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Metal News for July 21, 2015

Last updated on July 30, 2015 at 8:56 AM ET

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Nightfell Announces New Album

20 Buck Spin proudly welcomes Portland's brooding and diverse metal outfit Nightfell to the label's ranks, and is preparing to release the band's crushing "Darkness Evermore" sophomore LP later this year.

Comprised of main members Todd Burdette (Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Warcry, etc) and Tim Call (Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation, Sempiternal Dusk, Saturnalia Temple, etc), in 2014 Nightfell stormed decisively onto the worldwide metal scene with debut album "The Living Ever Mourn", which was released through a cooperation between Southern Lord and Parasitic Records.

New album "Darkness Evermore" will see release via 20 Buck Spin on CD and digital formats on September 11th, followed by a 12" vinyl release in early November. The album's art, track listing, samples of its brutalizing audio and more will be released in the immediate, bleak days ahead. To get acquainted with the band, you can hear the previous album "The Living Ever Mourn" at this location.

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Household Releasing "Time Spent"

Blood & Ink Records is very excited to announce the release of Household's debut LP, "Time Spent," on September 25th. A track off the release can be heard below, and Blood & Ink comments:

"'Time Spent' is the kind of album that ignores what is expected. Incorporating elements of hardcore, melodic punk, emo, and post-hardcore, the album's influences are varied and deep, but shaped together in a way that is invitingly familiar. Intricate guitar lines weave in and out of heavy breakdowns, lightning fast drumming effortlessly flows into hauntingly subdued passages, and Gilbert’s powerful newfound singing voice holds it all together.

"The album’s title and main lyrical themes point to asking the sorts of questions that apply to any young person, yet are presented with such maturity and reflectiveness that they’re relatable to listeners of any age. What are we choosing to do with our time, how are we letting our days go by? For the members of Household, the answers have an inspiring simplicity; they’re trying their best to do what they love." More...

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Hoverfest Announces 2015 Lineup

Hovercraft Amplifiers' mastermind Nial McGaughey has announced a second edition of the Hoverfest in Portland.

This year Cravedog, Hovercraft Amplifiers, and Nanotear Booking is proud to reveal the lineup set to level the stage on Saturday, August 8th rom noon 'til dusk in the alleyway between Cravedog and Type Foundry Recording Studio (611 N Tillamook St. Suite B22, Portland, Oregon 97227).

Join these bands for a day devoted to celebrating riffs, amplifiers, motorcycles, and the fantastic people and good times that come together when all of those are combined:

Slough Feg
Witch Mountain
Lord Dying
Sons Of Huns
Holy Grove
Mane Of The Cur

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Kronos Posts Entire Album Online

Featuring continuous references to the gods of ancient civilizations, the French battering ensemble Kronos is set to deploy new full-length, "Arisen New Era" this week via Unique Leader Records. Today you can stream the full release below.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Potvin at Dome Studios (Lyzanxia, Arcania, Under The Abyss etc.) in (appropriately) Angers, France, the nine-track "Arisen New Era" is a smoldering display of technical death metal barbarity centered on a bloody battle between the gods of Olympus and the Titans. More...

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Sacri Monti Streaming Full Album

California's psychedelic heavy rock champions from Sacri Monti release their self-titled debut album today via Tee Pee Records.

The five-piece blazes a scorching trail of superb shredding and smoldering riff-o-rama on the record, which can now be heard in full below. The album's track listing is:

1. Staggered in Lies
2. Glowing Grey
3. Slipping from the Day
4. Sitting Around in a Restless Dream
5. Ancient Seas and Majesties
6. Sacri Monti More...

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One-Eyed Doll Announces Halloween Tour

Austin's One-Eyed Doll will return to the road this fall, with the announcement of an annual Halloween tour. Kicking off this September, the 2015 leg will also feature Stitched Up Heart and Run 2 Cover, with dates spanning across the U.S. and Canada, and coming to a head on Halloween night in Phoenix, AZ.

Additionally, One-Eyed Doll will be unleashing the epic music video for the track "Afflicted" next week, but is offering fans a chance to see it before anyone else. Within the next week, any fan that purchases a ticket for the tour will receive an exclusive viewing link to the video, before it goes live to the public.

"Afflicted" will be the first music video off the group's new album, "Witches" (reviewed here), released earlier this year on Standby Records. More...

