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Metal News for July 28, 2013

Last updated on September 4, 2015 at 3:05 PM ET

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Manowar To Release "Kings Of Metal 2014"

Manowar has checked in with the following announcement about releasing the "Kings of Metal 2014" album:

"Manowar's 'Kings Of Metal' album, a milestone in metal history, was first released on November 18th, 1988.

"Already a significant force with international success since their debut album 'Battle Hymns,' this release and the following 1989 'Kings Of Metal' world tour catapulted Manowar to a new sphere. Songs like 'Heart Of Steel,' 'Kings Of Metal,' 'Hail And Kill,' and 'Blood Of The Kings' became instant anthems and remain among the most demanded songs in concerts, celebrated not only by Manowar fans.

"In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Kings Of Metal, Manowar are currently in the studio, recording a brand new special version of the album: 'Kings Of Metal 2014.'

"The new rendition will honor the original as it’s inspiration, but with additional energy, fully utilizing the power of today’s technology and 25 years of experience, and it will contain new arrangements and changes that incorporate live performance elements added over the years. The album will feature additional bonus material and many other surprises. More...

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Paul Di'anno Cancels North American Tour

Former Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul Di'anno, has announced that his planned tour of the United States and Canada has been cancelled, after what appears (quite clearly) to be an issue with the American booking agent. A message from Di'anno clarifying the situation reads as follows:

"Due to a Snake (supposed USA booking agent) ripping everyone off in every way possible known to man (and a few ways not heard of yet) the USA tour will not be going ahead. After waiting and waiting and waiting and lies and lies and more lies (and then just a few more lies and bullshit) just like happened to many others before me - i have had to admit defeat to this lowlife and forget about the USA tour for now. As you can imagine, money changed hands over there in the USA (not my hands I might add) and keeping me suppressed was the best thing to do whilst it was all stashed away.

"My apologies to the American fans who have been let down and to the various promoters who got so badly burnt in this way.

"This slime bag Snake knows who he is (and so does half of the Metal and rock business) so lets hope his fall is a steep one."

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Diskord Announces 2CD Re-Release

Norwegian progressive death metal trio Diskord has announced a double-CD reissue of the debut full-length "Doomscapes" on July 30th via Poland's Hellthrasher Productions.

Originally released in 2007 by currently non-existing Edgerunner Records, the album will be re-pressed in the edition of 1000 two-CD sets including a bonus disc with the previously self-released "Aural Abjection" EP. The track listing is as follows:

1. An Architectonic Manifestation of Death
2. Public Static Void
3. Harbinger
4. Absurreality
5. Cosmic Collapse
6. The Ubiquitous Transience
7. Inane Existence
8. Pervasive Discreteness
9. Overstrain
10. Heritage
11. Reptilian Ancestry
12. Instauration

1. Havoc Intermezzo
2. Instauration
3. Cosmic Collapse
4. Existential Absurdity
5. Public Static Void
6. Cease of Existence
7. Neurotic
8. Complicity
9. Dysthymic Lifetime

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Fuck The Facts Issues Tour Recap

Fuck The Facts has checked in with the following recap of recent European shows:

"I haven't had a lot of downtime since we got back from Europe, but I wanted to take some time to thank everyone that came out to one (or more) of the European shows on this past tour, all the kind folks that opened up their homes to us, all the rad bands we played with and all the promoters that worked so hard to make these shows happen.

"Special thanks to the guys in Hell Division for their help with the shows in Spain and sharing these dates with us. Thanks Curby and Obscene Extreme Festival for the great time in the Czech Republic, and of course huge thanks to Mila & Agipunk for everything!

"Since this was our first time heading to Europe in the summer we were a bit worried about how we would fare during the peak traffic of European touring and festivals, but it turned out to be our best Euro tour yet! Getting to finally play the UK was incredible and we were happy that all the stories we heard about bad UK shows were squashed the moment we finished our first song in Brighton.

"All in all it was a blast as usual and a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. We are very grateful that we are able to head overseas and play for you all, so THANK YOU! and we can't wait to see you all again next time!"

You can also check out the band's new "Amer" EP in the player provided below. More...

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Fractal Artifact Streaming New Song

Fractal Artifact has posted the new song "Astral Projection" online, which is taken from the band's upcoming debut album "Manifestations Of The Abyss." The track listing is as follows:

1. Obsolete Forms
2. Scarab
3. Arcane Thunder
4. Manifestations Of The Abyss
5. Cosmic Portal
6. Engine Of The Makers
7. Frozen Sky
8. Transhuman
9. Astral Projection

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Dead Rooster Streaming EP

Buenos Aires band Dead Rooster has shared the pre-release digital version of its new "Midnight Special" EP over on bandcamp. The EP will be released officially on Argentina's Coche Bomba records. This marks a very old school black metal sound for the band, which started out with a more doom metal sound back in 2010. Dead Rooster will be appearing live at the Death Path Festival along with the Brazilians Whipstriker on Sunday, August 18th at the Gier Club in Buenos Aires. They will also appear at the Noiseground Festival Vol. 2 at the Uniclub in Buenos Aires on Friday, September 6th.

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Sunday Old School: Guns N’ Roses

With over 100 million worldwide albums sold, Guns N' Roses gave heavy metal a much needed kick in the ass when they burst upon the scene. Sex, drugs, riots, racism, fights...the band has been involved in anything you can think of, earning Guns N’ Roses the label of “world’s most dangerous band.” Watch the video for “Welcome to The Jungle” and you begin to understand the initial stigma of Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses. Rose and company let fans and critics into their lives through music and videos (this changed over the years as communication came more via rants, letters to the media, and court issued documents). A Midwest boy exploring Hollywood for all of its worth: part-relishing, part-horrified. Axl Rose was later rumored to be diagnosed as bi-polar. Watch the video; it was always right in front of our eyes. More...

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