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Metal News for July 14, 2017

Last updated on September 20, 2017 at 10:58 AM ET

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Headline News

Adrenaline Mob Tour Bus Struck By Tractor Trailer

Adrenaline Mob - the band featuring Symphony X/T.S.O. frontman Russell Allen - was involved in a fatal accident on I-75 in Gainsville, FL. The band's RV was pulled over the side of the highway for a flat tire during the band's route to the gig in St. Petersburg, when it was struck by a tractor trailer. The truck driver, for unknown reasons, veered off I-75 and struck the RV, which caught fire.

According to an article in The Gainsville Sun, Police reported that "[a] total of nine people were in the vehicles. One died, six were taken to area hospitals, and the other two declined medical treatment. Of the six injured, three were listed in critical condition and the other three in stable condition as of Friday evening." Since no names have been disclosed, it is still not clear as to whether any members of the band were injured.

The band was currently on tour in the U.S. in support of the latest album "We the People." More...

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Infestus Casts "The Shadow Of The Vampire"

Venezuelean gothic metal band Infestus released a new lyric video for the song "The Shadow of the Vampire." The song is lifted from the recently released new EP "Dresses Of Darkness," available via Club Inferno.

Check it out here:

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Korpiklaani Teases "Live At Masters Of Rock"

Finnish folk masters Korpiklaani issued a preview teaser for the band's first ever Blu-Ray/DVD/2CD live release "Live at Masters of Rock," which hits the streets on August 25th via Nuclear Blast.

This release doesn't just include Korpiklaani's show from 2016, but also houses a second full show from 2014 as a bonus feature. The 2016 concert features guest appearances from Tero Hyväluoma (additional fiddler) as well as Toni Perttula (additional accordion player), Sami's identical twin brother. The mixing and mastering of "Live at Masters of Rock" were both handled by frontman Jonne Järvelä.

The complete track listing is:

Blu-ray/DVD (2016): More...

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The Privateer Goes "Where Fables Are Made"

German folk/melodic death/power metal act The Privateer released a video clip for the new song "Where Fables Are Made." The song appears on the upcoming new release "The Goldsteen Lay" - the band's third full length studio effort - which drops on July 28th via NoiseArt Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. Preamble
2. Where Fables Are Made
3. Draft of the Strange
4. Wide in the Open
5. Arrival
6. As We Saw Some Path
7. Ocean of Green
8. Survival of the Quickest
9. Gunpowder Magic
10. Derelict
11. The Island, It's Calling More...

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Vanora Issues "Laughing Windows" Lyric Video

Norway's Vanora released a lyric video for the new single "Laughing Windows." The song will appear on the upcoming debut release "Momentum," which drops via Crime Records on September 1st. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Vanora will expose the world to its own inventive take on the metal music style. Blending razor sharp guitar riffing with big synthesizers, sung vocals, screamed vocals and more, this quintet might just be your thing and if you anyway are a fan of modern metal (i.e. TesseracT, Meshuggah, The Contortionist etc.), you should definitely check them out!

The track list for the album is:

1. Mask
2. Stamina
3. Echo to the World
4. Requiem
5. Metronome
6. The Hand That Feeds
7. Laughing Windows
8. Poles Apart
9. Pariah*

Check out "Laughing Windows" here: More...

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Aeternam Releases New Lyric Video

Canadian death/folk metal act Aeternam posted a new lyric video for the song "Fallen is the Simulacrum of Bel." The song appears on the latest album "Ruins Of Empires," which dropped back in February.

Aeternam will perform on the upcoming 8th voyage of 70,000 Tons of Metal in February 2018. For the latest in band announcements, head over to this location.

Check out the clip here:

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MasterPlan Streams "Escalation 666"

German power metal act MasterPlan, featuring ex-Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow, is streaming the re-worked Helloween song "Escalation 666" in the player below. The song appears on the new album "PumpKings," a release years in the making in which Grapow re-recorded a collection of classic Helloween tracks from the 1989-2001 era of Helloween, in which he was a songwriter.

The album is available via AFM Records. Check out "Escalation 666" here:

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Alice Cooper Gets "Paranormal" On Lyric Video

Legendary shock-rocker Alice Cooper issued a lyric video for the new song "Paranormal." The song is the title track to the upcoming new album, his first in 6 years. The album, which drops on July 28th via earMUSIC worldwide as a 2CD Digipak, 2LP+Bonus CD (live versions) and Limited Box Set (2CD Digipak+T-Shirt in size XL).