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Cyperna Parts With Guitarist

Cyperna just issued the following announcement online about parting ways with guitarist Mike Corridor:

"We have to finally say it even though we don't want to believe it. Our brother, friend and guitar player Mike Corridor is going to be stepping down from playing guitar with us for a while.

"He needs to focus on other things in his life at this time and he has our complete support in his decision to do this.

"The last three years with him has been an honor and not only has he been an amazing musician and helped form this band to where it is now, he is one of the most genuine mofo's we have ever met and had the pleasure of working with. And in our eyes he will always have a home with us. We wish him nothing but love and the best for him and his family." More...

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Uneven Structure Streaming New Single

Uneven Structure's brand new track "Funambule" is finally here and can be heard below or downloaded as a digital single at Bandcamp. This is the first song to be taken from Uneven Structure's forthcoming album, "La Partition."

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Godhunter/Destroyer Of Light Post New Tracks

With the impending release of Godhunter Vs. Destroyer Of Light: "Endsville" closing in, new tracks hailing from both sides of the split are now online.

One of the most psychedelic bottom-dredgers of Godhunter's platter from "Endsville," the track "Dull Knives, Weak Handshakes" is a fuzz-laden, tectonic crusher which sees the band's more stoner/doom metal influences taking over.

While Destroyer Of Light bears more of the same stoner/doom influences in the group's overall body of work, the LP-closing "Valley Of The Dead" surges with a morose and eventually scathing vibe than much of the rest of the release.

Combined, the two tracks offer vast insight into what the mighty "Endsville" release encapsulates. Listen in below. More...

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Satanika Releasing "Total Inferno"

Following last year's "Nightmare" album, Satanika will release new full-length "Total Inferno" via Osmose Productions on October 30th. The label comments:

"Satanika sounds as tight as fuck without ever loosing their infernal drive. Aggressive, morbid and headbangin' music for old and modern ears…they celebrate chaos, with razorsharps-like guitar sound, and hypnotic and destructive drums they doom you to eternal depravation, inspired by the cursed power of death metal acts like Morbid Angel and Necrophobic, the speed of thrash metal and the blasphemous and noxious black metal madness. 'Total Inferno' is their evil manifesto to celebrate their deal with cult label Osmose Productions… expect total darkness and wickedness, their most intense and devastating work .... it’s time to unleash the ripping evil!!!"

1. The Worst Is Yet to Come
2. Sighs From the Depths
3. The Black Death
4. Our Lady of Darkness
5. Ripping Evil
6. Gates of Hell
7. Schizoid
8. Necromancer
9. Yog-Sothoth
10. Sleaze!!!
11. Total Inferno More...

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Demist Releases "Generation Gray" Video

Following previously released videos for "Someone's Mirror" and "Faith Remains," the Belgrade gothic metal band Demist has a new clip online now for "Generation Gray," which can be seen below.

"Generation Gray" comes off the 2015 album "Guilt And Pleasures" recorded at Blaze Studio in Belgrade, Serbia with producer Miloš Mihajlovic. The video below was shot by Milan Subotic.

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Disboskator Streaming EP

Italian thrash metal outfit Disboskator has made the full "Terror In Dreamland" EP available for streaming online. Check out the four tracks through the player below or over at the Disboskator Facebook profile here. The band consists of:

Edoardo Scal - Vocals / Guitar
Tiziano Valentini - Drums
Filippo Mannini - Bass More...

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Savage Messiah To Play Bloodstock

The London metallers from Savage Messiah have been confirmed for the Ronnie James Dio main stage at this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival, which takes place August 6th - August 9th at Catton Park in the U.K.

Having already rocked the Bloodstock masses a number of times before, Savage Messiah is this year moving up to the big leagues, joining the likes of Trivium, Napalm Death, Opeth, Black Label Society, and more on the main stage. Savage Messiah will be hitting the stage on Saturday, 8th August at 11:00am.

Bassist Míra Sláma comments: "We are absolutely thrilled to confirm that we will be playing the most metal festival in the UK. Bloodstock Open Air always has been a special festival for the metal fans and we are stoked to join this year's line-up. See you in the pit, Savages!"

For tickets and more information about Bloodstock, head over to this location.

