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Metal News for July 14, 2012

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Mighty High Streaming New Songs

Brooklyn metal band Mighty High, who bills itself as "regressive" rock, is streaming most of the songs from its new one "Legalize Tre Bags" on YouTube. "Legalize Tre Bags" is the follow-up to 2008's "In Drug City," and is named after the three dollar bags of dope that used to be easily available in the Bronx. Mighty High's next live gig will be on August 11th in Philadephia with LoafAss and The Bullys. Check the band's Facebook page for updates. Below is an upload of one of the tracks from the new album, "The Ram."

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Ice Dragon Streaming New Album

Boston doom metal band Ice Dragon, ever prolific, is streaming its fifth full-length album "Dream Dragon" over on Bandcamp. This marks the second full-length for the band already in 2012. The album contains thirteen tunes and was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ron’s Wrecker Service in the spring, with the cover art on the album done by Adam Burke. Ice Dragon also has a split 7" with the band Kroh streaming on the same page.

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Heaven And Hell Stops Sales Of Overlorde SR

Heaven and Hell Records recently released a limited 1000 unit pressing of Fayetteville, NC band Overlorde SR's CD "Medieval Metal Too," and has ceased sales of the album on its website due to claims of copyright infringement. New Jersey metallers Overlorde had contacted the label and claimed that the similar monikers will create confusion, so Heaven and Hell Records is ceasing and desisting with the promotion of Overlorde SR until a mutually beneficial resolution between both bands can be arrived at.

Overlorde SR started out in the 70's in North Carolina, having its song "Keeper of the Flame" featured on Metal Massacre VIII and the EP "Medieval Metal" released in 1985. The New Jersey band Overlorde formed in 1985, releasing a five song EP on vinyl via Strike Zone Records in 1987. One band is power metal and the other is traditional U.S. heavy metal.

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Abiotic Cancels Upcoming Tour Dates

Florida act Abiotic has issued the following announcement about canceling upcoming tour dates:

"We regret to inform you guys that we have been forced to cancel the rest of our appearances on the Live for Violence tour along with our dates with Dark Sermon.

"Our bass player Alex hurt his hand last night and doctors say he shouldn't touch his bass for two weeks. Those of you that know us know Alex is an integral part to our sound and our performance would not be the same with out him.

"We sincerely apologize and promise we will make it up to all of you! Alex will be good to go for Summer Slaughter at the end of the month! Thank you all for your understanding."

For further info on upcoming Abiotic tour dates, head over to the band's official Facebook profile.

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Hielo Negro Releases Split With Sick Porky

Veteran Chilean retro rockers Hielo Negro have released a split EP, "Cofradia MMXII," with Argentinian rock/metal band Sick Porky. The entire 26 minute six-song affair is streaming on YouTube, or listen to it below. On it, the bands do covers of each others' material along with a song by Pappo's Blues.

Hielo Negro has been around since 1997 and has six releases to its credit, including last year's opus "Altas Mareas." Sick Porky put out its second stoner metal release "Origen del Fuego" a few years back on the indie label Zonda Records. Sick Porky will be appearing with U.S. band Zoso at the Groove in Palermo, Buenos Aires on July 27th. Hielo Negro will have a gig on July 21st at Club Rock y Guitarras in Santiago, Chile.

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Moonspell Comments On Negative Social Networking

Portuguese gothic metal act Moonspell, which released new album "Alpha Noir" (reviewed here) back in April, has now started a new web blog series covering the inner workings of the band. Moonpsell has now posted the following first entry online, covering the negative aspects of social networking:

"Welcome to the brand new Moonspell notebook, Under the Moonspell. With the launch of this notebook (lacking a better term), the band intends to bring you a litlle bit closer and inside the Moonspell's world and routines, allowing to see and learn more about its members and activities, in a more "human" fashion. There is more than meets the eye when you are in a band and, somewhat, a lot of important information and events, do not translate into the fans, or gets to them corrupted and for all the wrong reasons.

"As most of you might know, Fernando (Ribeiro, lead singer), his wife and even his son, were anonymously attacked in Facebook by some infamous Portuguese haters. A couple of pages were created to mock and try to demolish their personality and things got uglier when these trolls got their more than deserved answer. Goes without saying that, perhaps, no reaction should ever take place in these occasions, but we all know that is easier said than done. After all, social networking should be used positively and it's only an act of pure cowardice to campaign against bands and their members. Especially, when anonymous haters cross the line into the bands' personal life. Everybody would agree that the fact of having a pulic persona should not serve as an excuse for abuse. Also, as the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (and many other greats) once theorized, freedom can only be a fruitful experience when rules of engagement are applied, otherwise one can easily fall in anarchic disrespect as happened to many people we have learned to like and respect. More...

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The Gurchick Tree Streaming Song

Southern New Jersey brutal slam death band The Gurchick Tree has posted a new song. Below is an upload of the track "Inescapable Suffering." The Gurchick Tree has also posted two studio session videos on the recording of its new material over on Facebook. The five guys in The Gurchick Tree started out in 2006 under the name MolestingTheDead and are veterans of the festival scene. They have played at the Akron Death Fest and in 2011 played at the Sevared Records Brutality Reigns Fest and the New Jersey Death Fest. Their discography includes the re-released EP "Sadistic Reflections of Blood" on Sevared Records, which features two live tracks.

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Sweetest Devilry Streaming New Songs

Parisian technical metal band Sweetest Devilry is streaming four of the seven songs from its debut EP "Funny Human Race" over on YouTube. Below is the upload of the title track, plus you can hear the other three tracks on the same YouTube page. Sweetest Devilry has not released the EP yet, continuing to work on the other songs that will be on the eventual release. They have been in the studio since April laying down the songs. Head over to the band's Facebook page to get updates on the tracks as they get posted.