"Paranormal" also sees the highly anticipated mini-reunion of the original Alice Cooper band members on a very special bonus CD. It consists of two brand new studio songs written and recorded together with Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce.

The track listing for "Paranormal" is:

1. Paranormal
2. Dead Flies
3. Fireball
4. Paranoiac Personality (song streaming here)
5. Fallen In Love
6. Dynamite Road
7. Private Public Breakdown
8. Holy Water
9. Rats
10. The Sound Of A

Bonus CD (Studio recordings with the Original Alice Cooper Band)

1. Genuine American Girl
2. You And All Of Your Friends

Live in Columbus with the current Alice Cooper band:

3. No More Mr. Nice Guy
4. Under My Wheels
5. Billion Dollar Babies
6. Feed My Frankenstein
7. Only Woman Bleed
8. School’s Out

Check out "Paranormal" here: More...

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Wings Of Destiny Releases Title Track Of New Album

Latin American melodic metal act Wings Of Destiny issued a lyric video for the new song "Brave New World." The song is the title track of the upcoming third studio album, which is slated for release this fall via Melodic Revolution Records. More information on the album is expected soon.

The band commented: "In the song Brave New World, humankind's mistakes have finally destroyed the Earth. Only a few are saved and seek a brave new world to live in and start a new life"

Check out the clip, created by 351 Studios, here:

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Shattered Sun Posts "Hollow Chains" Video

With a week away from the release of "The Evolution Of Anger," the second album for Victory Records, modern metal act Shattered Sun has unveiled the video for the new single "Hollow Chains." Perfectly outlining the demise of cultural and social consciousness, the video also exhibits the ferociousness Shattered Sun is known to deliver on stage.

“Everyone hides behind a keyboard nowadays, and ‘Hollow Chains’ is a call for individuals to take back their identity,” prompts Shattered Sun vocalist Marcos Leal. “Everyone seems to take their arguments to the digital front and fight unnecessary battles between each other every day. All of a sudden any particular event takes away our identities as human beings and replaces it with a close-minded, cold-hearted dismissal of another person that disagrees. It's fueling the divide by turning us on each other. Take away unity and replace it with the ‘every man for himself’ attitude, and it creates a hollow chain around us all.”

Check out "Hollow Chain" here: More...

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Evil Invaders Issues "Feed Me Violence" Preview

Belgium's Evil Invaders posted a preview clip for the new album "Feed Me Violence." This brutal attack of an album will be released worldwide on September 29th via Napalm Records.

The track listing for "Feed Me Violence" is:

1. Mental Penitentiary (see video clip here)
2. As Life Slowly Fades
3. Suspended Reanimation
4. Broken Dreams In Isolation
5. Feed Me Violence
6. Oblivion
7. Shades Of Solitude
8. Anger Within
9. Among The Depths Of Sanity

Check out the preview here: More...

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Edguy Releases "Open Sesame" Lyric Video

German power metal act Edguy issued a lyric videofor the new song "Open Sesame." The song is one of five new songs that appear on the new release "Monuments," a 25th Anniversary release, which dropped today via Nuclear Blast Records.

In addition to new material, "Monuments" includes the band's best tracks of the last 25 years and old rarities that have never been published before. The full track listing is:

CD 1:

1. Ravenblack (see lyric video here)
2. Wrestle The Devil
3. Open Sesame
4. Landmarks
5. The Mountaineer
6. 929
7. Defenders Of The Crown
8. Save Me
9. The Piper Never Dies
10. Lavatory Love Machine
11. King Of Fools
12. Superheroes
13. Love Tyger
14. Ministry Of Saints
15. Tears Of A Mandrake More...

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Sevendust Inks Deal With Rise Records

Heavy metal legends Sevendust has inked a new record deal with Rise Records. Coming off the success of the last album "Kill The Flaw,: a record that brought the band the highest album sales chart position of its career, Sevendust join the an impressive roster of labelmates. Sevendust is comprised of iconic vocalist Lajon Witherspoon, the dual-guitar attack of John Connolly and Clint Lowery, and the driving rhythm section of Vince Hornsby on bass and Morgan Rose on drums.

"Signing Sevendust is definitely one of the highlights of my career. I'm honored to work with an artist with a legacy as great as theirs, and I'm really excited to work with them on the forthcoming album," explains Craig Ericson, Founder of Rise Records.