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The Unravelling Returns From The Dead

A few years back our readers may recall a Canadian band releasing "Thirteen Arcane Hymns" (reviewed here) a little under the radar... and then disappearing for quite some time.

We're very pleased to announce that The Unravelling - consisting of duo Steve Moore and Gustavo De Beauville - is now back and ready to plow forward full steam ahead.

Following a battle with cancer, Moore recently reconnected with De Beauville to begin crafting new material, resulting in the two singles "Revolt" and "Master Drone" seeing digital release, but that's just the beginning, as full-length albums and live shows are on the horizon.

We've now got a new in-depth interview with the twosome, in which they discuss a shifting focus and changing musical influences (or as Gustavo puts it, he's "had a few years to clean the great Maynard James Keenan’s jizz stains out of my hair"), the labels people needlessly apply to themselves, and the many regrouping classic metal outfits these days. Check out the full interview below (photos courtesy of Ryan Donnelly). More...

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Zafakon To Issue New "Release"

Puerto Rican thrash act Zafakon posted some of the details for the upcoming sophomore studio effort, which will be entitled "Release." The album will be mixed by Dan Swano and is set to be released on December 6th coinciding with the conference of The Metal Islands, featuring, among many acts, the "Puerto Rican Candlemass" - Dantesco.

Guitarist Weslie Negrón commented about the album: "I think this album will expand our fan base, music-wise. Yhann's addition to the band has widened our approach towards our music. We're very happy with the position we are in.”

The track list for the album is:

1. I. Conveyor Of Shame
2. Twisted Brains
3. Ecosfear
4. Prevaricator
5. II. Sirens
6. Valor y Sacrificio
7. Arbeit Macht Frei
8. Phantom Scream
9. The Optimist
10. III. Release

More information is expected shortly.

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Apophys Takes You To "The Red Planet"

Dutch tech death act Apophys released a new music video for the track "The Red Planet." The song appears on the debut release "Prime Incursion," which was issued via Metal Blade Records back in April

Apophys features Erebus frontman Kevin Quilligan and God Dethroned drummer Michiel van der Plicht in its ranks.

The clip - directed and shot by Sebastiaan Spijker - can be viewed here:

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A Sound Of Thunder Release Preview Clip For New LP

After shattering the goal for the band's Kickstarter campaign in less than 21 hours, D.C. metal act A Sound of Thunder has posted a 9 plus minute preview clip for the upcoming new release "Tales From the Deadside."

Guitarist Josh Schwartz commented on the campaign: "I can't adequately express how shocked, grateful and proud I was when our fans blew past our initial Kickstarter goal of $10,000 in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! That is a major achievement, not by us, but by you! Every time a fan-funded project like this succeeds I truly feel it is a victory for fans and artists alike. I speak for all the members of A SOUND OF THUNDER when I say THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL! Your support allows us to keep making music. We absolutely would not be here without you, and you absolutely are the best record company in the world!"

Tales From the Deadside" was once again recorded at Assembly Line Studios with RIAA platinum-awarded producer Kevin '131' Gutierrez (Shinedown, While Heaven Wept, Raven). The album tells the story of Shadowman, one of the flagship characters of Valiant Entertainment's comic book universe. The album is set for release on September 25th.

The track listing for "Tales From the Deadside" is:

1. Children of the Dark
2. Sandria (Carry On)
3. Can't Hold Back
4. Deadside
5. Tower of Souls
6. Losing Control (The Unquiet Shadow)
7. Punk Mambo
8. Alyssa (Life in Shadows)
9. Tremble
10. End Times

Check out the preview here: More...

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Myrkur Streaming New Track

Myrkur is preparing to release the "M" album this coming August 21st, 2015 and today another track from the full-length comes online. Check out opening song "Skøgen Skulle Dø" below, and if you missed it, a video for "Onde Børn" is still available here. The album's track listing is:

1. Skøgen Skulle Dø
2. Hævnen 0
3. Onde Børn
4. Vølvens Spådom
5. Jeg er Guden, I er Tjenerne
6. Nordlys
7. Mordet
8. Byssan Lull
9. Dybt i Skoven
10. Skadi
11. Norn
12. Skaði (Demo) (Bonus Track) More...