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Alaska Posts New Song Teaser

French act Alaska has posted a teaser clip online for an upcoming new song titled "Take Me Home," which is set to be released online soon. Check out the teaser clip below.

You can also find the band's previously posted lyric video for the song "Mind Injuries" at this location, or find more info on Alaska via Facebook here.

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Evoken Video Interview Available

Funeral doom act Evoken is set to release new album "Atra Mors" on July 31st, 2012 through Profound Lore Records. Metal Rules TV has also now posted a new two-part video interview online with the band. Check out the clips below and after the jump.


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Xibalba Announces North American Tour

Southern California dominators Xibalba will release their sophomore LP "Hasta La Muerte" via Southern Lord Records on August 14th in North America.

In support of "Hasta La Muerte," Xibalba will tear through North America on a month-long trek. The outfit will hit the road alongside previous tourmates Alpha & Omega, as well as labelmates Power Trip for the vast majority of the shows. The tour actions kick off with Xibalba's performances at The Power Of The Riff West in Los Angeles on August 11th and includes another performance at the first installment of The Power Of The Riff East in Brooklyn on September 1st. View the full itinerary below, and watch for more updates to the tour over the coming weeks.

Pitchfork is streaming the fifth "Hasta La Muerte" track "Sentenced" right here and the re-recorded version of "Cold," which closes out the album (and features Sunn 0)))/Southern Lord's Greg Anderson on additional guitar) can be downloaded as part of the Cvlt Nation Southern Lord label mixtape here. More...

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Periphery Explains "Luck As A Constant"

Every day Periphery has been posting a new detailed breakdown of each track off the band's new album "Periphery II." Misha Mansoor had this to say about the song "Luck As A Constant:"

"This song started out with a set of clean riffs that I had been jamming around with on a Line 6 DL4. I was using the looping function to create clean layers, and you can also have delay going on the patch you are playing, so I was messing with these riffs that used the delay patterns as a rhythm to fill in the gaps, and layering them till I got something pretty. I had also been messing around with the first riff and realized that one led nicely into another I invited Jake over one day and we tracked the basic idea of the song which you can find on my Soundclick page.

"Jake had some riffs that he had been sitting on that just worked so well with the vibe of my riffs, you gotta love days like those! The first heavy riff is a riff that really uses 3 guitars to their full potential, because there are 3 lines that are either harmonizing or providing counterpoint at most times and it gives the riff a real wall of sound, where it may even be tough to discern which guitar is playing exactly what, but I just thought it had such a cool and rather unique sound, and the harmonies/counterpoint to the riff i had originally written came surprisingly fast. The demo ends with the clean riff from the beginning coming back a little differently, and I had a general idea of what I wanted the song to do, but I just never got around to it, and I kinda left the song alone for a while.

"When we were doing preproduction for the album, the original plan had been to do enough repeats for a vocal line and then to go into a lead that would end the song. I told that he should write the solo for that section, but for some reason I ended up jamming over the riff and coming up with a solo that I was very happy with (which is so rare) so we decided to extend the ending section, and Jake and I could trade off solos. The vocals actually came together on this very song at the end of the recording process, and I didn't hear them until the album was actually getting mixed, but I think Spencer really brought this song to life with his vocals, and the end section of the song is probably one of my favorite vocal lines that he has written, I couldn't imagine a better line over that part! The title of the song refers to the fact that I consider luck to be a very big part of my writing process, and how I almost rely on luck as a constant in my writing process rather than treating it as the variable that it truly is." More...

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Matt Barlow Announces New Project

Previous Iced Earth members Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales have teamed up with former Nevermore drummer Van Williams to form a new project. Very little info has been revealed, but you can check out the teaser trailer for the new band below. Barlow also commented:

"Greetings all! Just wanted to give you guys a little insight into what's been going on lately. Well, though we are still in the early stages of progress, we are really excited about what we are hearing thus far. We hope that you have patience with us as we continue with this creative process and search for a record label that will help us bring our music to you all in the best way. Thanks for all your support....more to come!" More...

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Blodarv Releases New Music Video

Danish black metallers Blodarv have released a music video for a track to appear on their upcoming fourth full-length album. The video for "I Blaek Og Blod," which translated means "In Ink and Blood," was filmed in Hammerknuden and among the evocative ruins of Hammershus on the island of Bornholm, where the band originates and where it's founder Hugin lives. Check out the video below. More...

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J.D. Overdrive Announces New Shows

Poland's J.D. Overdrive has checked in with the following announcement about confirming new live actions:

"It is on! As soon as the summer holiday period ends, we're going into battle! That includes playing six shows with a new Polish metal phenomenon – Anti-Tank Nun. Below you can see the full schedule of all of our upcoming shows. See you on tour!"

24.08. WROCLAW, Kultowa (w/ Palm Desert & Redneck Rampage)
25.08. KATOWICE, Kultowa (w/ Seven on Seven & Redneck Rampage)
14.09. WROCLAW, Alibi (w/ Anti-Tank Nun)
15.09. WARSZAWA, Progresja (w/ Leash Eye, Tim "Ripper" Owens + TBA)
16.09. CZESTOCHOWA, Zero (w/ Anti-Tank Nun)
30.09. LUBLIN, Graffiti (w/ Anti-Tank Nun)
19.10. LEGNICA, Spizarnia (w/ Anti-Tank Nun)
26.10. LODZ, Luka (w/ Anti-Tank Nun)
28.10. BIELSKO-BIALA, Rude Boy (w/ Anti-Tank Nun)

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