"For Sevendust, it was important to find a label that understood where we've been and have some new ideas and strategies on where we can go. Through our 20 years playing together, we have garnered the best fans in the world that have become our extended family. Rise from the very beginning explained a very unique game plan to us that we feel like is going to help us celebrate our die hard Sevendust fans and expose us to new ones,” explains guitarist John Connolly. “There is an excitement we feel just knowing the Rise team is going to be behind this new chapter of our career"

Sevendust have already decided on who will produce the next album; the band’s 12th studio release scheduled for Spring 2018. Michael “Elvis” Baskette, known for his work with Alter Bridge; Tremonti; Slash; and others, will be at the helm when the band begins recording in the Fall. More information on Sevendust working with “Elvis” as it comes available.

Sevendust recently wrapped up a series of headline dates in support of the 20-year anniversary of the self-titled debut release. The band played the album in its entirety to packed rooms across the east coast with more potential dates to be announced in the future.

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Magenta Harvest Streams New Song

Atomic warfare threatens us to turn the earth into an abode of ashes. The second single off the forthcoming album “… And Then Came The Dust” by Magenta Harvest, the band featuring Finntroll-vocalist Mathias Lillmåns, starts with a black-metal-like intro and turns into a driving bomb that sweeps everything away. Check it out in the player at the bottom.

"… And Then Came The Dust" will be released on September 1st via Apostasy Records. The record is the perfect progression of the widely noticed debut “Volatile Waters” (2014). It's haunting artwork was created by Vasco Arts (Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Dark Funeral).

The track listing is:

1. Flock of Reckoning
2. The Murderous Breed
3. When Your World Turns to Glass
4. An Abode of Ashes
5. The Search for the Higher Water
6. Signs of Death
7. ...And Then Came the Dust
8. A Terminal Hymn to Cold
9. The Pane of Eden

Check out "An Abode of Ashes" here: More...

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Abhorrent Decimation Posts New Song

U.K. based extreme death metal group Abhorrent Decimation will release the upcoming dynamic, cutting edge modern death metal album "The Pardoner" on July 28th via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are available now via this location.

Following up to the release of the music video for "Conspire," Abhorrent Decimation just dropped the new track, "Granted Indulgence" via lyric video which is available in the player below.

Conceptually, the new album is an in-depth exploration into "The Pardoner", English poet Geoffrey Chaucer's most depraved and deceitful character from The Canterbury Tales. "The Pardoner" is a religious fraud and hypocrite who preaches against the love of greed, yet whose own love of wealth enabled him to profit off the sins of others. He claimed to work on behalf of the clergy, selling spiritual forgiveness for one's sins in the form of his pardons, which included forged "official letters" from high ranking church officials absolving one of their sins and bones and crystals blessed with healing powers. In Chaucer's story, "The Pardoner" tells a harrowing tale of three men whose materialism becomes the death of them.

Vocalist Ashley Scott commented about the new track: "We are really pleased with how this one came out. 'Granted Indulgence' is such a pivotal point in the story too, so it was really important to us that it stood out. In the story, 'Granted Indulgence' is the point at which our three men take to the woods in search of 'Death.' A right horrible git, who has taken the lives of men, women and children in their village. Instead of finding 'Death' in the deep dark woods, they find a sea of treasure. It is at this point, the three men, so overwhelmed at this life changing find, they begin to conspire against one another."

"The Pardoner" was recorded, mixed and mastered by bassist David Archer at Audio Empire. The intricate artwork for The Pardoner was created by German illustrator Karmazid, based on a visual concept by Vocalist Ashley Scott.

The track listing for "The Pardoner" is:

1. Soothsayer
2. Heretic Sacrifice
3. Votive Offerings
4. Granted Indulgence
5. Black Candle Gathering
6. Conspire (see video clip here)
7. A Glass Coffin Burial
8. The Scythe in the Dark
9. Host
10. The Pardoner

Check out "Granted Indulgence" here: More...

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The Lurking Fear Issues "The Infernal Dread" Video

The Lurking Fear, featuring At the Gates' Tomas Lindberg, will drop the debut full-length album, "Out Of The Voiceless Grave" worldwide on August 11, 2017 via Century Media Records. Today the band gives fans new music with the album's third single, "The Infernal Dread"! Check out the video clip in the player below.