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Monster Magnet Releasing "Cobras And Fire"

Dave Wyndorf and his henchmen seemingly had the time of their lives when they completely rearranged and boosted "Last Patrol" and christened it "Milking the Stars: A Re-imagining of Last Patrol."

Now Monster Magnet goes back even further to 2010 and the "Mastermind" album. Even if you know the album inside and out you won't be prepared in the slightest for the trip that is "Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux)." Just think of the beast Apocalypse Now turned into in its Redux form. Familiar elements drift by and are swallowed whole by thundering psych orgies - Wyndorf often focuses on a singular song fragment and turns it into his ride to total Nirvana.

Today the first song from this new edition comes online - check out "Mastermind '69" below. Frontman Dave Wyndorf comments on the new album:

"Hey, hey! I'm pleased to announce the release of 'Cobras And Fire: The Mastermind Redux.' It's a re-imagining of material from 2010's 'Mastermind' album as an alternative listening experience that I think stands on it's own.

"With 'Cobras And Fire' I wanted to present these songs in a much stranger and dirtier atmosphere. Less classic rock and more...well, I'd guess I'd call it a deranged fusion of garage-psych, fuzz punk and movie soundtrack music.

"It's almost completely re-recorded (with the bulk of the guitar and bass playing by co-producer Phil Caivano) and as in Milking The Stars I've added organ, piano, sitars and more to flesh out a completely new sound for these tunes. There's also a Hawkwind/Pink Fairies inspired cover version of The Temptations 1969 classic 'Ball Of Confusion' with background vocals by Monster Magnet co-founder and Rib Eye Bros. frontman Tim Cronin. More...

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Nota Amara Releases New EP

Russian progressive symphonic metal band Nota Amara just released new ?? "Mediocrity," the second creation in the group's discography.

Tracking, mixing, and mastering were handled by Dmitry Taranov (Narwhal Tusk), at studio Bass-Bochka.

Nota Amara united Alexander Bryl (guitars) and Natalia Kononova (vocals) and then brought along Dmitry Returns. The band is based in Novocherkassk, Russia and has previously released a full-lenghh album titled "At the Line." More...

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Inhuman Announces "Conquerors Of The New World"

Costa Rican technical death metal band Inhuman is pleased to announce the release of second full-length album, “Conquerors Of The New World.”

The follow-up to 2013’s "Course of Human Destruction" features a cover by Spanish artist J. L. Rey from Phlegeton Art Studio (Wormed, Wrong, Coffins) and is set for release on August 30th via Satanath Records in Europe and Sevared Records in North America.

Check out the song entitled “Hold Your Crucifix” below, and pre-orders are now available right here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Conquerors of the New World
2. Soulless Dead Eyes
3. Hold Your Crucifix
4. Extermination by Depopulation
5. Feed On Human Flesh
6. America Rises
7. The Chalice
8. Stabbed to Death More...

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Metal Heads Wanted For Ghostbusters Filming

Boston area metal heads will have the chance to take part in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, as a casting call just went out for "people who look like metal heads" for a scene to be filmed at the end of the month. BostonGlobe.com reports:

“Ghostbusters” is filming a big concert scene at the Wang next week, and the movie’s casting director is looking for extras. Billy Dowd Casting says it’s looking for people 35 and under — as well as older people who look like metal heads — to play the audience at a heavy metal concert in a scene that films from July 28 to 30.

Dowd warns that the job doesn’t pay big bucks — but parking and lunch are included, and perhaps you’ll see some ghost-busting in action. To apply, send a clear and recent photo with your name, age, and number to heavy

This upcoming reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise will be directed by Paul Feig (director of the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids as well as several episodes of The Office and Nurse Jackie) and stars an all-female cast that ain't afraid of no ghosts this time around, including Mellisa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.

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Carnifex Announces 10th Anniversary Tour

In addition to recently announced European shows in December, California based death metal outfit Carnifex will celebrate its 10 year anniversary this fall with a North American headlining tour.

The massive six-week trek will launch on October 7th in Los Angeles and come to a rousing climax on November 11th in the band’s hometown of San Diego.

“The reality that Carnifex has been a band for ten years is still something I can't quite grasp,” comments vocalist Scott Lewis. “I've felt we've always been outsiders from the start, even in the metal world. But what separates Carnifex from everyone else is all of you have joined us on the outside, keeping each other alive and stronger than ever.

