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Metal News for July 16, 2018

Last updated on July 17, 2018 at 10:51 AM ET

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Prezir Premiere New Song "As Rats Devour Lions"

Milwaukee black metal group PREZIR length premiere title track from their upcoming new album "As Rats Devour Lions", which will be out in stores September 17 via Godz of War Productions.

Check out now "As Rats Devour Lions" below.

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Witch King Debut "Savage Conquest Upon Holy Lands"

Rhode Island black/death band Witch King premiere a new song entitled "Savage Conquest Upon Holy Lands", taken from their upcoming debut album "Voice of the Ossuary", which will be released on September 14th by Blood Harvest and Helter Skelter Productions (CD, vinyl, and cassette tape).

Check out now "Savage Conquest Upon Holy Lands" below.

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Crows Over Brávellir Premiere New Song

Crows Over Brávellir premiere a new song entitled "Spells of the Dead", taken from their upcoming new EP, which will be released on red and black vinyl by Dawnbreed Records on August 1st.

Check out now "Spells of the Dead" below.

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Lykaionas Debut "The Serpent Gate of Lamashtu"

Hellenic black metal band Lykaionas debut a new song entitled "The Serpent Gate of Lamashtu", taken from their upcoming new album "The Diabolical Manifesto", which will be released as a vinyl LP by the Brazilian label Hammer of Damnation on July 30th.

Check out now "The Serpent Gate of Lamashtu" below.

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Dauþuz Premiere New Song "Buße"

Dauþuz premiere a new song entitled "Buße - Des Zwerges Fluch II", taken from their upcoming new album "Des Zwerges Fluch", which will be released by Naturmacht Productions on August 25th.

Check out now "Buße - Des Zwerges Fluch II" below.

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Descent Premiere New Song "Skinwalker"

Brisbane, Australia, based blackened death metal band Descent premiere a new song entitled "Skinwalker", taken from their upcoming new album "Towers of Grandiosity", which is scheduled for release by Redefining Darkness Records on August 31st.

Check out now "Skinwalker" below.

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