Tomas Lindberg checked in with the following comment about the video, stating: “With this clip we really tried to catch the essence of the raging madness of a live show with The Lurking Fear: raw, unrelenting, pure death metal terror. The whole idea of the band is to capture the unnerving, disturbing emotional impact of death metal, and that´s also what we bring to the stage. Catch us live to get a glimpse of the madness yourself! The song itself is our death metal anthem, presenting the core elements of our sound in its rawest and simplest form."

The track list for the album is:

1. Out Of The Voiceless Grave
2. Vortex Spawn (song available here)
3. The Starving Gods Of Old
4. The Infernal Dread
5. With Death Engraved In Their Bones
6. Upon Black Winds
7. Teeth Of The Dark Plains
8. The Cold Jaws Of Death
9. Tongued With Foul Flames
10. Winged Death (song streaming here)
11. Tentacles Of Blackened Horror
12. Beneath Menacing Sands

Check out the video for "The Infernal Dread" here: More...

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Canker Goes On A "Whale Hunt"

Spanish death metal band Canker is streaming the new song "Whale Hunt." Though recorded in 2005 as part of the third album "Earthquake," the album will now finally see the light of day on September 18th via Xtreem Music.

Featuring ten songs, "Earthquake" stays true to the band's identity intact an adds a thrashy edge to a total old school feel.

The track list is:

1. Whale Hunt
2. Earthquake
3. Hand of God
4. Biosfear
5. Leyla Island
6. Bedout
7. Ravenous
8. The Ghosts of Past
9. Black Star
10. Obliteration

Check out "Whale Hunt" here: More...

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Projected "Ignite[s]" With New Video Clip

Offering another peek at the upcoming two-disc collection "Ignite My Insanity," Projected has released another video, this time for "Ignite." "Ignite My Insanity" is scheduled for release on July 21st via Rat Pak Records.

The video was produced, directed and edited by Jamie Brown for Smoking Gun Productions and you can enjoy it in the player at the bottom. Pre-order the album in various configurations over at this location, as well as digitally via iTunes. Fans who pre-order the album via iTunes will receive an instant download of “Ignite” as well as the debut single “Reload” and the song “Inhuman.”

"Ignite My Insanity" features 21 all new tracks and continues to build upon the sound the band established with the debut. The track listing is:

CD 1:

1. Strike
2. Reload (check it out here)
3. Six Feet Below
4. Vain
5. Rectify
6. Faith
7. Gomorrah
8. Heaven Above
9. 10 Years Gone
10. Only More...

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Belphegor Issues New Single "Baphomet"

Today, Austrian death/black metal giants Belphegor dropped the mammoth new song "Baphomet" on an unsuspecting world. The song appears on the forthcoming album "Totenritual," which will be released worldwide via Nuclear Blast on September 15th.

The track listing for the album is:

I. Baphomet
II. The Devil's Son
III. Swinefever - Regent Of Pigs
IV. Apophis - Black Dragon
V. Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration
VI. Totenbeschwörer [Instrumental]
VII. Spell Of Reflection
VIII. Embracing A Star
IX. Totenritual

Check out "Baphomet" here: More...

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Expulsion Releases Debut Album, Streams It In Full

U.S. extreme metal act Expulsion - which features members of Repulsion, Exhumed, Phobia, Intronaut, Gruesome, among others - released the crushing debut "Nightmare Future" today via Relapse Records.

To celebrate, the band is streaming the entire album in the player below. The track list (and start times for the YouTube stream) is:

1. Total Human Genocide 0:00-2:10
2. Alter of Slaughter 2:11-3:54
3. Mask of Fear 3:55-5:12
4. Nightmare Future 5:13-7:54
5. Funeral Bells 7:55-10:04
6. Compulsions 10:05-11:37
7. Comatose 11:38-14:02

Check out the album here: More...

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Formicarius Streams Debut Album In Full

With the release date of Formicarius’ "Black Mass Ritual" debut album set for July 21st, the band and label Schwarzdorn Production, have arranged for an unholy trinity of exclusives to be unleashed today!

Terrorizer Magazine is now streaming the whole of "Black Mass Ritual" in its entirety over here (or more conveniently in the player below), so you’ll be able to hear just what delights await you on release day.