“This tour is our way of directly connecting with our fans, giving you the biggest headlining tour we've ever put together and personally saying thank you to each and every one of you for your die hard support. We look forward to seeing all of you and sharing this once in a lifetime experience.”

The tour will feature Black Tongue, Lorna Shore, and The Last Ten Seconds Of Life. Upcoming dates are as follows: More...

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Beneath The Storm Posts Artwork, Video

Mysterious Slovenian sludge doomsters Beneath The Storm today reveal the cover artwork for third album “Devil’s Village,” a concept on the cult classic horror movie “City of the Dead.”

The new song “At the Hour of 13” is the first single from the album and it is a preview of what the band is today, an improved step into sludge doom sonorities, with creepy atmospheres, disturbing riffs and sinister vocals. “Devil’s Village” will be released by Argonauta Records on LP / CD / DD September 1st, 2015.


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Lynch Mob Streaming The "Jelly Roll"

Lynch Mob - featuring ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch - is streaming the new track "Jelly Roll." The song appears on the upcoming new studio effort "Rebel," set for release on August 21st via Frontiers Records.

Joining Lynch and vocalist Oni Logan are veteran musicians Jeff Pilson (ex Dokken and Dio, currently with Foreigner) on bass and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Slash etc.) on drums.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Automatic Fix
2. Between The Truth And A Lie
3. Testify
4. Sanctuary
5. Pine Tree Avenue
6. Jelly Roll
7. Dirty Money
8. The Hollow Queen
9. The Ledge
10. Kingdom Of Slaves
11. War

Check out "Jelly Roll" here: More...

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Mindless Sinner Signs With Pure Steel Records

Sweden's Mindless Sinner has awoken from a 29 year slumber and signed a worldwide deal with Pure Steel Records. The last time the band released material, it was the debut album "Turn on the Power" in 1986. In 2001, the band flirted with a reunion, which lasted about three years before going on hiatus once again.

Now, in October 2015, the band will issue "The New Messiah" and commented: "We're proud to announce that Mindless Sinner has signed a worldwide record deal with Pure Steel Records.
We're looking forward to some great stuff and a great collaboration for the future."

Details on the album are expected soon. The band's lineup is as follows:

Christer Göransson - vocals
Magnus Danneblad - lead guitar
Jerker Edman - lead guitar
Christer Carlson - bass
Tommy Viktorsson - drums More...

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Lightless Moor Announces "Hymn For The Fallen"

Italian gothic/doom metal act Lightless Moor have announced the impending release of the band's second full length album "Hymn for the Fallen." The band is currently at RealSound Studio in Parma, Italy recording the album. Having just re-signed with Wormholedeath Records, the album is expected later in the year.

The album's artwork - created by Carlo Bellotti and Phobos Anomaly Design - and track listing can be found below.

The band commented: "'Hymn for the Fallen' is a wave of gothic doom with dark atmospheres, electronic sounds and orchestral touches mixed with powerful riffs into the melancholic depths of reality. Ilaria's new modern style of singing mixed with the operatic style harmonizes perfectly with Federico's screaming/growling and his clean vocals parts. The album is for every creature and every person who has been forgotten and oppressed: the fallen ones. An hymn to give voice to whom lost it and can't express themselves anymore, to bring to consciousness their broken stories and so let them climb out of the abyss and built their lives with renewed strenght and hope. A special thanks for the artwork goes to Phobos Anomaly Design and to Carlo Bellotti who trust in us once again". The album will be produced by Wahoomi Corvi and RealSound Studio (Parma). "

The track list for the album is:

1. Fairytales of Lies
2. Deadly Sin
3. The Unlocked Door to the Other World
4. The Rain that Clears My Sins Away
5. Qualcosa Vive Attraverso
6. The Greatest Lie
7. When My Mind Sleeps
8. King with the Sulphur Crown
9. In Death She Comes
10. A Dream Written in the Sand
11. The Cascade and the Shadow
12. White Rose
13. Deviances More...

