Parisian people. I’m so sorry …but, shit happens and the shit hit the fan for me last night.”

Ministry has been performing in support of new album "Relapse" (reviewed here), and you can also check out our show report of the band playing at the Tuska Open Air Festival.

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Frostwork Posts New Album Teaser

After streaming the demo album "The Rites Of Winter - The First Storm," black metal act Frostwork has now released a teaser trailer for the band's upcoming new album. Check out the trailer for "Lore of Winter - Ealdspell" below. To hear more from the album, you can listen to the new song "Cast From His Wings" over here.

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Ecliptyka Posts Performance Video

Brazil's Ecliptyka has uploaded footage of the band performing at a festival on June 29th, 2012. Check out the video clip below. You can also watch Ecliptyka's previously posted music video for "We Are The Same" at this location.

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Falling Leaves Streaming New Song

Jordan based metallers Falling Leaves, who signed to Endless Winter earlier this year, have posted a track online from their new album "Mournful Cry of a Dying Sun." Listen to the song "Blight" in the player below. The album's full track listing is:

1. Reaching My Last Haven
2. Blight
3. Trapped Within
4. Silence Again (Silence Pt. II)
5. Vanished Serenity
6. Memories Will Never Fade
7. Celestial
8. Dying Sun (Outro) More...

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Abandon All Hope Live Footage Posted Online

Open Your Mind Media has posted a brief video clip online of Ohio act Abandon All Hope performing live on July 27th, 2012. Check out the footage below, or find photos from the show over at this location. For more details on upcoming performances from Abandon All Hope, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Sunday Old School: Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat was part of a large second wave of the glam eighties. They followed the template of successful debut and even more successful follow-up album, popular ballad (with video), deep decline in interest (as the grunge arrived), and then reunite only to break-up and attempt to have two versions of the same band. No, it may not be the road most chosen, but it was the road taken by the band Faster Pussycat. More...

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