Prepare to be engulfed in darkness! The track listing is as follows:

1. Lake Of The Dead
2. Overlord
3. May The Rats Eat Your Eyes
4. Under Darkness
5. Where The Gods Go To Die
6. Abhorrent Feast Of Minds
7. A Requiem For The Bloodborn
8. Master Of Past And Present

Check out the album here: More...

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Sacred Leather Releases New Video Clip

Indianapolis classic metal act Sacred Leather has released a video for "Ultimate Force (Live Leather)," the title track of the band's forthcoming debut album. The album is set for a February 2018 release via Cruz Del Sur Music, with more information expected soon.

Filmed and edited by Parasol Photographics, "Ultimate Force (Live Leather)" was shot in Indianapolis during the first of two opening sets for NWoBHM legends Diamond Head and former Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss. The video was directed and produced by Magnus Legrand.

Comments vocalist Wrathchild: "The title track serves as the first passage of the record 'Ultimate Force,' which chronicles the rise of the Legion of Leather. Led by the Lost Destructor, the Legion congregate in order to harness the Ultimate Force to reign in dominancy, set to the backdrop of an apocalyptic climate."

Sacred Leather was created out of necessity, summoning the spirit of heavy metal forefathers in an age mired in apostasies. With influences evident to any heavy metal purist, Sacred Leather's music seems to emerge directly from the early '80s, mixing elegant and nostalgic hard rock/proto metal with the most belligerent side of NWoBHM.

Check out the video here:

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Nocturnes Mist Sets Date For New Album

Today, Seance Records sets September 15th as the international release date for Nocturnes Mist's highly anticipated third album, "Diabolical Baptism."

Following quickly on the heels of last year's scorching second album, "March to Perdition," "Diabolical Baptism" completes an unholy trinity of albums that forever establishes Nocturnes Mist as one of the darkest and most uncompromising antipodean forces. More savage, more immediate, and more engaging, the band goes from strength to strength here, heralding a new era for their characteristically Aussie black metal.

Nocturnes Mist's "Diabolical Baptism" is a work of traditional black metal inspired by the occult and Satan. After watching The Omen trilogy, the band was inspired to write a song based upon the iconic film score, "Ave Satani," and in doing so, this song influenced the tone of the album. "Diabolical Baptism" is a work inspired by high Satanism, both its medieval origins as well as the presence of Satan and the occult in the contemporary world: from The Omen trilogy to Ken Russel’s classic The Devils (from which a sample is used on the song "Barbs of Sadism) to the illustrations from the works of Lord of De Lancre, the infamous French witch-finder and demonologist of the 17th Century. His image of the Black Mass, the witches Sabbath in addition to horror, both fictional demonic terror and the real life terrors of the medieval age and inquisition, coupled with a fascination for clandestine ceremonies of the left-hand path - all come together with each song representing another page of Nocturnes Mist’s musical grimoire, a tale written in homage to Satan and the vivid imagery that he has inspired throughout the ages.

The lavish artwork throughout "Diabolical Baptism" was created by the hand of modern master Jenglot Hitam, a re-imagining of Lord of De Lancre’s Black Mass and Witches Sabbath - and here, from Satanic inspiration emerges a new level of primal energy and brutality for Nocturnes Mist. Harsh compositions and raw fury have engulfed symphonic elements, with keyboards only momentarily emerging to highlight mood and atmosphere. The transition of style was not intentional; rather, it's a subconscious evolution reflecting the band’s collective energy whilst writing the album. More...

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Bigfoot To Release Self-Titled Debut Album

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the self-titled debut of one of the latest U.K. signings - Bigfoot. The album will be released October 13th.

Bigfoot is a hard rock band from Wigan who burst onto the scene in the spring of 2014. With a wide range of influences from The Eagles through to Pantera, the group boasts the powerful vocals of Antony Ellis, dual lead guitars from Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, plus the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Matt Avery and drummer Tom Aspinall.

Order the debut album at this location or digitally through iTunes or Google Play. Digital pre-orders come with an instant download of the new song "The Fear," the video clip of which you can see in the player below.

"The Fear" was written shortly after the release of the second EP. Sam Millar describes it as
"a song about the fear in our heads and how it can consume your whole life and take over", while musically Mick McCullagh states that "it is a Jekyll and Hyde type affair. There's the gnarly, in your face heavy rock guitar side of it, then the melodic, anthemic side with big uplifting vocals. It's very dynamic, which adds to the tension we were aiming for." More...