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Bonehunter Premieres New Track "Succubus"

Finnish punk thrashers Bonehunter have premiered the new track "Succubus" over at Invisible Oranges at this location (also in the player below). I

The track is the seventh cut from the band's debut album, "Evil Triumphs Again," set for international release on August 21st via Hells Headbangers. All too appropriately titled, "Evil Triumphs Again" is a cryogenically frozen blast from the past, offering obeisance to debut-era Bathory in its unremittingly cavernous atmosphere yet resolutely punk-rocking thrust. Bonehunter hail all forms of evil (a quick rundown of some of the album's song titles include "Acid Fuck," "Succubus," "Burning Skulls," the telltale "Devil Metal Punks" and, of course, the title track itself) and extol these virtues through simple, pounding metalpunk drenched in sulfur and sewage, each anthem crankier and catchier than the last. One listen through and these songs will not leave your head.

The track list for the album is:

1. Messier 666
2. Black Shrine
3. Acid Fuck
4. Burning Skulls
5. Devil Metal Punks
6. Symbol of the Curse
7. Succubus
8. Deviler
9. Evil Triumphs Again More...

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VLY Signs With Laser's Edge

Recently formed, internationally-based and extremely diverse collective, VLY, has signed with Laser's Edge for the release of the debut album - "I/(Time" - early this Fall. Amongst the quintet's ranks, several members of the outfit have previously spent time in Crippled Black Phoenix, one from Änglagård, and all currently hold rank in Diet Kong, Typical Reptiles, Karl Demata Band, Il Tempio Delle Clessidre, Bernie Torme', Shark Island, White Willow and Necromonkey.

VLY began as strangers sending 1's and 0's across the Atlantic Ocean. British-based guitarist Karl Demata had a vague idea and a few demos, when a friend put him in touch with New York singer/artist Keith Gladysz. Keith began working on the demos, adding a more melodic, dream-like and decidedly indie sensibility. "It was a new way to work", says Gladysz. "The music and collaborative art I've made always started with people I knew, and creating naturally came out of that understanding. That's not the case with VLY. We managed to make an album without ever meeting. There was no gauge or reference point except for the music. It was a total shot in the dark." More...

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Crossing Edge Shows You "Part Of Me"

Austrian melodic metalcore act Crossing Edge released a music video for the new track "Part of Me" (which was previously released for streaming). The song appears on the new album "Breakout," which drops via Massacre Records on August 21st.

Check out the clip here:

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FireWölfe Releases "Long Road Home" Lyric Video

U.S. melodic metal act FireWölfe - featuring ex-Fifth Angel vocalist David Fefolt, ex-Heir Apparent bassist Bobby Fercovich and ex-Hurricane drummer Jay Schellen - released a new lyric video for the track "Long Road Home." The song appears on the band's 2014 sophomore LP "We Rule the Night," which is available via Limb Music.

Check out the clip here:

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Killswitch Engage Performs New Song Live

Killswitch Engage have premiered a new song titled "Strength Of The Mind" while on tour with Rise Against and Letlive. Check out now the fan-filmed footage of the band performing the new track in Toronto, Canada July 19th 2015.

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Kult Of The Wizard Streaming Entire New Album

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota occult stoner doomsters Kult Of The Wizard are streaming their entire new album entitled "The White Wizard" below. The album was tracked and mixed by Andy Halvorson and Joe Mabbott (The Hideaway Studio) and mastered by Grim Heart Productions.

Check out now the full-album stream below.

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Orpheus Omega Premieres Entire New Album

Melbourne, Australia's melodic death metallers Orpheus Omega premiere their entire upcoming 3rd full-length album entitled "Partum Vita Mortem", which will see official release on July 24th via Kolony Records.

Check out now the pre-release full-album stream of "Partum Vita Mortem" below.

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Deathrite Premieres Entire New Album

German death metal warriors of Deathrite premiere their upcoming new album titled "Revelation of Chaos", which will be officially released on July 24th via Prosthetic Records.

Check out now the entire new album below.

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Feed Her To The Sharks Premieres New Music Video

Australian Feed Her To The Sharks premieres a brand new music video for the track "The World Is Yours" below.

Says guitarist Marinos “Maz” Katsanevas of the clip: More...

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Arch Enemy Streaming New Video

Arch Enemy is streaming a brand new illustration video demonstrating the creation of the layout used in a new Arch Enemy merch design. The clip was directed by Felix Laflamme. The song featured in the clip is "Avalanche" taken from the band's latest album "War Eternal" out via Century Media Records.

Check it out now below.

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