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Celldweller Issues "Too Many Tears" Cover

Electronic-rock artist/producer Celldweller has released a cover version of The Call's song "Too Many Tears," as the second single from the upcoming album "Offworld." Celldweller's takes the emotionally gripping track and modernizes it as an alternative/shoegaze epic in homage of original songwriter, Michael Been, who passed away in 2010.

"Offworld" departs from Celldweller's signature sound of aggressive guitars, blasting beats and ass-kicking intensity and delivers a journey of sentimental feels and emotionally gripping tracks, showcasing the intimate song-writing side of project mastermind, Klayton. The album is available for digital, CD, and vinyl pre-order now."Offworld" releases on July 28th, 2017 via his independently owned/operated label FiXT.

Klayton commented: "I really loved “Into the Woods” by The Call. I thought Michael Been was a brilliant songwriter and Lyricist but their sound was generally a little more traditional than I liked. I wanted to take this lyrically powerful song and produce it in my style which fit perfectly within the vibe I wanted on this album."

Check out the clip here:

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Samadhi Sitaram Unleashes "KaliYuga Babalon"

Sliptrick Records welcomes Russia group Samadhi Sitaram to it's roster and is pleased to unleash the the second album "KaliYuga Babalon" today. This is a debauched concept album of powerful hardcore tracks wrapped up in a commitment to go beyond the straightforward and strict musical formulas. The digital format is available today with the physical CD coming a little later in the year.

"KaliYuga Babalon" tells the story of an era of moral, ethic and spiritual decay, a time to which all humanity now comes according to the prophecy of the Srimad Bhagavatam 12th chapter scripture. The continuation and consummation of Hypostasis “Creation – Destruction” or the formula I.A.O. [Birth – Death – Renaissance].

"KaliYuga Babalon" comes hand-in-hand with the video release of the song "Orgy (Ritual Babalon pt. 1)" which is available in the player below.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Intro
2. Kali Yuga
3. The Death Of A Stone
4. Apotheosis
5. Q.Prelude
6. Qliphoth
7. Orgy
8. Shangri LA More...

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Prospekt Premires New Song "The Illuminated Sky"

Decibel Magazine is hosting an exclusive stream of "The Illuminated Sky," the epic title track to the anticipated second album by UK-based progressive metal quartet, Prospekt, as the record is being prepped for worldwide release through Sensory Records on July 21st. Check it out over here, or simply play it in the convenient player at the bottom.

Closing a four-year void since the release of "The Colourless Sunrise" debut, from technical power metal, laden with soaring vocals and blistering guitar work, to epic orchestral driven prog, Prospekt has produced the best effort to date. "The Illuminated Sky" is an album that excites and takes the listener on a journey through the cosmos via the wonders of prog.

Offers Prospekt 's Lee Luland, "We're all super hyped for the album release next Friday. The title track offers a perfect representation of what you can expect from the new album. Musically it's a busy track - plenty of riffs, time signatures and key changes. As well as the big choruses and hectic solos! It's been a long road and a lot of effort but we are thrilled with how the album has turned out and can't wait for everyone to hear it."

Check out the track here: More...

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Dyscarnate To Release New Album

UK death metal trio Dyscarnate will release the third full-length album, and first for Unique Leader Records, on September 15th. Titled "With All Their Might," the eight-track offering was captured by Stu McKay (Ingested, Acrania et al) at Studio 6 in England and mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Ancient, Aborted, Volbeat, Evergrey et al) at Hansen Studios in Denmark.

"'With All Their Might' is the sound of us nailing our colors to the mast in no uncertain terms," issues the band of their latest release. "We've always worked on each new album as its own entity, and feel the whole thing needs to flow as one cohesive piece. Every song has its place on the record, but the lyrics and feel of each one reflects a signature theme. We feel that while this record is the most complete thing we've ever done, it's also the most varied, dynamic, and evolved we have ever been. We have written this album for only ourselves, and as a result feel we have something our fans will really connect to. Dyscarnate is now split between Shropshire, Sussex, and Amsterdam, which has meant this record has been written and recorded in a wide variety of locations. For the last two weeks of writing, we set ourselves up in a secluded farmhouse just over the Welsh border, where we worked non-stop putting the finishing touches to the demos, as well as tracking all the vocals ourselves. Inspiration has come from everywhere on the musical spectrum and beyond. We didn't want to work within any kind of parameters, and tried things we wouldn't have gone near in the past. Song and lyric concepts have included, among many others: existential dread, insanity, human perception, and strength of will."

Preorder information and the first official video will be announced in the weeks to come. The album artwork and track listing can be found here:

1. Of Mice And Mountains
2. This Is Fire!
3. Iron Strengthens Iron
4. Traitors In The Palace
5. To End All Flesh Before Me
6. Backbreaker
7. All The Devils Are Here
8. Nothing Seems Right More...

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Threshold Details New Album, Releases Single

U.K. progressive metal act Threshold announced the next installment in the journey will be entitled "Legends of the Shires." The album drops on September 8th via Nuclear Blast Records. The album marks the return of vocalist Glynn Morgan, who was originally with the band from 1994-1995 and last sang on the 1994 album "Psychedelicatessen."

The band issued the first single entitled "Lost In Translation," the lyric video of which you can check out in the player below. The album is available for pre-order at this location.

The track list and album artwork are as follows:

1. The Shire (part 1)
2. Small Dark Lines
3. The Man Who Saw Through Time
4. Trust The Process
5. Stars And Satellites
6. On The Edge
7. The Shire (part 2)
8. Snowblind
9. Subliminal Freeways
10. State Of Independence
11. Superior Machine
12. The Shire (part 3)
13. Lost In Translation
14. Swallowed More...

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Arch Enemy Declares "The World Is Yours"

Arch Enemy fired off the first single from "Will To Power" in the form of the music video for "The World Is Yours." Check it out in the player below.

The highly anticipated follow up to "War Eternal" is finally ready to be unleashed on September 8th via Century Media Records.

Mastermind Michael Amott comments, "We've been hard at work on the new album for a while now and we're proud to present the first taste of new Arch Enemy music in over three years with our new single and video, 'The World Is Yours'! This was the first song I wrote for the upcoming 'Will To Power' album and Daniel (Erlandsson, drums) helped me arrange and finish it up. One of many songs we co-wrote and co-produced this time around. We had a blast recording together with the full band in the south of Sweden and then mixing with Jens Bogren, who did a superb mix and mastering - in my opinion even surpassing the epic sound on our previous record, 'War Eternal'. People that have heard this song in particular are saying it's got the classic anthemic Arch Enemy vibe going on, and I think they might be right about that... Looking forward to playing it live on stage later this summer!"

The track list for the album is:

1. Set Flame to the Night
2. The Race
3. Blood in the Water
4. The World is Yours
5. The Eagle Flies Alone
6. Reason to Believe
7. Murder Scene
8. First Day in Hell
9. Saturnine
10. Dreams of Retribution
11. My Shadow and I
12. A Fight I Must Win

Check out "The World is Yours" here: More...

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Mental Cruelty Debuts "Father Of Abomination"

German slam/brutal death metal outfit Mental Cruelty debuts a new song entitled "Father Of Abomination", taken from the upcoming new full-length, "Purgatorium", which will be out in stores later this year via Rising Nemesis Records.

Check out now "Father Of Abomination" below.

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Sun Of The Sleepless Premieres New Song "The Owl"

Black metal unit Sun Of The Sleepless premieres a new song entitled "The Owl", taken from the upcoming new album "To the Elements", which will be released by Prophecy Productions in a variety of formats: as a digipak CD (with a 12-page booklet), a gatefold LP (on both black and limited silver vinyl), and as a collector’s 2xCD box (which includes the digipak CD, the out-of-print 1999 MCD Poems To The Wretches Hearts in a cardsleeve, a patch, and an autographed, hand-numbered certificate in a hotfoil-embossed box).

Check out now "The Owl" below.

Explains Sun Of The Sleepless: More...

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Avenged Sevenfold Debuts New Song "Dose"

Avenged Sevenfold debuts a new song entitled "Dose". The song is featured as the soundtrack during a special level in the video game"‘Dungeon Hunter 5", in which the player faces off against a boss inspired by the artwork for the band’s latest release, "The Stage".

Check out now "Dose" below.

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Amon Amarth Premieres New Music Video

Amon Amarth premieres a new music video for "The Way Of Vikings", taken from the band's latest album "Jomsviking". The clip takes inspiration from the "Peaky Blinders" TV series and was directed by Grupa 13 (Behemoth, Kreator).

Check out now "The Way Of Vikings" below.

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